Structural Integrity

John: In the next dream, I’m crossing a bridge and, just as I reach the other side, I see a small commotion and two people are sitting there pondering what has happened. There are some figures of authority milling about, but the people of interest seem to be the older, hippie-type couple who are offering their opinions.

Then I realize that some of the vertical support columns from the bridge have broken loose. It seems at one point they were affixed to the building on the other side of the bridge for extra support. That extra support appears to have helped avoid what could have been a disaster; someone could have plunged off the edge and been hurt.

These two people are evaluating the situation, trying to decipher the old signage that was attached to these columns. They are trying to figure out what the letters “PAT” stand for.

I offer the word “patent” as a possibility, but they say “No, no it was more like PALT or PLAT.” I want them to show me exactly where they’re looking, but instead I end up looking at another sign that seems to date back to the Sixties. I don’t remember what it said, but it created a joke in a cynical way.

During this exchange, I begin to think that I recognize the woman from somewhere; I know she’s from Montana. My sense is that she views Montana as a place that won’t be much affected by the coming changes.

I ask her where she’s from and she says, “Bridgette, near Millet.”  I ask her if that’s south of Dillon. She says, “Yes, by about 80 miles.” I’ve taken the position that I know Montana really well, but I now have to admit that I don’t know much about that part of the state.

What can I learn from this dream imagery? Basically, I’m looking at what it takes to be independently strong in the face of diversity. Wherever I look today I see everything being affected by one dilemma or another. Yet there still is the sense that hope can be found within the turmoil, even though it’s isolated.

This insight comes in an odd way – this woman is not something that I expect. Her husband seems a little cynical, and yet she seems to feel that she has security that’s based upon her isolation or separation (in Montana). I don’t know what to make of that.

As I’m pondering this I see another image of me riding into a herd of cattle, like a cattle drive, and I’m riding into it against the flow. In other words, the cattle hands are pushing this herd along and I’m causing a disruption because I’m riding right into the face of it.

This confuses things and I realize that I’m disrupting what is deemed to be standard practice. This causes me to take another look at the importance of the cattle drive in relationship to me; by going against the flow I’m causing the raw energy to have to adjust.

The dream with the bridge – with the extra support from a building on the other side – having its structural integrity compromised causes me to realize that, little by little, things everywhere are being compromised. And what’s being compromised is the effect of the inner life upon the outer life. That effect, which is proper to the way of human existence, is becoming less and less.

Everything I look at, with a few exceptions, is showing the effects of losing structural integrity, and that’s because real structural integrity comes from the inside out.

In the cattle image, I am seen to be going against this trend or pattern in the herd mentality of the culture. I’m trying to deepen my inner life and let it radiate into the outer world. That’s what a spiritual path is about – allowing the god connection within us to bloom and shine through. In these changing times, when our structural integrity has to come from within – because outer structures are falling apart – it’s more important that ever to have a strong inner foundation.

Space Will Be Provided

John: In my dream, I see myself driving across country and I know where I’m going. I’m able to make almost the whole journey without having to think about it. 

I only have to focus when I turn off the main road and take a shortcut that will take me to different areas in Idaho. There are courthouses I need to visit and I have a friend with me whom I want to show how I do my research. 

So I have a general sense of what needs to be, and that I can proceed without having to indulge in it, or think about it much, because I know that it has a quality that’s just there. There’s nothing for me to think about. It’s just what is meant to shift or be there.

At some particular point though, I begin to place a greater focus on where I’m specifically going, and that’s about it. Then that jumps to a point where I see myself arriving at a destination.

Because, perhaps, this courthouse experience is something embedded deep inside of me as a memory, when I arrive at one of these destinations (of which there could be many), I see myself full of confidence, assured and knowing that I can figure out whatever the system requirements are for this particular town.

Even though this might be the first time I’ve stepped inside a specific courthouse, it’s a cookie-cutter process for me.

So at this one courthouse I’m ready to stride right in and go about my business, but a person monitoring people as they enter and flow inside meets me in the corridor. He pulls me aside as I try to enter and I’m told that I need to sign in.

There are other people waiting in the corridor, but they’ve already signed a paper and have settled into this makeshift lobby. When I glance at them, they don’t seem to have a whole lot of energy. They seem disconsolate and disorganized, because they don’t quite have a sense of things. That’s not my situation.

As I’m about to sign in and I’m looking at the sheet, I see that some signatures are scratched out. They’re repeating over and over again. There’s a real small space for each of them to sign in. I’m staring at this. It doesn’t quite look right to me.

Suddenly the monitor takes the page out of my hand and turns it over, indicating that I’m to sign in on the space at the top of that page. No one else has signed in on this sheet and this is the largest space provided for a signature and it’s right at the top. There’s none of the confusion that I saw on the other side of the sheet.

So the imagery of this dream is showing me that there comes a time on the spiritual path where a person has gained a small sense of the journey. The person can almost feel it in their bones, as if there’s a latent familiarity. This recognition is energetically visible to the destiny for that soul. Space is provided for this destiny to unfold.

It’s a very different state from those who are still searching and sorting things out (those waiting in the corridor). People who are still searching continue to be cycled over and over again to help them sort things out.

This dream shows that the pathway is much more open for me. I must still go through a sign-in monitor, however. In fact, it annoys and disturbs me a bit that I have to sign in because I was just going to confidently stride right on through.

So there’s no question that I will be allowed entrance by the monitor, but there is a sense of being slowed down somewhat in my approach. There seems to be a different speed or flow set forth for me to experience.

A Step Forward

John: Your dream yesterday was an interesting one because it showed, in a fairly simple way, how the imagery establishes where you are – in Roman times, in a social gathering – and then it introduces a new element – the invaders (see The Invaders). In the social gathering aspect, the detail of the levels plays a part, but more importantly is that you are in a kind of comfort zone there – you are part of the scene and everything seems to be okay.

Then the invaders come in. In this way, the dream is challenging your status quo. So the question becomes, “How will you respond to this invasion of a new force?” Yesterday we describe two possible options: incorporate it into your life by retaining your balance, or be thrown off course by it and who knows what might happen.

So we see that you have incorporated it because the invader, instead of succeeding in taking a woman, he is compelled to marry one. So instead of the new force overwhelming the feminine, the feminine has accommodated it and integrated it.

In a sense, this is the way it is with so much of our lives – new things are introduced and we either integrate them, or we are overwhelmed by them. When we get overwhelmed, that’s when things spiral out of control in our lives (or in our dreams).

The women are representative of Creation, or the feminine in life, and the invader represents a compelling force that comes through, which is masculine. The entire scenario shows parts of a whole that need to be taken into account, in one fell swoop, in terms of the larger dimension, the overallness, of you.

In this particular case the feminine steps forward and acts as the integrating component, which is natural to her, and the invading force is masculine, bringing in new ideas to the feminine. The masculine force is like the out-breath of Creation, and the feminine force is like the in-breath. The two make up a complete cycle: Creation is simply one breath.

This imagery shows an advancement, just in the imagery of the women stepping forward, unafraid, able to accommodate and accept. You are able to keep your balance in this way, and not be thrown off-course. It is also an act of maintaining your wholeness rather than succumbing to the sense of separation of things.

So a part of you recognizes that the sense of separation is an illusion. Your dream, in other words, is showing that you have initially gone to a depth with the synergy, in terms of yourself, and you’ve built up strength to be able to realize that you’re capable of coping with whatever else there is, within the whole, that can come at you. You’re no longer sitting in a corner of yourself in terms of your light. You’re now able to let that light take in the greater light that is coming in, or coming down.

It’s like you went to the depths of yourself and realized that you’re not as helpless, or removed, or reactive, or hidden in terms of your carnal nature – meaning how densely you live in the physical of yourself. You’re not limited to just that. You have opened up and gained confidence in your own ability.

This dream shows how spiritual processes are constantly underway within us, whether we are aware of them or not – awakened to them or not. One has to break out of the physical, cultural fog to awaken to them.