An Unseen Hand

the_handrWe humans are so busy trying to control our lives that we can easily forget that the universe has been been in process for 15 billion or so years and is unfolding just fine, thanks. Still, the need for us to let go in ourselves requires that we put our faith and trust in something else. And that something else can be the unseen hand that is orchestrating what is unfolding according to plan. As we have noted before, to surrender may feel like a risk, but if we surrender to what is universal we will cede our need to control to that which is actually in control.

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John: The reason I’m saying this is that there is this hiddenness, a quality of acceptance, that actually does deal with something that is an opium of the masses in the sense of faith, trust and faith. In other words, trust and faith, at a high principle, really means that you have a connection trust flow intertwining, even though you can’t put your finger on it completely, with what is unfolding about you – and do not have to bifurcate that with your impressions in terms of what you see, in terms of how things are.

So in my meditation dream, I’ve come across a group that has been fundraising. They’re doing things in the outer to try to make something happen differently. I have my doubts, initially, about what they are trying to do. I like the idea, but I’m not ready to go in there yet, in other words, to actually participate with them.

I can observe what they’re doing but I’m not going to join them, or support them, because it seems maybe a little bit disconnected or something. Whatever it is, I won’t do it; but I’m intrigued by all of this, so the next day I go over to where they are disbursing what they have accumulated. In other words, they’ve taken things in as part of the fundraising, then to distribute outwardly.

And this is the kind of fundraising that involves making an intertwined connection, in other words, what you take in, then you have to find the correspondence of that in terms of how you give it out. And, to my surprise, they’re able to distribute everything. In other words, it’s a booming kind of business success in that regard because they are getting rid of everything, and I’m impressed, but I still can’t be with them yet. In other words, it looks like they’re in the process of getting rid of everything, but I can’t be with them yet because they haven’t actually fully gotten rid of everything.

And I can only join them after they have disposed of all that they have, all that there is there, that they have touched, taken in, and now need to intertwine. What they are doing, though, is something I hadn’t thought to be possible. But, from what I see, their long and hard efforts are paying off, and what they have done is being supported. In other words, it’s coming together on every level, in other words, on all these various levels, because certain things go to some and other things go to others. In other words, there’s a cadence or rhythm. This is something I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

The meaning is, is I am recognizing the need to be free of everything that burdens and weighs life down. In other words, it’s how the outer is. There’s so much there. These things that are everywhere in the environment, in the collective, are such an arduous burden that it’s very easy to conclude and to expect that it can never end. You’re always affected in a plane like this by something, energetically or magnetically.

Because what I see is something I do not sincerely believe is able to become empty, that’s how I initially see this. And then I’m surprised to see it looking like it’s going to be so – which gives me a sense of great enthusiasm and encouragement, and pulls me in in terms of wanting to support it, but when it remains in all this bifurcated mannerisms, I remain on the sidelines unable to commit.

I took note of the efforts and watched the process unfold, but with reservations, that I couldn’t let go of for a long time, until I could see that it had reached a particular threshold. To my surprise, I am seeing that the process is working. The barriers are falling away. What they’re doing makes sense, and I am thereby going to be able to connect with a freshness that is open and receptive to whatever there is that needs to unfold through us – because that makes a oneness now, or coming together.

The deeper meaning is, although the process I face is full of doubts, which hold the unfoldment back, when this falls away what arises is a connected flow that embraces and embodies life. In other words, you could say that it’s like an image of being a beingness able to come together as one to embrace life anew.

But then if you have to pause because there’s something more going on, because you wouldn’t have noticed this if you were just dwelling with kind of trying to see and adhering to a focus and attention that is aligned with something that has this way of being in an all knowing capacity, because you’re never, at least not for the longest, longest, longest time, in an all knowing capacity, unless you’re God. So the most distinguishing feature is a trust and faith as if in an unseen hand.

Consequently, what is able to come together, when it is like that, is something that can be shaped and designed free of self limiting stigmas. And then, as an afterthought, I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t seen it unfold. This has gone beyond my endeavors of trying to make sense of it all. All I can say about this feature is that behind it all was a faith and trust, so to speak, praying in a bigger plan residing outside of our, my, need to know. That’s the meditation dream.

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