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2wqqIt may seem hard to imagine that we all have a unique purpose in life – within the greater purposes of the universe. Yet we know there are no two people alike, and each hour of the day brings into play different astrological alignments, and the planet is flying through space so it’s always being affected by new energies. This is part of what combines to make us unique. And the universe wants our unique expression, as part of its unfoldment. So for us to figure that purpose out is to find our greatest liberation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, in the middle of the night, all I really remember about it is I seem to be with some people in a place that’s some kind of a structure that’s deep in the woods. And there’s someone to my left that’s in some kind of a framed container, feminine, lighter color.

And it feels like I’m trying to make some connection there with something, something that’ll get me out of the woods. But I just feel like I couldn’t quite do whatever I wanted to do there, you know, and then I woke up, and had the hardest time going back to sleep, and then I had another dream.

John: This dream has to open up, as a precursor, to the way the process is designed to work in terms of reaching a knowingness in which to function in physical existence. In other words, in this dream what you were trying to do was, you weren’t able to quite get things to open up as much as they needed to open up, right?

And that has to happen first. And this process is something opening up to the degree that it needs to open up is a process in which you go somehow home. In other words, it’s like you actually do seem to catch up with, at the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, you catch up with a knowingness there.

And basically another way of saying it is that there is the soul, and the soul has its wholeness, and that wholeness extends to everything that exists, and that between where we’re at in the physical and that wholeness where everything is one is a journey, and involves having to sort things out, and you’re working with the heart, and you’re doing all of this with your values and the orientations and you’re miscontruances.

And, ultimately, through all of that, you come to find out what is important on a soul level. And that when you come to find out what that is, that’s a knowingness. And if you stop, and if you indulge in some capacity or another, before you catch up with the knowingness, then you do not complete the journey, then you go off on a tangent, and then you have to suffer the degree to which you bifurcate it off to one side – still believing in something else to have a greater meaningfulness. Something, in other words, that you might imagine, or perceive, or associate, or identify with separate from yourself because only yourself, your true inner self, only in that is there something that is truly real.

So you’re trying to do the first part, and that is to catch up with the knowingness of something which is on a soul level, which is information that just automatically is imbedded and linked inside of you. And, until you do that, then you can’t really come down or contract into life in a meaningful way, because you have to have the full picture to be able to do that.

And when you do that, then you can take the quality of what you have caught up with, on a soul level, and you can bring it right down into life then, and do something in life. And when you do something in life, it’s different then. It is invibed differently than from how it would be invibed otherwise. It’s invibed with what is meaningful from the other side. And the doing of something like that, in the process of, we’ll say, the journey between inner and outer, is the game that’s being played in which you do the full breath, the in-breath to that space, and then back down into life in a contractive way.

And when you’re coming back down into life in a contracted way you introduce another term that isn’t talked about readily in Sufism, until towards the end of the process, and that’s called you become sealed. What does that mean? Well, sealing is a way of looking at things and being, in terms of things, in which how you are in that regard is meaningful, and so is meaningful, you know its meaningfulness, and so you can concentrate, or focus, your attention around it as something that is meant to be, that is important to be, from the level of knowingness, from the level of an inner knowingness.

Now this is a most difficult thing to do, and that’s why it is said that you don’t want to seal too early. And that is why it is said that you put it off as long as you can, too, because eventually everyone does, and when they do they then are able to follow and abide by the inner orders that are coming from on a soul level as an importance – in terms of that which is designed to be manifested into life.

But you didn’t dream all of that. All you dreamt was you’re trying to shake out the knowingness. You’re trying to get to where you have the unvarnished essence of soul.

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a53How often do we find ourselves at odds with people or situations around us? We can attribute that to our sense of right and wrong, or to our sense of fairness, but the reality of the situation remains the same. Our reaction is a measure of our resistance to the reality of what is unfolding – all the way from mildly annoyed, to a deep inner denial. This resistance has a physical effect upon us, while it also takes us out of any sense of flow. We can be more mindful of this process in us, and remember that the only thing in this universe that we can control is us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one or two complex dreams that I lost. I had a very early dream that, it feels like there’s an old woman that some people are doing something with her about her breath. And she thinks that they’re helping her, but I think they’re actually stealing her breath.

So I’m trying to get her to shift, but it’s hard to convince her because she thinks however she’s breathing this is helping her, and I think that they’re taking her breath in some way. And I’m trying to figure that out, which way it is. So that was a very early dream, too.

John: That’s what it feels like, or that’s the sensation, in terms of breathing, that occurs when you are having to contend with something that you’re trying to sort out with your mind. And you’re inclined to have to try to make sense out of it, or sort it out, as opposed to go along with a natural flow.

Whenever you find yourself in circumstances which seems to be counter to what is going on around you, in terms of the natural unfoldment, in other words where you see yourself to be, in some degree, thinking you need to be separate or distinguished from what is unfolding around you, whenever you get like that, it means then that you are fighting with the way something is in its setting that you’re in. And when you fight something like that, then you find the energy, or you appear to subrogate the energy, to do that by using your breath.

Instead of being in an expansive state in which everything around you has a quality of connectivity, and appreciation, and excitement, you’re in a contracted state in which everything is condensed, and you’re confined, and having to figure out a way how to maneuver in relationship to that. And when it is like that, that’s like a stealing of your breath.

It’s like a stealing of your energy, and you’re inclined to believe, or to place, that as something happening outside of yourself, by others, or something else, because when it is happening, when something like this is happening, it is happening when you are seeing yourself to be at odds with what is going on.

So when you’re at odds with what is going on you have adopted an opinion, or a mannerism, in which you are proclaiming that something outside of yourself is affecting your demeanor in the way you’re able to breathe, and take in life, and putting the blame on that – instead of realizing that the real problem is that you have not surrendered yourself to the natural flow that you’re a part of.

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1z4qForeign travel, boyfriends, marriages, peace conferences? Sometimes the story told in images through our dreams can only make sense when we remember that we are all of the characters in our dreams, and whatever is happening is happening to us internally. And a spiritual journey requires that we explore new inner territories, and make alliances between aspects of us that are wary of each other. So, if alignments and treaties are how we progress on an inner level, what does that tell us about our outer world? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream, it feels like I have a boyfriend from the Middle East that I’ve spent some time with, and he has an apartment or something in Seattle, a condo.

And then I’m going from there to the Caribbean. It’s like I stop on an island, and then I fly over, it feels like I fly it must be to the Middle East or somewhere, to a peace conference. I think he’s part of that.

And then some time passes and he’s moved on and married somebody, and I seem to be visiting his place in the northwest, his condo again. I’m staying there for a few days. He and his wife or girlfriend, whoever they are, show up, and I’m getting ready to leave but I have to gather up my clothing.

And when I go to gather up my clothing I go to a room where there’s some laundry machines, a washer and a dryer, and the sink there has flooded a bit, and so some water has run down onto the floor. And he doesn’t seem that bothered about it. I’m trying to clean up a bit, and make sure that I get the blouse or whatever it is I want to wear that was still there in the laundry room, and I’m picking up the last of my clothes. They seem to be white.

He and his wife now are coming back to the condo, but it feels like I have another peace conference to go to. It’s like they’ve traveled back from being in the Middle East, and he’s coming back to stay at his place, that’s his place, and I’m leaving now. He’s traveling back to come to the condo, to come to the northwest.

Then it feels like I’m sitting down and he’s there, they’re both there, but there’s a man there that someone that is going to the peace conference, too. He’s actually asking the man from the Middle East where he’ll come back to when he dies; in other words, when he feels like he’s ready to die, where he’ll go.

And I can see that he’ll either come back here, but maybe to this other place in the mountains. I can see it in my mind. It’s like someplace I’ve been, but it’s a place that he’ll have. That’s where he’ll come back to when he’s ready to die. Anyway, that’s the dream.

John: Very good dream, very complicated, but very good dream. Each of those is like, what’s unfolding is a greater and greater and greater overallness of yourself. In other words, it starts off where you’re accommodating something that causes you to stretch, in that it’s just at this point on a very simple level. It’s something that’s from the Middle East.

In other words, it’s something outside of your normal parameters, and that you’re allowing yourself to live or take in that demeanor and mannerism as part of yourself. And then as you are able to do that, you’re then able to take and gather yourself up, so to speak, and expand some more, and go and travel somewhere in terms of further integrating: you’re working towards the peace of something, which is a further balancing, and integrating, with the wholeness.

And then, when you come back, you find that that which was the basis upon which you had started has grown as well; in other words, it is married. And that, to your surprise, that doesn’t create a separation because you’re able to stay in the same place which, in a sense, doesn’t make sense, but in terms of an intertwining, and a coming together, it’s okay.

And then when you leave again, and gather up your clothes, in other words, gathering up your things to the degree to which there’s the overlap it’s just fine, meaning the overlap in terms of a connection. And then that shadow part of yourself, because now you’re approaching this time to a shadow aspect of yourself, that is able to travel. The masculine part is able to stretch out, and this part is making kind of more in terms of its expanse and overallness – it’s like a leap of faith, but it’s not.

In other words, it’s a knowingness step, but it doesn’t know that it’s necessarily a knowingness step as it references back to the underlying principle which is this guy from the Middle East, in terms of how everything is unfolding, he being at a focal point, meaning where does one die? In other words, where does one go, what happens, what is here, and what is there?

In other words, the intertwining becomes such that there becomes a blur as to time and space. Now each of those things is like an aspect of the breath. In other words, there is a quality of a breath that exists in the scenario of the condo, in which the boyfriend is.

Then there’s the aspect of the breath that goes outward. Then there’s the spirit energy of whatever happens in between that, that grows. And then, because of the connection that never gets lost because then you come back, and that he then is like married and there is a greater enhancement.

And then there is the dynamic to which you extend out again, and it’s like what you’re doing is you’re using the place in Seattle where the boyfriend lives, and then the girlfriend that he marries is at, and then where this other guy comes in, you’re using all of that as manifestation. Or, in other words, as the place of the out-breath.

And then you’re using the in-breath to be the traveling that occurs as you go towards looking for peace, or as there is the question of what is your true home? Or where do you die? That’s the in-breath part, that’s the inner part. So your inner part is the stretching out, you know that’s going and traveling for the world peace. And the out-breath is the coming back.

You start with an image that’s one of manifestation, and it’s a little herky-jerky to begin with that I was having a hard time trying to grasp, because a part of you is all jumpity with the breath, the in-breath out-breath, in-breath out-breath. But then, if you slowed it down and you looked at it, the cycles are distinct in terms of what is in manifestation as something in a set place, and having a set quality to have to contend with, and deal with, and open up to, and expand in terms of.

Then you proceed from that to something that is seeking a balance, or a peace, or an even greater overallness, but a lot of that is too expansive, but it is an opening up that you’re able to do when you aren’t confined to the limitations of that part of yourself – in terms of a denseness that would hold you back. And so when you’re not being held back by that that part, as you go to the world peace, as you expand in that direction, the part of you back in manifestation expands, in other words it gets married.

And then when you come back it’s almost as if that part can be there, or it can have expanded itself now and it is married, and it has a greater wholeness. And you intertwine and come together all in that same spot, and then you stretch out again. But as you stretch out, the intertwine, the flow, the connectivity between all of that is just fine. In other words, the water overflows or whatever as you’re washing your clothes to stretch out, because there really isn’t any time or space difference between how you are here, and then how you are there.

And yet there again is the appearance of going home, or going somewhere else, and then the question arises: where are you meant to reside? In other words, the masculine part of yourself asking the question, where do you die, where is this final place? Is it in manifestation, or is it in somewhere else?

So what you’re doing there is you are finding yourself, in terms of going up and down and with the breath, you’re finding yourself coming to the conclusion where the life force energy is starting to relate more to the world soul, when to begin with your orientation may have, and could have, simply been limited to the aspect of you opening up to something more than your usual demeanor in terms of living in an apartment together with the guy from the Middle East. It could have just been left right there, but this whole thing has a dynamic of an unfoldment. That’s interesting.

So your dream had a motion to it, and it had a motion to it in terms of a quality of a letting go that still sustained, and maintained, an intertwining, an intertwining that never got lost. In other words, to the degree to which you went somewhere else, like on an in-breath for peace, for balance, to the same degree you went to a depth in manifestation, you know starting off just with something small and then integrating it further. It got married; it opened up more. In other words, what happened in manifestation, the marrying being a completeness it has a similitude to the peace at the other end. The whole dynamic went back and forth and back and forth.

I mean, both Yin and Yang were in play, the greater one thing is the greater, the other thing is. In other words, the beginning and the end in that regard are kind of like the same. And what is going on is this dynamic that learns to let go and be intertwined with a process that’s of an intertwinement, and it’s like the breath.

And then you raise the question, so what happens then when you die? Where are you at when you die? You know, are you in manifestation, or are you somewhere else where there’s the overallness, and the wholeness, of a peace? Where are you? Which means that you’re catching up with the quality of the life force of the soul – which always was there. So your dream incorporates a beginning and end closure, too, because they’re just different levels, or shifted realities, of one and the same thing connected with the breath.

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