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We may like the idea of being in the flow, or living in the moment, yet so many of our actions seek, in one way or another, to change the course of that flow, or change the outcome, or speed it up or slow it down, all to suit our view of things. Of course, this rarely works, and usually it creates even more issues, as collateral damage, that need to be dealt with. We are still learning the way to be with life’s unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the dream I remember is I’m going to work, and the building I’m going to work in I think it’s kind of new to me. It’s a rather plain building with wooden floors, on one level, with lots of windows. 

But there’s a couple of rooms, and in one room you have people working on a project on different round tables, and you sit down. But if you go in and you do your work in that room, after you’ve done your work, you have to make your hours fit in this grid. In other words, everybody has a piece of paper that’s marked into a grid, every person has so many hours in a little box on the grid. But the different columns have to add up in a certain way, so even if you worked a certain number of hours you may not be able to log all your hours because it has to not take away from the hours that somebody else put on that line. 

So you have to be careful how much work you do in that room so that it fits on the grid. And you can just go into the adjoining room and work. Well, I’m new, and so sometimes I’m not sure which room I’m supposed to do my work in yet. And I’ve worked in both rooms during the day. And the next day when I go in I start to bring my hours down and someone suddenly showing me, well, I can put my hours down on this grid for the hours I was in that room, but I need to not take away from the hours so that one other person had put in there, some initials MJ or something. 

So I’m trying to figure it out, because I’m not quite sure how the grid works. And that somehow had to do something with my sister flying home, and where everybody was sitting on the airplane. That’s all I can tell you.

John: That’s a pretty interesting and deep dream, because what it’s basically saying is you’re working with the principles of time and space. But the essential aspect that you’re working with is the principle of time. 

One of the problems in terms of working with a certain principle of time, where you have to work that in relationship to space, is that you have to let everything unfold on its path, you don’t interfere with something. And so how you fit that time in, like, for example, you as a feminine nature should have a greater understanding of the grid than maybe the masculine nature. 

But as you take and you work with something, like with your dad, and how he should be, and how things need to come together and whatnot, and where all the over-the-topism needs to subside, you’re playing the principle of time; time on a grid. 

Again, time is a thought, it’s the thoughts when they come down; it’s in the out-breath. And, as a thought comes down, it has to contend with the collective of all kinds of thoughts that exist. And a thought, per se, can be like a plague if it’s too set, if it can’t properly let go. The principle of properly letting go, and properly flowing, and hitting a quality of a stillness is where you don’t interfere with things in terms of the time and grid evolvement. 

It’s like other people all have what they’re working on in terms of their time in the grid. And there is a way of approaching things so that everything fits in its process – because it’s all a oneness. There are bifurcations, you don’t fight the bifurcations, it does no good to fight the bifurcations. You just realize that everything unfolds, in terms of its time and space. 

You have to know how to work with time, work with the thoughts on the grid, without interfering. And there’s plenty of room and plenty of space for doing that. And when you do that, then you go into the next room, which is the room of stillness. Until you are able to do that, until you learn the principle of that, you struggle, you contend, you wear yourself out. 

Any kind of wearing or exhausting yourself out is a signal from the heart that something is not right. In other words it requires a reading sight so that all of it finds its balance of flow, in the outer, in the time space continuum, in the in-breath and out-breath where things don’t contend, and have to contend, back and forth as if they have to contend – that’s where you hit the letting go.

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When we look at a dream we can understand the timings of events. We might be early, or running late, or missing something altogether. Obstructions may arise that prevent us. Roads may get steeper, or bridges may be out. In the dream world, we are looking at inner timings in the sense of: are we ready for what is trying to happen? If not, we will put barriers up. How intense that becomes tells us a lot about our own resistance. When we are ready, and the timing is right, the connections are made: a car will arrive, a road will appear, or a person will show up. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That sets the meditation tone, of which, then there are three dreams. In the first dream, I’m at a restaurant with a close friend, only he, in this instance, owns the restaurant. He is able to dictate what’s able to happen there. 

There’s something more that is needed to open things up. And this person I am with is someone I’ve known for a long time that sees himself close to me, and, at the same time, I think a lot of him. But there’s a certain distance; he seeks to close the distance. It’s as if something’s trying to open up inside of me. 

As I get up from the table, to order or to get something that is missing, he suggests I go to the wine room, pick out a wine that is already open, and he points to a thing that indicates that I put it on his tab. This is something that is hard for me to do. I have too many things in the way in terms of trying to simply go to the wine room to get this bottle. 

First, I have to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is in a place that is kind of off to one side, and I keep forgetting how to get there. So this is causing me to be disoriented. And then I know I’ve got to get the wine before I can even order the food. Oh, this is just getting really confusing. The problem I’m having is a lot of time is going by and this is another concern; I’ve got to get back to the table. He’s going to wonder what the heck is the matter with me.

The meaning is, in this dream, there is an awareness that is part of an unfolding scenario I have been averting. The heart is inadvertently estranged because of a disorientation I yet carry. So the disorientation is one of timing, so we’re working with the timing aspect.

The meditation dream worked with both timing and spaciality. So this works with timing, the next dream works with spaciality. 

In the next dream, the unfoldment flow has me checking into what feels like an educational retreat, which I see myself as scheduled to go to. This time, I will be visited by a close friend and his wife. I haven’t seen them for years, like 30 years or more – a long, long time. And I have a special connection with him, and an inner heartfelt merge connection – that is unspoken – with her. 

I have heard that they are divorced, and have been like this for a long, long time. Long ago I’d help them get together. And they had a daughter who I never saw, who is now all grown up, probably 35 or 40 years old now. This is a meeting in which the three of us are to meet for the first time in a long, long time. 

Suddenly, I’m told she won’t be coming. This saddens me because I was really looking forward to this connection, to the reconnection. And then almost simultaneously with that, I am told that on the fourth, again four being an aspect of completion of the spaciousness, which is also part of the timeframe which I have set aside to be on this quiet, educational retreat that this woman has arranged for my room, meaning it’s like she has paid for it. See, I’m all prepared to pay for it, and now she has paid for it. It’s a little confusing, but, anyway, that has happened. 

And so the meaning is, as in the prior dream, there is a connective inner awareness that is waking up – because in the meditation dream I have a disorientation. In this dream, it is coming towards me. In the other dream I’m having trouble hearing it, in terms of the timing, and chain of events that predominate over the designed setting. 

In the first dream the guy at the restaurant table has a need that we see ourselves more closely. In other words, we come together; he and I come together more. He is reaching for that. I remain just out of touch.

In the prior dream, there is a timing needed for the connection to be in sync. And in this dream, the connection has always been there, in the heart, as a dormant overall spaciousness – a capacity that, deep down, encompasses my overall beingness. And from the meditation dream, I am aware of how there needs to be an energetic timing and spaciousness of the heart, which takes me to a knowingness, pent up as a waiting and watching inflective dormancy.

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Jean-Francois Millet

If we are in an inner stillness, there is no where else to go – we are already there. But nary a moment will go by that doesn’t pull for our attention. When it does, if we respond, we find ourselves disconnected from the stillness and having to manage ourselves in what seems like a chaotic environment. This happens over and over again, but, in time we can learn to stay in the inner stillness and also be engaged with the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my sleep dream, what I notice is that I am in a house, waiting and waiting, in kind of a state of suspense, because I’m being pulled by an identification that I know is upon me, in which I’m going to be leaving a more well-reasoned stillness, and going out in the field. 

And so I’m not in a proper stillness because my attention is to a timing that will set in motion, then, an out-breath effect. And then the corresponding aspects that result from launching out with the thought that goes to it, that is a type of timing motion, that goes then into the opening of things up that gets into spaciousness on the in-breath, and so on. 

So there is the sensation, that when you’re like this that you have, that is looking for its identification, which is the timing upon the breath. So, in the dream, as I’m waiting for the time to act, and I am in this house, absorbed by a self-imposed condition, in which I say that I have to go into the field when the timing is right. In other words, caught in this conundrum that’s a spellbound thing that I’m going to do to myself. 

Suddenly the announcement comes that the pickers have arrived. What this is about – this is my cue – the pickers come, and then the pickers pick all kinds of different things out there – the vegetables. And what I need to go out there, they pick everything at once, and as soon as the announcement is given that the pickers have arrived, I need to get out there because I need the onions to start the cooking. 

I have to saute the onions up and whatnot as the first step. After that is ready, then I contend with what’s next in terms of the ingredients and components, but that is another aspect in due time, that’s part of the spaciousness. 

So, the meaning is, this is a dream that drills down, first of all, on the timing as an identification problem when there is a compelling need to have to do something in the outer. 

The spaciousness, which involves everything else that ensues on the breath, which is the timing launching, has been initiated, it will follow, and it will be represented by the other components. But they’re not the direct issue, the issue is getting something started, and the timing to get something started, that is the out-breath first – before the in-breath part is invoked. 

In other words, the other ingredient you answer on the in-breath spaciousness. But you know when you’re feeling all of this and whatnot, if you really, really do look closely at yourself, you realize there’s just a stillness: there is no in-breath or out-breath intensity and waywardness if you sit predominantly whole in the stillness.

What I am doing in my dream is feeling the heaviness of a consuming energetic noodling around as an identification barrier, that is the illusionary journey of manifestation. In other words, it’s the illusionary journey of manifestation, or the movie screen projection of things, that one goes through and tries to pretend is real – when only the stillness is real.

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