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ur-absIn this dream image we see a coach who is training the dreamer, and we also see the dreamer being asked to coach someone else. In the world of our dreams, because we are all the characters that populate the dream images, this shows how the unconscious tries to awaken and incorporate aspects of our inner lives that are at different levels of development and different levels of hiddenness. A spiritual journey must incorporate the whole of us, with no parts left behind. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the second dream it feels like I’m in high school, but at night I go out and I train with a coach, and I’m training in a particular way. And he has other people that help him, like there’s this one bus driver that kind of is in a bus or some kind of a vehicle that’s parked near a curb at night, and it’s a tall curb, and I go down and I lay down below the curb and there’s some structure they’re teaching me how to climb around, or get out of or, you know, develop a certain strength from dealing with.

And so he has other people at certain areas around town at night that are helping me with this training that I’m going through, and something that I’m building up from doing the training. But then at some point he wants me to help train this high school kid also, or train others, and the problem is the high school kid is pursuing me and kind of trying to dominate, or chase me, as opposed to be focused on what the purpose of our training is.

So this creates a dilemma for me because, on the one hand, the coach wants me to be training him, and on the other hand it’s like you’re training somebody who’s pursing you in a way you don’t want to be pursued. And so it’s really frustrating for me, in that way, because I feel a little caught in this dilemma and it interferes at times with the training, or what I feel that I can do.

I even go back at some point in this dream and I’m examining the prior dream, and I’m looking at the white cap but I’m also looking at like I feel like they got stuck in that dream in terms of what they were able to do. In this dream, whatever I’m able to do, or not able to do, gets represented by a black cap that at least has a certain vitality. And it’s again an animal of some kind that is kind of like wooly and you wear it on your head, but it’s black this time instead of white.

And I do feel like it goes a little further in terms of being able to accomplish its mission in the world, but it really feels like I’m looking at both and not satisfied with either.

John: So, in this dream, the outer world, the world in which your senses and the world in which you have to cope in as best you can, that is the external world, that is the collective, is represented by the high school.

And then the teaching that is awakening at night, on the inner level, on a higher-self level, on a level that is awakening in some small aspect, is causing you, is enabling you, to make a transformative step away from the day-to-day.

In other words, that is causing something to find motion and clarity from the usual collective. Well, the problem, or the issue, is, like I said at the very end of your last dream, that transformation is not where it is really at. In other words, it’s not like making a better widget, or making a better person.

You have to hit an absoluteness of clarity of beingness, that is an emptiness, that isn’t affected by conditions of closed heart, or conditions of not being able to experience through you the greater expansiveness of all of the various levels that you are meant to have access to, which tends to be ignored by many teachers the understanding that there is this, in the gut, Hara center of your nature, which needles away at you so that even though you had created a bit of transformation in terms of what was going on in terms of this night class or whatever that you were taking, in order for that to be meaningful, in other words to get to something that was more than just a temporal transformation and then you would fall back based upon the pent-up Hara center of your nature, you have to go back, and you have to contend with the loudness inside of yourself that creates the confusion and creates the blur, which is in the outer, which is in the day-to-day.

And in going back to that, you go back to a particular loudness, or characteristic, or quality that you need to get beyond – and that is represented by this one particular student that you’re directed to bring across. And that one student represents a Hara-center quality that is repressed, and has a fluctuating dynamic, that keeps you from going to more than just a temporal transformative energetic vibration. It keeps you from reaching the wholeness.

And so you’re meant to deal with that. And so, in dealing with that, you are finding that this particular thing, this particular Hara quality, that’s repressed, suppressed, unconscious in your nature, is casting out images in which it is in some sense pursuing you or, in other words, the confusion that you have, in terms of being able to incorporate an emptiness that goes to this area as well, in the physical, is that there is this quality within – on the physical repressed level, or the Hara center – that’s in the gut, that carries and holds onto things that have been pent up and stored there over lifetimes. You’re having to break the spellbinding illusion of that because it’s effect upon you has created a defensive blur in which you see it, instead of something that can be absorbed and redeemed, you see it as something that in terms of trying to contend with it, it is stirring up your well being. It is pursuing you instead of being properly accessed and absorbed.

So, the difference between this dream and the first dream, is that in this dream you are trying to do it in a feminine way, thus the black hat. In the first dream you were trying to do it in a masculine way, the white hat.

In the first dream you were trying to come across with an effect with the diplomat that caused a bringing together of things, a closeness of things, plus dealing with peculiarities that are pent up in the Hara center of things. You were trying to address that in a direct way, that had to do, then, with opening up things so that the whole embassy effect, or the overallness, was there in its emptiness as well so that you would have a completeness in these three areas, we’ll call them, of wholeness.

In the second dream you were using the principle of the feminine energy to try to contend, to try to be surrendered, to dealing with something that is affecting your nature of being. In other words, it’s like you have had these insights, epiphanies, inflections inside of yourself to what a greater closeness is supposed to kind of be like, theoretically speaking, when it’s blurred by a Hara center, so that it is conditional to the Hara center. And you’re not going to have the greater transcendent quality that is offered in the teaching, in the connection that you’re having, within, at night, on the various levels – unless you are able to take all of this into the outer.

And the outer, in this particular case, is the high school, which is the school of where the real teaching is yet to be done in terms of the Hara center that has to either lived out, which will take forever, and isn’t the way to get to a transformation that leads to an absolute state of being. You’re not able to make it whole, or make it constant, or make it real unless you take and contend with that.

And so, in your dream, you were dealing with an aspect of something that had a particular definitional mannerism to it that is an illusion that you keep purporting as a kind of spell that you place upon yourself, that is the echo coming out of this unconscious state that is there having developed over millennia of time, and it is represented by the energetic and vibration of this student that is in the outer, basically, this thought seed or quality that is you in a physical sense, that as long as that continues the duality continues, because this will keep coming up to blur the potentiality.

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i9999esIt’s not easy to see the things that resist us as we try to make progress on our path. Yet what we discover is that we end up fighting the prints and patterns that our systems developed in our early years as a way of managing the absurdity of life. Those are strong prints, and the way they served us all those years ago has now become a hindrance to our freedom to let go and to be with something greater. That’s why we progress in small increments of recognizing and letting go as we proceed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream I seem to be a therapist. I work with diplomats, and I’m trying to work with a family of a particular diplomat. And I work with him in two ways, one is I seem to go into wherever the embassy is and I’m trying to work with him and people from other countries from the Middle East.

But the problem there is that they don’t always want to speak to women so that you’re kind of blocked in how you can interact with anyone. Plus he seems resistant to the whole fact of getting counseling anyway.

And then I go to work with him at home with his family, except the problem there is something’s happened so that the house is no longer safe; something political has happened. And the family has moved to the second floor of the house, but it seems like they can’t go down to the first floor.

So I have to find a way to get into the second floor of the house to work with them. And he’s still resistant, but his wife or the rest of the family is around, and they seem willing, and it feels like I am trying to find some way of breaking through so that I can talk to all the people involved, including people from other countries and such when I’m at the Embassy, as well as with him and his family.

Although I have to find some way to get into through the window of the second story of the house to do that, which I do, plus I have sometimes questionnaires that I wanted him to fill out that he doesn’t want to fill out. So it’s not really easy, but whatever does occur finally gets represented by this cap. It’s reduced down to a white cap that someone can wear, and the white cap looks like a very soft animal cap, almost like an ermine or something, or it’s wooly, you know, but it’s more like an animal shape and head.

But I don’t really feel that’s gone that well. You know, it’s almost like there were too many blocks to what one was trying to accomplish, especially when people, you know, like even when you’d go to where the embassy was and the diplomats and the people from some countries don’t want to talk to a woman, so there’s only so much you can do. So that was kind of my block on the first dream.

John: What you’re doing is you’re looking at the limitations and, of course, when you look at the limitations that also means you’re looking at the effectiveness of how it is that your overall spatial presence, and nature, is doing in relationship to affecting a clarity that is to be carried as a natural quality, and penetrative beingness, in your nature.

And so what you’re seeing is you’re seeing part of yourself having to exude into a greater overall station, and state, if it is able to reach a particular diplomat part of yourself that seems kind of singular and uneventful in and of itself, but will have an effect that is pervasive on many, many levels.

In other words, it’s not just this diplomat, but it becomes the embassy, and the whole process of what is kind of recognition, realization, and coming together is all about. So to the degree that it affects the overall embassy that’s a transcendent or transformative overall effect.

To the degree that you’re able to reach the diplomat in a way so that he can come to understand something, to the way you’re able to access through a connectiveness that touches the higher state of it all, this pulls together something that is separate. In other words, this leads to a closeness.

And the diplomat, that is being treated as something that is in the outer, in other words, there’s three aspects here, is the third aspect. The first aspect is the transcendent, the aspect of energy that affects and goes into and awakens the agency of it all.

The second is a closeness that is needed to get something to come through, which is from an emptiness of the heart. And the third, the ability to catch up with the agent, and the fact that the agent is perceived to be something separate from yourself in the dream is an exemplification of that which is on the Hara level, or in the gut. In other words, that’s where something is so repressed and needs to be brought out into the open, that its influence, when suppressed, when regressed like this in one’s nature, its effect and influence from this unconscious state continues to precipitate the energetic quality of there being a separate reality – meaning you and what you have to do – and the diplomat that is as if he is something else; the diplomat represents this repressed Hara state in your nature.

In other words, what you dreamt took into account there being an emptiness space that had to be reached in both the greater overallness, or transcendent side of one’s nature, that permeates through all of life through the heartfulness that has to do with a connective clarity and emerging, and through the ability to absorb the signature traits of the soul that has gone off into the way that it goes off into trying to make the best of living in a world of denseness, being a quality of physical manifestation, in terms of its external aspects that seem everywhere, and a time orientation that seems to keep one in a spell.

The signature quality of one’s nature, this being the person that you’re meant to reach, the diplomat, that is the illusion that comes up from the gut in terms of the blows and the mannerisms that one has taken in that haven’t been resolved. It’s the physical level. It’s something that is inclined to be mistreated in terms of its importance in a spiritual process of awakening – in which you can have the top-down approach of trying to come from an overallness and expanding the auric presence and sensation awakening to various other realizations of levels within, and doing that in accordance with recognizing that there is a love principle that functions as pulling something into a closeness, that is also part of the overall equation.

But because the outer is technically deemed to be an illusion, a kind of a denser loci to all of that, the tendency is even, though the statement is that one has to keep getting more and more into life, the tendency is that this is more of a pontification or something, not actually something that is truly done, literally done, and yet on a physical level schematic you’re not going to access the Hara center of that which has been pent up from eternities of one’s soul unfoldment, that is pent up and is coming up, and being lived from the gut against one’s will. This stuff keeps surfacing, keeps affecting one. Whether it’s an effect in terms of negative energetics, or wayward emotions, this effect predominates on the physical and effects the way the mind is able to perceive the world. It is there, it predominates, and yet it too has to go away, it has to be let go of, it has to become empty.

So, this little part seems to be where everything keeps getting clamored up. It’s where teacher after teacher take and work with the student and can take and heighten an atmosphere and awareness that can lead to a bit of transformation, that is obvious in terms of the effect and presence that exists, that can quicken something, that can arise up out of the student, but the confusion that predominates comes from this physical element which is rebuked even though one knows that you shouldn’t be rebuking it, you shouldn’t be stiff arming it energetically.

Much like the statement, when it came to Gandhi, he didn’t oppose British rule, he just supported Indian independence. In other words, it wasn’t a matter of fighting something, and because he realized that that tended to predominate, in the gut, the Hara aspect of things, he went to great lengths to try to show that it was a little like a Zen koan. It may not make sense to make a statement that looks like its got a dichotomy like that in it, but you have to actually be that way in order for you to be empty of the effect of this kind of Hara energy that will continue to perpetuate itself in its mannerism, that is on the physical level. And so it doesn’t matter how high the ideals are, if the ideals don’t take into account the way things are in the physical, and somehow rebuff it, or push it off, then something is amiss.

So your dream is dealing with these traits of which, in your dream, you have the embassy, which is the overallness, the transcendent quality, that gets the memo of something when something opens up to the various levels in an empty, open way. You have the diplomat who you have to get closer to in order to effectuate with something of a knowingness to take place. But you have this diplomat as something in the outer, as an image in the outer, that has to be brought into a wholeness, or otherwise the Hara center of that sort of physical beingness continues to predominate.

You have to work with all three, and you have to work with them kind of simultaneously, or otherwise there is a tone, or a mood or, you know, something that sits contradictory to the awakening, that keeps getting in there and nixing things. That is why it’s not about transformation only, it’s about reaching an absolute consciousness or, in other words, a station of things that doesn’t lose it.

It’s like everyone who went to the program experienced transformation, but over the course of them going out into the outer, to what degree is that transformation going to get swallowed up, or impacted, by the Hara center of their nature and its signature effect upon their beingness?

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R + S Parke-Harrison

We’ve often spoken about the human systems that are constantly trying to realign and rebalance us as we careen through our lives. And dreams play an important role in this. In this example, a home that is viewed as sacred is used to set the scene. But all is not serene there. So the attempt is made to climb to the heights again, but the road is blocked. Certain aspects within us, that we hold on to, can become anchors that prevent us from soaring. Many are held in the solar plexus area of the body and one way to ease their grip is through working with the breath.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream I woke up like with a sore neck, and a headache, and the dream it’s like I’ve been at Jerry’s house and I had been spending the night in a little room there. And at one point when I’m in the room I suddenly notice these creatures, these kind of thin, phosphorescent creatures crawling in through the keyhole, or coming down a wall or something. They almost look like those science pictures you see when people blow up what bacteria looks like in your stomach or something, you know, except they’re two or three feet long.

So I leave the room and get them to come and look, because I’m not sure what to do about them. Of course when they come you can’t see them right away, but I know they’re in the room. But it’s time for me to leave anyway, besides the fact I’m a little creeped out by these things that seem to be able to get into the room.

I go to where I’m staying and when I get to the house where I’m at I think I realize that I need to go back; maybe I’ve left something there, it might even be my car. And my nephew comes along to give me a ride back to their house, and it’s confusing. You can’t quite see the route that you go, and there’s some construction going on kind of higher on a hill, and he decides that’s the shortest way to get over the hill to their house.

I try to tell him that it isn’t, but he doesn’t seem to want to listen, and I’m on the back of his motorbike. But we get up there and pretty soon the trail is running out and we’re lost, because even though it looked like it was an easy way back to their house, it actually was confusing with the construction and all.

So we have to turn around and go back down to where our house is. I’m thinking about a simpler road back to their house, and I think that’s when I woke up with the headache. And I also at that point did something to cleanse the energy in the room a bit because I almost felt like maybe some of the reason I was feeling the way I was that the hotel room may have had a lot of energy in it or something.

John: I don’t know you picked Jerry’s house other than the fact that I suppose it’s deemed to be something that’s like a kind of sacred space, but the sacred space, for you, isn’t able to magnify or manifest into something further because you’re carrying inside of yourself repressed in like the Hora center, or solar plexus, or something you are carrying something that extremely repressed there.

The dream is saying that you basically have done this to some degree. We have a transcendent quality in our nature, and we try to find an emptiness there in the expanse of things, and that there is more and more emphasis in trying to go into that now, as shown by the fact that you’re having human beings who haven’t even had a chance yet to live life and develop a certain dharmic unfoldment that generally causes a type of solidification of their nature, to which they then have to let go or release that in order to be able to come to an epiphany inside of themselves, which is something that generally happens when a person gets to be 50-60 years old that they can have this kind of awareness breakthrough.

Prior to that they’re caught in a definition of themselves, a signature of their beingness, and that drowns out the overall, in common, intertwined essence that we all carry. And what is surprising is that in this day and age you’re running into people who are like in their 20’s, who are really young, who haven’t had a chance to find out who they are really, take on some dharmic mannerism and run it to some limit before they have an about face, and then rise up from that to have a letting go breakthrough.

So he’s seeing that, and as a consequence of seeing that he understands a little differently than other teachers have been able to clearly present it, that there is something else besides the transcendent and the imminent. And, of course, he describes the expansiveness and the emptiness there as transcendent, and then he describes the heart quality as imminent. And that that is a quality that pulls or moves one towards merging.

And then he describes the human element that is the solar plexus and the Hara center of one’s nature, to where things accumulate as another area in which an emptiness has to occur, and that is an emptiness that doesn’t occur usually for the longest time in a human being’s unfoldment, not until they’re 50 or 60. And when something like that occurs it takes the signature note of the individual, in other words that has gone off and lived in a dharmic way, it takes that signature note and turns it around into something that then becomes a quality having let go and into the whole.

It’s an image of transformation that is an image that has followed a particular pattern or cycle, in a way that is kind of systematic. But something is changed anew, something has speeded up, but you’re finding more and more of this that would be considered cracked or fractured or broken or discombobulated in some fashion that, in the eyes of some teachers, would be that the person needed to get into life, needed to chop wood and carry water, get grounded in some fashion.

The common theory and thinking is that a person has to live life in order to be able to have something that is there in a way that can be offered, which is the idea of dharma, which is a Buddhist idea, which has to do with a person taking and communicating or expressing an aspect of their beingness, and then letting go of that – just like Siddhartha, who went from the opulence and took all of that into – and did this at a young age – into a complete letting go. At least his dharma, in terms of how he was born, rose up early and he did not then proceed in that way, but at the same time he carried, he maintained, he still had some sort of something that had to go through the transformative process.

And so, in the human being, it’s the Hara center where things have to reside, that build up to a point where you finally come and you address them and you deal with them.

Now, Shadin recommends that you breathe deeply into that, breathe deeply into the belly where that stuff is stored. So if you’re going through a traumatic condition, this stuff gets shoved right into the Hara center, and you can tell that it’s happening because your breath always goes shallow. It’s almost as if the trauma is there and it’s being absorbed in the body, and when it’s being absorbed it chokes off the heart, it blocks your access to the merging quality, and it blocks off your transcendent nature, blocks off any sight. And that one has to go to the depths and release that.

So the emptiness is in the transcendent, in the heart, and in the solar plexus area, the Hara center of one’s being. Where I think a dilemma exists is the rootedness to the human condition. You really have to come down to it, and it’s hard for teachers to do that. They can keep trying to portray what’s involved for something to rise up, but you have to come down and you have to experience it, like Mother Teresa in the ghettos. You have to really feel what that is, or you’re not dealing with the solar plexus area of your being and, therefore, are going to remain blighted.

So in your dream you took and you drilled down on whatever it is that’s symbolically significant about the fact of coming towards a spiritual process, or practice, or pattern that there is in the container nature of your being, worms and bugs or something, you have that built up.

And so you’re seeing the visualness of what that’s like to have the Hara center contaminated with something that needs to be in a state of emptiness, and you’re associating it with something that has to do with a way of absorbing or handling a condition, or a situation, but there is something about that, there’s a vibration in that that for you, you’re doing some sort of cover-up.

In other words, you can have the heartfulness, you can have the transcendent quality, but are you somehow or another repressing something? As you get a sense of this, of how you need to accept something, or be in a particular way, or however it is, your sense of it isn’t very good – thus you can’t find your way back there. So it’s not something that can be rationally probed out. You know, it’s not something that you can address in an outer motif mannerism.

It’s something that is exemplified by and within a vibration somehow there, I mean you chose this setting for your image to highlight or portray somehow to yourself something that you should know from that, that is exemplifying this problem for you in the physical level, in the Hara center.

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