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Everything that we experience becomes a vibration, or combination of vibrations, that we must process through our systems, in the same way that our body processes food for the nutrients that are useful and expels the waste that is not useful. Our dreams are part of this sorting process, where we can connect right to the fundamentals of the vibration and see it in an unbiased format – this helps us process certain energies into further evolution, and lets us let go of the energies we no longer have a use for. In this analogy, we can understand how important our dreams are to our health and well being. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my dreams, by comparison to this, were pointing out that in this total letting go is where everything is able to happen. And that even a dream itself is a flicker that happens, that is a ripple in the total letting-go process.

So what happens is, if you are a person who’s totally caught up in this, that, and the other in the outer, then the reflective conditions of the outer are your boss, they control you, you don’t have any freedom of a letting-go flow.

And so you go from hot to cold, from sad to happy, expansive to contractive, and you just yo-yo. And that even in what is considered deep states of sleep, or meditation, where you have an image of something that you write up as a dream, or an experience, or whatever, where that is coming from is that you start with the principle that you are not meant to hold on to things. And so, in the letting go, you have let go to all of a sudden you have hit a point where there’s still something that needs to be lived out, burned off, a dross yet that still can cause a ripple on the water. And that ripple is what you perceive.

So what’s interesting is that you can follow this concentration, or a type of longing, using the outer as a vehicle means, as the greater teacher. You can follow that as far as you can hold this state of intention of letting go. You can go as far as that can go.

And when it hits something in which something rises up and comes out, if you can keep that from rising up and coming out, you continue to go even deeper, and deeper, and deeper into the letting go, as a depth, as an overallness, as a wholeness, as a universality of beingness.

And so the principle of working with meditation, and truly meditating, and with dreams, to describe what a dream is, to describe what those images are, is to understand that you are pulling, out of a stillness, a ripple. And you’re portraying the ripple.

And so, in an awakening process, an awakening process being a process by which you come to know, and be, everything, in terms of all that is going on – by this letting go. The awakening process can be understood, in terms of where someone is at, based upon how subtle of a ripple it is that they are able to grasp. Because when there is absolutely total stillness, there is everything. There’s just oneness.

But when there are still ripples that arise, the way to think of it is to think of it in terms of conditions that one imposes upon themselves as defense mechanisms. If a person goes through something that’s traumatic, and they don’t want to experience it, or live it out, they repress it. And it gets repressed deep, deep in the synapses of their nature. And then, if circumstances come to where the stillness is enough, the energy that’s used to keep it repressed is dropped.

And, what ends up happening, is this ripple can suddenly come to the surface, and that ripple will come to the surface as an image. And that image can then portray a hint of something behind it yet, where you stopped, where you were at. But, otherwise, you wouldn’t even have the knowability of that. So it becomes like a type of seeing and hearing, in a nothingness, in which everything is.

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oil-refinery-900In our spiritual journey, and in our dreams, we are trying to connect to an inner level, a level of the unconscious, and bring it into consciousness. We can do this while awake if we are not too full in ourselves with the nonsense of daily life. We can do this with our dreams if we are able to remember them upon waking and gain the insights that they can offer us. And we can also get glimpses of the unconscious when we are in that in-between state, between waking and sleeping at night, and between sleeping and waking in the morning. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There is a quality within that is ordinarily so repressed, and so pent up, that it’s like at a stop sign, or it is limited from flowing, because it has tones, moods, mannerisms, outer involvements, whatever you want to call it, that keep it from awakening as a presence of being.

For me it’s more of a type of flow and action. The way I approach that is, first of all, I’m starting to contend with a kind of hypnagogic as I’m falling into the stillness of meditation. Now this opening up happens in the hypnagogic of the falling asleep zone.

Now I’ve heard, of course, that the hypnagogic was both in the falling asleep and in the waking up, and had only been in touch with that as a quality of contending with the myriad of vibrations, and streamlining those myriad of vibrations, in the waking up process – or the hypnagogic coming from sleep to the senses again.

I am only recently coming to realize that the hypnagogic works in the going to sleep. And, when it works in that regard, it does take in the qualities of being able to recognize how something is meaningful in relationship to an unfolding revelation around you, or, in other words, like a translucent going to sleep imagery that has a vibration that can be deemed quite applicable to going from inner into outer.

The hypnagogic zone in the waking up is more like a zone that is coming in touch with an intertwinement kind of alignment. The hypnagogic when you are going into the stillness, and it is suddenly there before you’re somewhere deep, deep somewhere, is a zone in which there is the breakthrough of that stillness into the outer, or into life. In other words, it’s where the revelation is lived, so to speak, when the other is waking up.

And so my meditation dream, the way that came across was that I was able to tell, based upon the meditation dream, that what I’m going through within, or able to see from within, is connected to an innerness as a value, and I am able now to know the importance even when in the outer you’re not generally ready to notice the correlation, yet to live it you have to see the correlation that everything is part of this coming together.

And in this meditation dream I somehow know that, as strange as that may sound. To know what isn’t visible based upon an unwritten, and unfulfilled, essence, is a reaching to a connection that comes from within and touches the outer appearances. I am shown that I am able to live this inner essence in some aspect in the outer, in fact change that aspect in the outer, even though there’s no evidence other than the innerness in this hypnagogic that is visible.

The importance of an intertwined oneness is the dominant energetic of the dream. Appearances in the outer suggest that there is no reason to proceed any further, in other words, in terms of how things are without this other being there tweaking things in its own little unique way. In other words, what looks like a disconnect, discombobulated unfoldment is able to be, from deep within, intertwined to all that there is, or to what there is that’s meant to come into fruition at this time.

You can characterize it by saying that the day arrives where I need to make a choice. The choice I need to make is to the inner essence, seeable by the eyes of a subtle, all-pervasive connection. The situation is as follows, and so now I describe a scenario, and it’s from and through this scenario – in a hypnagogic way – that I was able to describe the above.

I am in possession of a value, that I need to access, that lies hidden in my beingness and the need exists for it to play a role in the outer. In the scenario, I possess a value, which is this ore deposit, that if shipped a great distance, which means that there’s no place to handle that locally, it will lose too much of its essence, because to ship it a great distance kills the awakening, and it kills what’s possible. It drains the life’s blood out of it.

What is needed is a refinery that’s nearby, that’s inclusive, to work with this, so that it can retain more of the value of its inner essence. So, in the scenario, I am shown how it is possible to bring that connection to a greater closeness, or how to go about a nearby refinery as it is in an outer appearance, in order to protect and facilitate the inner revelation, in terms of coming through.

So the meaning is, is to be able to see this, what has taken place as one is going into the stillness, I’m able to see, and dream, how to connect to an intertwined essence which predominates; in other words, it’s a hidden innerness, but I know how to flow with it, or bring it to the surface into manifestation. I’m able to do this based upon a connection I have, and therefore able to take this innerness and make the outer reflective.

See, ordinarily, when you’re waking up, when it’s the hypnagogic of waking up from a deep sleep, or stillness, back to the senses, the outer is reflective at you, as something as a glancing back, so to speak, kind of waking up.

That’s what the sensation is like, and that’s the flow and the motion, when you are having the hypnagogic state of coming from the stillness back into waking up, or coming back into a strange kind of waking up, which is back to the senses. And, as you come back to the senses, you have that reflective to the inner.

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inner-depths-1Diving to our inner depths is a poetic way to think about our awakening, and here we see that very imagery in a dream, with the dreamer swimming into the unconscious realms, where great things, the size of whales, swim about freely. Such a journey could be terribly frightening, but not this day, where the beauty of the inner experience can be felt just by the description. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my dream was, I had to travel somewhere and, at night, I’d go and I’d catch a boat and it’s just a man on a boat, almost like one of those paddle boats you see nowadays where people stand on them, except it was about the size of a kayak and you could get in it.

Well, he goes across this bay that, in the past you used to be able to go to this bay and deep underwater you could swim with the whales and, apparently, it’s more of a whale sanctuary now. But because it’s nighttime, and his boat doesn’t have a motor, I grab hold of a rope and anchor it to the boat and I slip underwater to see if I can see the whales.

They’re so deep down, and it’s kind of blue water that’s lit from beneath when you go under, so I kind of hold onto the rope and swim in a circle and I can glimpse way down kind of the energy of the whales.

You don’t quite see them, it’s more like shadows down there, movement, but you still get the sense of them. And I think that’s really special because it’s nighttime. There’s moonlight. There’s this kind of blue light that comes from the water itself, down deep, and there’s a sense the whales are down there circling around.

And then I come up and we go on across the bay, and as I’m on my way to where I’m going and he is with me, the boatman starts talking to me about a children’s book he thinks that I should get that’s like an older book. It’s a tale that may even be somewhat out of print.

We have to keep moving because of somewhere I’m going, but as we move we stop at a university bookstore and there’s another bookstore they direct us to, and even though someone can’t find that book on their computer, she has a sense it might be at a certain place in the store. We feel like if we just kind of keep moving as we go by there, maybe it will pick up the book. That is all I really remember of that dream.
John: Well, the cadence of the dreaming had to do with going back and looking at the means upon which you access information. And the information that you access is information almost as if, maybe the short way of saying it, is if you’re catching up with a quality or thought of God upon which you are designed.

And so you’re describing kind of how it works for you, and so you’re required to hold a composure and go into the depths of yourself, and there you find something ancient. In other words, you don’t find it by going outwardly, or transcendently. You find it by going into the depths of yourself.

And then in that far flung zone is something ancient that is there, only that ancientness comes across in terms of you catching up with something at its origin; from the depths you catch up with something at its origin, like a children’s book, and that’s how you are inclined to access the information, or put yourself in a position upon which the information can come through.

It’s not like you actually access it. It’s that you know that it’s at that depth and that it’s ancient, and that you put yourself in a position so that it can open up to you. It doesn’t open up to you. It’s not like you go down there and you find it in that direction. It’s more like in going in that direction you’re letting go, or you’re settling back, or you’re released, or you’re relaxed.

In other words, this is the means upon which something is able to come through. It’s kind of like a portrayal of a subjective sight, or a subjective knowingness. There’s an objective knowingness too, but it works differently.

This is the subjective knowingness. It’s in that place, in the depths of that, as a type of calmness and soothing, that you’re able to find your balance, or to be in a position to know what is meant to be, or in a position so something can come out, so that you can recognize something.

If you don’t do that of course, you then just kind of stay… it’s a paradox on the idea that you’re going into the subconscious. In other words, you’re unconscious and subconscious during ordinary normal life, but you become more conscious and closer to the depths of yourself when you go down there and realize that it’s more alive there, in that direction of letting go, and being at a state of calm and repose, than it is on the surface of things.

It provided information in terms of how something seems to come through in terms of an accessibility. In your dream it shows that you do this by plunging, in some aspect, to a depth, a letting go depth, a receptive letting go depth, and then you get a sense of things from that zone that is ancient and old.

So one sits and wonders where does this come from, how does this arise, and it’s almost as if you have embedded in you that quality already, and you don’t figure it out by banging around, bumping into things, and struggling in the outer. You catch up with it by the quietness inside you.

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