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Businessman in the middle of the maze. Challenge conceptsThe great simplicity, and the greatest secret, is that we humans are born on a planet to train ourselves to be useful to the purposes of the universe. We come here to learn, and we are meant to graduate from this nursery school and then begin our life elsewhere – according to what we have done here. But if we put all our effort into succeeding here, most of those skills don’t apply at the universal level; so we, in a sense, won’t graduate. We are free to choose our path and focus, but only our higher purpose is important and useful to the everything that is going on. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my first dream, I just seem to be studying something out, and I’m kind of looking at the judges on The Voice except, in my dream, I think there’s five instead of four. And they’re all in one kind of long, low building, and I’m just studying out and realizing that even if these particular people lost everything, that they knew how to rebuild it because they had built their careers on their own from the beginning. And so I just seem to be studying that out in the first dream. That’s my focus there.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming has to do with being able to identify some part, a part, of one’s inner beingness that has a connection, or access, to a freedom and a way of being that is natural to the soul.

In other words, most people who are still trying to sort things out in the outer, and still kind of caught in the waywardness of separation, and having to contend with trying to do the best they can in terms of a world of complexity, and multiplicity, and all of that that they struggle with and contend with, the impression to that type of person, or the impression to those in the collective, is that it’s a hard row, and it’s a struggle to get out from the maze of it all.

And yet, when they do, the idea is that you’re getting out of the maze kind of by good fortune or something. However, what you’re seeing is that when you bring yourself up and connect yourself to a quality of completeness, which is the four judges, four represents a symbol of completeness, you recognize that in that setting of kind of an overview of a knowingness that extends beyond having to sort things out, that there is the natural quality imbedded within your being that it just doesn’t matter what goes on in the outer. You’re going to be able to be just fine.

What matters in the outer, matters for those who think that the outer is important. But when you have recognized the outer isn’t important, and have recognized something inside that is important, then you can lose everything in the outer, or it doesn’t matter what necessarily happens in the outer, because you have found the proper place upon which to rest with your quality of inner recognition, or sense of self, in other words, but sense of a higher self.

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John: In this dream, I’ve returned, as an adult, to the creek I used to fish in as young boy. Back then I used to take my bike out and ride to the creek where I would catch these little six-inch fish and bring them back home.

I just did it just for the fun of catching the fish and being by myself on the creek. I didn’t really like eating the fish; it was just the process of doing it and having a flow for myself. So this dream has a nostalgic feel to it. It’s a like a vibrational relinkage to something I used to really enjoy, and an opportunity to see how I relate to those memories now.

The image has me revisiting this place from my childhood. I’m going up along the creek to visit all the old fishing holes. I’m at the upper part of the creek where, essentially, my venture is complete because I’ve reached the upper range where it’s possible to fish.

The fish from this creek come up from a millpond, so the creek becomes smaller and smaller and the fish only travel so far up. I’m sitting down at this spot; I’ve taken off my shoes and I’m laying back, almost in an interlude before I get up and head back.

Then I hear in the distance a couple of kids coming along. I realize they’re going to come all the way up to where I am. I quickly put my shoes back on.

I feel like I’ve done my best to soak up the ambiance of the past, but of course, things have changed. I’m no longer a kid and I don’t quite experience it in the same innocent way. I have barely gotten my shoes on when the kids arrive. I greet them and find out that they’re from Brazil.

The dream then shifts. In the next scene I see myself being ushered into some sort of ceremony that involves the United States. Apparently the United States is recognizing me as some sort of organized body; it’s like I’m being accepted into a League of Nations or something like that.

I’m not really sure what this is all about, other than the United States is going through the motions of an initiation, and that I’m there on behalf of Brazil. The sensation I have is that I’m the heart and soul of Brazil.

I’m hastening to get ready because this ceremony is already in progress. There’s a swearing of allegiance process and, before the final act, I have to push a tube into the crown of my head. It’s a round cylinder, and this part completes the process and the linkage. Once this has been done, everything is recognized as official.

What this dream is portraying is that there’s a vibrational connection lying dormant in me. Through the imagery, and the memory-feeling, of where I used to fish as a boy, this vibrational energy is rekindled and brought to the surface.

The process indicates that I have reached a point where I can appreciate this connective linkage. It also shows, through the second part, that I’ve now agreed to carry forward those early connections and take on a higher responsibility of service for a greater whole.

It’s interesting because the first image is a very personal memory, and in the second image what I carry with me is being recognized and acknowledged on the stage of global affairs. This is so similar to your dream yesterday (see A Type of Magic) in that you began by feeling unsure of your connection to the vibrational essence represented by belly dancing, i.e., you needed practice.

Then in the second part of your dream, you had grown in your ability to hold that essence and had begun to exude it outwardly in a way that could positively affect others. So we both transformed the personal into the universal, which shows an ability to take responsibility for what we radiate into the world, and bring energies into life as a service to creation.

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Jeane: Let me explain a bit more about how the hot springs worked (see yesterday’s dream, Being at Depth).

There is an area at the top of the hill where everybody meets. At the very bottom of the hill is a room that has a tub and a steam room, but before going in there you have to walk outside and go up on a small platform. There is a bath there and then a series of hot tubs that go up the hill, about five of them. After going through the tubs, you come back down to the steam room.

It was kind of odd. You bathe in the tubs that go up the hill and then you come back down.

John: Yes, you’re describing an unfolding process, in terms of what is able to penetrate the inner depths. It’s similar to how the out-breath works.

This downward motion you describe represents the out breath, which is a big determinant in how you’re able to come to know something as you go into the depths of yourself (down the hill). At the end of the out-breath you are walking around in creation (the outer world), as if you came down an elevator. Then you come sweeping back up on the in-breath (up the hill), which has a lot to do with what you consciously pay attention to in the depths of yourself.

Apparently there are aspects and details of the out-breath that you normally don’t pay any attention to, but the greater the awareness you have of it coming down, the greater the linkage or connection you have with it when you reach the bottom.

In this dream, you have the hot tubs leading up, and after you’ve partaken of that process, when you return to the bottom you’ve attained a new depth, or new octave – shown by the steam room. You’ve penetrated to a greater inner depth. The hot tubs are nice, but the steam room has an effect that purifies or refreshes in a whole other way.

This corresponds to something the mystic Bhai Sahib said about himself: No, I’m not God, but if I focus upon something, I can get an answer. We can do the same by going into the depths of ourselves (connecting to our higher self). We can connect and get guidance in terms of what is unfolding, or meant to be.

So this is a very mystical dream. The out breath leads to an inner depth where you can participate with greater and greater degrees of letting go and be affected by a process that is linked to the top where things can become known to you.

Without the one, you don’t have the other; without the inner depth connection, the higher remains too feathery and intangible. But at the bottom, by going into the depth of yourself, you’re able to get a glimpse of this other, more universal sense of knowing.

There is the idea in Sufism that assumes that what’s really important is at the very top – it’s where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. In considering that, one can come to realize that the top is like a power station, connected to universal energies. Yet it generally seems intangible to us – almost feathery – compared to the density of the lower, or outer world we experience.

Yet through a spiritual journey we are able to go up the hill and bring down more and more of that intangible essence and begin to know it more and more. Through this process of a human journeying back to god, we create a stronger and stronger linkage to that.

It is another way of saying that everything is interconnected. It’s just that we humans generally take the easy route of only connecting to our lesser mannerism – the seductions of the material world. In this way, most of us fail to catch up with our inner depths, which can connect us to a process that is as big as the universe. And that entire universe can be understood as being one breath.

Within that understanding is the truth that everything is just energy in one state or another, from the power station above (Creation), all the way down to the human (the light bulb). And the light bulb, if it chooses, can access its connections all the way back to the transformers and, ultimately, all the way back to the power station.

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