Getting It Right

dream-mirror-dreams-can-come-true-31082814-900-900In this interesting series of images, Jeane struggles with people and things being in the right place at the right time. Yet the dream is providing her with the guidance she needs – and it comes in the form of a memo written by her and handed off to a man who was her former teacher. In this way, information is exchanged between the masculine and feminine elements in her and, because the memo is received, progress can be made in getting everything lined up. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Last night I felt like I had so many dreams and they kind of reverb-ed, or they’d come back and give me some details that would be added to them later – so it was very hard to hold onto.

I remember one dream it felt like there was something that was written, maybe in the back of a little folder or something, that I was trying to give to someone that had been a coach of mine before. Then there are some details of that dream that come back after another dream.

And the last dream I was having it feels like I’m in a household and I’m in a bed with a woman that’s somewhat attracted to me, and then we’re sharing the bed maybe with someone else also because there’s going to be like a wedding in a family so everyone’s kind of bunking up together.

Earlier that day, though, we had gone somewhere where we’d been involved in some kind of craft activity, and there was also some dancing going on on a stage. And then we’d come back home and it felt like we were involved in things for the wedding.

But at first, in this dream, we’re in the bed and suddenly I notice some kids crawling over a fence trying to get into the house. And so they’re going to sneak into the house, so I get up and chase them out into the yard. Then I go to see what’s happened and it feels like the neighbors are all sitting around in their backyards and they just hadn’t been supervising the kids, and the kids thought the house was empty because we had the lights turned off.

So I just made sure they know someone’s home and I guess I want the neighbors to be supervising their kids a little bit more. Then I go back to bed, but now there are several more people in the bed including someone I think I’m kind of uncomfortable with.

Then about the time things start to settle down I hear a noise in the next room and it’s like the groom and his family, who are kind of devout Muslims, and kind of conservative, and might be bothered by everybody sleeping together like we are, have come into the living room and they’ve kind of snuck over to do some decorating and bring some things over for the wedding.

So when that happens, it feels like someone in my family arrives then and they sort out where everybody’s sleeping – so some of the people that had gotten into the bed that actually, a sister or someone else that belonged in another bed, or that they were sharing a bed upstairs, it’s like they sorted everybody out like we were in the beginning with how we were supposed to sleep.

And then right after that it’s like some details from the other dream… well, there were two things that happened and some information that came in. And one was someone was talking to me about the dancing that I’d observed earlier, and then she was telling me that if I wanted there was a scholarship to go to this dance class.

And I recognize that Dustin Hoffman, the actor, is the one who’s kind of supervising the dance class and I’m kind of indicating that I didn’t even practice with the dance group so I don’t see it being appropriate for me to go to that dance class; somebody that had been doing the dancing should go.

At the same time, the earlier dream where I’d been trying to give something to the coach, some pages in a pamphlet or something, those papers come back and I look at them and I see that he didn’t actually take it, but he did sign it, so that I knew that he saw it. That’s when I woke up.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with alignment, and the process of the alignment for you was different than the process for me.

The process for you was in catching up with the memo, or the information, that then put things into a proper flow, and in sequence, and in order which, because it’s memo oriented and it is something like this that is directing what needs to unfold, that’s a masculine quality, that’s a masculine trait.

In other words, the dream did not question, or challenge, or put you into having to be held accountable for not being in the right place, or in the right sequence of things – based upon a naturalness. The dream left it upon directives that you needed to catch up with, which is masculine energy. You have all of the natural components then. It was only then that things could be put into place, otherwise things remained dark. You couldn’t quite get the flow going right. It was out of cadence.

So the key to your dreaming being of this nature was right at the very beginning, on that little image that you couldn’t quite remember, that you said was going to come back in, which had to do with passing the note, or the memo, across and getting it heard.

And what was really fascinating was that it was acknowledged. I kept wondering, okay, is this going to show that it’s hit-and-miss? But, no, you are getting the memo, you are getting the information that you need to get in order to be able to be in flow. And when you’re off, and you can feel yourself as off, and you can feel yourself as off in relationship to a schematic of things that are happening around you in the environment, it’s because you somehow or another are not hearing inside of yourself that which you need to hear in order to keep yourself properly aligned and properly attuned.

So what’s interesting is what was required for you to be aligned, and intertwined properly, with the cadence of what is meant to unfold, had to do with a type of information or guidance -because even the relatives got involved as it repeated in that sequence, to make sure that it was right – and there’s a whole value associated with it being right. In this case the word value has more to do with a proper listening center, or hearing center. Isn’t that interesting?

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