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30_0It is a situation we may find ourselves in all the time: moving into a new place or circumstance and needing to get our bearings. And, depending on our psychologies, how we manage these moments can provide new opportunities for us, or they can cause new upheaval in our lives. But, at our essence, we are designed to navigate the unknown; we have everything we need to respond to the stimuli we are receiving. Of course, that requires that we trust ourselves, and our systems, and let them work for us. If we are governed, instead, by our psychologies, we disconnect from our natural flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In one dream, I’m in New York visiting a friend of mine, and we look like we’re in our 30s or something. And I’m going to be getting ready to go home soon, when we go back to her apartment, we suddenly discover that her friends have moved her to an entirely different apartment.

So we’re suddenly in a new apartment. It’s very neat, like with oak floors and things are arranged neatly, like it’s been completely unpacked and everything. And I’m kind of wondering how she’s going to take this, but she looks out the window and she sees a normal New York street scene with the delis and the cafes, and she knows suddenly that she’s in kind of the south part of Manhattan, and she’s not far from subways that can take her here and there.

And because it’s like a normal scene in Manhattan, she’s happy with it. She knows the city and so it’s not that big a change to her. Now, we’re apparently going to go out to somebody else’s house, like to a small party or something, before I leave to return where I came from. And we seem to go in and out through the window, which is the only oddity in this dream.

And I’m kind of just observing how she’s reacting to this sudden shift, and to one of her friends of hers that obviously had kind of spearheaded the move. But I know that, before long, I’m going to be getting on a train and going home. And so, in that dream, it feels like at that point, then there’s a shift to another dream.

John: So what you’re doing in this dream is you’re using Manhattan, or the city, as a kind of overallness. And you’re using the place where she stays, and then the new place that she gets, and then from there you can leave and you can go about into some other places. That all is reflecting an opening up – in terms of being able to take in, and embrace, the overallness.

In other words, not sitting in some set demeanor, or mannerism, or posture in relationship to things, and, therefore, not able to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. This way you’re moving about, and that moving about is incorporating and taking in everything that is there in the environment.

It’s a dream image going towards a oneness. The way I experienced it in a dream that I had last night is a quality and aspect of the intertwining, where you come to know that things aren’t as you perceive them to be, but they include this, and they include this, and they include that, and they include that. And when you include it all together, none of it fights itself. Not really. It all is intertwined, because that’s how the wholeness works. And it augments, it magnifies, itself by the intertwining, and it can be shocking because in the linear outer world we go along thinking that this over here is different from that over there. And we come to find out that there is a way of looking at it, there’s a way of taking it all in, in which it all comes together, it all fits. It is all part of the whole.

Jeane: Then, in the next scene, it feels like I’m getting ready to go home, but we’re all, for some reason, out at this area where there’s kind of like a sand hill. The top of the hill is kind of some railroad tracks, and behind that that’s another bank – I mean like an actual physical bank, and then there’s a bank where you put money in.

And there are some people kind of on the top of the sand hill, who I think of as tax collectors, and they’ve collected some kind of fee or tax. But my friend is then telling me, before I go home, I should go get some more money from them; get them to give me some money. I can see that they don’t want to do that. They’ve collected what they have and they don’t really want to give you back part of it.

Meanwhile, one of my friends with me has gone across the railroad tracks and up this bank and into the physical money bank. And I realize I actually have what I need to get home, I don’t really need to get this from the tax people. But I’m standing out there and I look down to see my purse, and instead of a purse I seem to have a plastic bag that you can see through. And I have to kind of pry the top of it open a little and be careful about tearing one corner.

And then I’m looking at what I have there to see if I have what I need, and then I also look and I can feel that I have keys in my pocket. And so I pull out the keys, and their gold-colored, but they don’t look entirely familiar. Like I think there might be more keys; maybe there’s another key that I’m missing somewhere, but I don’t know, because they are so shiny and golden. I don’t know whether they’re complete or not, I can’t quite tell. And that just seems to be where the dream leaves off.

John: So, in terms of correcting this, in terms of the myriad of things, or like a beingness that is the myriad of things, where one can get lost, a little bit lost, is in the idea, as your previous dream portrayed, that everything that’s going on is all intertwined, and interconnected, and that wholeness is a oneness.

Within looking at it that way comes the problem that you can be inclined, then, to be pondering things from the outer, as if, okay, how does one take all of that into account? Well, it doesn’t work that way. Your dream is pointing out, to make sure that you don’t take and go off on a tangent, your dream is pointing out that you look within. That you have the keys, that you have the access, all from a quality, deep within the depths of yourself.

And that the looking about in the outer isn’t helping you any. And, fortunately, you’ll have your purse, so to speak, to it all. Now, the reason it works that way is because, in the outer, the images, and the vibrations of things grab your attention and they keep you bouncing from this to that.

But on the inner, the flow, emerging from a stillness, is so subtle in its split-second way of being, that there isn’t room for the mind to get in the way. And thus, that is something that is coming in from the cosmos, from the universe of it all. And the taking in of that is the knowingness.

So you have the beingness needing the knowingness that causes the coming together to the true oneness, which, again, is indescribable. In other words, put the definition, as you read in terms of that Tao reading, put the definition of beingness and nothingness together. And that’s what you really have.

And yet, who can do that? Because we can’t get out of the way of our images and vibrations that will cause it to have some particular slant, or another, in order to keep us from going mad because we can’t handle it. We can’t take it in – in it’s true, absolute realness.

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160Just like a painting is made of thousands of brush strokes, each of us is made up of many parts that each have their own aspect and role. In a spiritual journey, part of the process of connecting to the universe is to get all our separate aspects into the alignment of the spiritual purpose itself. In that way, everything becomes supportive of the direction we are traveling. If we don’t get each part on board, we will run into resistance and find ourselves separate from the flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream, I must go somewhere… Okay, so now that dream stands independent, and so you understand what that first step is. So then comes the next step where I must go somewhere during this time of year, which is a time when one tends to do their taxes, or has to report how it is, and what it is that they have done, to the taxman.

So I have rounded up the bits and pieces that are put together for the presentation, or the report, and those bits and pieces each carry a story in terms of an energetic unfoldment, or as a thought, or process, or aspect – the multiplicity. Just like you had the multiplicity trying to figure out how it was that all of these different quality singers came together as a whole. All of the parts are intertwined and when put together tell a story that is important.

So in the dream, before I leave I am carefully explaining that I am putting everything that has to do with the process of compiling my tax return off to one side so that it can be referred to for future reference. And there are parts of it that are already understood by the person who is going to be working with it.

And so where I have this pile that has to do with income from ranching a person who is exclusively of just this nature suddenly sees the similarity or something because he’s also in ranching and says, “So you’re part of a grazing district,” because he recognizes that I’m involved in ranching, I have cows or something, but they’re not necessarily mine. And because this is a big, big ranching country, he just assumes that it’s a huge districts that you become part of and you have rights in the district in addition to the small amount of land that you own and the rest of it is leased.

Well, I do not have the time to try and explain how it is that I am somewhat like this, because this is simply one aspect inside of me. I also have these farming income that comes from the strips, you know like in the first dream, and each strip has its own history and effects life in its own way. I have bundled these strips together, each with its own independent income stream and source connection of paperwork, but I’m doing it in groups of three, three strips at a time.

And there are other aspects of income, these are just the two that are correlated most directly to the land. And the person who is going to help me is already familiar with some of these bundles and the source revenue data they’re in, so that is why I have to put together the connective pieces to it all too so that it all kind of aligns from the parts back to the whole.

First of all you had the system for how something needs to unfold, in other words, you have to get in and on the path, or on the journey towards awakening, which is often times referred to as the journey towards God or something. That’s why in that journey I have gotten on the Tariqa or recognize that there is a system and a flow that one puts oneself into so that one doesn’t stay in an outer illusion one has.

One knows that there’s something more, and then as you come to know that there’s something more, you have to contend with the parts of yourself, and you can’t leave any part of yourself out, every part is important. So you have to compile all of the different aspects into a wholeness orientation, and you can’t leave until you have shown responsibility, that pulls all of this into alignment, so that everything is understood and answered – no matter what little questions there might be that could arise.

So as a deeper meaning just using the two dreams now, the first dream explains why each expression of a human being is dealt with the way it is. I am told and shown that this has to do with how we are designed. The various ways are dealt with as best corresponds to how we need to specifically awaken when at a particular point of unfolding consciousness.

In the second dream, it is shown that the various particularities of our nature must ultimately come together in the whole so that they unfold more naturally as unique nuances and mannerisms that aren’t just this way or that way, but are catered in their own way at the same time as a part of the whole.

I am shown that something gets lost if the unfoldment flow, being the various strips and such that reflect who and what we are, is not dealt with systematically. I am also shown that each aspect of my being is unique and has its own energetic history, much like the second part of the dream now.

What is important is how each energetic feature is part of the whole and must be approached for alignment to the whole and not as an isolated bifurcation or, in other words, portrayed like in the dream in terms of the distinction between ranching versus farming or other streams of energetic beingness.

This dream is to let me know that I should not beat up on myself when I go about my consciousness unfoldment. Every thought, manner, impression, and expression is an aliveness that needs to return to the overallness of the whole from the illusion of isolation, separation, etc., which is nothing more than a misdirected disassociation in which we suffer from our unconsciousness.

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