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Jeane: There was something else I wanted to express about the experience here in Las Vegas, where we are working on purchasing some property, and that is that I have become aware of what I would call a “thief” energy in this environment that we need to be conscious about (for prior entries in this thread see Inner Property and Change of State).

I say that out loud as a reminder that we need to be aware of how we do things, and it began the moment we arrived here. It seems to be part of the test, so to speak.

John: Yes, that seems to be true. There is a kind of waywardness, or haphazardness, that seems to predominate, and it’s constantly on the lookout to capture the person who is in a state of unconsciousness.

It’s interesting because that thief energy, as you call it, is actually more of an abstraction or distraction from what is actually here in the desert of Nevada. There is a deep inner wonder that lies beneath all of that external noise, which is at the depth, or the essence, of Las Vegas itself.

It’s easy to not catch up with it, or appreciate that depth, or that wonder. It’s even harder for it to reveal itself if one is constantly having to deal with the peculiarities of daily life here. Yet both aspects come with the energetic territory of being here. In fact, it is the underlying energy here that makes what has become “Las Vegas” possible, on some level.

In a sense, Las Vegas challenges us to go inside and bring forth a deeper appreciation than is found on the surface of things. Las Vegas has been contaminated by this thief energy, which probably goes all the way back to how the city was formed around the businesses of gambling, sex, alcohol, etc.

A business friend of mine who loves Las Vegas would say that it has all the best business opportunities to invest in – the “Sin Tax” businesses – because there are always more people drawn into the energies of it.

And so what you’re looking at in your dreams, and what I’m looking at in mine, is that there is a note that transcends through it all, and that note is more important than anything else that might get carried along with it.

It’s an expression, on a deeper level, that one needs to reach in order to find the full appreciation of what is at play. Because what is behind all this larger-than-life energy of Las Vegas is a power that’s even greater.

There is a note. And we don’t have to go through the consequences of being in such a lower-self vibration, which could plague and disturb and unravel. We can instead hear this note that lies beyond all of that, and remember that that is what’s important, and that’s what makes Las Vegas what it is in terms of the real heartbeat.

So the challenge is to stay with the note, and not be distracted by the bizarreness that is constantly before us. And, of course, that doesn’t mean, staying away from it, it means staying within ourselves when we are in it.

Ultimately that is the test of a spiritual journey. It’s much different being spiritual in a monastery on the hill, than it is being able to carry our spirituality within us wherever we go and whatever we come across. Until it is completely in us, everything we encounter in our outer life will show us where we are weakest and where we need the most work to set ourselves free.

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Jeane: I still don’t remember the middle dream, so this is the third dream of the night (see Getting Smaller and Smaller). It feels completely opposite from the first dream which had a very delicate, pretty, flowing sense to it; it was a feeling I very much wanted to get back to.

I think this dream could have been influenced by the fact that I’m reading a book called The Family. It’s about a right wing political group that thinks they’re anointed to be Christ’s soldiers, but they’re really about being the elite who are running the world  – they want to be the power behind the scenes. 

So in the dream I’m either with you or some other man, and there’s another man with us who feels more like a brother. We’re trying to investigate a factory at the edge of town where we know people are being taken. Surgery is being performed on them, and it seems they are even being genetically altered.

Some group is doing all kinds of things to make these people the way they want them to be. They are kidnapping people, holding them against their will, and then altering them.

I’ve been in the factory once and I’ve seen what they do. We’re trying to expose them and close them down. Some of the people who work their support what is going on, and others just turn a blind eye and ignore what is happening.

We’re trying to break in or get enough information so the factory can be stopped, but we might get captured ourselves. Part of me just wants to get a good pair of binoculars and observe what’s going on, and another part of me feels like I have to try to get in to the factory.

You tell me that if I should get caught, to just act like I’m there to give someone sexual favors as a way to distract them. I’m not too down with that plan. You might even tell me to stay away, but either way I’m suddenly on my own and going into the factory. 

It feels like this time there is a woman who is helping me. I’m almost discovered. There’s a worker who’s suspicious. I see a way to get out, but I’m carrying some bedding and maybe my binoculars, or a camera or other things, and I need something to put them in.

I see some very thick plastic bags that look like they are manufactured there; maybe they even put them over the bodies. I’m opening one of them up, while being watched with suspicion, so I can put my linens and stuff inside.

When I finally get outside the factory and into town, suddenly someone is questioning why am I doing these things. I actually knock them down. I think I’m trying to beat them up. I’m mad because I think they put up with this factory making changes to them because they’re changes that they really couldn’t do on their own.

I’m really mad that they would allow it to continue just for that reason, so it feels like I actually want to beat them up or something. At least I’ve knocked them down. That’s about the time I woke up.

John: So, why do you feel that this was so different from the first dream?

Tomorrow we will look at how both dreams explore similar territory using very different images and evoking very different feelings.

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Jeane: In this dream I’ve gone to what looks like a meeting place in the woods. I should also mention that I’ve dreamt about this place before.

The meeting place is deep in the woods. I’m staying in a house somewhere else, and I have to walk along a path to get to the meeting. It gets really dark and… You know, I remember the last time I had this dream, I had to have someone help me navigate a certain section of the path because it got so dark I couldn’t see where I was going.

Anyway, I go back and forth along this path. The building has about three levels to it and there are lots of things going on in different rooms. In one room there is a scene like in a bathhouse, in another it’s like a salon for entertaining, and then there are other areas where people meet.

At one point I realize a friend of mine is there, too (someone I’m staying with). But she left the building early, so when I go to leave I realize it’s gotten too dark to find my way by myself. I decide to stay for a while.

I’m not going to spend the night, but I’m going to stay and see if my friend comes back. Perhaps we can get a flashlight to help on the trail.

Then I go into another room and I see the teacher sitting in a chair. There are other people in the room. When I stand up, I’m standing a certain way, and then I realize I’m standing in the wrong way. I straighten up, and I’m trying to say something, and then the teacher says something to me and I can’t hear him.

I look at him and say, “I just can’t hear you. I tried standing up straighter and everything.” He laughs about something and I think he says, “Yes, you’re blocking me out.”

John: You’re blocking him out?

Jeane: Yes, and everybody laughs. I mean, it’s actually kind of funny; even I get it. I turn around when it’s time to leave, and a man comes up to me and compliments me on something I did. I don’t quite get that because, on one hand I think I blew it, and on the other hand I understood that I was blowing it, so it actually was okay.

My friend has come back and I think her husband is there, too. Now I have to figure out again how to get back through the woods, on that dark and narrow path, to where I’m staying.

John: The overall imagery of one place being where something special happens, and then the other place being where you reside – you can easily just look at this aspect and say that the place where the meetings are and something special happens is at the top of the breath. It’s where the in-breath turns into the out-breath.

You can also call it the crown, if you imagine this image as top and bottom. Then, of course, you find yourself having to go through a darkness to end up back at the house where you’re staying, which could be considered the base. So you find that there’s this huge gap between the two – between the base and the crown – in which there’s just darkness. If you were looking at this as an aspect of breath, it would be where the out-breath turns into the in-breath.

Tomorrow we’ll look at this and explore what is being shown about the higher self and the lower self, and how we can bring light to the darkness in between.

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