The World Has Trapped Itself

Today’s dream continues a theme that was touched on in our prior posts, The Interval and Holding On to The Need. Here, the imagery triggers John to describe how the changes that need to occur in humans individually, and in the human race, can only come through those who are connected to it. There are no external fixes any longer, there are only internal fixes. We can only hold ourselves open and ready to the changes that arrive. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream tends to show the struggle that the masculine tends to have because it can always rationalize why it needs to attempt to change something, or wake something, or touch something, in terms of coming out of, and down from, that space.

This is all set in terms of something that is going on in the outer, because in my dream what I do elicits the justice system to comply with a certain normal, expected, and consistent result. In other words, I’m starting off trying to ponder the idea of doing something to kind of cause it to wake up, and have thrown in its face the idea that this is how it should look and be.

I know that this result is consistent with how the court used to operate or function long ago, but it’s no longer functioning like that so I’m thinking that it can come back to that. I’m not willing to accept that it is so far out of it, in a collective motif, that it will only go around in some circle or another but it will not come out of it. In other words, it can’t and it won’t because the system has gotten defiled and, as a consequence, the court is no longer able to do what it is meant to do, or that is kind of its role or its job, which has to do with the connection that incorporates the morality into a justice expression.

In the dream I seek to point this out in a way that exposes a bigger problem. In other words, I recognize this in some little way, but I’m thinking that, again, by coming out of the space I’m acting as if I can come out of the space to actually point out a bigger problem through a smaller issue that looks more personal to me, and then show how this is affecting the Whole.

I’m challenging the court in doing this to take a step that is consistent with upholding the system that it is sworn to protect, because by doing this I’m showing that it is making a mockery of the system that it is in.

Now that’s pretty belligerent and is violating its freedom of choice to do something like that because if it chooses to go on some tangent and be like that, that seems to be what it’s allowed to do as a prerogative. We’re supposed to just watch that and be in that interval space because it’s not like we have been given the orders to bring down a certain justice that comes from the divine.

We are instead in the place hoping that some grace can flow through because that’s usually the way that it is meant to work. It’s not working now, so we stay in that empty space, because to do this other and try to bring it down is like trying to expose an inconsistency from the standpoint of the outer, to point to the inner workings from the top to bottom that are more important. And in doing so, point out that the system has established a built-in conflict of interest, when it started to do things in an outward capacity.

This conflict goes beyond the law which they are meant to uphold, but the law that they’re upholding also has a divine quality to it and that’s what keeps it in sync when you’re in touch with that.

If you’re able to be in touch with it then you’re able to reach to the workings of the body and the system that it is sworn to uphold, and the people it purportedly represents, but none of that exists now because that’s the collective dilemma. The result is a decision, as I know it should be. In other words, if I take this approach I can get the decision, I can compel the decision to come around through all of this extra effort that can somehow point out a way for it to try to be consistent, and one can get the decision that is as I know it should be.

But it can’t go any farther than that to what is important, so who cares? In the consequence it doesn’t shift anything, and that is seen because then there is a gap, which is followed by a further response that is meant to address what has been challenged in terms of its functionality.

And what I remember from the dream about this additional response is it gaps. There’s just this huge space in between that it jumps over the top of like a dot, dot, dot gap and then you will get subsequent additional findings, which shock me because they defy the expectation I may have had. In other words, they elude. They don’t address it. They can’t really hear it. They aren’t able to be there and I do not yet get a chance to sort this out before I wake up.

A type of meaning is, I seek to checkmate the system. That’s what you do when you try to take and bring something down and through and get it to untangle something in the outer, as if it can work that way. But the collective won’t allow it to work that way, and the response you get is a dot, dot, dot gap from the expected function of the court as a review body.

In other words, it’s not designed to take on any depth. It’s just a review body. It can’t take any steps. It can’t shift. It can’t really address the issue. The issue’s been avoided in every step of the process, and then you go to the Supreme Court and it can’t really shift to the true underlying problem.

The sense I end up with is what I have done has sidestepped the justice system, instead of just staying and keeping with how it can only see tiny, tiny things and not very well, what I end up doing is going beyond its usual design and way that it has to uphold itself as a viable body.

It’s like the inner has this quality to it, so you have to stay with that essence, that emptiness, that interval that is so potent. And I wouldn’t have been puzzled in the dot, dot, dot response as I felt it in the dream if the result had hit the value that was behind what could touch the overall if that had occurred, which it didn’t. It’s like prophetic even here.

Another meaning of this is, play with the outer at a level where it is no longer functioning and you will get a result that diffuses, rather than infuses, the result.

This is a dream that reflects the state of being within me as well. I tend to diffuse things by not sitting on the need. I tend to press that need into the outer to cause the outer to correspond reflectively with the greater picture of the Whole. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do that.

Just like I am diffusing myself when I do this, this likewise causes a similar confusion in the system that is opposite to what I feel needs to be in the fabric of its design. This diffusing of the issue further obliterates the desired result from being able to occur because now it takes and has to be accountable for something like that, which is the wrong kind of responsibility or accountability.

And an even deeper meaning is, the esoteric question is, and the question being one which I already know the answer is, is it better to hold the need quietly within as an observer, or is it of a greater value to unwind or try to untangle the reflections that are external in the hope of reaching a higher truth?

The answer is it is better to hold the need. The truth flows from inner into outer. In a dire time when the truth is compromised to such a degree that no collective shift is possible, that is when living in the interval that lies between the in-breath and the out-breath is the answer to the question.

To do so is to hold the need in an emptiness that exists prior to a seed thought from the crown into creation, a motion that affects and shapes manifestation – when it’s permitted to do that. The reason this is the answer is to do something other than this is to take away the one thing God lacks, and that is man’s need. And God answers the need of the heart. He answers it, but in his timing.

At present nothing can shift because it doesn’t connect with any collective heart, nor is there any advancement that is possible in terms of the light of the individual. However, at this time, this has to do with coming closer to God through how it tends to work something out in creation.

And at this particular point in time, it’s like the caravan stops in this interval and watches and holds and it feels the need. It doesn’t do anything. It just feels the need. It pents up, so to speak, just like you can have a quality in your nature that builds and builds and builds and pents up. Maybe you don’t act on it, and maybe you don’t act on it, and then suddenly when you do you have a lot of clarity and power behind it because it has built up to a crescendo.

The simpler understanding is that this approach is a quality that has this essence in prayer. What I said earlier is the legal system is purposely ignoring an issue because it is compromised. This causes a deviation if what is meant to be serves only the best interest, which are personal. You deviate then from something that you hear in a deeper level, which is your light, or the light of the Whole. So the need lies beyond the system, in that we’re talking about a system in the collective, which has put itself into a trick box.

In other words, the world is trapped. It’s trapped itself. It has no way out. In order for something to change that place where something is able to change sits at the point where the inner turns into the outer, that in-breath space. You sit there and it’s actually a space that you can only know when you’re in a nothingness state, or when you’re maybe deep in meditation or something, and you’re totally at peace there.

It has a bliss sensation to it, is the way the Yogis tend to describe it. And in that state you’re most watchful, and in that state you’re most able to recognize the need of the Whole. When you’re not in that state is when you have a tendency to think that there is something that you can do in an outer way that can make a difference, as if you can steal a little bit of that from the inner, but you’re not to take and subrogate that.

You’re meant to just hold the need, and hold the need, because you don’t have the right at this point in time to act because there’s no recognition. There is no counter feedback. We see that even in terms of the dream groups. Everything has to have an invitation and conceivably, inside of us, all of that is the same. 

And unless it is really clearly understood and recognized, we can work out the nuances in the dream group, and hopefully help speed things up a bit that way – as opposed to going out and getting slapped around thinking that we’re able to say something in the outer, or collective, that kind of turns the ear a little this way, or turns the ear a little that way, but not really.

It’s like everything is now taken and turned, any little inflection of light, because there isn’t the light in the outer – it gets absorbed and twisted and turned in some sort of deviant way. So the key is to hold the recognition and develop the need, or hold the need and from the need something can emerge, either in a grace way, a greater grace way, or in the bringing of something down in a mannerism that is consistent with the way the new light is able to somehow start to awaken.

And the teacher has indicated, there has got to be something coming, and it has a different quality inside of it that is designed for something quite different in life. What that will mean will be interesting to see, but right now it’s like everything has gotten itself under a state of – it tortures everything in life. You still have to know how to find that and hold that need, and then it comes through. And we’re all one organism, so we see how that comes through then.

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A Deeper Plunge

Jeane’s dream provides an insight into the dilemma raised in John’s last dream (see The Reciprocal Effect), where the issue of what is now on-setting requires that we be open and connected to the future, as individuals, rather than thinking change will come through the collective of the human race. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this dream, I seem to be working with an agency that helps underprivileged youth get jobs, so I go in and it feels like a minister somewhere had given me some information on a part of a program that he had that coached kids, and get jobs, so there’s job training, and also where you could volunteer.

But I go into the board meeting and there’s all the administrators sitting around a square table, and it feels like at the meeting all they discuss is business, and they don’t really discuss anything that has to do with the kids getting out in the world and having a real job, or being really connected to the overall community.

I see myself going over to the bulletin board and putting up this message from this minister about his program. I bring that up, and I feel like they just don’t respond; they’re just caught up in administrative stuff.

So I just leave, and when I go outside I run into this girl that’s from the program, who reminds me of someone I knew when I was a kid who lived next door. I’m talking to her. Maybe she’d be interested in this. I don’t know what is happening in her life, or how she’s doing with picking her life back up.

Then she notices a store and we walk in that store and it sells different kinds of dishes, some of them kind of art dishes, and there’s this one dish that’s chipped, but it’s also kind of a beautiful design like a fish, and it’s put together in this complex way. And she suddenly buys it.

It costs about $195. I’m not sure how she can afford this, but I feel like she must have some pride in wanting to show me that she’s doing okay, or that she has a home. Then we go out and get in a car and we’re driving towards her place, and I’m sitting in the backseat and she’s sitting in the front seat. And then I’m noticing that the dish that she bought kind of has come apart, in about four different parts.

It’s not broken. It’s just like you put it together in a certain pattern. I hadn’t realized it could also come apart. I’m not sure if she knows exactly how to put it back together, so I’m thinking of going to her house and we’ll put it back together because I’m wondering if she’s disappointed or how she’s feeling about what she bought.

I tell her that I’m kind of figuring out how you put it together and it will look pretty, it will be useful. And she pulls up to her house, which I’m curious to see, and it feels like I had these red socks on and I had taken them off, so I have to pause for a minute to get the socks back on to get out of the back seat.

Meanwhile she’s telling me that she has this dog. She has kind of a large dog and so when she opens the door the dog will come right to the door because you know how they’re anxious when you’ve been gone all day. I’m thinking about how to put the dish together. I think that’s when I wake up.

John: What you did is you actually dreamt the answer that I couldn’t pull out. You did it in a very convoluted way in that you essentially – who would have guessed that you were even doing this – because you took and you started off where you have this great body or whatever of things that isn’t addressing the problem. It’s looking at things in a general way and you’re aware of the specific issues that need to be taken into account.

And this whole overall sense, this big business-oriented body of things, is caught up in some sort of business octave of things, and it’s not looking at the specifics in terms of how something is important in its distinctions. This kind of bothers you. And so what you’re really doing is, this overallness sense is kind of a sense of the feminine, and this part that is bothered in its specificity is kind of like a masculine.

It’s kind of like misaligned masculine for a long, long period of time, but in this particular case it’s an energy coming down and through that is able, and meant to be able, to make a distinction irregardless of the conditions of the outer.

That is shown to of course right there. It is shown to you when you find yourself going with your friend and your friend acts according to her sense of something, in terms of an importance of a focus that she carries, which is how she kind of copes with things – as opposed to getting caught in the middle of having an idea, and then having the general which is just completely not in touch with it at all.

She goes into a store and she buys this dish, and this dish is her way of stroking herself. Well, this dish, because it needs to have a clarity, an individualistic-like clarity, that hasn’t quite yet fully come into its own, finds itself in four pieces. Well, when it’s in four pieces, your first realization is that looking at it from the reactive part of you, that something isn’t right.

And the depth of that trait, which is trying to sort something that has come down and through, you realize that that isn’t as big a problem as it looks. That can be fixed. Those four parts, four again symbolizing a completeness that you could find and make something complete about that.

You’re in a process that’s like you’re in a motion. The motion has a lot to do with the fact that you’re in the outer, because otherwise you’re in a total stillness if you’re in a space that’s outside of creation. But you’re also in creation, so you’re in motion.

When the car stops, and you get out, and you know that you can take and put this together – that’s when you start to get hit with the bombardment of things. You see red socks that you hadn’t put on; it all has to do with a type of groundedness. In other words, you have to ground the energetic that has come down and through.

And when you’ve totally grounded, you then, on an individualistic acuteness to a light that is able to come through and effectuate change, you’re able to catch up with it. Where the confusion exists is that there is this shift. Now it has made itself known, and the shift is it’s a raw energy shift. And raw energy, basically, the first go of it is, it comes down and is kind of discombobulating. It’s kind of shocking.

It can have four or five thoughts connected to it and they all can be disconsolate from each other, and until it’s grounded does one kind of see how that works. Ordinarily, the feminine’s responsibility and role is meant to take and function as a nurturing place, as a container upon which it provides a particular base. It’s doing this from a standpoint of creation.

Now all of a sudden it’s apparent and obvious that something is too recessed and too dormant there, and so it’s like this thing has shifted to an even greater aspect of raw energy with the answer within it. And that raw energy has a consciousness to it. It’s an individualistic light, but it’s an individualistic light that works with the masculine energy more so than the feminine energy.

So how is it a masculine energy? When you have things going wrong, and you have things haywire, do you sit there, with what should be and could be, against what is the lost general malaise? Well, that’s not going to work because you’d be trying to connect your outer – the outer, which is completely not getting any of this – and the inner inflections coming through, which make no sense to the outer. That’s not going to work.

So you’re going to have to rely upon that coming through, and that’s going to have to correlate to your own inner consciousness coming from within. You’re going to have to find the spark or the light of that, and stand on that – not sit there and be grumpy or complaining or dour about the fact that there is nowhere to place that in terms of the collective, in terms of the general.

You’re going to have to place that just with yourself. Well, that seems very, very limiting because to place that just upon your own being, and so you’re still going to have to correlate that somehow and that really distracts things.

You no longer can take an energy that comes down and in, and quite work with it in its great and overall way as you did before. You are always the microcosm of the macrocosm. And now you have to take that microcosm and awaken that as if that’s an ember in and of itself. And what it is that you’re able to awaken to, sure you would like to awaken it in one fell swoop and perhaps have a little guidance and help where it has an infectious quality that takes and permeates into the outer, and into the Whole, or into the collective, because there’s a resonance that exists. And it finally catches the inflection and gets it and so, boom, it sweeps through the Whole in a macrocosmic way.

If you don’t have that, you’re left with a microcosmic. Now, where the question comes up, how then can you have a shift that affects the Whole, if you’re not able to ignite the macrocosm? And the point is, you don’t work that way anymore. You work with just developing this own little energetic and you sit in that little space.

And the answer as to how this is to affect the other, that responsibility, or that decision, has been forsaken for so long that, yes, maybe that was a principle that could work. And at some point you discovered that you were the microcosm of the macrocosm, but now you just need to stay and be the microcosm. And you have to be this microcosm no matter how loud things can get in the macrocosm around you.

In other words, if you just nurture a clarity that is developing inside of you, as a consequence or as a reciprocal of how it is that you are, like based upon like how you would be in relationship to your dad and the energetic of all of that, if you just nurtured that you will find what is important that strokes the both of you and strokes that situation in a similitude and in a blood-like connection.

However, if you think that you now have to include or take that into the greater Whole, as if this then emerges into being about something bigger and start introducing all of that into yourself, then you can get very, very confused. You could start to say well okay, well maybe in taking into account this greater Whole, maybe there’s a discombobulation. Maybe something here needs to change or alter or adjust.

If you start to include the opinion of the whole, as opposed to being able to realize, in a sense inside of you, that something can be perpetuated based upon a certain clarity and aliveness and energetic, that you can stroke, and feel, and hold, and almost create a buffer or safe zone irregardless of what’s going on around you.

Well, this to me looks very important. In fact, it looks interesting and exciting because if things really break down and fall apart and there is mass confusion, are we to believe that somehow or another we’re able to effect this mass confusion, if it’s meant to happen, by taking our microcosm into the macrocosm? Or do we live almost in a vacuum to that – at least at this phase of the process?

In other words, this is how things shift: no longer trying to support a light in the world, so to speak, as a collective. But what needs to be there arises up from a deeper within, and that deeper within is what I call the secret of secrets, and that secret of secrets is described as a light that no one has access to, not a teacher, prophet, or anything.

A human being has access to that, so this has got to be quite discombobulating, because in the past you would have a teacher, and a teacher would work with the student, and a student’s soul and everything would come into an alignment and training. And you were working with the student as a microcosm to the macrocosm.

The true secret of the secret that was really a wonder would be something that the teacher would be looking at to try to get hints and glimpses of, and now it’s almost as if, holy mackerel, in order for this to be fixed the student has to catch up to a point where they really have to work with their light even more succinctly.

In the past it has been noted that the greatest changes did occur on an individualistic level, where individuals got to a particular clarity where they made a sacrifice that shocked and surprised, that went beyond their limitations and effected something meaningful in life. And now it’s been talked about how a Oneness is coming about, and there’s integration, and we’re moving to the eight, which laid on its side is like an infinity. And that in the interconnectivity that we all see to everything, and working within the elements of groups, that we take and we manifest a change.

Well, this has been thrown for a loop because even the groups are infected. They’re infected when they do not accept the potency of their own inner connection to the way something opens up with a sheer aliveness, a light of their own, a deeper innerness. And if the group doesn’t catch up with that deeper innerness, then it is still affected by the outer. How can anything of any consequence happen? It’ll always just keep shattering at some level after another level after another level.

This deeper plunge inside is what is now needed and that then takes and throws you into a schematic that’s even harder to see.


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The Reciprocal Effect

We have spoken here before of the idea of “the light of the collective going out.” In that idea is the implication that the energetic changes that are occurring will not impact the human race as a species, i.e., each individual has to choose to be a part of the on-setting future. What that looks like, on an inner level, is described here by John. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with shifting back and having to take a look at something, and that something is, and could be, what is confusing a lot of people.

We have a slightly different take on what’s unfolding, in that we see that there’s kind of an individualistic sight that is coming to the surface, and is more succinct. And that there is a vibration and energetic within, as one is functioning, that is stirred up in terms of the conditions that are reflective [the outer world].

In other words, as one connects with an insight inside, and then that insight inside acts out in the outer world, how it acts out in terms of how it effects things, is an aliveness that is generated. And that aliveness, which looks reciprocal, is actually something that you can feel, that strokes or enhances how you are.

It’s fragile, it’s subtle. You don’t get fed by the collective anymore. You get fed by the fact that your own focus and attention leads you to a point where you can take and touch things in the outer, and cause change to happen, and cause reciprocal effect. And it’s the reciprocal effect that seems to have more meaning and an aliveness, because if you were to rely upon the outer sense of things you could be confused again.

Now, that is kind of where our dreams have been taking us. But now we’re going into a scenario where what’s going to be introduced is this idea that the light has gone out. And when the light has gone out then the shift, and what is necessary to do things in the outer, is compromised.

In my dreaming of this, that’s how it was. One has shifted past that, or one is now being forced to take, and come to grips with, a greater depth inside of themselves, that greater depth being how the individualistic light can function in relationship to the Whole. And the fact that it doesn’t draw anything from the collective, or the reflected, to support itself – when before it tended to still do that because there still was a light hidden in creation – that had a level of importance to communicate.

And now I’m finding that an individual’s clarity is best presented when they take and come across with the light and connection that they have inside, and take full responsibility for every little thing that brushes their own heart, and that they go with that, and they get stroked by that, as they awaken to all of the subtle things that exist. And not have to factor in, or pay any attention to, the collective motif of things – as if it has some validity – because it’s just a reflection that can confuse and undermine the clarity that one has to one’s own inner linkage.

Now, this idea of this light going out created a confusion in the energetic, that you didn’t quite get through. And even as I was sleeping, I found myself sleeping in a space that understood, and was excited about, and even in a state of joy over, the fact that things were coming together in this whole new way.

And then all of a sudden I was able to flash back to an image that shows how the light went out in kind of a certain collective motif that one used to work with. And so I’m left trying to remember both.

The one that was the hardest to remember was the second, meaning the one that was more current where I’m excited about something yet because I don’t have to be limited. I have a whole other freedom in which to relate. There is a shift that I have to take, that has to do with working from, and taking greater responsibility of, that inner essence inside me, which in a previous dream we likened to be the secret of secrets, in that it doesn’t have any cognizance in terms of the outer because the outer is caught in just pure reflection.

But I ended up thinking I can’t write both up, so I decided to write up the one that had to do with the light going out. And then thinking well, then after I do that I will have stimulated the energy that I could come back and write up, in succinctness, how it is seen as something that is actually a greater step, not a step backwards.

It’s part of the whole unfoldment, that the idea of having to work with a degree of so-called collective light is actually a limitation, and the fact that you are put and compelled to be away from having to deal with that, means that the individual is key to everything that unfolds. It’s not like there’s something outside of themselves that they have to also hear, which is reflective. No, everything has to come from the depth of a greater sight that is within.

In this dream, which had to do with the light going out, it starts with seeing an ember that is barely burning. First of all though, the first glance at this as I’m looking at this, is I see kind of like a fiery condition, that is defined like a light or a fiery condition, that is kind of in an overall, but then somehow or another I’m drawn to looking at something on the edge.

And on the edge it’s barely burning at first glance – and then it goes out, it quits burning. Because of the other that I see burning, my first impulse is to believe that this is going down to just a mere ember, that that’s just temporary.

At the time this happened I’m looking backwards in the dream, having already gone forwards, and excited about what’s changing because it causes one to invoke something different in terms of how they see their inner presence unfolding.

I try to proceed in this future or whatever you want to call it, in which there’s the sensation about it all that has to do with one’s own light and how positive and excited I am about how it seems to unfold and has a quality about it that I could recognize as very interesting.

The dilemma with how it unfolds of course is, you’re fed off of what you work with. In other words, it’s like let’s say you’re taking and you’re doing something within a similitude of interest, or even with relatives, and whatever you do to stroke things, like you working in relationship to your dad, however it is that you pull something together you create an energetic. And that energetic is something that has an aliveness in it, that you’re able to gain something from by taking and putting yourself into the attention of that.

In other words, it’s reciprocal of that focus. And that somehow feeds you, you get information from it, it has an aliveness about it. That might not exist if it was all collective, and you had to jumble the opinion of this, that, or the other and not be able to work and bring out the succinctness that comes from rising closer to just a responsibility over your sheer perception and how it effects things.

Anyway, because I lose this other [dream] and decide to write up the earlier stage thinking that I’ll have to go back to sleep and go back into it, because I can’t pull out both scenarios at the same time. That means that the unfoldment that is able to have a specific effect upon the overall, based upon an inner flow awareness that is positive, and exciting, and something I wholeheartedly embrace – I have to let go of.

So then when I come back to the initial image I can write it up in great detail:

To begin with there’s the aliveness that’s in the outer, or in all of life, that is all over in numerous ways. In other words, burning wherever you look in front of you.

And then the focus shifts to an area flickering and then smoldering. To try to fix this I go over to this area and I take a wick – something that goes down into a fuel liquid and then you can light the top of the wick and it’s actually something burning the liquid gases or whatever at a depth down below.

Even though I don’t see the liquid, I assume that it has to be there so I try to put a wick into it so that deep fluid, which I can’t see, will feed it from within. But in messing with this, I put it out. And this whole time there is a person standing off to one side hoping that I’m successful, watching me.

And I think at first they thought that there’s no way I could put this thing out. And so I was refusing to acknowledge a weakness, and then all of a sudden a particular strength, associated with it having to work this way and come back around as I try to light it, goes into a state of shock.

However, that is not what actually hit me when the ember goes out. I find myself having to figure out how to fix it, and I realize that the problem is that the attention in this particular area, off to one side, has fallen away, and even if I had gotten it relit, it’s only burning in a partial, it’s not burning in its Wholeness.

So, in my sleep, or in my shifting, I shifted the whole fertile material into a center, so now it’s not only no longer off to one side but now I felt I could try to light this again, and light it at the center, instead of from the side, where it’s naturally designed to fail by neglect.

And in taking and putting it into the center, I realize how important this actually is, except now by doing this – paying attention to something specific – it’s as if I no longer see any of the other area in flames.

This is it. It’s at the center. I hadn’t realized how important this was. How did that happen? Did my attention shift so much to this that the other just quit? I did get this centered so that it can burn from the middle with all the fertile material around it – if I can just figure out how to get it lit again.

Well, my plan for igniting it probably was to take and use a spark that’s already there, but there’s nothing else burning anywhere. And so I guess my plan to ignite it is to breathe upon it, or at least cause it to light from someplace inside me. I’m not sure how that is, but I know that somehow one can do this.

Even in this dream I have come to the conclusion that there’s something at a depth inside of me that has to come to bear. I no longer can rely and work with the outer. I just think that’s different than what’s being commonly reported, reflectively. I think that it is a deeper depth, because I never lose faith. And I realize, because I have never lost faith, I seem to be able to sustain a positive demeanor and, as a result, no matter what has happened, I don’t lose a certain joy from within.

It’s kind of interesting the dream’s like that because in the outer, I guess I’m kind of doom-and-gloomer and dire kind of guy, and here in the inner world it’s taking one hell of a lot to cause me to realize that there’s a problem that I am supposed to be getting all shook up about or something.

I’m able to hold onto this inner space even though my shoulder is hurting. In other words, that’s how positive I am. It is as if I am at a deeper level behind the outer reflection. I also know that I am relating more directly to the inner light from deep within, and that’s why I don’t have to contend with the outer, and be bothered, and awoken, and disturbed, and all that, because I’m not dealing so linearly with the outer situations, in other words, the pain and distraction.

Little by little this keeps opening up. What is keeping me excited and feeling good about things is there is an energetic that I have noted in prior dreams where an aliveness exists based upon how I place my attention.

I no longer look to my outer perceptions for sustenance, when I relate to the inner unfoldment. The way it works is I place my attention upon inner connective parts of myself, and therefore I’m able to touch a corresponding recognition of this being part of me, or touching me in some way.

In other words, all coming from within. What I’m trying to say here is that you feel yourself fed by something that you take and you do, and it causes a certain effect. And then that effect is what you have to resonate with, and that is an effect that has to do with your light’s effect coming across.

You don’t take and factor in the negative. You only factor in the aliveness of your light. The negative is just a reflective, and then the light has its potentiality. Whether you could fully catch up with it or not is always a question, because you are caught in a world of manifestation that can create its blur, but the light creates the clarity and that’s what’s important now.

What I am able to invoke as an awakened excitement, from what had been a heavy overburden or general sadness, which is kind of how the outer reflective is, is this aliveness that I revolve upon within for sustenance. This is an attention that does not accept the outer circumstances – where separation exists – to be the answer.

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