It’s Okay

Here’s one way to think about things: there is a perfect energetic state (often called God) and everything else is a reflection of that state, therefore in a lesser state of perfection. Yet everything works according to the laws established by the outplay from the initial state. So, as humans, we can align ourselves with these natural processes, and therefore, by definition, be more closely aligned to the causal realms, or closer to God. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, where it zooms in on maybe there being something different once you have taken and gotten to a particular point of a stillness, so that something that is anew can then happen, then you can have a dream something like this. 

And, first of all, I kind of reported on my understanding of it. And then I went into the dream. And what I’ve noticed, or made as a notation, is this is the first dream I’ve had that suggests that there’s a way of being in creation that is okay. All my prior dreams indicate the need to connect to the stillness and not identify with the actionability. It has been this way for a long time because the reflections in the outer aren’t shiftable. 

So, in this dream, I go into a store that sells tennis rackets. I notice the inexpensive rackets and, now that I am able to play, the question is, what racket shall I use? Those I initially see, that are quite basic, are okay according to a person who is with me. 

I go over to another rack and find a racket that is aerodynamically designed. I mean, it’s shaped to hit things differently; it bends a little bit on the front, and it doesn’t have a rim around it. It’s just a different look; it’s almost like used in a different sport. And, as I look at this, I’m told that this is okay to use. I know I will need a little time getting used to it, but, when I do, it will be excellent. 

I had this repeat with another dream in which I am able to see also something that is okay. And the meaning is, it seems, at least for me, that I wasn’t allowed to focus my attention upon manifestation directly because I hadn’t gotten to where the shift is possible. What I mean by that is that the old images of the collective consciousness, reflected as manifestation, are dead. And a transition to the anew, and the connection within to what is to unfold, was still in a flux. 

It seems that a catching up with the shift from what had been for 1000s of years to what is permissible in life at this time is coming into my beingness. Something has changed in terms of the timing. The thoughts coming out of a stillness are being accepted energetically on the breath. 

Such thoughts have not, for a long, long time, been acceptable to the heart, which sits in an intertwined overall essence. The time thoughts appear to be an energetic; all thoughts, all things that come out like that come down as an energetic upon the breath. And, for once, it’s almost like there’s an excitement or something that’s satisfactory to the breath. 

We’ve been staying in something that is on its way out, and thus is misaligned. If you want to get rid of something that’s what you do, just misalign it and it has to go away. And so what I am noting, as a precursor to this, is that I have been able to watch for some time, but unable to interact. In other words, any kind of interaction has just been a waste of time. I have been disconnected from the outer unfoldment because my attention has been caught in an outer paradigm that is going away. And everyone has been caught in this, and that’s why nothing can work. But a shift that has not been possible, because I had not been ready to embrace the anew, coming out of the heartfelt stillness, seems to be afoot. The new thoughts that are coming from out of the demiurge, they are shaped time and space. The old thoughts that we are holding onto in the collective are misaligned. 

The new thoughts coming out of a deep, deep within stillness of inner peace has nothing to do with being ever misaligned. It’s always aligned. It’s just a matter of reaching it and getting there. It is from this stillness, spoken of at the inception of time as the demiurge, that Man’s connection as the Crown of Creation gets refreshed, or actualized, and made into one.

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