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1z4qForeign travel, boyfriends, marriages, peace conferences? Sometimes the story told in images through our dreams can only make sense when we remember that we are all of the characters in our dreams, and whatever is happening is happening to us internally. And a spiritual journey requires that we explore new inner territories, and make alliances between aspects of us that are wary of each other. So, if alignments and treaties are how we progress on an inner level, what does that tell us about our outer world? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream, it feels like I have a boyfriend from the Middle East that I’ve spent some time with, and he has an apartment or something in Seattle, a condo.

And then I’m going from there to the Caribbean. It’s like I stop on an island, and then I fly over, it feels like I fly it must be to the Middle East or somewhere, to a peace conference. I think he’s part of that.

And then some time passes and he’s moved on and married somebody, and I seem to be visiting his place in the northwest, his condo again. I’m staying there for a few days. He and his wife or girlfriend, whoever they are, show up, and I’m getting ready to leave but I have to gather up my clothing.

And when I go to gather up my clothing I go to a room where there’s some laundry machines, a washer and a dryer, and the sink there has flooded a bit, and so some water has run down onto the floor. And he doesn’t seem that bothered about it. I’m trying to clean up a bit, and make sure that I get the blouse or whatever it is I want to wear that was still there in the laundry room, and I’m picking up the last of my clothes. They seem to be white.

He and his wife now are coming back to the condo, but it feels like I have another peace conference to go to. It’s like they’ve traveled back from being in the Middle East, and he’s coming back to stay at his place, that’s his place, and I’m leaving now. He’s traveling back to come to the condo, to come to the northwest.

Then it feels like I’m sitting down and he’s there, they’re both there, but there’s a man there that someone that is going to the peace conference, too. He’s actually asking the man from the Middle East where he’ll come back to when he dies; in other words, when he feels like he’s ready to die, where he’ll go.

And I can see that he’ll either come back here, but maybe to this other place in the mountains. I can see it in my mind. It’s like someplace I’ve been, but it’s a place that he’ll have. That’s where he’ll come back to when he’s ready to die. Anyway, that’s the dream.

John: Very good dream, very complicated, but very good dream. Each of those is like, what’s unfolding is a greater and greater and greater overallness of yourself. In other words, it starts off where you’re accommodating something that causes you to stretch, in that it’s just at this point on a very simple level. It’s something that’s from the Middle East.

In other words, it’s something outside of your normal parameters, and that you’re allowing yourself to live or take in that demeanor and mannerism as part of yourself. And then as you are able to do that, you’re then able to take and gather yourself up, so to speak, and expand some more, and go and travel somewhere in terms of further integrating: you’re working towards the peace of something, which is a further balancing, and integrating, with the wholeness.

And then, when you come back, you find that that which was the basis upon which you had started has grown as well; in other words, it is married. And that, to your surprise, that doesn’t create a separation because you’re able to stay in the same place which, in a sense, doesn’t make sense, but in terms of an intertwining, and a coming together, it’s okay.

And then when you leave again, and gather up your clothes, in other words, gathering up your things to the degree to which there’s the overlap it’s just fine, meaning the overlap in terms of a connection. And then that shadow part of yourself, because now you’re approaching this time to a shadow aspect of yourself, that is able to travel. The masculine part is able to stretch out, and this part is making kind of more in terms of its expanse and overallness – it’s like a leap of faith, but it’s not.

In other words, it’s a knowingness step, but it doesn’t know that it’s necessarily a knowingness step as it references back to the underlying principle which is this guy from the Middle East, in terms of how everything is unfolding, he being at a focal point, meaning where does one die? In other words, where does one go, what happens, what is here, and what is there?

In other words, the intertwining becomes such that there becomes a blur as to time and space. Now each of those things is like an aspect of the breath. In other words, there is a quality of a breath that exists in the scenario of the condo, in which the boyfriend is.

Then there’s the aspect of the breath that goes outward. Then there’s the spirit energy of whatever happens in between that, that grows. And then, because of the connection that never gets lost because then you come back, and that he then is like married and there is a greater enhancement.

And then there is the dynamic to which you extend out again, and it’s like what you’re doing is you’re using the place in Seattle where the boyfriend lives, and then the girlfriend that he marries is at, and then where this other guy comes in, you’re using all of that as manifestation. Or, in other words, as the place of the out-breath.

And then you’re using the in-breath to be the traveling that occurs as you go towards looking for peace, or as there is the question of what is your true home? Or where do you die? That’s the in-breath part, that’s the inner part. So your inner part is the stretching out, you know that’s going and traveling for the world peace. And the out-breath is the coming back.

You start with an image that’s one of manifestation, and it’s a little herky-jerky to begin with that I was having a hard time trying to grasp, because a part of you is all jumpity with the breath, the in-breath out-breath, in-breath out-breath. But then, if you slowed it down and you looked at it, the cycles are distinct in terms of what is in manifestation as something in a set place, and having a set quality to have to contend with, and deal with, and open up to, and expand in terms of.

Then you proceed from that to something that is seeking a balance, or a peace, or an even greater overallness, but a lot of that is too expansive, but it is an opening up that you’re able to do when you aren’t confined to the limitations of that part of yourself – in terms of a denseness that would hold you back. And so when you’re not being held back by that that part, as you go to the world peace, as you expand in that direction, the part of you back in manifestation expands, in other words it gets married.

And then when you come back it’s almost as if that part can be there, or it can have expanded itself now and it is married, and it has a greater wholeness. And you intertwine and come together all in that same spot, and then you stretch out again. But as you stretch out, the intertwine, the flow, the connectivity between all of that is just fine. In other words, the water overflows or whatever as you’re washing your clothes to stretch out, because there really isn’t any time or space difference between how you are here, and then how you are there.

And yet there again is the appearance of going home, or going somewhere else, and then the question arises: where are you meant to reside? In other words, the masculine part of yourself asking the question, where do you die, where is this final place? Is it in manifestation, or is it in somewhere else?

So what you’re doing there is you are finding yourself, in terms of going up and down and with the breath, you’re finding yourself coming to the conclusion where the life force energy is starting to relate more to the world soul, when to begin with your orientation may have, and could have, simply been limited to the aspect of you opening up to something more than your usual demeanor in terms of living in an apartment together with the guy from the Middle East. It could have just been left right there, but this whole thing has a dynamic of an unfoldment. That’s interesting.

So your dream had a motion to it, and it had a motion to it in terms of a quality of a letting go that still sustained, and maintained, an intertwining, an intertwining that never got lost. In other words, to the degree to which you went somewhere else, like on an in-breath for peace, for balance, to the same degree you went to a depth in manifestation, you know starting off just with something small and then integrating it further. It got married; it opened up more. In other words, what happened in manifestation, the marrying being a completeness it has a similitude to the peace at the other end. The whole dynamic went back and forth and back and forth.

I mean, both Yin and Yang were in play, the greater one thing is the greater, the other thing is. In other words, the beginning and the end in that regard are kind of like the same. And what is going on is this dynamic that learns to let go and be intertwined with a process that’s of an intertwinement, and it’s like the breath.

And then you raise the question, so what happens then when you die? Where are you at when you die? You know, are you in manifestation, or are you somewhere else where there’s the overallness, and the wholeness, of a peace? Where are you? Which means that you’re catching up with the quality of the life force of the soul – which always was there. So your dream incorporates a beginning and end closure, too, because they’re just different levels, or shifted realities, of one and the same thing connected with the breath.

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url-22We are all the characters in our dreams, so when we find ourselves traveling with others, or getting separated from others, or even getting lost, it is symbolic of a disconnection within us. In this dream example, the dreamer gets a dramatic wake-up call in the form of an avalanche after becoming separated from an aunt and uncle. And, suddenly, she arrives at her destination. But is she ready for that? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my main dream, I’m traveling with an aunt and uncle, and sometimes you’re there and sometimes you’re not, but we’re driving and we’re taking like a three-day drive to get to my hometown to see my dad.

And the second day of the drive we stop at a hotel and, while we’re stopped at the hotel, I don’t know what delays us, like you’re with me all of a sudden, but my aunt and uncle leave early so you and I are going to either wait for them to come back, or drive to find my hometown on our own, because we’ve just kind of gotten delayed picking up things there. I don’t know what delayed us exactly.

So you and I decide we’re going to catch up with them, or we’re going to get in the car and we’re going to go. Well, we get in the car, and I don’t know which way to go. So I realize that I see some road signs way down at the bottom of a hill, so I drive us down there. When I get down to the bottom of the hill there’s a little bit of snow on the ground. I just park the car so I can get out and look at the road signs and know which way to go.

And I suddenly look up – because I hear this huge crack – and way up on the top of the mountain a big avalanche has broken off. So you and I run into the woods, and we’re a little bit separate, but you hide behind one bank of snow and trees, and I’m hiding behind another. And so when this avalanche and maybe even a second avalanche comes it kind of goes by us, but doesn’t sweep us up.

Well, suddenly I seem to be transported to my hometown. And I look around. I don’t see my dad, but I see the store. I see someone there, but she’s so surprised to see me she steps to the side and falls in an open manhole cover. She’s not really hurt because I see the man… there’s a man down in the manhole cover that looks after her.

And I realize that I need to get back to where we were so I can drive to where I am – and get there the right way – but I’m not sure quite how to do that. I just know this is out of sync. So now I’m trying to get back to where you were, and where we were, so I can drive to where I want to be.

And I see suddenly in a flash another point where I’m at my folk’s home, and my mother even shows up, but my focus is still in getting back and getting there the right way and I don’t know quite how to do that. I find myself in a casino with someone that wants to go into a room and listen to Dolly Parton, or something, and he’s watching a TV screen. I have my back to him. I’m still trying to figure out how to get back so I can get to where I need to be the right way, but I don’t know that I ever do.

John: So the flow of the dream is that you lose a connection to an inner vibratory essence inside yourself, that being your aunt and uncle, and in losing that connection, which was important in terms of a greater dynamic of yourself, you no longer have your bearings, you no longer have kind of an inner connective bearing.

You did have it, though, when you were with your aunt and uncle because when it was like that things were able to just naturally unfold. But, with them gone, you can’t find that level of acuity. And, as a consequence, this leaves you in a transient state. And in a transient state, when you don’t have a connection, shit happens.

The thing is this avalanche and such that happens creates some sort of shock. It’s almost as if the shock works to temporarily dislodge your frame of reference to the outer, because the next thing you know you’re able to let go in such a way that you transcend the time/space continuum and are able to suddenly be at your home where you need to be.

Well, you’re still caught in the outer nuances of things because this is what your senses and your mind tell you is how it works, so you attempt to go back. In other words, you attempt to try to follow the process in a dense way – and you’re having trouble figuring out how to do that.

Now, this dream could be triggered by what we looked at yesterday, in which it was recognized and realized that the quality of a stillness is important to being able to access a kind of letting go of the outer nuances of things, the density of how things are in the outer that we relate to and react to all the time. The quietness is able to give us a peace that lets go of such dramatization and dynamic that keeps us yo-yoing as if the outer is real – and we’re responding just to the outer.

When we can find the stillness, when all else and everything around us is going insane, then opens up a possibility, kind of a translucent potentiality, in that we’re no longer bound by the time and space continuum. Where that is significant is in the instance of being able to relate to the universe, because, as Rumi says, the body is a shadow of a shadow in which the entire universe exists. For the entire universe to exist, we have to get into that aspect or essence that is in all things, so that we are able to free flow in anything and everything all the time.

When you’re able to do that, you go beyond the time/space continuum. It is said that the Khatoob holds court outside of time and space with those in the world that have reached a particular point of responsibility yet also able to hold the emptiness, that they can communicate and relate to him, and connect, and merge, without the outer barriers.

So basically your dream, you had the bodaciousness, the courageousness, whatever it would take, to be able to make the transition across smoothly. Your sense of bearings got stripped away from you. It’s almost like you took a step back from something that had been in motion and awakened inside of you and, as a result of having taken a step back, you got hit with a catastrophe in the environment around you.

Such a shock caused you to fall in a peculiar way to an aspect of what had been glimpsed when you had all of your aspects, you know, your aunt and uncle qualities, the naturalness there, caused you to fall back into it – but in a shock-effect way, so that you are able to take and transmute or transport yourself to where you intended to go. However, you’re not ready to do that, and so you were trying to figure out how to come back and therefore you’re shorting out.

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c8cThe idea of the flow of life implies motion, a fluidity that always progresses. Rivers don’t circle back on themselves, and the flow of life shouldn’t, either. That doesn’t mean we never do anything repetitive because we have to as a way to maintain our lives. But it does imply that we should constantly be updating ourselves in the moment, to not be stuck with following old ideas, or with staying with assumptions we made years ago. Being able to flow means to adjust on the fly, making constant course corrections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one short dream and I didn’t like it either. It’s like in this dream, I’m somewhere where I liked being, but it’s almost like I’m owned by this man who already has a wife and he has another man that belongs to him, too. So I have to go where they are. It seems like it’s Hawaii, or somewhere, and they’re going to move another time.

But when I get there, it’s like they’re playing something like soccer, and I know that we’re going to be moving shortly. And it feels like when we move—I don’t know whether it’s from Hawaii or to Hawaii—but when we move, I feel like I can keep more distance. But meanwhile, all I’m trying to do out there on the soccer field is kind of stay away from attracting attention. Like I realize the other wife is even jealous, so she kind of supports me, the keeping my distance because she doesn’t want him giving me attention. All I’m trying to do in a sense is not get captured, because I really don’t like any of them. You know, but I particularly don’t want him anywhere near me and it feels like if I can keep her between the two of us, then he will leave me alone.

So all I’m really doing on the soccer field is kind of trying to keep my distance. It’s like I don’t like the dream. I don’t like the man. I don’t think I like any of them. You know, all I’m trying to do is, in a sense, not end up pregnant, or not end up trapped in that situation. You know, see that he’s distracted by either the game or the other woman. You know, I’m just trying to kind of stay as far away as I can within the constrictions of the situation.

John: So, what you’re doing in your dream, because the theme of the dreaming has to do with how something comes into a cadence, or a knowingness, in terms of itself, and it has to do with how the flow works versus how a certain knowingness in manifestation naturally exists.

You’re adding now a component to what makes things work, in that you know that everything will work out better if you go someplace, or if you make the journey or travel, or if there’s a flow. But if it sits in a set position, in which nothing is stirred or awoken, then those conditions are too heavy, too thick, and too overbearing. The result is a process that doesn’t enhance, but tears down what is important in life.

And I hadn’t thought of it that way, that that’s an aspect of an unfoldment of consciousness. I hadn’t looked at the idea that, as you flow, you actually awaken better, and there’s more fluidity and balance to what unfolds. But I guess it makes sense, because whenever you take a trip or go to a program or something, you kind of come back in a new space. It’s almost as if you had gotten overly indulged or consumed by the routine scenario of your environment and lost the fluidity that is needed for something to unfold properly – and when you just sit in the existing indulged environment that you find yourself in.

But when you move about and when you flow, you have a tendency to shake things up to awaken things more in your surroundings, instead of things becoming too set, or too stabilized. What we have adopted as our idea of comfortability, when the greater comfortability is to flow in life. And when we flow in life, are engaged in life, or involved in having to have our road trips, or whatever, into the sojourn of the whole, that there is more balance to that. It’s not necessarily the balance point, it’s just that there’s more balance.

In your dream, if you sit in a stagnant position, then the whole mannerisms that seem to exist in something that is set, dominate, that then causes an imbalance in terms of how something is able to unfold.

At some point, we get constipated in each place, and then when we change the environment or do something different, it kind of rejiggers things again. Because ordinarily, we would be just settled back in the habits, and mannerisms, and weights, and conditions of our environment, that would build and build to a point that we become constipated or sluggish. I guess it works that way. I had just never looked at it like that.

So your dream and my dreams all are correlated, because they all occurred in the same night. And you can take and look at your dream. You could look at each of the pieces that I throw in there, and realize that they are all meaningful in some way. They all come together and they all point out the same kind of threaded dynamic in some sort of way. Like the idea of moving about in your dream, taking the road trip and whatnot, brings you closer to the essence of what is unfolding inside you. When sitting in kind of a condition, trance-like manner, you don’t tend to notice, or realize, how it is that you’ve gotten in terms of being able to effectuate or touch things in life.

My dreams tend to do with—I mean, that seemed to be a fairly specific subject, actually, but it wasn’t done in quite the pointblank way that my dreams tend to do it. Like the cake dream indicates that, left to my own devices, I’m just going to get into heavy indulgences and not even know that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that. And other people can chuckle and laugh and carry on and not even help me, like a normal waitress would help you. But if I’m going to be this way, they can even give me wide birth and I’ll still do it. I’ll still push through and not have my sensation function properly developed and know that there’s something about that, that just isn’t right. In other words, it’s a poor listening center. I mean, there are two speakers on each side of the cake, but I still don’t seem to hear. I still don’t seem to get the cadence. I will still go on this sort of tangent. This is still a habituation pattern of mine in terms of flow.

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