Conscious Growth

consciousness1-compressedLife rarely gives us the opportunity to relive a moment, or have a second chance at an outcome. But dreams can offer that opportunity, and it can be great when they do. Here, the main character is able to overcome an “insurmountable” issue. And when that type of change happens in our dreams, it often means something has shifted for us on the inside. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I’m looking at a trail that lies before me. My memory of this trail from the past is that there is a part in which suddenly I have to incur a 20-foot elevation change that is abrupt and insurmountable.

But now all of a sudden I’m on the same trail as if it’s a repeat again, and I can’t help but notice that we have gone on this trail in good faith even, in the past, about to do it again, but the memory is that this obstacle is so insurmountable that it has had a demoralizing effect upon the heart that created a wound I am able to reflect to again. And for a split second in the meditation dream, I am returning to this wound and can feel the echo of the pain.

In the meditation dream I’m on the trail again. I notice the flinch familiarity of the path, and I get apprehensive because I know what’s coming – but this time the result is different. I’m able to take the excursion of this path, this note, and not experience any problem whatsoever.

I never come across the issue that had been insurmountable before. Instead I go down the trail so naturally that this time, in reflection to how natural I went down the trail, I’m having trouble relating to just what all that fuss and anguish was all about back then. I mean it’s not like I forgot it, I remembered it. I hit an insurmountable spot.

Meaning: this is a transformation dream. Long ago the barrier in the outer that was before me was too much and I cracked like an easily broken glass bottle person. I am so much stronger inside now, with my inner heartfelt connection, that I sail along with ease, so much so that I am embarrassed that before I failed at this point so badly that I was scarred and wounded. And that wound developed into a kind of defense mechanism, which is a reaction whenever confronted with something like this again.

But now that has fallen away. I have consciously grown within so much that all that remains is the faint memory and it is shown in that this time, when I come across this threshold pattern again, the end result is I go right through it with ease, and I experience an empowerment from having done this so effortlessly. My heart, instead of contracting and shrinking in pain, or flinching at the sight of what is overpowering, because it’s not at all overpowering anymore, rejoices this time as it expands effusively.

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