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John: Well, I’m again dreaming in ways that are kind of hard to explain, because the real energetic that’s at play and moving can sometimes be invisible, i.e., not a part of the visual imagery. That’s the way it is in this first dream, where I identify myself as an invisible energetic that’s observing the unfolding of events. In other words, I don’t “see” myself, but I’m there. I’m on another level, so I must be the energetic.

As the dream begins I see a woman being led into a room by a guide. This is a room where change takes place. To be at ease in this room, a person is required to make a shift within. To denote what’s shifting, I suddenly become aware of something trying to come through.

Simultaneously, the energy that’s causing something to move in me manifests as the feeling that I have a sore spot, like a pimple. I can’t remember what part of my body it’s on, but it’s bumpier than normal, although it’s not quite to the point where I can pop it. But I squeeze it real hard and it suddenly pops; a fluid from deep within oozes out.

This breakthrough enables the guide and the woman to go off to one side. In other words, they were appreciating this room, but now another level of awareness has opened up. They’re now able to move off to one side and still take in the whole room, without having to move around from spot to spot.

I’m observing this from an invisible, inner plane. With the shift, the woman and guide now carry a natural awareness of what’s going on in the room and are able to take into their beingness all that is there to behold. Before they were being overwhelmed by their physical perceptions in the room.

Suddenly, though, it’s like I take a step back and I’m looking at some denser aspect. What I imaged has a sudden manifestation about it, and I realize that it’s very loud compared to what had existed. This loudness sets off a reaction that veils the natural perception emanating, as an overallness, from the space.

The last part of this image, with the emergence of the loudness, shows how easily we can cut ourselves off from our deeper connections by letting our mind wander back into the illusion. In other words, if we are too deeply immersed in the outer world, it becomes a loudness that deafens us to our natural inner guidance.

But, of course, to understand this dream we have to look at two levels that are being represented.

First, there’s the level from which I’m observing, that’s on an invisible, inner plane where I’m not in the picture but I have insight about what is unfolding. Second, there’s another part of me, seen as the woman and the guide, which has an awareness of the overall space. But these two viewpoints seem separate. One is invisible to the other. The woman’s awareness of the overall is invisible to the insightfulness. And, what kind of insightfulness are we talking about?

So this dream is describing an energetic shift, which takes into account two whole levels of beingness. The masculine level of sight (my perspective) is in a hidden state. In other words, it’s a state within, or it’s something that has come down into life, but it’s still just a vibration and isn’t yet in a manifested state.

The feminine awareness takes into account the overallness, in all its facets, in creation, i.e., it can take in the whole room at once. So this is a shift, where I have a presence within creation (in the room), and yet at the same time, if I can pull the masculine back into it, I can connect to a deeper energetic insight that incorporates both levels. These two perspectives should be perceived simultaneously, like a type of combined wisdom, within it all.

What this image brings to mind is the Sufi principle of “Solitude in the Crowd.” This phrase captures the idea of a person maintaining their connection with God no matter where they are or what they’re doing. A spiritual journey today doesn’t mean going up on a mountaintop, it means maintaining our connections to the universal, through our higher self, in everything we do. We want to be in “the room,” without losing sight of our greater relationship with everything.

So we want to be in the world, yet not of it, i.e., not affected by it. There’s also the idea in this of having our “head in the heavens, and our feet on the ground,” in which a part of us is somewhere else and yet at the same time we’re in life, we’re in creation.

This sense of duality also recalls the understanding of the in-breath (feminine) and the out-breath (masculine) of creation. The out-breath brings down something from above, as from the crown that touches creation, and that’s like the hidden quality of the will coming through. As it touches creation, it awakens an awareness that takes into account the overallness, and each breath is said to be a cycle of creation.

So this dream touches on all of these elements through its imagery, yet the disturbance at the end shows that I didn’t quite succeed in connecting these two levels, or making them known to one another. Instead, the loudness of some subtle inner resistance interrupted the process.

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volcano2 In my next dream I see that I’m purchasing something from a friend, an artist, who’s rather down and out. I buy some candy from him and it seems like I pay more than it’s worth. That way I put some extra money in his pocket.

Then I see that my friend has stepped away, and I’m being told what bad shape he’s in financially. My friend has gone off to one side where a homeless person is asking him for money. When he comes back he says, “What can you do, this guy is always hitting me up for money?”

My friend had given him $2.40, which is a good portion of what I had given him when I bought the candy.

Strange, right? Again, it’s showing levels, but now it’s showing how to recognize the nuances and the humor of life as this is going on in the outer and being brought all the way through. These dreams have explored levels of consciousness, and how we identify with the outer perception only. To do that causes us to see life with varying degrees of limited perception, where we only see certain things and completely ignore others. (For the previous dreams in this sequence, see A Perception of Depth and The Connected State.)

The key is to be able to relate energetically from top to bottom. To only bring things through to a particular point is to deny life that which it needs. I feel that in Vegas I’m trying to note a side of life that has been ignored or even abandoned – it’s the opposite of the outer life here that has an over-the-top expression of opulence. The external expression of Vegas is an example of only bringing energy through to a limited point.

So in the dream I’m shown that it’s important to bring whatever that energetic is right down into the plane of existence. What I see – because all of the people in the dream are aspects of me – is that I’m bringing the energetic right down to the lowest common denominator, represented by the needy people I’m helping.

In Vegas, the underlying energy can really be considered looking at the lowest common denominator because it affects everything. Yet nobody pays any attention to it. If something is trying to awaken, or to touch things in life, the tendency is to try to see it from the lowest common denominator, not the highest.

There’s a question in spirituality: What’s worse off, the lowest common denominator or the highest common denominator? It’s generally said, as perceived spiritually, that it’s the lowest common denominator that’s worse off, but actually it’s the highest.

I guess the only thing I could add to that is that the perception in life, when looking at the spiritual path, is that one assumes they are relating to that which is half empty – meaning a person who empties their cup is more receptive. The person who’s “half full” sees themselves as fully engaged with the material life of the outer and, therefore, is less likely to be open to receiving what’s new, in terms of energy.

I guess I have a tendency to believe that it’s important to recognize and hold the “other half.” Does everything in the outer have to be crushed and destroyed in order to allow other levels to reveal themselves? Or, does every indulgence have to be stripped out to make room for something else? If so, that means we’re not capable of having the attitude of the creator (top to bottom), only the pain-of-love aspect of how a consciousness awakens.

If it’s only going to go in one direction, then the result for this world looks pretty bleak. We can see that things are breaking down and dynasties are falling apart; what needs to fall apart is going to fall apart. But, on the other hand, there’s nothing holding an order to things together, in terms of scientific breakthroughs and marvels that exist that benefit mankind, at least in a way of living in the outer.

So what’s useful can be torn to pieces as well, and in the instances where things are breaking down in the outer – Egypt, Libya, etc. – that’s what’s happening. Infrastructures are being destroyed; treasures are being lost.

What I’m pointing to is the importance that the other half sit there too, in terms of being able to maintain some semblance of Creation when it gets rocked and rolled. You can’t just have it go “poof” and start all over again, in another Sodom and Gomorrah scenario.

I think what I’m recognizing and acknowledging is that in life you’ve got to be able to touch the light in the top of things, the opulence expression, and not only the lower expression where there’s longing and desperation.

Both states need to be held together or else everything is going to self-destruct or burn itself out. It’s probably because people are used to seeing that life ultimately ends in some sort of fiery inferno. But it’s not good to have to go all the way back and start from scratch.

That’s what happened when Atlantis was lost to humanity. It would be nice if humanity could get through these times, to make the next step, without having to be completely crushed and going back to square one again.

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Jeane: Let me explain a bit more about how the hot springs worked (see yesterday’s dream, Being at Depth).

There is an area at the top of the hill where everybody meets. At the very bottom of the hill is a room that has a tub and a steam room, but before going in there you have to walk outside and go up on a small platform. There is a bath there and then a series of hot tubs that go up the hill, about five of them. After going through the tubs, you come back down to the steam room.

It was kind of odd. You bathe in the tubs that go up the hill and then you come back down.

John: Yes, you’re describing an unfolding process, in terms of what is able to penetrate the inner depths. It’s similar to how the out-breath works.

This downward motion you describe represents the out breath, which is a big determinant in how you’re able to come to know something as you go into the depths of yourself (down the hill). At the end of the out-breath you are walking around in creation (the outer world), as if you came down an elevator. Then you come sweeping back up on the in-breath (up the hill), which has a lot to do with what you consciously pay attention to in the depths of yourself.

Apparently there are aspects and details of the out-breath that you normally don’t pay any attention to, but the greater the awareness you have of it coming down, the greater the linkage or connection you have with it when you reach the bottom.

In this dream, you have the hot tubs leading up, and after you’ve partaken of that process, when you return to the bottom you’ve attained a new depth, or new octave – shown by the steam room. You’ve penetrated to a greater inner depth. The hot tubs are nice, but the steam room has an effect that purifies or refreshes in a whole other way.

This corresponds to something the mystic Bhai Sahib said about himself: No, I’m not God, but if I focus upon something, I can get an answer. We can do the same by going into the depths of ourselves (connecting to our higher self). We can connect and get guidance in terms of what is unfolding, or meant to be.

So this is a very mystical dream. The out breath leads to an inner depth where you can participate with greater and greater degrees of letting go and be affected by a process that is linked to the top where things can become known to you.

Without the one, you don’t have the other; without the inner depth connection, the higher remains too feathery and intangible. But at the bottom, by going into the depth of yourself, you’re able to get a glimpse of this other, more universal sense of knowing.

There is the idea in Sufism that assumes that what’s really important is at the very top – it’s where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. In considering that, one can come to realize that the top is like a power station, connected to universal energies. Yet it generally seems intangible to us – almost feathery – compared to the density of the lower, or outer world we experience.

Yet through a spiritual journey we are able to go up the hill and bring down more and more of that intangible essence and begin to know it more and more. Through this process of a human journeying back to god, we create a stronger and stronger linkage to that.

It is another way of saying that everything is interconnected. It’s just that we humans generally take the easy route of only connecting to our lesser mannerism – the seductions of the material world. In this way, most of us fail to catch up with our inner depths, which can connect us to a process that is as big as the universe. And that entire universe can be understood as being one breath.

Within that understanding is the truth that everything is just energy in one state or another, from the power station above (Creation), all the way down to the human (the light bulb). And the light bulb, if it chooses, can access its connections all the way back to the transformers and, ultimately, all the way back to the power station.

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