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apocalypseWhat begins innocently enough, unfolds to reveal an apocalyptic vision. On this eve of the Winter Solstice, the day the Mayan predicted cosmic change, Jeane’s dream offers a premonition of a world too far out of balance to be corrected. Is this true? As the wise man said, “We’ll see.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams just seemed frustrating. First I’m going somewhere, and I’m going to be riding there in the back of a pickup truck.

It’s kind of a party I have to go to with some other people. Because I’m riding in the back of this truck, I have one eye-tooth that’s a partial tooth and it breaks off, so I have to put the tooth in my pocket, and then I think I’ve lost it. Actually, I haven’t lost it. I find it in my pocket again.

Now I feel like I’m going to the party and I can’t smile because it’ll show I’m missing a tooth. Then I get out of the truck and I realize for some reason my shoes are missing, so this guy reluctantly agrees to take me back, but it doesn’t seem like we ever get there. We turn around and we go back to the party.

Now I’m looking for a bathroom to try to put my tooth back, but I need a mirror. So, I go into the bathroom, and it’s a room that the woman must use to paint some things on, because I almost knock over these things on a wall, and I realize that they’re some kind of a construct of things that have been painted, and they’re really kind of interesting but I make them not as solid as they were, so I’m trying to spread them out and make them look right again.

That takes a few minutes, but I seem to get them straightened up, and I’m very careful so I continue walking. I go over to the bathroom, but the bathroom’s kind of open to the room and it’s rather strange. It’s like I walk into the part where you would expect a toilet to be and there’s no toilet.

The toilet you have to kind of walk around in this circular pattern that’s up above, in an open area in the room, and that’s where the toilet is, but now three or four other people have come in the room, some guys actually, and they’re lined up.

Well, obviously no one can use the toilet because it’s so much in view, so I leave that room. I went in there to use the mirror. I leave the room but as I try to leave the room I suddenly notice my foot has something stuck on the bottom.

Now I’m wearing slippers and they had something stuck on them and they’d stuck to three old posters this person had bought somewhere, which had some cracks in them, and now because my slipper is kind of sticky it’s making it worse. It’s tearing them a little bit.

I sit down and I have to kind of carefully try to take whatever is sticky off my shoe or slipper and not tear the posters more, but it does tear them a tiny bit. And then I’m trying to see if I can make that look better when the woman comes over who’s at the house.

And I don’t remember much more of that dream except it shifts and I remember that now I’ve got a Collie that’s sick, and the Collie’s lying down and panting like mad.

John: The secret to the whole dream is you start off riding in the back of a truck, not in the front.

A pickup truck is kind of masculine by nature, and you’re riding in the back in almost like a reduced role, like you’re subservient to the masculine. In the dream, the self image of you is reduced to see how it is that you will relate or react.

So, in other words, if your position in life was something that was subservient to the masculine, which is kind of like the condition of the feminine in creation, it’s not able to quite be how it needs to be. It kind of has a reduced role. Every now and then it flares up, realizing that something might be switching to a type of attention or mannerism that takes it more into account.

And you’ve got all of this talk about how the feminine is part of the emerging light around the world and all of that, and that the age you’re shifting into including that more. What if that turns out to be entirely wrong?

What if because nothing can shift, and the feminine can’t do anything, it’s back to the fact that things are breaking down, and as they break down you have reactions, and the reactions are masculine reactions? But because the feminine principle, which can function as a container and a wholeness to things, isn’t able to be herself in terms of holding creation in place, in terms of making steps and shifts in consciousness with the role of creation and creator.

And so as things are falling back, then that reduces the feminine’s importance or role because the chaos of things just becomes overwhelming and you lose a certain sensibility. And if it gets like that, then the eye, like the eye tooth, the eye of yourself, only this is the eye that is able to open up and become more of a Wholeness or a presence in things; this has a double entendre meaning.

Taken as a literal eye, meaning a type of ego, you lose yourself. Taking it as a role that has to find itself in relationship to being in creation, with a part to play, it can’t find it. Then every aspect of it continues to keep going awry. Once it has lost a sensibility of how it can feel and relate to itself, and everything is discombobulated, it stays discombobulated.

You can’t find privacy in order to feel your own spatiality. You can’t go into a bathroom. You think you have to do something. Instead, you went there to look at things, to look at the mirror. Everything more or less becomes an impediment to you being able to relate or correlate with yourself.

So if things are really breaking down, and it is falling apart, and it is becoming more in the other direction now, where the teacher’s even said, that in the next era, or the next phase of man, the earth is going to be destroyed by fire. Well, fire is light. Everything is going to go and have to be into a transmuted state – more like that of light.

Well, that’s a quality of the masculine. In other words it’s not a contracted, it’s an expanded quality where creation goes poof!, and is transformed because energy is neither created nor destroyed. And then that’s got to be very, very hard on the feminine.

The masculine principle always thinks that that’s okay, that it can embrace something like that, but the masculine is used to aspiring to something that is outside of itself, that is transcendent, and kind of gets this idea of that being something like light. But the play was meant to be something that included creation itself, and that the feminine principle was part of that creation to make the whole thing kind of be counter reflective, so that the masculine didn’t take its attention and point it all just going into light.

The feminine was there to show that the principle of the divine could be seen within the element of creation itself, but if something has veiled that and blocked that, then everything about the feminine role becomes basically, repressed, suppressed.

If you take this to an extreme, you take and you look at how all of the spiritual teachers basically have mostly women, two thirds, three quarters women, one quarter, one third at best men, and then you look at this sort of thing becoming something in which the possibility and potentiality of what could happen for creation has been obliterated in some fashion, and that something else is emerging in terms of more of a quality in which the energy is being transmuted.

In other words, it’s not so much an attention upon pulling something down in terms of creation, it’s a transformation – kind of like Einstein said energy is neither created nor destroyed – and that something is about to happen, and we have to have the “as above, so below,” and we have to the microcosm and the macrocosm being the same, and that in a grain of sand you have the universe. You have to have all of those principles working in terms of something that is shifting.

And then I guess the spiritual concept, and realization, and recognition, had always been that you were switching more to an era of where something about creation, and respect for Mother Earth, and all of that was going to come into cohesion. But maybe it has run its course.

A dream like that scares one because it tends to suggest that may be so, in which case the feminine is left astir again because it isn’t able to live or play or be the role of an overallness, here, in terms of pulling something, revealing something, in terms of her Wholeness, from the aspect of creation.

It’s like that can get all unconstellated in some fashion, in terms of the shift. And so if this were really that hopeless, and that dire, and if it really was something like that that’s going on, then the feminine has, that aspect of energy has, is essentially all a scramble again.

It had held a potentiality that isn’t going to take place. In other words, not only is something not going to evolve or shift, but it could be, as the teacher has implied, mass extinction, whatever that might mean. If that was literal in some fashion, that is not good for creation, and that’s not good for the feminine in terms of the role that she takes in terms of holding something together and ushering in something that changes in relationship to creation.

So a dream like that has amazing ramifications in terms of what it implies, and it will be interesting to see if other women start feeling things like, that because if they do, it’s like the teacher was saying, and it’s mostly a statement for women, is they have to sit there and feel the responsibility of what has transpired and take that deep, deep, deep into their psychic genes, embedded energetic, for something that isn’t to be, here or now, but would be something in the cosmic order of things eons and eons hence.

So a dream that keeps doing what you’re doing, over and over again, is shutting off and cutting out every role and aspect of the feminine energy, is what it sounds like. I should be alarmed by that dream except, somehow or another, I’m starting to ponder that it could be that way myself.


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The masculine perspective, in dreams, often deals with the smaller details of situations, compared to the feminine perspective, which often relates to the overall nature of a situation. Here, John has an image involving changing trains, yet in making this inner shift, he finds himself disconnecting from the flow.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: We are kind of on a theme in which even the dreams that we’ve had before have led us up to kind of like this point of unfoldment, in which there is a captivation to the essence that lies behind what is normally just a projection.

And for most people it still remains just a projection to which they identify within an outer context, but for me there are particularities that may now seek, to access or reach, in order to come to grips with this inner meaningfulness.

And in your dream (see The Big Fish), you’re shown it in a general context, and in the general context you’re seeing how you’re doing in relationship to the expansive wholeness that you are meant to catch up with and embody. And in your dream what you’re seeing isn’t yet complete. It’s formative.

That’s best portrayed by the final image, but even in the images leading to the final image, it’s the final image is the clearest because I have the familiarity to what a fish means, and over and over again it seems to have this universal symbolism of a consciousness, or an awakening.

And so you can take the fish that you see, okay here comes the consciousness symbolism, and how that symbolism looks or comes across in terms of you. And you can see the surprise and the shock of you noting that, and then appreciating that in relationship to finding it behind, or within, the essence, as an essence to what is ordinarily just a reflective image. And yet there it is as something more significant to come to grips with or to just take in. Your dream has that whole outer context.

In my case, I’m trying to deal with the inner. I have to address little things that keep me from quite getting it, or from staying in sync with it, which again is the more masculine nature – the particularities. You have the generalness of the overallness, and I have like a particularity to the same subject.

This dream begins with me seeking to be a person who gets off a train and onto another train, because the train I had been on, which provided a nice casual ride, now something has shifted in which the next train has particular other qualities that I have to take more responsibility for, and I have to access directly.

And I have a whole sense of that, but that doesn’t mean that I have the stability and balance for it to happen. And so what happens is I see myself move up to where the door is, and before it is announced where it’s perfectly safe to get off, or everyone can now leave, it’s kind of like you have in an airplane where you’re not supposed to get out of your seat until something gives you the notice that you can do so, or otherwise you’re being rude or inappropriate to the way something is supposed to unfold.

Well, that’s kind of what’s going on here is that I’ve moved up to the door before it’s timely, and then I even push through the door to try to get an edge in terms of finding a seat on the next train and, in doing so, I don’t realize that I am out of sync with the flow, and a naturalness from within.

On this train there are seats that connect you to kind of an inner unfoldment as you ride. Once one gets off on a tangent like that, even though I have a sense of what it is that I need to recognize, I can’t find them. I can’t identify them.

And yet here I am jumping on this train early. It’s as if somehow there are others that have gotten still ahead of me in some capacity, or if I do see seats, I’m continuously looking for something that’s in a different rail car, or something that’s better, or more succinct. And I end up finding myself in this condition, or state, or mood, or mannerism, that I’m carrying, which has gotten exasperated, and not found a seat at all.

The reason for a dream like this is to show that in one capacity or way inside of myself I am able to recognize how there is kind of an interesting way that something unfolds, and that you can connect with that and be fed by that.

But then at the same time, when you get to indulging in the importance of that, as if you have something to say about that or need to adopt a higher degree of control or peculiarity in relationship to the unfoldment, as if there are things in the outer that can get in the way, and so now you’re taking what had been perfectly fine as an inner essence and now putting a seriousness spin on it in terms of outer reflections.

What this does is this throws you off. It throws you kind of on a tangent. And once you get on this tangent, you don’t shake it. And you project this tangent upon other people. And you could sit there and deep down in some state you can know that this is how you would have liked to have done it, and wanted to feel, but you can’t because you went off on an indulgence instead of just staying in the inner flow.

So as a consequence you’re now communicating that reflective imbalance, and if you really look at it it feels horrible, but also at the same time it’s a type of clutchiness. It’s a type of grabbing. This is what tends to cause this sort of thing to suddenly pop up.

You can know the flow. You know that it’s there but you could be repeating over and over again, that the fact that you’re acting out a reflective mannerism – as if it can affect or do something to the inner flow – instead of being in a state in which there is an emptiness and a letting go feeling that has this auric trust and wholeness from which whatever unfolds is what is meant to be.

As opposed to suddenly getting to the point where you catch up with the fact that there was the flow, like this other train, and then now all of a sudden you have to take on a more engaged relationship to that because you have caught the flow, and now you’re in a reflective outer, and now you’re trying to put two and two together.

And when you function like that, that is when you start to become disoriented. That’s when you’re blinking, as if the outer actually has a consequence over the inner – and it never does. It’s you trying to take and do a deviation as if that’s important; taking something and drawing out of it that which isn’t there, imagining that which isn’t there, glowing too much in outer circumstances and having reactions according to those outer circumstances – inside.

And then eventually getting to a point where whatever those reactions are rub off on you, and so you emote that. You hate the fact that you’re emoting that, but you can’t stop yourself. This actually then keeps you from being in tune with that essence that you can just be flowing with, and feeling, and carrying, and transmitting, and watching it from a withinness, do its creative magic or creative thing. The degree to which you carry some imbued trait of tangentiality is the degree to which you compromise that. And it feels horrible, but you do it.

I wrote up a kind of meaning to it that might help too, because it’s a dream about indulging: to do so is to kill the magic and to get in the way of the natural flow. I’ve been fortunate to have been on a train that got me to this point with a flow that I was able to enjoy. Now I am shifted as a next step to a new train.

I carry an energetic entitlement. I’ve taken on this energetic entitlement that has me imposing myself without the composure and graciousness I know is imperative to my wellbeing. To do so doesn’t work, because while you’ve taken on this awkwardness – it is not about me. Yet you’re somehow making it more like you have a piece of the action or something. I will not find the inner into outer connection if I violate the natural inner trust that acts from, and for, a natural inner knowingness.

What the dream is doing is causing me to see how my raciness keeps the natural linkage and flow from unfolding, and takes me away from the inner into outer recognition I need to be abiding in.

Of course as a scenario you could say that I find myself in a state of subtle desperation, and in doing so I lack the usual graciousness I normally carry in my aura. And once you get off like that you tend to stay off and be on a spin, which is away from the inner path. You then, in terms of reflections, reflect that as a denseness, instead of the inner quality that keeps things joyful around you and happening.

And I was unnaturally sharp with people. You get a unnaturally sharp with people, which isn’t one’s actual nature but depicts and points out that you have allowed this raciness vibe, or something that’s pressing you, to take that on as if that is actually real.

And then that vibe gets imbued into things and causes a loss to occur, which becomes a blockage, or a veil, or an attitude that stands between the inner flow, with the appreciation and naturalness, which is imperative in this phased way of compressing to seeing the inner flow in its importance.

Before I just needed to be on the train, now I’m required to hear this a little more succinctly, trust in its meaningfulness, and take care to not get off on the wrong foot and end up imposing an outer pattern. For me to be who I am meant to be, I must remain attentive to the natural inner unfoldment.

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John: Our recent dreams have been indicating how something is meant to unfold in life. This next dream involves the image of a house and, in general, a house represents the wholeness. But there are certain parts of a house, like a porch, which can represent a kind of in-between state – it’s neither in nor out. So when looking at an image of a house with a porch, the question arises: “How does that part work in relationship to the whole?”

This dream also indicates that we need to be very, very careful in terms of any position we’re inclined to take about events or aspects in life, because we don’t have the full picture (and never will). Each of us, personally, is already affected by many things in the outer, and the degree to which we’re affected by such external things is the degree to which we’re distracted from a proper, inner listening center that can help us navigate our way through life in connection to the whole.

In this dream I step outside an older house onto a dilapidated porch. The porch door doesn’t close quite right. This is an old place.

You (Jeane) are standing there doing something, trying to get my attention. Instead of listening to you, I’m distracted by the setting. I’m noticing that the porch has bugs all over it. They’re not quite in the house yet, but they’re all over the porch and my attention goes into trying to clear out the bugs.

I can shoo some of them away, but others are almost invisible to me. I have to use my imagination a bit to kind of help guide them off the porch.

Of course, during this process I’m not able to hear what you’re trying to communicate because I’m distracted by this side issue.

So this dream is showing me that, until I can free my consciousness of all distractions (all the bugs), my perspective and understanding of the overall (the house) will be limited. The fact that I’m dealing with anything, in any regard, which affects my overall perspective, makes it impossible to follow the guidance from within (Jeane, in this dream image), or from creation, that’s there and trying to reach and direct me.

This image basically describes our predicament as humans. We are in a physical body, experiencing a physical life, yet we are designed to be connected with, and respond to, the universal energies that caused us to be. The only way we can “hear” that connection is to quiet the noise inside, and that noise is generally caused by our reactive psychologies, ingrained patterns, biases, and our view that we are somehow separate from everything else in creation.

How many of us can maintain the state of being at the point, where we recognize that we’re connected to everything and that we have to take everything into account? How many of us can be in the flow in a way that serves the betterment of the whole?

Again, it’s difficult because we have been trained by our culture to view life with a personalized awareness, i.e., what I experience happens to “me.” It may happen, but it’s not personal, and since we can’t know the full picture, it’s hard to truly understand why things happen through our partial view.

The feminine principle is the container and is capable of holding the overallness of life. The masculine principle touches down in the overall in a specific way, energizing possibilities. These principles work together in both genders and, when in balance, allow the holding and the doing potential of each of us.

At the same time, we’ve got to honor freedom of choice within the overall. That means that we are free to find our own way back to God, and so is everyone else. We are all free to choose to be included in the unfolding wholeness. We are also free to choose to exclude ourselves from the unfolding of creation. And we do exclude ourselves when we choose our personal, separated view over an integrated sense of Oneness.

This is why we see teachers being very, very careful in terms of interceding in the direction a student is taking. Teachers can only create hints, by the way they carry themselves, to cause a student to make a closer examination of the position they’ve taken and, hopefully, the student can hear that. If the student is too loud in themselves with their personal distractions (bugs) they won’t catch the hint. And bugs can compromise the integrity of the house (the overall life).

So the spiritual teacher can’t come right out and establish a “Ten Commandments” about things, because that hurts the natural flow of creation, it hurts the overallness, and denies the higher principles and higher consciousness from coming down and shaping things for each person.

Of course on one level of development, we do need to establish parameters, as in the case of a child growing up (see my dream with the courthouse conduct, Unfolding Naturally), or when you have new people coming in that don’t know what they’re doing. It can make sense that they be protected from their own folly. Yet in doing so, we also set in motion events that weaken, rather than strengthen, because the opportunity to learn from the School of Hard Knocks, i.e., each in our own way, is softened. The whole process of life is meant to shape us always into something richer and fuller.

Thus my criticism of anything I see in life that tries to regulate or order something. In terms of trying to create change in the world, it would be nice if we could all work with a type of consciousness where everyone pulled together, because we’d all reached a certain maturity in ourselves. But it’s not really meant to work that way. It’s meant to work in a natural flux, which is why we all operate at different speeds and are all at different points on our path back to God.

We need the wisdom of the elders who have trod the path, and we need the raw energies of those new to the journey in order to properly shape the evolution of the whole. A teacher, whether an external person or an inner guidance, has to honor our freedom of choice, and so can only help to facilitate an awakening. If we take the hint, it’s the awakening that brings about the change in us, and the world.

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