Completing the Connection

John: In your last two dreams, both from the same night, you were looking at a connection to the wholeness within you (signified by the journey toward your home) on a vibratory level. What you discovered was a distance, or disconnection, between you and this vibration (the distractions on your way home). You then examined this distance or disconnection at two different levels, appearing first as shame (in the presence of the teacher) and then as grief (at the funeral). (For the previous threads in this sequence see, in order, Thick as a Brick, The Teacher Inside, and The Procession.)

What’s actually occurring in terms of “going home,” is you’re traveling to a greater inner depth. In other words, you’re at an inner threshold, the precursor to your inner light rising up to touch the greater light, and you are prevented from that connection (represented by guilt followed by grief; not much difference there).

Yet in Creation it’s the inner longing that opens up the light rising up to touch the light that makes the difference. You’re considered to be Traveling Toward God when the spirit energy is coming down as if to awaken you, or to align you, or to cause you to let go of things in life. But you don’t start Traveling In God until your light rises up to touch the light.

So you’re seeing that, within you, these two primary qualities still stand in the way – the grief and the guilt, or the guilt for grief. Being a woman, this is the feminine approach. The masculine approach to this same dilemma of disconnection is slightly different, because the masculine acts as if it has to work with the details or the specifics: the seed thought behind it all.

At the deepest depth of the masculine there is a naturalness that just knows this stuff. However, the masculine, over time, has gotten out of touch with that, or, as the teacher would say, has gotten off the ground. As a consequence, the seed thoughts don’t complete the loop. They don’t come down and touch something and then rise up as light rising up… as something rising up.

All of the good intentions, no matter what they are, of the masculine – he’s the bearer of the seed thought of the Divine Will – are for naught until this wholeness is invoked (this light rising up to touch light).

Everything else is a precursor to that. Yes it can help a bit, it can create a different sense of balance when there is communion in working toward this awakening (as opposed to one being left floundering on their own), but nothing of any real consequence takes place that’s effective in life until we have our light rising up to touch light.

Until then we’re simply rearranging things, i.e., trading one distraction for another. But this describes a coming together between a human and Creation. It completes the loop, so there is a completion in Creation rather than just a one-way transmission.

The reason I wanted to revisit this process is because I had a dream with a similar distraction, or disconnection. It starts where yours starts in terms of wholeness and overallness; you start off knowing how to go home to your mother. I start off with a sense of something having been naturally given to me that’s already complete, but what unfolds and takes place in that natural completeness is very revealing of what is preventing the light in me rising to touch the light.

You struggled with the deviation where part of you created a situation from which you needed to be rescued, but, because you we’re already on the path (home), it was enough to allow something to reach you and touch you and help you get back on track.

In my particular case, it’s like that in that there’s an intent in what I’m doing, but it’s all for naught. The intent may appear in some minute way to set the stage for something that’s destined to happen, but it would have happened anyway.

So this discussion is a precursor in itself, because I will get into the description of my dream tomorrow.

The Procession

Jeane: In this scenario I’ve gone outside in an older, walled city and there’s a funeral precession going by. The people are carrying the body on a platform and it’s covered by a shroud. 

I can tell that it’s a young girl of about 9 years old who’s died. I’m wondering where the parents are. Then I see the parents, who are fairly young, being carried in a large boat, and there are other people in the boat, too.

The parents sit at the very back, the father on one side wrapped up in his grief, and the mother on the other side. She throws herself down on the bench in her grief and, when she does that, her dress comes up so she’s exposed. I’m wishing someone would cover her up a bit because she seems so exposed in her grief.

John: What’s going on in this dream is the imbalance you’ve become aware of is coming across as a type of grief. It’s similar to the shame you felt in the earlier part of the dream (see Thick as a Brick), but grief is the lower octave. Longing is the higher octave.

The longing leads to the death, not the grief of the death, but the longing leads through whatever death there is, or separation there is, within. The grief doesn’t go through it. The grief leaves you and causes you to experience something that’s more than you’re able and willing to accept.

Thus the grief can lead back to a further delusion, or veiling, or separation. But the longing – in the face of something that has changed or died or is no longer meant to be – is an echo deep, deep inside that carries you all the way back to the very first aspect, right from the very beginning.

In other words the beginning and the end are one and the same. Your beginning image saw you heading to a home where you knew your mother was and you had a full sense of this. Then you got deviated and in that deviation you took on guilt and shame. Well, since that needs to change, that’s where the teacher comes in to change it, so that you can now follow the note of yourself all the way back.

In this part of the dream, instead of this being called shame, it’s seen as grief; some part of you has died. This is totally preoccupying you, but on a higher octave you should know that the way you’re meant to feel that separation and distance is with the longing that will help you awaken to the echoed vibration that will see you through again.

This is more information, in terms of how one shifts in one’s ability or responsibility to be able to hear and hold a particular vibratory note. You have a sense of that in the second part of the dream (see The Teacher Inside) where you look to hear the quality of the masculine coming through that holds the note.

This grief thing is very, very interesting. It’s a sadness that you are taking on a little bit. It’s needing to find a connection with the earth or something in order to put you back in touch with what you know as a state, or point in time, that’s meant to be. And yet there’s a disturbance.

Your sense of what you’re drawn to in the outer redeems all of that, and puts you in touch with something that rises up – that’s what it does, it rises up. It’s like a light touching light. It’s a type of longing. Longing does that.

Wow. Very complicated dream.

What you’re doing is you’re describing the schematic, a flow chart for how to Travel In God. Because what you’re doing is you’re laying out the blueprint for how it works. It shows that you don’t hold the same principles of things against you, when you’re in this deeper part of yourself.

When you’re shifted in this part of you, you don’t hold onto the grief – it’s counterproductive. Shame, again, isn’t natural. These are conditions that impact the ability to Travel In God. You don’t really wrestle with the grief or the guilt when you’re Traveling Towards God. You don’t know where that fits in.

But when you’re trying to Travel In God, all of that now has to be taken into account.

The Fifth Level

Jeane: I woke up with this dream around 2am. I’m in a parking garage structure. It’s three or four levels of concrete. I’m near the top level and I’m talking to someone about the fact that someone is supposed to bring my cars up to where I am. I seem to have two cars.

The problem is the cars are invisible. I want the cars to do something so I can register them. It feels like even when I fall back asleep that I’m still dreaming about that parking lot and if the cars don’t register properly, it feels similar to how a will is probated. One has to make sure that the cars get registered.

That’s the best I can describe it.

John: You’re trying to catch up with an energy. If you can catch up with it, you can access something more – in a knowing way. It’s still at the point where it’s floating about in your psyche, but it hasn’t quite surfaced yet. It’s coming up. It’s rising more and more in your nature, yet it’s still out of reach.

So it’s still hidden, or still a part of your spirit energy that’s trapped in matter. However, the levels of it – the depth of it – have become more obvious to you, even though you can’t quite experience it or touch it in a way that makes it tangible in the outer, i.e., the cars don’t register. You can sense it and come near it as you sleep, but you can’t bring it through, as it needs to be brought through, from the depths into the outer.

It’s interesting that the level you’re at, the fifth level, indicates that some aspect of the intellect is helping it pop through. That’s very, very interesting because we work on… Hmmm.

See, there’s a lot of repressed energy that’s carried in the feminine nature that can come out when it’s touched by the thinking or intellect function. So this is the dream that’s showing you that you have the best access to it through something that tweaks it, in a ideation way. When it’s tweaked, it’s invisible; on the fifth level it needs the tweaking of the intellect to cause it to come through.

Interesting, being parked on the fifth level.

Jeane: I don’t think I said fifth. I think it’s three or four. You said fifth.

John: Yes, but it’s the fifth level. In other words, you didn’t get the information that you needed; if it doesn’t register, it doesn’t come through. If it doesn’t come through, you can’t fully connect with it. See, the Will comes down. The Divine Will is a masculine function.

The Divine Will (masculine) comes down and touches Creation (feminine) and finds the spirit energy trapped within matter. It awakens that and that’s what causes something new to register, as a knowing.

Now, the Will can come down and touch something in Creation in a number of different ways. If it’s done on the third level, it’s accessed through the inner dreaming. If it’s done on the fourth level, it’s done through the heart. If it’s done on the fifth level, it’s awakened or touched by the intellect. It comes down and creates a spark, which then creates a knowingness that connects with something latent inside of you – it causes that to pop open.

That’s how the Divine Will hits it and awakens something corresponding in Creation. That’s how it works on the fifth level.

So you have a huge movement inside you – that you have access to – that lies dormant. Your dreaming indicates that it lies very, very close, but it’s still invisible. The means to travel in it is invisible to you. To be able to have that kind of access and travel in that access, would be to Travel In God. To be looking at the means and the processes and the ways that give you glimpses of this, is to Travel Toward God.

In this scenario the access is still one of Traveling Toward God, but if it were to open up you would be traveling in a fuller radiance; you would be Traveling In God, which means then that the inflections of things would automatically be there, as opposed to still having to awaken them or to jar them open.

Then you would have the necessary power at your access, which would be like the second chakra. You would have the necessary dream work working, where the vibration energies are accessed through the innerness. You would have that cleared. You would have the heart guiding and directing it so that you’d be seeing more succinctly how it’s meant to be seen.

And you would have the process of intelligence at play, tweaking it too. That’s where the active imagination can come in – to the degree that it needs to come in – or the data, the info, the input, the impulses that come from an inflection that is also at the fifth level.

Now, there’s a sixth level in there too. Inflection could be like a spark light, a direct sight. In other words, if you keep going, these are the actions and levels that can take you out of the amnesia of this physical life, where you are really spirit energy trapped in matter looking for release, or activation.