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diamoeThere are levels to everything in the universe. Take the idea of being in service: at one level that is the work of helping others, usually those in need. But the human can operate on many levels, and service can also mean helping the universe evolve. How can one help the universe? Well, it has to do with supporting the refinement of all things – which is what the universe is seeking. So, can we find a better way to resolve an issue, or solve a problem – even down to the concept of not thinking unkind thoughts toward another. In every way that we seek to refine what we are doing or experiencing – through the energies associated with our higher intentions – we are helping the cause of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, I start off with a fairly profound theme, in that, in the meditation dream, I’m trying to see what is going on energetically, in the outer, by coming to grips with a prevailing vibration that has my attention.

In the dream, I’m trying to reconcile a vibration in kind of a last-second way. So, in the dream, I must contend with a right hand in my face; someone stuck a right hand in my face. The vibration associated with this image, and what it sets off in me, needs to be accepted – in order for me to be at peace within. In other words, needs to be chilled, or stilled.

I notice that I’m trying to absorb the vibratoriness that I am seeking to determine, involves having to look within. I know that vibrations are lived out in manifestation, and I am affected by this now, in other words, the stillness effect. I am a beingness that is able to take into the heart everything vibratorally, and, in doing so, drown the vibration back into the stillness.

I am not doing a very good job dropping the conditions I am feeling, however, because I am not letting go. So it is showing this same thing, it’s a jumpiness that’s not quite like what you had. It’s creating a distortion. I notice that the way that I’m going at the effect is an outer projection way as I am trying to determine if the vibratoriness has either a short term, mid-term, or long-term quality to it.

I am not making much headway because you don’t do it that way, you don’t look to solve or figure this out outwardly, you have to bring it into a stillness and then it’s all back in its place. For example, if this were in the outer, it would be the equivalent of the mind going back and forth trying to sort the energetic out. In other words, even in the sleep I’m realizing I’m not able to make it process.

So such an approach, trying to contend with things that are affecting one, is an approach that sells oneself short. What I should be doing is placing the vibrations into my heart. And when I’m able to do this, the stillness that ensues is how I am meant to be. Because this doesn’t give my personal ego anything to hold onto, because our nature is to always have to be in on the action, I guess, so from the projective physical orientation this is not what I’m inclined to do.

I probe outwardly into the reflection, that’s my habituation, and try to fix the matter by having a relatability with the projections. This is what it means when I try to determine: is it an effect that is either short-term, medium-term or long-term, timewise? Just the way of trying to look at it like that means that you’re not putting in a stillness, you’re trying to evaluate it, which means you’re functioning in an outer-motif way.

I am going through this state in order to awaken to an essence in which there is no time, and there is no outer projective nature to contend with. I have nipped such a vibratory effect upon manifestation in the bud, so to speak, by way of absorbing it into the stillness of an all-encompassing heart. This is what I know can be done.

In order to see this kind of going back and forth and having to reconcile the fact that there is such an outer pressure on oneself, and then there is this inner, I had to look at this as a kind of a step back in terms of the outer forces. And the step back means that I couldn’t go into the stillness and go somewhere. I came out of meditation early, and oftentimes, when this happens, I haven’t fully put the outer vibrations into the inner stillness, meaning I am kind of in midstream in the journey to a wholeness, or at least this time, when I came out of the meditation dream, I had to compensate by being still with myself, or the outer dichotomy of affected projection would have predominated.

In other words, I would have been confused and not be able to know what was what. But by realizing the outer hadn’t quite gone into the stillness, and sometimes when things just go into a stillness you don’t then know the full picture because you’re just simply in another state, as opposed to the journey, which we make these journeys within.

So sometimes you make them directly, and go somewhere directly, and all of that falls by the way boards, but in this particular case it wasn’t that direct, it was something that was still residual. And so I’m noticing the dichotomy of the projective frustration I carry in trying to resolve the vibratoriness state in an outer sorting out way, instead of absolving the state, taking out all the fanfare, by reabsorbing the abstraction in the stillness.

And, of course, the stillness is a going back to the all-encompassing heart and heartfulness of life. Then, of course, I have to deal with what heart and heartfulness is, because it’s one thing to just say that, and it’s another thing to know what all is entailed there – which my last dream addresses a bit.

So the distinction is, instead of going into matter, that’s one, or two, trying to sort out, or three, being an outward flow, I look instead to the still essence that is my heartfelt epicenter, an epicenter that breathes in, and sweeps up, the vibratory projections. If this wasn’t an in-breath to a kind of sweet pain taken into the heart as a vibratoriness, you wouldn’t have an out-breath that releases to the wholeness, being a joy of absorption.

So you have to have the in-breath and the out-breath, or otherwise you would just have pure light of stillness. To be in a manifestation of vibrations, and somewhere else, simultaneously, requires the breath. If breath didn’t exist, and it was just the pure light of a stillness, there would not be creation. So you have to breathe in the vibrations of things, that comes down and through, and breathe out the stillness. That’s the cycle of creation; that’s how creation is, or otherwise it’s just a stillness.

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FI0nsWhere do epiphanies come from? Usually it is because of a confluence of events: we have put our attention on an idea or an issue, our system works on it while we do other things, we revisit the subject, or add new information, whether awake or dreaming, and then a new insight or knowing can appear. In this way we are like a garden, and we prepare the ground to grow the produce of what we seek. Once the ground is well prepared, what we have invited by our care and attention will be attracted and grow in us, eventually working its way into our consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I’m still having trouble remembering my dreams. It’s like I’m aware I’m dreaming, but I’m having trouble remembering the details. The only thing I remember is the last detail, obviously influenced by what we watched on TV last night, because it feels like I’m living at something that I think of as like an institute, like there’s a lot of grounds and people there.

But it feels like an institute where some of the women who have gone to live there they’ve gone there because they’ve been battered, or persecuted, in some way, so this is a safe place for them to be. But I’m observing one woman, who actually works in the library, and I have some concerns because I feel like whatever countermeasures that she’s gone to, to protect herself if whoever persecutes her comes into the library, are going to be too extreme. And it feels like I’m pondering how to moderate that. That’s all I really remember of the dreaming.

John: Well, it’s a type of dream that you had and, now that you’re slipping to this phase of dreaming, it tweaks something under what you’d call the underside of the energetic unfoldment – as opposed to going back and seeing the energy that is able to be understood, the depth within that’s able to be understood, based upon the unfoldment projection.

In other words, going back through the projection to where something is coming from within. That’s the normal way that one understands, and looks at, and finds themselves dreaming. But that is not what you’re doing. What you’re doing is you’re going through and you’re looking at something, but you’re looking at it as if you’re tweaking the underside of it. And whenever you have a dream that tweaks the underside of it, in one way it’s hard to remember because you actually get to a point where you lucid dream, these other kinds of dreams, in terms of their meaning.

So when you’re tweaking the underside of something you don’t quite know what you’re trying to wake up yet. You don’t get a sense of what that flow is. I have found that those kinds of dreams are a type of dream that are very difficult to remember because you don’t have a direct knowing to what they mean, and that you have to pull them out. You have to spend some time pulling them out, writing them up or something, in order for the other to open up. And the reason why it’s like that is the underside of things is a deeper depth that functions with another tool.

By another tool I mean another aspect of how something comes through. It is the carrying of a stillness into life. When you dream, per se, you’re dreaming generally in terms of going behind the symbolism and the event of what’s happening. You’re going back and you’re looking at the quality of where it’s coming from; it’s coming from a deeper innerness, or the zone of essence, or of stillness. And so you’re inflecting back.

You’re taking the thoughts back and drowning them in that, which is what you seek to do with the in-breath. With the in-breath you’re taking and going home with the in-breath, which is where you’re drowning the activity needs in the outer. You’re drowning them from the stillness where the out-breath turns to the in-breath. You’re drowning them back into the in-breath turns to the out-breath.

But when you start dreaming like this now, because your dreams are predominantly out-breath oriented, emotion equivocation kind of things, you have two ways of dreaming, and the way that you’re now trying to dream is the second way of dreaming which is very awkward because you’re not dreaming in the same modality as before. Before you would be going backward. You’re backing up to whatever the thought projections are to the essence.

This time you’re coming down into life with the essence, with the stillness. And so as you come down into life with the stillness you have these things that effectuate out of the stillness, so to speak, because you don’t have the thoughts that you’re caught in, or lost in. You don’t have to go backwards to that to find out where the stillness is at. You’re able to be more natural with the stillness.

So when you dream like this you have to identify with what is going on in the outer. You have to look at what you’re doing in the outer as bringing in the stillness. This is different in that you have brought the breath to a complete stop.

In other words, when you dream you have the out-breath, and then the out-breath has a thought, and then what carries back something as the in-breath to the crown, to the top, to the stillness point again is the understanding that develops of the uneventful out-breath thought. And that is able to happen because that out-breath thought has hit an epiphany point in the interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath.

So that then sets up and creates a spark of insight, and that insight is the understanding, then, that happens as you then proceed back. So when you then proceed back you have actually hit what is called a home, in terms of the in-breath turning to the out-breath interval, and where on the Naqshbandi and the Chisti path the idea being that you then have to bring the energetic back into the outer, their understanding of it still involves, even though they know better and aspire to this, still involves having to contend with something in an outer-aspected way like trying to help this, or trying to be situated this way or that way, in terms of looking out for the affairs of the world, a kind of doingness yet. And when you have this kind of doingness you’re always going to have a report, in terms of a dream, that will then go back through the thought to the stillness, and the understanding of that is possible from the in-breath that cycles up as the in-breath. You still will be doing that.

What you’re dreaming is being like plop in a quality of the in-breath, that then the report of what goes on in the outer is aspected as an in-breath Will or something, an in-breath Will. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the connection to the Will, and the Will is the in-breath stillness. It’s the stillness, and it reports on the outer condition of an unfoldment, as opposed to the outer reporting back to it.

In other words the order and mandate of a person is they make the journey home, and then they come back down into life which, one might describe as a taking of a step backwards, so to speak, in terms of evolution, to come back into life. And most people who do this really do take it as a devolved step. They come back and they, to some degree, get involved in whatever it is that they still feel that they need to get involved in, which means they haven’t had enough of it, or haven’t quite got the full memo of what it means to have made the journey. They still have some incongruity.

But there comes a time when you could come back into life with just the stillness, without having to create a visibility, or an actionability, in any other sense.

In other words, there’s the journey away from God, which is the out-breath, and then there’s the journey towards God, which is the in-breath, and then in the stillness there’s the traveling in God. So that’s neither breath. That’s stillness. That’s above and below stillness, and when you dream like that, then, if you’re traveling in God, then you report the other as opposed to the other reporting back to the stillness – because that’s where it’s trying to be.

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maze33We all have experienced the feeling of running out of energy in a process we are in. That could be a project, or a job, or even a hobby. We can only get as far as our passion and energetic drive will take us. But, in life, there is one urge that is never-ending, and that is the urge to connect to our true purpose; it will be with us all the days of our lives. That doesn’t mean we won’t feel tired or overwhelmed sometimes, it just means that we are designed to overcome anything that deters us – it is in our design, and the intelligence to prevail comes from our higher connections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I woke up, it’s kind of the vibrations of being in the midst of everything within, an atmosphere. I woke up within the maze; it’s like a maze, energetic maze, of being in the midst of everything within an atmosphere of vibrations. That’s the best I could do to describe the general overall sensation.

So, at first glance, my reaction was this is too much for me. I am overwhelmed. I somehow hold it together as I know that what I am doing is creating from within this overall maze. It is as if I am creating a house to live in, and that this is what happens when I hold my focus and attention and don’t crack up straightaway; in other words, by the fact that things are overwhelming.

What I am formulating is a base that I utilize for delving even deeper. That’s like an energy. That’s like a presence. The base is not something I have found for myself, it is just a presence that has somehow come together, a tiny bit, in the maze for clarity and flow purposes.

This is, as the expression goes, a presence that is with soft hands because if I am leaning on this for indulgence purposes that would be an identification problem. In other words, sometimes you just accept things as useful, but you’re not dependent upon it. So, instead, this is simply a lightbody form of inner beingness I need to function with, in terms of the maze of endless subtler and subtler vibrations. That is how the sensation is experienced upon a heart that is immersed in manifestation.

In other words, this is how you experience everything, really, you know taking it all in. I’ve broken it up a little bit in realizing how you, somehow or another, come out of that, or try to come out of it. But you do come out of it, and what you have to come out of is revealed, in that, at a depth deeper than the sensation upon the heart, is a still longing that if I am able to abide in breaks all of the vibrational spells.

And so the coming out of this is portrayed as something that actually works within manifestation because longing is where the out-breath turns to the in-breath. And the expression about that is that you can follow this longing as far as it can carry you, so the question is, how far is that? And the answer is, using the breath to paint the picture is to my true home of stillness upon stillness, which is at the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath.

Or, in other words, what happens is when you catch up with the longing, and you’re able to hold the longing and not go deviating off into the energy, and continue to maintain a certain presence vibration that is able to build – and not get attached to what builds, not get attached to your aura or anything like that that’s building – you’re able to take that, and hold to that, and go from that as it is recognized at being able to be like that in manifestation, and it’s at the point where the out-breath turns to the in-breath. And, if you hold that, everything else is set aside, and set aside, and set aside, you go all the way to the stillness where the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath.

So you could say it’s a beingness, a stillness, in which the interval of out-breath turning to in-breath, stillness there, is simultaneous to the stillness of where the in-breath turns to the out-breath.

So now we’re talking about how the end and the beginning are one and the same, or beginning and end one and the same, however you want to phrase that. Above and below is one. Microcosm and macrocosm are one. So the journey of an in-breath and out-breath is a journey in which you have reflections that adhere to, and contend with, indulgences. That in-breath to out-breath, when you hit the true stillness where the beginning and the end are one, it isn’t anymore. In other words, there isn’t some degree of it.

But here we are in a human body, and we breathe in, and breathe out, so that is our plight. Yet we have that, so we have to let go of that to have that stillness. And the in-breath and the out-breath, everything resonates there, and it is part of the illusion. It’s the plight we need to surrender.

You could say this is an interesting dilemma. There is nothing but nothingness that’s being the all-pervasive stillness, yet we are in-breath and out-breath in order to experience the sight and sounds of a thought-upon-thought manifestation, this being a dance that, when the reflective falls away, there’s just stillness.

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