Treasure From Above

Molten_GoldThe image of discovering gold and silver in a dream, or perhaps valuable jewelry, points to a greater treasure than planetary riches. In a spiritual journey, the treasure we seek comes from our inner self, or our higher self, in the form of connections, knowings, and intelligence. As this scenario shows, John has found an unknown treasure that has slipped through the cracks, so to speak. So the challenge to us becomes, are we able to hold onto and utilize the treasures that we come upon? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This next is a dream that corresponds to your dream. That’s how I was able to understand your dream. 

I have a bed on the top floor of a house. There must have been a grate at the front of the bed because over years things have fallen into the grate, or fallen at the front of the headboard, gone into a grate or something is the only explanation I have, and gone all the way down into the basement.

And in the basement is an area where another person lives. I also seem to have access to this area. I go into the basement and crawl underneath kind of a deck that’s built into this area down there and against the wall there is a lot of money that has accumulated over the years that has apparently fallen down the grate and gathered there. 

And there’s a lot of this that you can see out in the open, but what surprises me is right against the far wall is a huge pile of dust and dirt that has accumulated, and underneath the dirt and the dust – that is where the bulk of it is at. 

They’re mostly things like quarters and whatnot, but then, as I look more closely under the dust, I see proof sets of silver dollars and what looks like to be gold in cases that are sealed. I stuff all of this in my pockets. 

In one pocket I stuff the coin and in the other pocket I stuff the proof sets and gold that are in cases. And suddenly the person who stays here comes home. He has a friend with him. I point out what I am doing and, of course, the idea is this belongs to me because it obviously has fallen from the top to the bottom. 

This guy doesn’t say anything, but his friend gets all excited and crawls underneath the deck to check it out. I must have gotten it all because he doesn’t seem to find anything. And as a result, or as a consequence, neither of them seem all that concerned over what I have recovered or am taking. In other words, it was like it was in their area, so to speak, in this other place, but what this is is technically something I have forgotten about and/or lost.

I make the same connection that I made in your dream. What is interesting is this treasure in the basement. I mean the coins and the proof sets, the silver dollars, and gold, the last place where anyone is apt to look if you basically spend your time above. 

The treasure has fallen unbeknownst to me from above to below. In a way this is like the breath that carries a rhythm to it, that has more going on as an aliveness than I am aware. I reside at the in-breath interval, one part of myself does, and that is the dreamer state where a completeness kind of exists in a quietness, and in a silence, and in an emptiness that is more than I can fully comprehend.

And yet to my surprise, at the furthest point of the out-breath, which is also part of me, which takes me to the dream state, that is where the treasure from above gets revealed. To put the two together completes the cycle of creation.

Or, you could say, what I’ve just portrayed is a mystical dream. However, the awareness of the aliveness of the breath heart is where the alchemy comes in.

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A Greater Openness

open_spirit_by_babaIn this follow-up dream to our last post (see Can You Relate?), Jeane is again working with two aspects of herself that seem have opposing agendas. One is to be more open and integrated with others, and the other is to be more private and to keep things to herself. As the imagery unfolds, the side of her that wants to open up begins to win out. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream, I seem to be living in an area that feels a little nomadic, in that there’s an orchard nearby that is kind of open, and I seem to be living in almost like a little travel trailer that’s expanded out, and I’ve put it in somebody’s outdoor structure. 

It’s not quite a barn, but I can tuck it under there, and then I can go around by the side of the travel trailer and go up among some wooden slats and things and that’s where I put stuff. I almost use it like a closet, except I put jewelry in little statues there, and maybe a little bit of clothing.  

Then I come around to the other side and go to where my travel trailer is, and it’s all opened out. I’m actually staying on somebody else’s property in almost like a rural area, but almost halfway in their barn. I’m kind of using it to live there, and it’s like that’s a place where I could park it that’s kind of sheltered.

Somewhere in there I’m also storing things, just keeping things that are like little treasures, jewelry and some statues. I don’t keep them in the travel trailer. I seem to keep them around the corner at someplace else in the structure.

John: And yet the structure doesn’t belong to you?

Jeane: No, I just stay there.

John: So why would you take things out of the travel trailer that belong to you – jewels and treasures – and store them in somebody else’s structure that’s temporary.

Jeane: Well, I just kind of spread them out there. It just seemed to make sense to me, because I’m kind of spread out into this little space, so it’s okay.

Then it feels like there’s some shifting, nomadic-type things going on, and you feel like other people are suddenly invading the space, like they’re in the orchard, and they’ve got a whole line of cars that they drive around me. 

It almost looks like a snake, but it’s a line of cars and they’ve pulled them up and parked them here and there. The sense almost is like people have invaded, and maybe there are things going on where the society is breaking down.

So I feel like, okay, it doesn’t feel as secure to stay where I am. I need to kind of strip my travel trailer down to its essentials, kind of close it up a bit, and move on. But now I’m kind of surrounded by these people who have come in to the space surrounding the travel trailer and into the little orchard right above it.

So, I’m kind of entertaining them, and they are acting like nomadic, but friendly. Everyone’s being friendly to me, but I don’t know now when I go to leave if I want to take my treasures with me. Are they going to try to rob them or not? 

I don’t know because they’re all relating to me in this friendly manner so far, but what does one do? So I kind of leave them a little bit, and I go to the area where I have the treasures and I’ve just taken one sack with me.

And so I’m going through there and I’m selecting what I think is really important, even though some of these things might not be important to other people, and I’m putting some of the jewelry and even just a simple skirt rather than a complex one, just one that will be easier to wear, and I’m putting it all in this sack. 

Some of it’s clothing, some of it’s jewelry, some of it’s old statues, and I’m trying to be fairly selective, not selective necessarily even on value, but just what do I actually really care or what should I take, and other times I just scoop up some stuff and throw it in.  

A couple of the ladies from the group come and they’re nearby me, and I’m just acting casual like no one would really care, but then it feels like when I put some things in the sack, then I look at them and I say, “Would you like me to show you some things that maybe you guys would like?” Because I realize I’m only going to take the sack with me. 

So, I ask them if they want me to show them some things because they’ll want those. I still don’t even know if the people are all going to let me take the sack when I leave, but I’ve got my sack of what I’ve gathered up, and now maybe I’ll show them where some of the things are to see if they need any of them.

John: So you’ve taken this dream and you’ve progressed it from the dream before where you’re trying to just relate to a particular part of yourself, without having to contend with, or deal with, this other stuff that you’re not so sure about, or you feel would compromise your relationship.

In this particular dream, you kind of go at this in a reverse way in that, similar to the first dream where you want to take a particular way of yourself to meet this other part of yourself, without there being some little mannerism in between, and you don’t want to relate to those mannerisms because you feel that that somehow or another compromises the relationship.

In this particular dream you now have taken your specific focus and specific use of energy and you have been able to move all of that in the condition that you’re in. You’re able to move that into another area that is still out in the open, that’s still not maybe necessarily the best place either, but at least it provides some cover.

And you’re able to spread out in that, with what it is that you carry and hold, in terms of a certain focus and attention that you’ve developed, so you’ve been able to spread that out a bit, and you consider that your treasures.

But the thing that this dream is telling you is, you cannot shut the world out like that. If you try to do that, it seems to have a way of clamoring back in on you anyway. And so what happens is, is  all of these people come. 

They’re the types, of course, that you wanted to be alone and off to yourself, and of course you’re developing an understanding and a focus. In other words, this dream is derivative to the first dream.

In the first dream you came to the conclusion, in terms of relating best to this person and part of yourself, is you didn’t need to get all indulged in a particular trait or mannerism, which was in the overall, or which was in the atmosphere.

In this particular dream you have pulled yourself away from the collective events and stuff that’s in the atmosphere and you are still couching yourself, hiding and being under a lean-to structure or whatever that’s out in the open. But you’re able to harbor or develop certain traits or qualities or treasures, so to speak, that you’re able to spread out with.

You are not allowed to get away with that, however, because you have now taken and put yourself into a vortex of aloneness that isn’t inclusive, and so all of these other people come pouring in on you, and move in around you.

Well, this is like a disturbance and you have to get out of there or go somewhere else because you’re disturbed, and at the same time you apparently are looking at yourself in terms of how you’re disturbed, in terms of what it is that you’re holding onto, and how it is that you came about being able to hold onto this.

That a lot of it has to do with a particular mannerism that you’ve adopted. But now, to hold onto that mannerism that you’ve adopted, in relationship to the way everybody else is, this almost is like… well, this puts you out on a limb.

If anything, this makes you so different that maybe it will have to try to affect it, or take it away, and so you come to the conclusion that you can’t go around carrying this attitude. You somehow or another realize that there’s an even greater openness that’s possible that integrates all of these parts of yourself – if you open up and if you figure out how to share it. 

Tomorrow we will delve deeper into this theme.

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The Greater Solution

spaceThese dreams are a follow-up to yesterday’s post (A Type of Completion). A process that began with a sense of being in the flow, now deteriorates to eyeglasses being broken and increasing difficulty in fixing them. Yet John makes the case that this state can also be seen as a metaphor for our current outer reality, and the difficulty in creating any change that isn’t just a temporary fix. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Of course, I’m still trying to make this completion make sense, in how one handles, or flows, or conducts themselves. You always start on all the variables.

I’m in a large, empty warehouse, walking along a concrete floor. I guess I’m with someone as we’re walking and talking or something, when the lens of my glasses falls off, and the little set screw falls off at the same time.

And fortunately I am able to see this, when 99% of the time if it fell on the ground, you’d never find it it’s so small. And so I pick all of this up and in doing so then the scene seems to shift in that to fix an object, which is another round cylinder type object now, I need to put it together at both ends.

There’s a guy there, and it’s early in the morning, and he works at the place and I came to work in this warehouse, and he hasn’t got anything better to do, and he’s there to help me assemble it. But he cross-threads a screw at one end, so it has to be done over. And this was actually the good end, but it still has to be done over and taken apart again.

So he asked why this keeps falling apart, and I tell him I lost a lug nut at one end. That end is always going to be weak. The other end could be tightened down. It’s the good end that he cross-threaded, so I have to take it all apart.

As I try to do this myself, I am having trouble keeping my focus upon the parts for each end, and I have them all rounded up kind of in a little area so they’re not going to get scattered in this wide open area, but it’s almost like I don’t have good enough use of my hands, or my focus, to get this to come together, to pull it together simultaneously.

And I keep thinking I can find the focus that will eventually know how to do it, because it has been done like this before. And I could ask him for help, but I’m intent upon finding the focus I need to do it on my own. Even though he has the natural skill, he doesn’t have the focus.

And then as I’m trying to write this up, I have this image of kind of what’s going on in the outer, where there’s a vote being called on an issue that is complicated, and I know that this person has the votes necessary, but those votes are rounded up at this time only, and it’s not something that can be done again. But I know that it’s okay and going to be done now.

The meaning of all of this, is I am trying to figure out how to handle a tenuous situation. I haven’t figured it out in the dream. I know the limitations, but I do not know how to effectively fix or resolve this on a permanent basis. A person helping me is more natural at it, but lacks the focus I need for my help. In other words, he has the skill but not the focus. And this compels me to have to find the focus and assimilate the skill needed to do it on my own.

With the right focus and attention you can somehow do it on your own. What both dreams have in common is that I am trying to focus attention in a consolidated manner to what is needed, and to do this I have assembled what is needed in front of me, or at one spot so it isn’t scattered about.

I’m not yet able to accommodate all the variables, so the problem remains. There’s also something missing from my solution to be anything but temporary. From the first dream, if I can pull the energy together from the depths within, there will be a breakthrough of the barriers, and a completion can be possible.

But this completion may not comport with what had been the expectations on the outer, but it is a completion that wins over the outer’s undivided support. And in a layman way of looking at it, that may not make sense. You expect everybody to be out for themselves kind of thing, but this kind of approach will win over everybody’s support.

So yeah, something’s definitely going on, and one is having to figure out how to accommodate it; volleying back and forth trying to accommodate it. Very interesting.

So, the other thing that both dreams have in common is, if I’m your dad that’s a sense of completion too, because your dad stands and represents a higher self, or a higher quality in your being. And catching up with that is a type of completion. And the gold represents a completion.

The dilemmas with these types of completions is the gold has a tendency maybe to be more of an overall completion. A father figure, your dad, tends to represent a temporary completion. In other words, there’s still more to go.

The schematic of the dream is such that the ideas of what we’re talking about as a completion may not make sense to our usual way of looking at it. In other words, it doesn’t make sense to you that I’m here like your dad.

It does not make sense to me in the dream, that they’re letting me have all of the gold, with no qualms at all. They bid on it a bit, but I win most of all the bids and in the end things have gotten whittled down in terms of a momentum or something, and I can just pick up the rest. It’s all clumped together and I just move it over to my pile, and it’s like, okay, c’est la vie, they’re ready to see what comes next as opposed to object to it.

And of course I have the ability to pay for it on some agreement that has already been established when it all gets accounted for. So, in that is a sense of completion, not necessarily looking at things from the way one would be inclined to look at them. There is a sorting out with focus then that’s required, and that I have the guidance that can put it together and just do it very easily.

He asks me why it keeps falling apart and I tell him it’s because I’m missing a piece on the other end, and so I’m left in this conundrum attempting to try to do this on my own, trying to put both ends together simultaneously.

What that image is really kind of saying is that in order to catch up with the original dream that had to do with a type of completion, I have to somehow or another go through the motions of things to try to fix something and to do it on my own, how to thread this on my own, because until I do that I don’t have the proper sight. My lens keeps falling off and, even at best, I’m still thinking that I can accommodate it even if it isn’t a proper total fix, and I’m not sure that that’s going to work.

Well, the setting I guess you might say of all of that even in the dream sense is that we’re still working with something that’s temporary, but the sensation of it is something can come together, except I have no idea what coming together is. That’s the dilemma. I don’t really have an idea of what coming together is, because the seeing of the gold and realizing that there’s a certain momentum quality that can take off there.

And then what transpires and trying to get something to come together, which lacks the focus, can’t put it together at all parts, a kind of teacher quality inside of me destabilizes whatever can be put together that’s more solid, so that I keep having to work at the weaker aspect of things, thus everything still maintains its tenuous temporariness.

Well, maybe that’s how it is when something’s transitional because we like absolutes, and a human being in their absoluteness maybe just always gets things in a condition where it cracks and falls apart and so maybe it’s intended that one has to kind of keep this thing in a yo-yo for as long as one can.

It causes me to think in terms of the greatest way of teaching. In other words, there’s a type of understanding that a person can have where they can see a problem before it happens, and act before it happens. And then there is a type of intelligence or sight that, as the problem is happening, you then act at that point in time. You don’t act before the fact, but you act as the problem is happening.

But if you can do it, if you can stand it, if you can exercise the proper forbearance, the proper way of creating a consciousness is to let something fall completely to pieces and get it to the point where even the dumbest of the dumb can see that this thing is a mess, so that all opinions about how something should be… you know, you can’t have your divided camps about it anymore, philosophy here or philosophy there.

Everyone sees it all the way through, to the point where it’s like literally stinking up the place, and even though you could have done something about it earlier, you don’t. You purposely let it fall apart and then when it gets to a particular crescendo where everybody gets it, that’s when it can be fixed – but not until everyone gets it.

That’s actually the slower, but the better solution. And who can do that? And yet we live in a society in which that seems to be what’s happening. Things continue to keep falling apart, and they’re falling apart to the point where they’re becoming more and more obvious to everyone, and that the completion that seems to exist is the ability to hold a certain cadence and balance in relationship to it all falling apart, because when it gets to the particular crescendo where there’s an opening that’s available on all levels, in other words the defense mechanisms tend to fall away when it becomes a point where everyone actually sees it, there’s no way of bullshitting yourself or going through pretensions. Everyone really sees it literally for what it is.

That’s when there’s a potential for a solution. That’s when there’s a potential for the greatest solution. Because if you think about my dream, it is rather peculiar that the teacher quality in the dream, that’s there with me all night long, who I kind of push off to one side because I have got to try to figure out how to pick up these pieces myself and put it together; I do not succeed.

I try, but I’m at a loss when I wake up, of how do I handle all of these pieces simultaneously? Yet when this person helped me they snapped it together practically instantaneously. Both ends snapped together practically instantaneously and acted like, why does this keep falling apart for me? So I have to take and start all over again, and this time insistent that I’m going to do it.

Well, you can’t, which means you’ve got to let this whole thing get to the point of kind of a collapse, and then it can be done. Everyone can get it. No one can get out of this separate from anyone else. Everyone has to get it at the same time, and that’s the kind of completion. And when they get it, there’s no fighting anything, like in the gold that was happening at the beginning.

No one objected to all of a sudden it being a particular way, that the pile no longer got divided this way and that way. It all shifted at one time. It’s a very peculiar and interesting image. It takes out a little dueling of energetics here, that had kind of existed where you sit there in the images and try to put them together. They could have kind of a quality of tension and could even have a quality of dueling in terms of struggling to make it happen. It kind of takes that out and realizes that, somehow or another, going with it is the solution.

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