Taking On the Wholeness

wholeness_archetypeAll human beings are designed for a journey back home, back into an integration with the Wholeness from which we have come. Jeane’s dream reflects this struggle, one that requires that we let go of everything that separates us from that Wholeness, and embrace all that exists. It is the journey back to God. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one, it was more like a long experience. I had a couple of dreams, but in this longer experience it’s like, as I’m dreaming, I’m kind of snuggling up to your back, with my back up against your back.

And in a way I am trying to do something with you, but instead I’m doing some kind of work with a member of our [dream] group. I can’t remember what the work was like, but I had to keep doing that work, which was okay in a way, except I was also trying to be with you.

But I couldn’t really be with you because I had to be doing this work with him, some kind of energetic work with him. That went on for quite a while.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night was to be like a vacuum cleaner, kind of… to be able to take and sweep up energetics, which are parts of ourselves, that are stranded or estranged. And they are stranded or estranged because we have gone through things in life that cause us to break the linkage to the Whole, and you can’t connect to the Whole without taking on the Wholeness.

Now, you take on this Wholeness in stages, like first of all you have to kind of merge with the teacher. Well, a part of that process is you also then have to accept life in terms of how life is. Well, the most complicated thing then in life would be human beings who have the freedom of choice that has caused them to go off on some other octave. So you have to work towards being with that.

Well, you do this in stages. Just like you have a process that connects and sees the higher self of your nature through the way that the teacher works with bringing that into clarity. You also have to come to see how in a group mannerism, or setting, that you are part of all of that, that you don’t see and come to recognize yourself as on a path, for example, that’s doing its thing but is separate from them.

Now you’re catching up with what is a like-minded kind of similitude that is easier for you to see, especially if it’s like a type of catching up with the group energy, or the reincarnated group energy. But that then has to ultimately shift as well. First you have to be able to do that, to then realize that there is still something wrong with this picture, in that you still have issues with the density of things, in terms of people and such in the outer.

Ultimately you’re going to have to absorb. You’re like a vacuum cleaner. Absolve yourself of any ill well, or separation, or confusion that leads to separation, in terms of everyone else. Until you do that, you just have to sit and watch. You have to take on that responsibility that has created the distance, the gap, and if you don’t do that then you’re continuing on all levels to make decisions in relationship to the vibration, or however you want to say this trait is, in which you carry some mannerism, attitude, belief, judgment, need for security, however you would say that.

As long as you carry some sense of that, then you first of all can’t properly connect to the teacher. Second of all, you can’t properly realize how you fit within the group, and the wholeness of the group. And third you can’t bring any of that into the world as long as you don’t accept human beings, and the condition that they are in.

If you have a belief that the way they are is a problem for you, and that their ignorance weighs you down, or endangers how and where you’ve gotten to – as if it can be taken away – then you don’t make the necessary step or shift.

Your dream actually has a higher octave sense to it. One of the reasons why something can’t shift or evolve is because there is still this idea or need to have to determine and distinguish between what energetics are important, and what energetics are not important, instead of getting to the point that you can be with, and work with, accept, accommodate, all things – even though they may come across as hitting you in a way that you consider as a kind of craziness, or anger, or evil, or controlling.

If you can get to the point where this sort of thing is set aside in terms of everything in the outer, you hit a kind of compassion upon which the world is created. In other words, the world wasn’t created to have the feuds of things going at it that ultimately destroy it.

The world was created so that everything could rejoice and flow and in the process everybody being open and free like that makes for the overall to work, as opposed to individuals thinking they have to climb a tree towards better and better jobs and security and whatnot, that always comes at the expense of some separation, or pushing away from others as if that is necessary in order to enjoy some concept of the good life that each person tends to have.

Your dream is showing that other than a connection to the teacher, and to the immediate environment around you, you have to open yourself up to take on that connection as it relates to the group, the wholeness of that. And from that then your prayer will extend to what the teacher didn’t talk about. It will then open up to the prayer or the connection to the Whole, to the world soul.

And for that to happen, and it can’t happen until you have taken and set aside whatever grievance it is that you carry, in any regard, that somehow or another vents some aspect of anger or frustration, or raises issues of emotion, or however it affects each person.

In your particular case the principle of getting angry and upset and whatnot, you’ve gotten a long ways with that, and you know that that doesn’t accomplish anything. But can you then continue on that thread and take it out to the point where you can accept everything in your environment, where your perspective becomes broad enough to take all of that in?

If it does, and if it can, then I think the story about whether there are two components or not, goes away, because there’s only a Oneness. Your dream is catching up and is pointing out stages of development and explaining how you’re racing out on one stage to expand out and accept, and that stage is in relationship to the similitude of the group.

And the degree to which you are intertwined gets you to fully accept that. But then there will be the outer and to what degree can you take and accommodate and heal the surrounding?

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The Light of the World

John: Last night, my shoulder was hurting. In sleeping, I contend with it, or try to accommodate it, so it doesn’t wake me. Part of the reason I accommodate it is that I refuse to accept that it can’t get better. So I continue to probe beyond for a solution, and I’m attentive to this idea that there’s still hope.

I’m not having any success, but at least I find it interesting that there’s a place beyond to explore. What I’m saying is that I’m searching for an inner solution to an outer (physical) problem. I can’t let what others say hold me back. I know they mean to give me good advice, but that doesn’t resolve the problem, so I keep probing.

I suppose this is the condition, too, I find myself in, in relation to the outer world. I’m at a point where I can recognize how there can be a deeper attempt, from within, to try to touch and change things in the outer, but I don’t actually see it working.

When you get right down to the core of things, an energetic could, and is intended (in its highest development) to be able to shift and make changes. But I’m not seeing it as able to make the kind of difference that could alter or change the continuing breakdown that I see unfolding in the world today.

And yet, I also don’t believe that there’s any other way to do it, which is a matter of everyone getting more and more toward the epicenter of their being. In other words, the only thing that can affect a change at this point is a state of inner being that has a greater universal understanding and an intertwined connection to everything.

The key to this is found by getting out of the way in every regard, in terms of one’s approach to life, on a practical level. Then, with ourselves out of the way, we’ll find that we’re connected to the overall flow of things. Somehow this conscious response is capable of altering what’s unfolding. What we currently see unfolding is a consequence of the inner dynamic of the human race, as a whole, and its inability to be at this state of depth and power inside sufficient to make a difference.

Perhaps this is why it’s felt by some that there’s no longer the light of the individual. Usually there’s an energetic resource in the whole that’s like a collective mannerism in terms of a change agent, a kind of light or value that simultaneously awakens and opens, to which the individual can link and connect.

That causes things to change. But the sense is that the overall collective light, to which the individual light can connect, isn’t able to reach that kind of epiphany of awareness, that collective spark that can trump and go beyond the prevailing situation.

The hope and heartfulness that can be found in an individual can no longer find its correlation in the outer, because the outer is so strongly warped that it blocks out that essence from flickering.

Do I actually believe that, because that’s portraying a fairly hopeless scenario? If it was really that hopeless it would be like a type of dying, in which there’s no conceivable hope anymore. I think things are going to change radically, but there’s little evidence of the transitional energy that’s needed to bring humans to this change gradually – so they can handle it.

Or, perhaps, what’s meant to unfold is working at a level of nothingness and heartfulness and depth, which hasn’t been caught up with yet, it’s so subtle. And, in that, there really is the means provided in the collective flow that an individual consciousness can touch, which can trigger change.

I’m inclined to believe that that’s the case. In the past, humans as a whole had the ability to turn a little dial here, or do a little something over there, to effect a change, but that doesn’t work anymore. It only serves to postpone the agony of things to come.

So it’s easy to draw the conclusion that when the fine tuning no longer works, it’s because some light of the overall world soul has gone out. I don’t quite know how to believe that as true. Yet the situation right now in the outer, no matter how you look at it, and no matter what is done, nothing seems to be averting it.

Perhaps we’re just observers to something coming apart? It hurts to see it coming apart because there will be a lot of suffering and confusion still to come, caused by the defiance of the human to its natural awakening.

This creates a state of helplessness, where we can’t do anything. Yet I have a deep sense that something is missing in that, that it’s not necessarily the full answer. There’s still something more that’s noodling behind the outer appearances.

What that is is something new, unknown to us, and there must be those who have a better sense of this, who can see this moving about, but in an unconstellated state, still forming. But our ability to work with something in transition, that part seems to be missing. We’re not able to see how the light within can touch that, because for it to touch that there has to be a recognition, a mutuality, and the problem is in finding that.

These ideas go along with some dreams I’ve had that indicate that, because everyone believes that the outer flow of things, this outer illusion, has such a profound meaningfulness that there’s a deep problem in keeping that attachment from getting in the way of the inner coming into the outer.

The inner that needs to come into the outer can only happen through a state of emptiness or nothingness, so that really redefines, in these times, the role of a human being.

Before we were part of what could be called a kind of co-creator mode. Now I’m not sure just how this is meant to be because attempts to figure out how to define that, in order to figure out how to be in a state that’s conductive to that, seem to be out of reach.

Awakening the Whole

Jeane: This dream has me wandering around The Strip in Las Vegas looking at what’s going on, deciding on what to show or what not to show someone else. I’m evaluating all the different options, and I remember one thing I considered a “two,” and another I considered a “six,” and something else I thought was a little too sleazy to include.

I”m just trying to figure out what’s appropriate to do with this other person.

John: When you try to figure out what to show someone, you’re also figuring out what’s unique and distinct in their nature that might benefit from what they’re being shown. If you can perceive that uniqueness, then you’re a step closer because there’s an intertwining between you and them.

In the dream, both people are representations of different aspects within you, so that points to you also being a step closer to seeing what’s needed to further intertwine with a greater aspect of yourself.

By contrast, if you show another person only things that you find interesting from your perspective, i.e., you aren’t attentive to how somethings needs to unfold for them, then there’s a kind of disconnection that comes up. That disconnection causes a dullness, or a blur rather than a clarity, in both aspects (you and them).

When there is a blur or a dullness caused because of a situation like this, what you’re supposed to be able to notice – in terms of yourself – is that some part of you is meant to come awake to the fact that something greater is possible, but that it isn’t quite happening. You develop a gap in the linkage, or in the connection, where instead of an energetic lift, the relationship between the two parts (or two people) becomes an energetic drain.

This imagery is something of a precursor to the idea: “How do you, in a certain sense, take responsibility over someone else, without taking on an even greater responsibility over yourself?” If you can take on that responsibility, then what can open up in you is an ability to see what the other person sees. You can see things from their perspective. But if you can’t, no matter how hard you try to show them something, it won’t come across, i.e., something greater can’t open up for the whole.

It’s an interesting dilemma, and one that’s associated with a person who holds themselves out as a spiritual teacher. A teacher has to have a focus and intent, a need really, to connect to the bigger picture. And in order to connect to the bigger picture, the teacher has to realize that things are so infinite, and God is so infinite in how He has hidden Himself in the manifestation of Creation, that they can’t disregard any inflection that lies in front of them.

That’s one of the reasons it’s stated in the Bible “Honor thy father and thy mother.” If we tend to reject or repudiate some aspect of our father or mother, we’re actually rejecting some deep family trait or characteristic inside us. We’re refusing to acknowledge an aspect of us that, for the sake of wholeness, can’t be suppressed.

Therefore, such an attitude or mannerism perpetuates a problem within, even at the level of the blood, that can carry on and on. Well, the same is true when working with others. The connection may not be as deep as with family, but humans have a common birthright that we’re meant to share – we can embrace a greater, shared perspective.

For example, our teacher has described how he really only cares about a few things, one of them being his family. When he says that, he’s really including all of his students as part of that family. And he has to give up (like a mother of things), all that he can possibly give up inside himself to try to see the something there (within the family) that can awaken and is meant to emerge. In doing so, he supports that emergence and growth.

So he’s seeing beyond the little variances and nuances of daily life and, as he does that, he facilitates the awakening of the whole. The teacher does it for a larger group, perhaps thousands. Your image shows you attempting to do something similar within yourself.