Adding to the Equation

BalanceAre we always conscious of the role we play in the unfolding of life? Sometimes we need to be the pro-active agent of events and steer them in some direction. Other times we need to be a container of the things that are important – as others are involved in their unfolding. So we play many roles at different times but, most often, we are not conscious of these roles. But our systems know better and, in this dream, the dreamer is being shown that the best role she can play, in whatever is occurring in her life, is to bring to the situation a sense of balance – so that what unfolds doesn’t veer too far from its intended path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my coughing really got in the way of my dreaming last night, so I only have two brief dreams. One dream it just felt like was down in Las Vegas and I have gone to see the woman whose husband had just died, which meant I had to go over and ride the elevator up to where her unit was. And I had gone in there because I’ve never seen her unit before, and it was like I was going to meet with her and there were some other people there. I just don’t remember any details of that, other than that.

And then I had a second just brief dream, just now, in which I seem to be walking into an office setting and there’s a girl that’s come for me that wants some help with a budget. And a woman I know from New York, who’s apparently a supervisor in the office, walks in, and she’s a blonde lady wearing kind of a red outfit. She walks up to a file cabinet and she knows where the budget sheets are. I didn’t know where they were.

She opens up a file cabinet, and then she looks at me because, apparently, not only is there some kind of budget sheet in the file cabinet, but then whatever else I need is going to be printing out. She’s pressed something, so it’s printing out on a computer in her office. So I’m going with her to go get the forms for this girl so she can have a form to figure out a budget. And that was when the alarm went off.

John: So, if you put the two images together, what they portray is that there is an expression that flows through you, that goes out and touches something in life, and that something that it touches in life is something that is not generally considered where one would place an attention.

However, there is something about that that is deemed important. The fruition of which is not in keeping with the way that one might feel they need to take into account – under current circumstances. It is important from the standpoint that it balances out something in life. In other words, without an effect or a touching in this particular regard, or area, where there is an opening that exists, there is an imbalance in the overall equation of things.

And so what this dream is saying is, because the dream is always you, what it is saying is it is saying that there is something about the nature of your makeup that is designed to function as a kind of balancing mechanism, in which the effect that is brought into a situation is meaningful -but meaningful as a quality that is important to uphold a balance that is important in terms of some overall equation, or picture, to how something needs to be.

In other words, what the dream is saying is that what you’re able to do and see is not something that will necessarily comport with the spatiality of your usual ordinary appearance, or way of seeing yourself in life, or of conducting yourself in life, and yet the involvement, the connection, is important in that it sets in motion, or furthers the setting in motion, of something essential and important to the general overall equation of life.

So what the dream is saying is you are that component, that is and does that. That’s interesting. And because you do that naturally, unequivocally, it has an effect that awakens or infectiously sets in motion something in life.

Now what the dream is hinting at is that it is something that comes to pass. It both is and isn’t something that is tangible. In other words, it is tangible, and yet it isn’t tangible, because it’s also something that is awakening something, somehow, somewhere, in some way important, in a manner in which your graspability is still at bay.

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A Vibrational Force

San-Andreas-1-We rarely acknowledge how sensitive we are because the world requires that we be strong and keep pushing onward. But we are incredibly sensitive to everything that happens to us, both inside our bodies and in the outside world. And our systems are left to handle the collateral effects – while we move on to other things. Some of that processing and handling happens in our dreams, as our systems try to communicate the distress we are experiencing and to sort out the absurdities we often have to deal with. Understanding our dreams can help us troubleshoot some of the stresses we otherwise would miss. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream, it’s like I’ve gone to work at a mental health center. And I go into the office and I used to see people who come in as counseling, but then I look at the people in the office, the supervisor and the secretaries and everybody, and then I walk out of the office and I walk into like a workshop area and there some people are working with clients that, you know, I guess have had more severe mental illnesses, and they’re just showing them things on the worktable.

And I realize that these are the people that I’ll be working with now and it’ll be different than I worked before, which is more spontaneous and everything, that probably what they need are basic skills training. And I’m sure that there’s people that have written even manuals that I can find, that you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheels if you’re doing basic skills training. There must be manuals around somewhere to just start out with when you’re working with people that need that.

John: So, initially, you’re working at a type of mental health center. And then, suddenly, you find yourself at another type of mental heath center that needs to be approached in a different way?

So, you went to work in this place thinking that it needed to be one way, and find out that it needs to be another, that you need to take a step back, huh? And, in taking the step back, you’re approaching it in a different way. In other words, you had a particular notion about what it was going to be like when you went there, and instead, when you go there, you realize everything has to come back to basics.

So basics means back to square one. Well, what’s square one, if you were to try to look at this dream in a symbolic way? Square one’s probably coming back all the way to how things are in the outer, and to come back to the basics in terms of the outer means to come into the outer, or to hold something for the outer, so that the outer can be aligned.

In other words, you started thinking it was one way, that there was something that could be done, and you ended up realizing – by having to take a step back – that you had to go all the way back to not necessarily working with what could be done, but with recognizing the general overall need to hold that which is the basics.

That’s interesting.

Jeane: In the next dream, I’m at some kind of a hotel in the mountains, because I can look out my window and I can see down into like a square where there’s people and activity going on, and there are other people that I know that are in nearby hotel rooms.

Well, I suddenly realize that some of the people nearby are turning against others of us that they perceive as different, and killing us. So, someone, she acts like she’s a friend, comes and knocks on the door. And I carefully lock it so that she can’t get in, because I realize she has a gun and is going to kill the one or two of us that are in the room.

And I even see that there’s bodies piled up outside the door, so I’m very careful, you know, just to be quiet and step aside. And I look out the window and I notice what’s going on there, too, but it feels like if I can be quiet and wait until a certain energy passes it will be okay, but for right now if I were to open the door or anything she would just shoot us.

John: So the first dream that you had is basically giving you a blueprint in terms of how it is that you’re able to function. That’s a bit of a shock, actually, because one is so used to having to contend with things.

So, in the second dream, it’s as if you kind of let go of those basics now and, as a consequence, are being overwhelmed by deeply imbedded energetics that still affect the way you see yourself, or conduct yourself.

In other words, these are like energetics that rise up within, maybe as a type of unfinished business or something, and those are energetics that are associated with something that has yet to be aligned with the heart – so that the heart can experience other levels, and the immensity of these other levels.

This is something that haunts you, or affects the heart, as an energetic that affects the heart. The way that your heart is affected by such energetics, you generate the following dream image to point out the burden that’s being imposed. It’s as if by pointing it out this way, it’s like explaining the conditions that you find yourself in. Yeah, they may even be outward conditions in the environment, but nevertheless they are conditions that you find yourself in that you need to let go of or you’re haunted in a particular way. I mean, that dream is hard on the heart, isn’t it?

I mean it creates a heavy heart, and it creates a condition in which, you know, if I were to try to go to sleep under a condition like this it would be in the way, which means that it stops and it blocks a process from awakening, and unfolding. And it comes from something that’s ended.

In other words, yes, it’s an image that you created, generated; the image that you generated is from a depicted vibration that coincides with the reflective outer image that you generated, which means that it’s something that you carry inside of yourself that sits there and shapes the way you perceive yourself, and carry yourself, in relationship to life.

In other words, it’s a vibrational force that keeps you in a separate motif, as opposed to, from the first dream, the blueprint, is to go back to basics and let all of it go, and not try to steer it in some fashion, or have any control over it, because what’s needed is the holding of a space so that something can see itself, or understand.

In other words, there’s something about relating to the outer now that creates a distraught condition over one’s demeanor, and when something is awry, instead of it feeding something in terms of opening up other levels and creating a greater overallness and beingness, it is triggering this kind of very strange outer dementia.

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The Negotiation

towercardHere’s a truth we probably don’t want to hear: our inner guidance is going to steer us toward actions we may not want to take. And that’s because we already have our personalized view of how things should be, or how they should play out. But that’s not how the universe works. The universe has Its own view of what is important for us to experience, and we often resist that guidance to our own detriment – thinking we know better! (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams were a little wispy last night in terms of pulling them out. I remember one dream, I’m working in an office; there’s a woman and a man. I feel like the man’s in charge of the office, and the woman also has a supervisory position, and I’m there.

And it almost feels like we’re working on a day that’s either a Friday and it’s going to be the end of the week, or maybe we’d even come in on a Saturday. You feel like the man would work all the time, but we’re winding things up and getting ready to leave and they’re giving me some things to mail. And I’m paying particular attention to these envelopes I’ve been given to mail – like they’re a little larger envelopes like they have things in them.

I know that one envelope is going to someone I know, and I know it’s important to them that they get it – but they live a long distance away, like if we were on the West Coast they’re probably in New York, or if we’re in New York they’d be in Switzerland, that kind of thing. The package has to go a long way. It includes something including a check that I know is important to them, so they’ve written, the person who’d addressed the manilla envelope, had carefully written something to kind of indicate that it was for the eyes only of the person it was being sent to.

And I’m looking at it to see if even there’s a secondary address so if that person doesn’t… I know they don’t know it’s coming right now so if they’re not there, is there someone else there that could get it if they weren’t? I’m kind of looking to see if there’s even a secondary address on it, and that it is sealed right. It seems to me like it wasn’t sealed right in the top. I’m checking all of that.

And then there’s a second package and I’m trying to make sure that everything that’s in it is fit in it and, as I look at this package, I know that the woman it’s going to is going to be somewhat disappointed because it includes some things in there for her, including a referral to a class where she can get ready to go back to work. And I can already sense that she doesn’t really want to go back to work, so she won’t see the package in the same way as maybe it’s meant to be seen.

It will tell her more about classes and things that she can do to get back to work. It might give her some temporary help, and I’m just contemplating all of that. In a sense it’s almost like energetically I’m trying to reach out in a certain way, and yet I don’t really have any power over any of this. It’s all been decided by the two people above me. I’m just trying to make sure that it gets delivered right, and is there anyway that I can give any assistance with it?

John: Well that’s kind of an interesting dream because what you’re describing is, there is an understanding of how something is meant to unfold that comes through you, and what you have to catch up with is what that means in terms of that coming across. And that there is an approaching level to this whole thing in which it gets quite confusing to you, in which you are inclined to not get it, or to say no, or to have reached a point where you discontinue receiving what it is that you’re able to receive.

In other words, something is decided, that’s meant to come through, and that which is meant to come through it’s your responsibility to bring it through. And, as you bring it through, it opens up something else that’s also meant to be. In other words, this is the precursor to something else. It’s on the level of this something else that there is the problem in terms of being able to accept or receive the second, this other.

It’s almost like you have a three-pronged approach. The first is to recognize the memo of what the orders need to be, so to speak. The second is to bring that through to make that happen, in other words to create the correspondence, or the intertwining, or the connection. And the third is that as that connection is made, it then opens up something additional like a second package.

And it’s the second package upon which there can be confusion, or it can be the way it’s received is going to be awkward, or even not possible. So it’s a dream in which one, the information that you’re meant to catch up with leads to two, the bringing across of something that’s meant to be leads to three, that then evolves into something more. It’s on the level of the evolving of something more that things are gray again.

So what is this something more that has got to evolve? Well, you have to have a sense of it in some fashion. In other words, if there’s a second package somewhere deep, deep, deep down inside of yourself there is something that you’re having trouble with. In other words, you can kind of hear the memo and kind of be on the path. You can bring something through and cause it to be brought across – but that then leads to a second package possibility and therein lies an issue.

And so you should be able to sense and sort out what that is.

Jeane: Well, the second woman was hoping she would get a letter that would maybe allow her to be on disability or something, she wouldn’t have to go back to work, and instead it was about things that she could do so she could go back to work.

John: So that’s the information that you are struggling with: you want it one way, and it has got to be another way in order for you to receive the package. So the first package is no problem, you have all the variables covered, and so that’s let go of.

And then there’s the second package in which there is… in other words, the theme of the dreaming had to do with a type of negotiation. And in the second package you’re back to an aspect of negotiation where you want it to be in a particular way – and so you’re going to be disappointed if there is some variable that’s not in that way – when you have to be receptive to however it is.

You’re okay on the first package. In fact, you went to all kinds of antics to make sure that it was going to be properly received so that wherever things could be at, or wherever you might be at, you’re sure to get it. You did what was necessary and released yourself of that responsibility.

But then that opened up into… you know, it’s almost as if everything evolves to the next. And so the next thing that it evolves to is something in which you have a distinct opinion of how it should be. In other words, in the first it’s just okay when it happens. It’s great, there’s no thought, there are no issues with it. On the second there could possibly be issues because there is an opinion. There’s something that is being held onto.

Everything is always in terms of the setting that we find ourselves in, the overall that we find ourselves in, and in your dream you’ve got that negotiation theme on the second package. That’s what’s interesting about it. In other words, if you could take that out, then you naturally make that next step without having to compromise it in some fashion.

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