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Jeane: In this scenario I’ve gone outside in an older, walled city and there’s a funeral precession going by. The people are carrying the body on a platform and it’s covered by a shroud. 

I can tell that it’s a young girl of about 9 years old who’s died. I’m wondering where the parents are. Then I see the parents, who are fairly young, being carried in a large boat, and there are other people in the boat, too.

The parents sit at the very back, the father on one side wrapped up in his grief, and the mother on the other side. She throws herself down on the bench in her grief and, when she does that, her dress comes up so she’s exposed. I’m wishing someone would cover her up a bit because she seems so exposed in her grief.

John: What’s going on in this dream is the imbalance you’ve become aware of is coming across as a type of grief. It’s similar to the shame you felt in the earlier part of the dream (see Thick as a Brick), but grief is the lower octave. Longing is the higher octave.

The longing leads to the death, not the grief of the death, but the longing leads through whatever death there is, or separation there is, within. The grief doesn’t go through it. The grief leaves you and causes you to experience something that’s more than you’re able and willing to accept.

Thus the grief can lead back to a further delusion, or veiling, or separation. But the longing – in the face of something that has changed or died or is no longer meant to be – is an echo deep, deep inside that carries you all the way back to the very first aspect, right from the very beginning.

In other words the beginning and the end are one and the same. Your beginning image saw you heading to a home where you knew your mother was and you had a full sense of this. Then you got deviated and in that deviation you took on guilt and shame. Well, since that needs to change, that’s where the teacher comes in to change it, so that you can now follow the note of yourself all the way back.

In this part of the dream, instead of this being called shame, it’s seen as grief; some part of you has died. This is totally preoccupying you, but on a higher octave you should know that the way you’re meant to feel that separation and distance is with the longing that will help you awaken to the echoed vibration that will see you through again.

This is more information, in terms of how one shifts in one’s ability or responsibility to be able to hear and hold a particular vibratory note. You have a sense of that in the second part of the dream (see The Teacher Inside) where you look to hear the quality of the masculine coming through that holds the note.

This grief thing is very, very interesting. It’s a sadness that you are taking on a little bit. It’s needing to find a connection with the earth or something in order to put you back in touch with what you know as a state, or point in time, that’s meant to be. And yet there’s a disturbance.

Your sense of what you’re drawn to in the outer redeems all of that, and puts you in touch with something that rises up – that’s what it does, it rises up. It’s like a light touching light. It’s a type of longing. Longing does that.

Wow. Very complicated dream.

What you’re doing is you’re describing the schematic, a flow chart for how to Travel In God. Because what you’re doing is you’re laying out the blueprint for how it works. It shows that you don’t hold the same principles of things against you, when you’re in this deeper part of yourself.

When you’re shifted in this part of you, you don’t hold onto the grief – it’s counterproductive. Shame, again, isn’t natural. These are conditions that impact the ability to Travel In God. You don’t really wrestle with the grief or the guilt when you’re Traveling Towards God. You don’t know where that fits in.

But when you’re trying to Travel In God, all of that now has to be taken into account.

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Jeane: In this dream I’ve gone to what looks like a meeting place in the woods. I should also mention that I’ve dreamt about this place before.

The meeting place is deep in the woods. I’m staying in a house somewhere else, and I have to walk along a path to get to the meeting. It gets really dark and… You know, I remember the last time I had this dream, I had to have someone help me navigate a certain section of the path because it got so dark I couldn’t see where I was going.

Anyway, I go back and forth along this path. The building has about three levels to it and there are lots of things going on in different rooms. In one room there is a scene like in a bathhouse, in another it’s like a salon for entertaining, and then there are other areas where people meet.

At one point I realize a friend of mine is there, too (someone I’m staying with). But she left the building early, so when I go to leave I realize it’s gotten too dark to find my way by myself. I decide to stay for a while.

I’m not going to spend the night, but I’m going to stay and see if my friend comes back. Perhaps we can get a flashlight to help on the trail.

Then I go into another room and I see the teacher sitting in a chair. There are other people in the room. When I stand up, I’m standing a certain way, and then I realize I’m standing in the wrong way. I straighten up, and I’m trying to say something, and then the teacher says something to me and I can’t hear him.

I look at him and say, “I just can’t hear you. I tried standing up straighter and everything.” He laughs about something and I think he says, “Yes, you’re blocking me out.”

John: You’re blocking him out?

Jeane: Yes, and everybody laughs. I mean, it’s actually kind of funny; even I get it. I turn around when it’s time to leave, and a man comes up to me and compliments me on something I did. I don’t quite get that because, on one hand I think I blew it, and on the other hand I understood that I was blowing it, so it actually was okay.

My friend has come back and I think her husband is there, too. Now I have to figure out again how to get back through the woods, on that dark and narrow path, to where I’m staying.

John: The overall imagery of one place being where something special happens, and then the other place being where you reside – you can easily just look at this aspect and say that the place where the meetings are and something special happens is at the top of the breath. It’s where the in-breath turns into the out-breath.

You can also call it the crown, if you imagine this image as top and bottom. Then, of course, you find yourself having to go through a darkness to end up back at the house where you’re staying, which could be considered the base. So you find that there’s this huge gap between the two – between the base and the crown – in which there’s just darkness. If you were looking at this as an aspect of breath, it would be where the out-breath turns into the in-breath.

Tomorrow we’ll look at this and explore what is being shown about the higher self and the lower self, and how we can bring light to the darkness in between.

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John: In the first dream I just have an image of something that will rise up if it’s not tied down. That’s all I need to say about it. The meaning: in order to grow in the broadest possible way, there can be no limitations set.

In this instance, I’m talking about the inclination most of us have to resist surrendering completely. By that I mean, as long as we hold on to one intellectual idea or another about the spiritual path, we’ll just be reflecting our own perceptions back and forth. It takes surrender to reach the state of nothingness.

I think this scenario was triggered in me by a dream told by someone else. The way they were looking at their dream, I felt that they were resisting the major breakthrough that the images were presenting, and grasping only one aspect of it for personal growth. In a way, I thought they were hearing only what they wanted to hear. On some level, they still weren’t ready for the big breakthrough.

So, by clinging to our own conceptions of things, we often find ourselves shut off from greater insights.

In the next dream, an effort to make a situation better has resulted in greater confusion and greater difficulty.

It has to do with constructing a house. There are two houses side by side, like a mirror of each other. Something has been said or done that, instead of helping, has resulted in the need for $600 in additional roofing material and $400 in additional labor to rectify.

These expenses wouldn’t have been necessary if the matter had been left alone, in terms of how the energy was presented. In other words, if it had just been looked at in the right way, this would not have occurred. But a deviation was caused when what needed to be seen, was not seen.

So, this furthers the trace of the earlier dream. It may have appeared to me as if something more needed to occur, yet each person needs what is appropriate for them in a given moment.

If we are not ready to hear, or face, something, we react in a way that creates a veil – it creates new expenses, if you will, incurred by the detour in our journey.

The veil is a defense mechanism that seeks to protect us in some fashion. It either keeps us in our density, or it keeps us from accessing the light that might be too much for us at that moment.

I’m beginning to see that when any communication creates a resistance, in me or in another, a veil is actually being created, almost as a way of slowing down. It creates a roadblock. Too much light can be as big an issue as too much density.

The solution is to become more connected from within, and then I will see what I don’t currently see. I’m still too much in my lower self to know the difference at this point. If I don’t know how to say or do something in such a way that it can be taken in by another, it can end up hurting. That’s the real nature of the hesitancy and reserve that I’ve been feeling for years. It has taken until now for me to see the problem face to face – for me to lift the veil.

I also had another dream to show me that I need to learn to be less presumptuous; I need to be able to adjust myself accordingly.

I’m on a volleyball team and we are the heavy favorites to win the game. I can feel in my bones that the other team doesn’t have what it takes; we’ve got this game won.

However, that’s not what happens. The ball is served from the other side, and it ricochets to someone on my side. I go for the ball, but my feet aren’t properly centered. I spin around trying to reach the ball, racing as hard as I can. But when I finally hit the ball, it goes off at an angle that’s out of play. This is the result of me being twisted around.

So the image is showing a blind side that I have. Because I’m not able to take in all the considerations, things come at me unexpectedly, which I’m then unable to handle. I presume I’ve got what it takes, but I’m blind to my weaknesses.

So I am being guided through this process of realization, where I can lift the veil and face these limitations I have set, or the veils I’ve put in place. This series of dreams is showing me that I need to listen to my heart with greater attention.

While I’m able to see my mistakes, I also feel that healing is possible. Had I not seen it, I may not have been able to forgive, on some inner level, and may have done more damage. This is one way we create suffering for others and ourselves.

In the volleyball game we blew it because of an over-the-top confidence – it took the team out of flow. As you begin to look at imbalances, you begin to see the clues around you. I’ve been guilty of a failure to trust that even when guidance appears in a way that seems a little disconcerting, it’s that way because of the bigger picture.

I need to become more aware of how much work I need to be able to take a vibration into myself. And how much I need to hold that vibration and shape it into further softening and surrender. And how I need to see that this note furthers the connection.

That was it.

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