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231sAs we make our way on our journey, there is always a new and further point up ahead. And that’s okay, because what is important is to be on the path itself. And at each stop along the way we can get a glimpse of what awaits us, as we come to understand that what we thought we knew was just a partial view. In the fullness of time comes the fullness of the whole picture. But we are a long way from home, so we just keep putting one foot in front of the other as we cover new ground and refine our navigation skills. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, what I’m experiencing is to begin with deemed to be of little significance. I am told that the specifics are stepping stones on the path, and the experiences can seem sensational to the part of me that is ready to give up.

I realize that it is not possible from where I am at, at this time, to have any appreciation for what is yet to be. Again, I’m talking about a sense of something, aware that what’s going on in the outer has little significance, but I guess what I’m saying is, I haven’t quite bridged the divide to something else. And so, apparently, I must be having to have an appreciation for what is yet to be, without actually having the experience of it – because I do know that the outer isn’t where the significance is at, in terms of something that’s aspiring to come through.

So from what I have already experienced I can sense the experience to be part of a passing wind, in other words, again, of no significance, which means that what that is is out of reach to what is so much more.

It is about this time, that coming from the perspective of the higher self, I am able to shift my attention to being receptive to that which is to come. I mean, I’m receptive to it, but I don’t know what it is. That’s the meditation dream. Isn’t that interesting?

So the significance is, to denote this latent inner depth as yet to be humbles me in the here and now, in other words, because I know it’s there, even though I’m carrying on the way I’m carrying on. And then I notice that any plan to do this, it doesn’t get you anywhere. In other words, if you looked at your condition as dire, and had grief about it, you could have all the prayer and watching you want, but can this lead to the recognition?

And, yet, maybe it can. But it is not done in my dream this way, as I have a sense of so much more. In other words, I don’t have the grief. I’m able to do this outside of that. I just naturally have, instead of sitting there in some sort of helplessness, I have a sense of so much more already and do not need to be smashed to let go, which is what a type of grief does. Everything about you is smashed. Being receptive, being accepted, and being still is opening me up to an inner awakening process that knows no bounds.

And, of course, I portray then as the meaning here. What I am experiencing is a precursor and threshold to so much more, which is there for me to appreciate, pre the fact. In other words, it’s like a sense of it. I mean it’s like a hope. I hold out for it, so it’s like pre the fact, and when I yield to the sense that what I am going through now is barely the start of the awakening process, when I yield to that, then there is hope. In other words, there’s not despair, or there’s not grief, because that doesn’t help me any.

And if that’s an aspect of prayer, well, okay, but prayer has a distinct definition to it, too, so that can create a stigma in terms of it being something that is reaching for something outside of one’s self. That’s what prayer kind of tends to do, when everything is within, so in that regard it’s a bit of a deviation. And, as far as watching, I’m already aware of my plight, I just don’t have the other, the higher self, that I know is outside of that, I just don’t have that at my disposal.

Or, to put it another way, what I am talking about is portrayed in the image that I have slid down a banister, in other words, this is a house that has multiple levels, and it has this spiral staircase coming down, and I’ve slid down the banister from the upper level floors all the way to the ground floor. And, in doing so, come to realize to my surprise, how wonderful life is.

In other words, it’s almost like coming to the bottom is scary, and it’s like staying up above in some sort of expansive space, and so I had pushed off from that because I guess I felt that I needed to avoid the myriad of things, and that the ground floor was lesser in some capacity. And when I came down, I found it to be wonderful. Of course this image is not possible if plans unfold in terms of how to do this. Such plans will be in the way.

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John: In following up from our discussion yesterday (see A Twisted Tale), an unknown man was chasing you and, when you reached what you considered a safe hiding place, there was a black cat there with a broken tail. Initially, it might not seem apparent that the cat has now embodied the energy that was chasing you.

First of all it’s interesting that you accept the black cat with the broken tail as a normal thing; you aren’t thrown off by it, you just want to reattach the tail. So you accept the cat and work to help it instead of being frightened and alarmed. Then the cat disappears and the man, who was after you, appears in its place and he now has the broken tail.

But the anxiety you feel is not in dealing with the man who had been chasing you (which might have been a normal reaction), but in effectively repairing the broken tail without hurting the man. So what you originally were running away from has now become something that you are dealing with. You’re trying to figure out how to affect this energy, or fix it, in a way that does no harm.

So I see this as dream about intertwining and linkage. It has a lot of depth to it, for you, in terms of showing what you’re able to take on, or experience, or relate to. If you had kept running from it, it would have shown unwillingness on your part to accommodate whatever energetic was trying to connect with you.

It’s also in keeping with my dreams and wondering about our move to Las Vegas, and how to deal with the over-the-top energy without being swept away by it.

It’s human nature to try to only deal with things that we feel have a cadence or balance to them. We don’t naturally move toward the things that challenge or obstruct us. We don’t want to continually fight with the elements in our environment. So we either run away from those things, or we stay and try to deal with them – to accommodate them into who we are, and in a way that fits with what is comfortable for us.

These processes are always occurring on an energetic level, yet when you accept the process of a spiritual journey, there comes a level of development where one actually looks to go into the energies that represent a type of darkness, in an effort to shed light on them and free them up in us.

At the beginning you might avoid the darkness, but then you can actually begin to enter the darkness and work with it. That process can resolve, uplift, or cause things to happen that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. That’s what you’re doing in your dream – entering the darkness.

Again, we have had to accommodate the energies of Las Vegas in our efforts to relocate here. The dreams we are having show that process evolving – they can show us exactly where we are.

Our concern in coming here was not the living arrangements or the comfort level, but how do we maintain our level of inner connection in the midst of this crazy city? Externally it’s hard to imagine one could live a spiritual life in this environment.

Yet the longer we are here, the more our systems are finding their balance, through our meditation and our dream work. And the challenge of it will actually make us stronger in our endeavor.

It has been said that the days of the yogi on the mountain top are over, meaning that spirituality in today’s world needs to be done by living life in the midst of the culture, and managing whatever life throws at us in a spiritual way. That’s the only way real change can come to the human race and the culture itself.

So this is what I’ve been pondering, even before we arrived here, and now you’re having a dream that indicates that something has disturbed you, yet when you try to go to your grandparent’s house, and then your neighbor’s, to avoid it, you find the darkness is right there with you.

Even though you might not realize what that darkness is, when you come to realize that the darkness is part of something that you’re trying to avoid, or suppress, you can work with that. And you can do it without being hurt by it, or without you hurting it. Even if some hurt happens, that’s okay because it’s all part of fixing something internally, which can then become, through you, part of the external world. That’s healing.

That’s an interesting, complex, even shamanistic kind of dream.

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John: In my next dream, I see the image of a frontier. I’m looking at a map, but it feels like I’m having a depth perception problem: I can see a small body of water on the corner of the map, but I’m unable to orient myself to it.

I know that I have to get properly oriented to the small body of water in order to determine where I am with regard to an even larger body of water. It seems I need to break through a time-and-space limitation in order to reach this determination.

I feel that if I’m able to overcome what appears, in this state, to be a physical limitation, then I’ll be able to get closer to that which is now intangible.

Here again the dream addresses the idea of awakening to a spiritual life, in that it shows how we must accept our initial bewilderment. Until we do, we are limited to having to make sense out of everything we see and experience. Such use of our faculties leaves us confined to the physical level of existence.

However, when we realize that we can actually go beyond that – tune into something more – and bring from afar a closer awareness, that’s when we take a small step on the inner journey which awakens us to a spiritual life.

Until then we are endlessly trying to make sense out of the confusion of the outer reality. In that state, we’re unable to access that which is more real. However, in this imagery, there is the sense that I am being nudged a bit to break this state of amnesia. I’m shown that I lack the perception and alignment to function properly.

In the next dream, I find myself bidding for a property at auction. I’m surprised to find out, when I get the property, that it’s where I grew up as a child, even though its appearance has changed. It’s the same land, but the trees have been cut and the place is more visible and less protected. It’s more out in the open.  

The little house that had been there is gone. Instead what I see is a small house that’s been built into the ground; soil even comes up over the roof and I see things growing around the top.  

Outside the house I see tall, closet-like furniture pieces that are nicely varnished. I draw the conclusion that whoever lives there now remains hidden in the house, but when he comes or goes to work, or moves about, he’s designing and shaping a product that can be used by others. This product is varnished and really sparkles and is designed to hold things.  

One way to understand this imagery is to say that the time comes for every human being to realize that there is more to life than just their history in the outer world – the record of what they have done. This is when spiritual life takes another step, and we begin to probe our inner depths. We start to go underground.

In my particular case there is something hidden (we don’t see the owner of the house, but we know he’s there because we see his work outside the house). The two aspects – the inner and the outer – haven’t pulled themselves together yet.

So in the outer world, I’m still functioning with this gap. The house itself is underground. I’m shaping and designing things, but the depths of my inner self are still buried. In the outer world, there’s the polishing. I’m using the outer world to polish, but I still have to retreat from it and go underground.

The mystery of the inner and the outer is astir, but hasn’t come together. The external evidence glistens to a certain degree as a type of container, but I’m not able to actually look or go into the containers. I’m standing and looking at them from afar – they’re shiny and varnished, yet I don’t know quite what they’re meant to hold.

The spiritual life in us begins to unfold as the above and below are reconciled, the inner and the outer.

In these recent dreams I have dreamt three phases in the awakening process that everyone is destined to experience as they come into spiritual life (see The Stirring Within). Until a person comes out of the first phase and becomes conscious of something more, the predominant outer world prevails and spiritual life remains dormant.

So again, I must say: every person is meant to awaken to a spiritual life and that awakening takes time. These steps, which are little steps at the beginning, can bring a person to recognize that there is something more, but that only brings them to the threshold.

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