One With Our Environment

Jeane: In the earliest dream, I live in a building that has an enormous space around it. The building is circular and the space around it feels circular, or, at least, semicircular. Within that semicircle there is an inner circle where I live or walk around.

There are a number of tables set. Somehow it can be coordinated that a meal is available at any time. I seem fascinated by this. I don’t know quite how the system works for everybody that lives there, but it does seem to work. I don’t know how it’s coordinated.

John: What this dreaming is revealing is that, in the past, when you used to look at how the energetics felt in a certain area or place, you would sit and you would say, “ This feels good, or I like this area and I don’t like that area.”

In other words, it’s almost as if you were identifying with the spirit of the place. When you do it like that, you’re trying to catch up with something or trying to realize something that you needed that was in the environment that corresponded to something inside you.

Now the tables are set differently. You conceivably have gotten to the point where you can see some part of you at a higher heart center to it all, and that everything around you is like a great big building, a round circular building and the tables are set and you have an awareness to that. You’re observing it differently now – you’re a part of it, rather than feeling separate from it.

In the past the awareness you might have about a time, place, or people was almost as if things were generic – meaning you could appreciate what you observed as if it was in that particular place in that particular way. Now what you observe is a receptivity within a place, and you see inside yourself an identification to this greater innerness. And the tables are set around you for that innerness to infuse with it.

The way I tend to look at this – what I call a spirit energy or an innerness that just radiates out – is flipped now. I remember talking to a spiritual teacher about an energetic in the area in which we live, and I asked if we should try to form a relationship with it. The way he fidgeted about I realized that, “No, I am the energy of the place.”

So, a person is meant to catch up with their own energy in relationship to a place. At first you can denote where certain areas feel better in the outer. For example, when the teacher was in Boulder, Colorado he realized something about him could touch that environment more easily than in NYC, for example. As he put it, which was more in the outer sense, what goes on in NYC is denser and Boulder is more receptive. Another way of saying it is that there’s a greater similitude, or connection, that he’s able to relate to, or to touch, or to note in Boulder.

What you’re dreaming… you have turned the tables now in terms of a certain sense that you have in life. You can sense that you feel something as an epicenter, and you can see the tables, or energetics, as if it’s part of one great big circle, and you can tell there’s a greater depth that resonates out.

It’s like the idea that when you’re walking in the casino (in Vegas) you can hear the jackpots going off and the peculiar thought is, to what degree is that happening just because you’re walking by? It leaves you with an interesting sensation. It’s as if some part of you is making something happy, or tweaking something, just by being there.

Perhaps the jackpots happen in relation to the need or expectation of someone else? It’s a crazy thought but it’s not completely untrue. Obviously one cannot do it for themselves – as our little episode of gambling with one or two dollars showed. That was miserable. I just shrank in that; I lost some sort of essence in even bothering to see what was going to happen in that regard.

It’s subtle, but what we radiate affects our surroundings. The environment around us affects us as well, but it’s an intertwined relationship between the inner and the outer, not a one-way street. So the dream is pointing to a greater integration with the environment – in the sense of being joined with it rather than an observer who feels a stranger in it.

In the Presence

Jeane: In this first dream, you and I are trying to get access to a large circular area. This circular area looks just like the windows of the great room in the condo we looked at in Las Vegas – with the sweeping view – except my sense is that this is a much larger space. I seem to be urging you to see if we can figure out a way to gain access into this area again.

Finally we have an insight into to how to do it: We have to get through an alarm system, with lights, which may even cause an electric shock.

Before the imagery of the dream shifts, we gain access to the whole space, though we may have gotten a bit of a shock in doing so.

Then the dream shifts, and I’m with my sister in a room where she and I live.

John: What you’re doing is you’re taking the visual of something that’s light – the panoramic window view from the condo – and you’re using that as a representation of peacefulness, that either you can hold, or that the space itself maintains.

When we go down on the Strip in Las Vegas, you may not notice it, but I can recognize that the two of us – our combination as a unit – are able to hold a space that enables something to be sustained, or maintained, or protected, or even to evolve.

In this imagery, you’re working with light and you’re working with sound, because you have this whole sense where you’re trying to break through to something. It’s a lot like a plane going through the sound barrier – after a lot of noise it pops through into silence.

Such an energetic shift affects things. You’re evaluating this energetic in terms of what it is that we’re doing, looking into an image of light (Las Vegas) that we’re touching, in some capacity, with our energetic, just by the way we carry or hold ourselves. And that’s affecting this overall image, this overall view.

The interesting thing about Las Vegas is that there’s something that has to be sustained and maintained, and you’re suggesting that there’s something about our presence here that helps to do that. It’s almost a challenge to our own beings to open up, and to ground, and to break through.

In other words, Las Vegas is not necessarily “Sin City.” Las Vegas is a state that can confuse a person if they don’t have the focus and attention that allows them to actually get what’s going on. If a person is continually spun into disorientation, then they will get the ill effects of the coarser energies here, and everything else will be missed.

But light is light, and if you’re able to create the epiphanies, the breakthroughs, the shocks, the light bulb moments (that could be both good and bad because they’re jolts of awareness), if that could be supported, then that’s doing something in a way that works with the space in an interactive way. And all we’re doing is using our presence to make that happen, at a certain level of perception.

A Balanced View

John: Last time we ended by touching on some of the different aspects between the masculine way of approaching something, and the feminine way of approaching something. I think it’s interesting to explore a bit more, because we can see how it is playing out both in our dreams and in our waking life processes (see Set in Motion).

Generally, I’m too much off the ground, and that’s a natural aspect of the masculine. You experience the world with a certain fundamental rootedness, and that’s a naturally feminine aspect.

What that means is that you view, and experience, and have appreciation for things through the lens of how they fit and where they belong as part of the wholeness. For example, if we both experience the sun shining, or a sunset, or an animal running across the field, those experiences don’t necessarily register with me as being meaningful. I can easily dismiss them because I’m much less rooted in the whole. But you can be touched by the meaningfulness of those events immediately.

So your rootedness allows you to embrace the whole much better, while I’m inclined to miss its importance unless I find a way to ground it in me. At a speeded-up pace, I’m comparatively faster in assessing the motion of things, and I can quickly get a sense of what is going on, but it might not have tangibility or meaningfulness until I root it into life – into creation.

Generally, when things come up in life, you will be much better at establishing where it might belong in the overall scheme of things, and I can more quickly discern what is needed as a next step. The thing is, we both need both aspects. The next step can’t be accurately assessed without it being understood in the context of the whole (rooted).

If you see something more as a setness and it doesn’t go into motion, it will have to go through a number of different levels in you before you can get to a stage of appreciation. I have to go from a level of speed and motion that is somewhat detached from things – that doesn’t get its hands dirty – down into something rooted and pull it through. That is the process of taking what one sees and penetrating it right down into life, where it can hold a particular setness.

So this is an interesting dynamic that’s shifting around between us. What it’s doing is allowing you to better see how to appreciate the masculine quality that functions in this other capacity (motion), and helps bring things into life, because you already have a very set, solid container quality.

What I am being shown is that I have an acuity that’s too fast, too mercurial, and that I need to ground it (connect to the feminine), in order to really get a sense of what something is.

When you mix in the decisions and changes involved in our moving to Las Vegas, we’re seeing the two extremes. I find it difficult to get rooted into the atmosphere of this place because the environment is so stirred up I find it disorienting.

And you’re sitting there trying to figure out what is below that dizzying surface – what is meaningful. You get a sense that I see something meaningful. I get a sense that you see something rooted. I can’t get to the rooted if you can’t get to the meaningful. I can sense the meaningful, but it can’t be brought alive without the rootedness. It’s a very strange thing.

We can bring it all together in one image, and that’s the image of the view from the apartment overlooking The Strip. That view is something that you probably appreciate in terms of the lights in a regular way, as an aspect of creation. I appreciate it more as an aliveness that I see in the lights; it’s disjointed, but I do see the aliveness and the lights.

So what we are being asked is, “Can you see the lights and the appreciation of an aliveness in those lights, and hold the rootedness?” And, “Can I take the aliveness of those lights and find the rootedness, and therefore create a connection?

That’s what I think our dreams have been prompting in us.