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hqdefaul22tWith the world the way is, it’s hard to believe that we each have a special gift and purpose in this life. Yet we all have certain things we are passionate about, and certain capabilities, and a certain view and way of experiencing life that is valuable in its uniqueness. To understand how special we really are is to understand it from the perspective of the universe, which has created us to become a reflection of its possibility. Through us, it discovers itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The alarm this morning somewhat startled me, so it feels like the dream just kind of popped out. But I remember that I was discussing with somebody, almost like an issue of discernment in a sense, about making decisions on which activities you engaged in – based on whether or not they either added to, or didn’t conflict with what your main job was.

It seems to me like there was some kind of discussion like that that had to do with a certain kind of discernment. It was like you could do something that didn’t have to be directly related to the job, but it had to not, in a sense, take something away from it.

But I don’t remember the rest of the images, or what the dream looked like unless it comes back.

John: Each person has a responsibility in terms of how they’re meant to unfold, in terms of how they’re supposed to approach life. And, of course, that’s a reflective approach.

And if you try to approach or do work with life in a way that isn’t in character with how it is, or who you are, because you don’t like the reflections or something, or whatever reason, then you’re not being in tune with how it is that you can be lined up and entwined with the inner.

Because the inner is designed to unfold for each person, each person is designed in a particular way so that the inner unfolds in that person in a particular way, too. And the way that you rapport with the outer in cohesion is a correspondence to how it is that you’re meant to unfold in terms of the innerness of your nature.

And so you don’t go and suddenly decide you’re going to completely change how it is that you’re approaching life because you don’t like something, or you get to a point where you recognize that it’s all kind of meaningless, and therefore you take on a new motif. That would be trying to do something spiritual, and it won’t work that way.

So in your dream you’re dreaming something like that. As to whether or not you should consider some other alternative because you were getting out of whack, or uneasy, with how something was unfolding. And it’s almost like you can get too smart for yourself. You can know better. You need to know better to work through the conditions and the scenario that you’re in. It’s not advantageous to take and act like things are greener on the other side of the fence in some other scenario, because you have to be yourself.

You have to be true to yourself. You have to go through what you have to go through, and each person is given their own lot. It’s something that they can figure out, and that they can deal with – and it’s just the way it is.

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Deep-Breath-Melanie-WeidnerThis interesting image begins at a baseball game where everything is colored magenta. Like a biased view, or a personal view, of life, we often can’t see the truth until we remove the “colors” of our personal perspective. The process of removing such filters, or veils, is part of the letting go needed to make deeper connections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember some tidbits of dreams. In one dream it’s like I’m looking at this baseball game, and it feels like we all look miniaturized, and the color of everything is kind of like this magenta or deep pink color. I mean, even the sky, everything. 

Maybe there are some little steel colored things somewhere in there, but we’re playing this baseball game and I’m trying to figure out the rules – and I’m not really very good at it. 

I’m not sure exactly where I can stand, or what I can throw at and what I can’t throw at, and what I can’t throw at, not that I think I’m very good at it anyway. And then for a minute it feels like, because the ball went out of bounds, that I’m behind the baseball place and I pick up the ball and this time it actually looks like an actual baseball. 

I mean, it’s white instead of everything being that one color, because it had fallen into something and it does look like it maybe has a little hole in it, so I’m speaking to someone to see about whether I can pick it up, and throw it back in the game, but they feel like it has to be examined to make sure whether it’s okay now.

So that’s one dream.

John: So you’re doing this opposite what I’m doing. That’s interesting. In other words, the position you’re in has a particular definition to it. In other words, you’re part of a natural game that exists, that is controlled in a particular way.

In other words, it’s on a baseball field. It has a particular setting and, as a consequence, is colored with a mannerism of what it is like to be in this sort of world. And the focus in this world is all around what happens to what is called the baseball.

In other words, everything that’s in this world, that has the particular tone and manner and coloration, and what all that they’ve taken on, the catalytic forces of magenta, are all gathered there to see what transpires or happens with the baseball. The baseball in other words is the focus of attention.

Well, it’s like things get jerked, or something gets pulled out of the condition that it’s in. In other words, the baseball gets knocked out of the ballpark, which means it is taken out of the scenario in which everything is colored in some sort of transitional way.

In other words, it’s not white, it’s magenta. It’s still in process of evolution, so it gets jerked out of there, or knocked out of the park as the image would have it, and now the fact that that happened, that that broke the barrier that existed, that kept things under control, the baseball, again, this is the center of what was important, is now a true baseball. It’s now a white baseball and everything again, like it’s supposed to be.

Okay, so to identify what happened here on a breath level, that was an in-breath that took the baseball out of the ballpark, back to where it became a white baseball again, like it needed to be. But that still doesn’t mean that the situation in the baseball park, or in creation, has changed, although a certain twist was given to things by being able to go all the way back to the source of what was important, the in-breath.

And so the baseball is now being reexamined to see if they can work with it, because they have their magenta-colored glasses on, and yet this is a white baseball. Can they get it? And so, that then becomes the out-breath of coming back down into the stadium and whatnot again, and you go back and forth. And will this baseball that they’re looking at to see if it’s acceptable, to what degree will something have changed?

In other words, it’s not going to be treated in the same context that it was before, but now something has shifted and changed. The in-breath has taken something back to where it got polished, or went home, and got knocked out of the ballpark of limitations that it was in, in the collective, and now it comes back down, gets reexamined because it has to go back into the ballgame.

In other words, they don’t leave that ball out there, they have to bring it back in. Normally when you hit one out of the ballpark there’s no return, but in this particular case it returns, comes back down into the stadium, and as a white ball, and can they work with that?

To what degree does that get discolored again? So, this is the process, in-breath and out-breath, back and forth, as something gets balanced in terms of the overall. It’s an interesting dream. Do you see how deep that dream was?

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SONY DSCIn this dream analysis, Jeane finds herself in a room with two others, a boy and a girl of college age. She is trying to see if there are enough beds for them, and is confronted by the guilt of disapproval that is anticipated to come from the other girl’s mother – because of the sleeping arrangements. But the imagery is really speaking of a connection to, and being right for, the Greater Mother of all of creation. This analysis will be in two parts, continued in our next post. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember a snippet, and it’s like I’m college age, and I’m going on some kind of… it almost feels like a houseboat type cruise or event with other people my age. And I don’t seem to know them before I get there. 

I find myself sharing this large room with another girl my age, and a boy, a college age boy, and this room just seems to have a lot of stuff piled in it.

John: Are there three of you or four of you?

Jeane: There are three of us, the guy, the girl, and myself. And I seem to have found this almost like little window seat right by the door as you come in. It’s not really a window seat, but you know what I mean, it’s kind of like just… that I’m kind of reclining on a bit.

And then the girl and I are sharing a space and the boy has a bed kind of towards the middle or far side of the room, but there’s other stuff in there, too, and I’m searching around trying to figure out if there’s enough space to make three beds. 

If there are actually three beds in the room in all this other stuff that’s piled up, and meanwhile somebody else has come in to look at our room, and they’re kind of surprised because they think the girl’s mother would be shocked that the three of us are sharing a room. 

We don’t seem to find anything strange in it. In fact, it seems to suit us just fine. And we realize that no, we don’t have another bed in there that would make three beds, but what I thought might unwind into a bed actually is going to unwind either into a ping pong table or a volleyball net, and I think that’s actually kind of a lot more interesting. 

Obviously we’re sleeping in something that can become the game room, that’s why it has so much stuff all over the place.

John: You’re using the traits around you to point out where you stand in relationship to taking things in in a proper way, which means you just have to take them in in terms of what’s there before you. In other words, like a container quality nature.

You are presented with an image that has you having to figure out what it is that needs to be able to be taken in as part of the overall Whole, so that in doing so enables you to be at a state of completion with yourself.

In other words, how do you reside inside of yourself with everything taken into account? And until you do that, you can’t take on the step that is required when you are in creation, which is to have an inclusiveness in your being so that you can automatically play the game of life.

And so your dream is attempting to show you where the components of yourself are lacking. And it indicates that there are three people in the room to begin with, a woman and another guy and you, you’re like a guy.

Jeane: No, no, I’m a female. I’m sharing the bed with the other girl.

John: Oh, with the other girl.

Jeane: Yeah.

John: And yet then there’s the guy that has a bed. He has a bed?

Jeane: Yeah.

John: Okay. So, the imbalance in the dream is when the mother comes in…

Jeane: No, the mother never comes in. It’s just some other kids that know the mother.

John: Some other kid that knows the mother?

Jeane: Yeah, we’re all college age kids on the boat.

John: And she knows the mother?

Jeane: Yeah.

John: And so she knows the mother won’t approve? And yet at the same time the guy in his bed you never place any attention upon him, right?

Jeane: No, he’s just going to be fun to be there. I mean, it’s not a romantic…

John: No, no, but he’s just in the room. So, there’s a part of yourself that isn’t quite in balance with how things need to be in creation, or in a grounded way.

And so you somehow are able to appreciate the masculine, or the clarity quality, in life, but somehow you have to take that into a depth in creation. And you have a level of hiddenness brought close to you. You’re able to share with that, which is that little girl part.

But then there’s the greater depth of your feminine overall being, that you still haven’t won over yet, or still are unsure about, or is still somewhere else – that’s the mother quality, or the priestess quality, or that deeper divine quality of yourself in relationship to the overall.

And that component needs to be there in order to reach a four, which is a level of completion. And you have inklings about it as others come and go, so to speak, or other people can come there and they carry an opinion or a mannerism that points to this part that you are not catching up with, or have not brought into the equation, as it needs to be brought into the equation.

Your dream is trying to portray a setting, a setting upon which you carry yourself in a particular way, or state, and you look at that way that you carry yourself, as portrayed by the image, and you see in that state what is required or missing in order for you to be more all-inclusive in your overall perspective of the Whole, which you have taken for granted or, therefore, it is still foreign to you, although you know and have reports that it exists, this deeper quality that has to do with the greater Wholeness, or the macrocosm of the situation.

And of course we’re talking about a macrocosm of a situation that has a quality of creation, not the quality of the creator, just of creation, that component which carries its reflection of what is, in terms of the creator. In other words, if you can see that, then you somehow or another catch up with what God is all about.

And you need to catch up with that more, the creation component. That’s the setting that isn’t quite there of which there is an uneasiness or a feeling that there’s an imbalance, and you have then no problem appreciating and enjoying and finding fun, the inflections which can then ensue.

But the base of yourself has to be sounder in order to have what is necessary to be there for a completion to occur, by which you then, out of the Whole of it all, find yourself able to play the game of life.

But until then, it’s still kind of confusing because there is the absence of this particular depth of your being in creation that you need to catch up with.

For part II of this analysis, see The Great Mother Quality.

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