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Humans, by design, have a greater purpose in life, beyond career, family, and any physical trappings of success. That purpose is to become aligned, and in service to, the purposes of God and creation. How do we do that? Simply put, we are coded and designed to respond to the call of this higher purpose; we already know it, deep inside, if we can become quiet enough to respond to our inner guidance, through our higher self, which is naturally connected to everything in the universe. John’s dream shows him getting this message from within, in the form of a Fax. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream I go to a place where I can receive an important fax that informs me about what a person is up to. In other words, there’s something going on that is a mystery to me, and so I go to get the fax to get the dope on it. Upon receiving it, I feel I also need a copy of it, because I receive it on the inner plane levels where it actually happens, and so now I need a copy of it in the outer plane.

I sneak into the commander, the chief of police’s office, where he has a copy machine. But this copy machine is hooked up to his phone, so I’m proceeding to make a copy of the document. It’s five or six pages and it takes a long time to do it, and somehow or another I think I’m hidden and out of sight and no one’s watching me.

And I have an inroad to be able to sneak into the police station because a person who works there I know needs to talk to me about something that they are interested in, so I have a certain comfortability of being able to go in there even though what I’m up to, I’m doing off to one side. But the police kind of know I’m like that.

It’s not like I am hidden from them, but I know that deep down I’m kind of taking liberties with the place. That’s the sensation I carry. So someone in another office picks up the phone, and the phone is tied up because I’m using it to make my copy, and realizes that I’m in the commander’s office. And it’s like everybody knows immediately. It’s almost like, yeah, he’s up to something.

As soon as he picks up the phone I’m caught. And so they have to stop me. So the word goes out that I need to stop, so I get every copy I have rounded up in one big mitt full. I didn’t get a copy of the very last page is all.

As I come out a person hands me like a door opener type thing, or access opener, and says to me to give him a call. He also says that it will take a while. In other words, he knows what’s in my document, and it will take a while for this person, in terms of what this document is about, to act out however they need to act out.

So I have time to utilize the inside dope that I have, before whatever that is, is able to occur, so I have the time and the freedom to do what I need to do. The cop was more or less telling me that.

In other words, they’re not confiscating the documents or taking the papers; when I left the commander’s office I just picked them up all in one lump deal. I probably need to sort them out with the exception that I don’t have a copy of the very last page. But I have the original, so I’ll be able to figure it out from there.

The meaning of this is that one comes into the world with a purpose – an inner soul purpose. We find it by connecting to who we are. This higher self has the primary blueprint. In creation I am able to slowly catch up with what is written within.

Appearances are not what they seem to be, in this reflective realm. The police only appear to be doing their job. Actually, they are instrumental in my access to re-recognizing that which I carry within. They are my key and means of access.

In the dream the police were the part in me that needs to learn the right protocol for opening doors to what needs to be known. Deep down they’re on my side, even though for appearances they serve the collective. I know that, but still I have to recognize that there’s got to be this plausible deniability when it comes to the collective order. So they have to kind of stop me and look the other way, but not lower any booms or anything, and I have a little time to act.

The fabric of the world is protected, supposedly, by these police, the collective police. However, I have a freedom to go behind the scenes, get the info I need, and am able to act upon this on my own before the issue is a public issue that the police need to take on.

The police are also like an all pervading power that can act for the benefit of the whole if need be. I do not feel it will come to that because I have the information and the time. I’m told that I have plenty of time even, that I need to do what is necessary as the police play dumb.

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It it often hard to understand the idea that “Life is an illusion,” that what we see and experience in the outer, physical world, is not the truth of life. Yet if you consider that all matter arises from the realms of energy, then the physical world (creation) can be understood as merely a reflection of those energies. To get beyond the “illusion” of the physical, is to become connected to the energies, and to know the purposes, that give rise to physical creation. And humans are designed to do just that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I dreamed a lot last night, but I only remember the last dream, which seems to have two parts to it.

In the initial part of this dream I seem to go into a room. It’s kind of a large bare room with wooden floors, kind of light colored – whitish colored. I’ve gone into the room and there’s a group of men in there wearing Galabiyas and one of the men is a twirler. And I even see him twirling except the only difference is it’s almost like he has a cloth that’s just been put over his head and tucked into the Galabiya. It’s not like a hood. It’s more like a cloth that covers his whole head, so you don’t see his face at all.

I think the cloth that covers his head is purple, and at some point when I’m in there they accuse me of having stolen the twirler. I think I still see him, but I mean, I’m accused of having stolen him.

That’s the first half of the dream.

John: The twirler is a consciousness that exists inside of you, which is veiled. And you find yourself in existence accepting the fact that somehow that is gone, or missing, or stolen, but inside of you is the consciousness that is able to proceed through life, in creation, without being affected by the illusion of things in terms of the reflections of the outer.

In other words, you can see through that. You can see through the veils that that seems to present based upon reflections. In other words, the twirler, or the consciousness, is hidden within or underneath all that exists in creation, or in manifestation. Underneath, or from inside of that, is an essence of all that there is, and it only appears to be stolen away or veiled. It’s there for those with eyes to see.

Jeane: In the next part of the dream it feels like, again, a man wearing a Galabiya whose face I don’t really see, takes me over to what looks like a drafting desk. It feels like there’s some work people want me to do, but the drafting paper and the designs on the table are covered up with a sheet of paper. So it’s almost like they want me to do some work, but they don’t want me to see what’s being done.

I kind of lift up just a corner of the paper, even though they’ve told me not to do anything, so that I can kind of peek at the designs on the paper. And then I kind of look at the guy and I tell him I’ve got it figured out, even though maybe they didn’t want me to look, and they don’t want me to know it. You know, I’m going to tell him what’s going on.

John: In creation everything is at a different and slower vibration, so technically, light itself, which is at another all inclusive speed, and things in creation are at a lower, denser speed, remain hidden. And it’s assumed that you’re not supposed to be able to catch up with that when you are in creation. In other words, that’s the presumption that is generally taken for granted by most people who see themselves in this lesser capacity.

Nothing in manifestation, in terms of the senses, and the appearances, and the mind, take you anywhere. In other words, it’s not like those are the tools that you use in order to realize what needs to be realized as the actual realness that exists.

But there’s a way that you can peek, and you can see behind the curtain of all of that, in order to take the steps you need to take. And once you’ve figured that out, just you taking and discovering what needs to be discovered, creates a peeling away of the veils, a revealing. In other words, you bring something of a clarity or a light into an inflection, and this reaches beyond, or is a step that takes one beyond, the appearances that everyone else has bought into and takes for granted.

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Jeane: My dream last night started out with me wandering through the desert with a group. There are people that are guiding us through – they’re like Bedouins, except that they’re wearing indigo colored robes.

Initially, we just follow them. As we get deeper into the desert, there are areas with rising rock walls that we go between. I move closer to our guides, getting right in behind them. When I do, it suddenly feels like I’m under their protection, or it feels like I’m one of them. I don’t have the sense of being separate.

I can feel that I have a certain protection from them that allows me to stay out where they are, even though I’m not a Bedouin (or whichever tribe this group is from).

As the dream goes on, we come to an area where there are caves, and I think people are flying overhead in helicopters and hunting. It’s almost like there are military exercises going on or something, so it’s important that people know who’s on their side and who’s not.

At this point I realize I can make certain sounds, and even run through the caves, and be recognized by the Bedouins and even by some of the people in the helicopters. I can also find my way back to the group or be separated out if that’s what’s needed.

I have to remember the songs, and also remember the way back and forth. It seems like there has to be this form of signaling because otherwise the people flying above, and just seeing everyone in the desert, wouldn’t really be able to tell who was on their side or not.

John: The Bedouins, a nomadic desert tribe, represent, in this image, something that sits in this huge overall spaciousness – the open desert – and opens up perception and awareness. The Bedouins, as a tribe, also represent something connected into a period of time that stretches back thousands of years, flowing in an overallness in which very little has changed.

In coming to recognize this overallness, through this vibration inside you, you are also becoming aware of things that can cause you to get a little disoriented (feel hunted), in relationship to this greater overallness that has opened up. But you have your guides, and you’ve found, because you have a comfortability in Creation, that you can use songs to move about in order to make yourself known.

In other words, these songs or sounds create a connection, or a linkage, through which you can be just fine in this overall greater spaciousness, i.e., you can be just as at home in the desert as a Bedouin, knowing how to safely come and go.

In other words, you have found the means by which you can better appreciate this expanded space that you have opened up, which has an orientation to the past, and a sense of freedom. You have gained an understanding of your whereabouts within this space and, if in doubt, you have learned to use sound to orient yourself.

In a sense, you have proven that you are not an outsider in this greater space, but an accepted participant who belongs there. That’s an important idea in a spiritual journey: a human being who lets go of personal ego and cultural, planetary attachments, does so in an effort to join with something else, something much greater, which is already in progress.

The idea of joining an already ancient process, which is playing out at a universal level, requires that we humans get to know Its ways – that we learn to fit into It, and to be like It. It is a truth of the human journey that Creation will never exclude us from participating, but we can (and do) exclude ourselves by being out of alignment with its ways and purposes.

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