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ncopt3oxThere’s a whole school of thought that speaks of living in the moment, which is another way of saying, going with the energetic flow. But what is often not talked about in these discussions is that achieving these states requires making an energetic connection to what is unfolding. And that connection comes from letting go of what separates us from it (our ego-based world view), while also opening our heart to embrace the all of it. This dream points us in that direction. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a little kind of almost like side aspect of the dream, where it’s like I have to go to the airport. And it suddenly seems like I’m given an assignment of two books that I’m supposed to read.

Now one of the books I think I was given before. These are little books that are almost like six inches by a half-inch thick. They’re not very big. I think this little book I’ve been given before, and I hadn’t read and I’ve put away, but I only have a certain amount of time and I’m looking through shelves that I have and I can’t find it – and I have to get to the airport.

So then somebody puts a book in my hand and it has a different cover, but I think it’s the same book, but I’m not positive, but I feel like it’s the book I’ll have to take because I have to be catching a plane.

John: So, what you’re doing is you’re showing how the condition of something like this gets. It gets so that it’s so busy that it has no time for anything because it’s racing as if, in the taking off, that it’s going to get somewhere. And it’s actually in that process, because without the heart and its expanse, it is actually trying to stay focused in accordance with a streamlined nature, or book so to speak, or veil, filter. Filter might be the better word.

In other words, everything you’re doing has to do with the filter. And the book itself, and what that portrays, is the filter. And so you’re bringing in kind of the contrast, or the contractive part, which is always there as the filter. And you always will have this condition, and you’ll always be confronted with this as a dilemma, when you try to expand, because what I saw in my dream is that both are going on simultaneously.

And you cannot shake that if you’re in a human body. You’re going through both expansive and contractive. You’re going through the inner inflections that are based upon outer orientation of mind, sense, and ego, and you can attempt to scale it first one way as something that opens up expansively, or you can try to pull it into a lilt, that filter, which is contractive. And neither will work, because in order for them to work you have to get outside of the schematic of how you are. And the schematic in which you are is limited because you only adhere to a certain level of heartfulness and it is only conditional… that heartfulness is conditional up to a point before you hit something that shocks you, or rips your state of attention.

What you’ve done is you’ve gone off and you started to spiral in this masculine expansive quality only to find that you have to have the rootedness, the contractive state. You have to catch up with that, and that’s the book as you call it, an orientation or a filter. And so that’s the degree to which you’ve probed this thing, yet at the same time what isn’t loud like it needs to be is the principle of the heart or the principle of love that takes and puts the two yo-yo aspects, the expansive and the contractive, the struggle between inner and outer, of which inner isn’t truly quite possible because you can’t see the pure light.

And so what happens is that in which you are oriented and designed, you can’t properly grasp or understand unless you orient to the heart. And you can have a slight degree of it, but that puts you in a state of turmoil when you have a slight degree of it, because you find yourself still in the outer, still whenever you’re doing something doing it in terms of the mechanisms and mannerisms of the outer, and you don’t have the guidance of an all-effusive heart to win the day.

In other words, what you were doing was depicting yourself in a particular spatiality in which you weren’t addressing or stressing the loudness of the heart. You were instead confronting the conditions of the situation. And the conditions of any situation, without the heart being all effusive, is always going to be a yo-yo situation.

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John: Last night, because of my fever, I didn’t think I was going to have any dreams. All my attention was on the fact that no matter how I bundled up I was cold and, as a consequence, I consumed myself with trying every sleeping position so I wouldn’t create any additional aches and pains.

It wasn’t until 1:00am that I had this image. I was trying to figure out how to carry the image back to what was going on before, but I was blocked by the fact that my attention was also on my fever, aches and pains.

So, in this glimpse, or image, I see a woman who shows up from time to time at the dream group. She is accepted as part of the group; it’s as if she lives in the area.

Somehow I come to know (no one else seems to know, they just accept her), that she doesn’t really live any place in particular. She just flows freely and with ease. 

If I didn’t know that information, nothing about her demeanor would cause me to think she didn’t live locally. The image of this woman, the quality that she carried, had a great freedom and elegance to it. She would just show up.

There was no way I could draw any conclusions, or quite put my finger on what it was about her. All I knew is that she seemed to be around at important meetings or events from time to time.

So this image is creating an energetic space, and freedom, to move about at will. It’s an expression of composure and elegance that feels natural wherever it is. It’s an image that shows that there is more meaning and freedom available to us when we are not limited by a need for definition. This woman defied definition.

We see this in waking life, and it has been a theme in our dreams since we went to Las Vegas, that when we find ourselves in situations that are completely out of the ordinary, completely different from what we are accustomed to, it stirs things up inside us. From an inner (dream) world perspective we are shown, and can experience, that if we’re able to just flow freely and with ease, we’re much more alive.

Flowing freely allows for more amazing images and states to open up, which also gives us a greater understanding of all that’s going on. Whether waking or dreaming, this free-flow state is almost impossible when we see ourselves in terms of how others might see us, whether friend or stranger. That ego-perspective isn’t good because it defines us – it limits us – and therefore shuts down the magic.

A dream like this causes me to wonder, how does one do this in relationship to the home community? In going to Las Vegas, we were far from our usual dream group (meetings) and unlikely to find similar ones there. Maybe this is a dream with a hint to show a state, or a value, that exists when we’re not in any place in particular?

The dreaming has been showing that there’s a much greater dimensionality to things when we’re able to be at peace with, and accepting of, all situations. Whenever we (humans) find ourselves in an uncomfortable predicament, we quickly begin to put limits on our senses and we adopt old patterns – we focus on the particulars and details, and lose the bigger picture.

When we do that – begin to limit things by defining them – it causes hurt to the heart, because it’s a disconnection from what really is. If we can keep things outside of the specific, or not view them so personally, we can actually have a greater perspective of what’s transpiring.

We’ve been dreaming that, and noticing that. It’s might seem like human nature to want to define everything, but that narrows our experience into the predictable, when our real safety, and joy, is in the spontaneous, or in the aliveness and uncomfortability of the unknown.

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John: I’m not sure I’m actually able to describe my dream from last night. I think it’s because I didn’t pull out the details and images clearly enough, and just kind of settled into the feeling of it.

It’s almost like I was meditating before I went to bed, because I was in a kind of inner state. The fact that I didn’t pull it out put me into a sense of malaise, even though I was able to denote that I was accepting of a place, or a space, while some other part of me knew that even that had a limitation to it.

So, I can say that the dream echoed the energetic way that I was carrying myself with a kind of connection to the heart. In other words, my way of holding on to something can be felt in the heart, but it’s still an in-between state – I can still recognize that it’s an abstraction representing something even greater.

What happens is that I’m rationalizing that I can hold this inner space, and even my mind is somewhat quieted from connecting to other vibrations that are denser and could throw me around or send me off on a tangent.

However, I could still understand that the vibration I was holding onto has something else to it – what I see is still limited. For me to experience the more of it would require something else I’m clinging to, to fall away.

Said another way, within the vibration is recognition that I have no right to embody it fully because that would actually create a separation. There is still an aspect that stands in the way of an inner nothingness. That aspect seems imperceptible but is, as far as I’m able to tell at this point, something that’s an inner magnetic.

What I’m describing is the reason why I didn’t get knocked around by this aspect as I usually might have been – in which case the dream could have run off on some deviation or detour like we’ve been talking about. Some part of me knew that the space I was holding was subtly better than what it would have been if I’d reacted in my normal way.

It also shows I was as conflicted by this feeling, as I sometimes can be. Of course I can’t stay in a state of contentment with it because nothing on this side of existence is content for very long. I’m able to notice that when a person is content, they become lazy and have a tendency to rationalize that it’s okay.

So it’s a subtle way of just feeling the energetics. The dream, however, or the vibration to the dream, touched enough that it created a subtle mocking of the space I was accepting. That caused a slight uneasiness in knowing that there was something more and that I was limiting myself from reaching it.

Consequently, I did not fully accept the vibrational limitation. If I had, I would have been able to pull out the dream imagery that was reaching further into something else. As you peel away those layers, you are infused with the knowingness behind the imagery of the dream itself – the symbolism, etc.

So the degree I am ready to confront it is up to me. If I don’t confront it, it won’t become something more. The underlying question that’s put before me is, “Am I able to feel the need inside, to the degree necessary, to penetrate and awaken to a subtler depth of inner beingness?”

If I am ready, and normally I am, to make that shift, that’s when the dream world is apt to sense that there is a process of letting go, and then will reveal more. As long as I am purposely holding on and accepting that as okay, I am stopping myself from acknowledging the deeper need.

It’s like I’m saying “No,” to what is more, and my choice is honored. Such choices always place my deeper beingness behind a defensive veil.

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