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Why is it important to work with energies, rather than physical things? Because physical things are already the result of energy, and we can’t change things at the result end of the process, we have to change things at the onset, or in the energy realms. We see this principle today with genetic manipulation – if we change the gene, we get a different manifestation, which is very different from trying to fix, or change, the life form once it exists. (This is an example, not a recommendation.) If we take one step further back, we can change the energy, and that will change what manifests. And humans are absolutely capable of changing energies, through our intentions and higher connections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had read this article on Ebola, and how it spread through one family in a village through several villages just from this one family, in and amongst the family. So it felt like that was all I remember dreaming about.

I seem to be a villager. I think everybody in the dream was male, and then when you get a virus you don’t know if you just have a cold or you actually have something you can spread around, so people don’t always tell each other. They pretend they’re fine, and you interact, and maybe in this case maybe I just did just have a cold, but you don’t know, and you can’t tell anyone.

And it’s like I just remember kind of moving through and watching how people get suspicious of each other, or concerned, or some sick, and they seem to disappear. And then there seemed to be a tiger out in the jungle. And that’s all I remember dreaming.

John: What you were doing was just wandering around in the same plane, or mindset, of the condition or conditions that exist in manifestation.

With regards to Ebola, in that part of the world, the most effective means that they have is taking a person’s temperature. And, if you have a cold, you’re going to have a temperature, so they isolate you in the Ebola camp – and then you definitely have Ebola.

The whole Ebola example, or scenario, is an example that there is a degree of decay that’s embedded in manifestation, and that we reached a point in time, in the scheme of evolution, where a step has to be taken. If we continue to apply the same tools of old, where there’s a way of searching for a cure, or a way of catching up with something that puts a lid on it, it’s the same approach that’s used, and has been used, with every breakdown that comes along. If it’s malaria, they’ve got a cure for malaria. They’ve actually, for all intents and purposes, ultimately stamp out each illness with a kind of consciousness that is able to eventually catch up.

The sense, however, is that we’re getting to a point where this approach, which was allowed to work or able to work for a long, long time is, in spite of all the technology, is on the verge of breaking down. It’s almost as if the technology, which worked to resolve a problem, is also the same technology that is working to maintain the problem – still within the same mindset.

And so it’s as if this mindset has evolved to where, if you don’t drop the mindset, it’s to the point where the mindset is looking at the mindset now. Before the mindset was such that it bicycled about and could create little resolutions, could cause a shift in the reflection of things, could find a cure. There could be a kind of purification process, in other words.

But it’s reached the point where one’s hit the epiphany of a mindset, and no one knows what’s going to happen when you hit the epiphany of a mindset, and this epiphany of a mindset can be described in all kinds of ways.

In the spiritual pathway, the way it’s described is that you start off aware that something about the nature of manifestation that there is something more. You work on yourself, but you never get beyond a particular point, because you’re in manifestation, and everything in manifestation is subject to a breakdown.

So rather than just accepting that as the plight, one should just realize that everything is a mindset, a thought-upon-thought, and that’s the world of sound being the plane of manifestation, and so everything in this plane of manifestation that is at our disposal only works upon these things conditionally. Spirituality is worked upon conditionally. The idea towards peace, in some regard or another, is a conditional approach. The idea of a solution of a problem is also a conditional approach. It is all conditional. There is no point that can be reached that isn’t conditional.

And maybe the best explanation for why that is is because it’s all reflective from the essence, yet we are not connected to that light, or that essence, directly. Maybe somewhere somehow we are, but we are placed in the reflection from the essence, and we’re given reflective tools that work with the reflective. And we can, then, as a quality of an essence that is whole and complete, in and of itself, we can play with the tools of the reflection to try to reorder, and reshape, that which is subject to decay. It’s just a movie script of reflection, in order to make adjustments this way or that, adjustments that are all temporal, unless there is some sort of shift that is possible. But that shift isn’t possible from the mindset that exists, and that mindset is what manifestation is. That mindset is a thought-upon-thought.

So as you look around and you see the various illnesses and conditions that come up, there’s always a way of putting a bandage on this, or to find a mindset solution. But even if the mindset solution is a good solution, and something that resolves a problem, and maybe it resolves the problem for 100 years, it’s still a mindset. It’s still something temporal. It’s still going to break down.

Thus the dilemma of manifestation. In other words, it all works as a process. If there is anything that can be done, it has to be done within the planes of stillness where nothing is noticeable. If it’s noticeable, then it has come into the planes of sound and will be subject to decay.

So what you dreamt, or what you did, or what you looked at, is you went along with the motion picture of things, and even though you might have a sense that there’s something more to this reflection that can be possible, however it is that you look at it, whatever ideas you have, even if it’s an idea that actually works, it still will not work forever. It still will have, at the underscore of its embodiment, it’s still going to have a decay quality because it’s still going to inflect upon the plane of sound; a plane of decay.

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