Nowhere to Go

Paul Zizka

There are many reasons for us to be chased in a dream, but it’s always good to remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, so we are always chasing ourselves. If we can understand that, we may also understand that there isn’t anywhere to go. We may be able to delay or avoid something, but we haven’t gained anything, and we’ve much more likely lost out on a new potential that would have been created had we let ourselves be caught and a union made. Dreams are an interface where our inner life can speak to our outer life, and it often has useful advice. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream last night I’m taking and dealing with kind of a repeat. In other words, I’m trying to see, and identify, that which I am able to detect as being there, but cannot see. In other words, it’s like being able to notice something as a quality that isn’t all out front and in the open. This is a quality where you first of all have to be able to see something at a deeper depth inside of yourself that’s more in a stillness, or at least that’s how I feel that I have to do. And apparently I feel that I have to do this because I’ve been trying to do this for quite some time in a repeat way.

In other words, night after night I’m on this theme. I cannot seem to let it go. I apparently am convinced I can get to the bottom of this, or, in other words, get to something that’s behind it all. A part of me can’t seem to catch up with because of some mannerism, or modality, in one’s nature that keeps one from seeing it.

And so what’s been missing in something like this is a dream. And so the dream I had, in relationship to getting something like this to break through, involves me and another person and we’re searching. We’ve gone into this cabin, this mountain home or something, that’s way off the beaten track of things, and we’re not the owners of this place. We’re kind of like spies. We’ve snuck into this house.

This is a cabin that’s quite isolated. It’s not a place where anyone would go to as a destination. And it’s in the middle of the winter; weather outside is extremely cold. Actually, it’s next to a glacier; there is no civilization.

And so I’m spying, trying to figure something out, trying to get to the bottom of something, when in from the front door and that’s like kind of out the side, that’s an area that looks out to the back we’ll say, and in from the front door the owner has come back.

And so I and my friend, we have to leave immediately, and we don’t have time to dress appropriately for the weather conditions outside. In other words, we don’t belong in the house, and so to escape out the back, if one’s going to try to escape out the back, involves having to deal with this huge mountain – and ordinarily this wouldn’t be something that anyone would try.

Things are just extremely treacherous. Now if I had paused to think about what I was doing I would’ve realized that trying to escape like this is ridiculous, but, because the owner came back the adrenaline kicked in and was pushing me to step out of my comfort zone. Not only was I warm, based upon something that kicked in like adrenaline, or kundalini energy, or whatever you’d call it, but also I would’ve never been able to even think of tackling this mountain, yet here I was going up effortless scaling this. And if I had thought about it I wouldn’t have even tried, and yet somehow I was climbing it. Even though I knew that one slip and it would be curtains, I didn’t pay any attention to that. I was warm, and I was scaling it. I didn’t give it a thought as to where that was going to take me.

And, as I’m scaling this, I keep doing this. I don’t stop. I mean even if for a split second I might actually pause to realize that this is ridiculous, but I also can tell that the owner of this cabin has to know that he disturbed intruders, and he could easily take a high-powered rifle and, until I get to a particular point, I’m within rifle range.

But this doesn’t happen. Apparently the owner has reached the conclusion: why bother? I mean, where am I going? The conditions in this atmosphere will take care of everything in due time.

So, to truly let go is to access an inner guidance which carries a person into the impossible and surreal. This is a place within that a person would not find, or go to, ordinarily, if they thought about things, or took into account the outer appearances.

What I am doing is breaking through a veil that everyone knows is a hopeless situation, or an unacceptable situation, and I should know this as well that it’s hopeless and unacceptable, but I do not. I don’t know because I lack the full picture, but carry instead an adrenaline-charged energetic focus and attention that’s able to persevere.

In other words, if you hold a certain energetic space inside, you can get through anything. You can slice through whatever is there because it all has a meaning, and a reason, and a purpose; even if it is bizarre, it serves a purpose.

So what the dream is kind of saying, so to speak, or suggesting or implying, first of all, I shouldn’t have been able to do what I was doing. I shouldn’t have been able to race outside without the proper clothes on and not immediately get cold. And I shouldn’t have been able to even begin to scale this mountain, yet I was doing that. So it is from a passionate adamancy that a breakthrough is possible.

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A Message from Self to Self

dream-3-184x184The beauty of working with our dreams to gain greater clarity on our spiritual journey is that they will give us the most honest snapshot of where we are at any given time. In this series of dreams, John is shown exactly that: he can see that he is willing to do what it takes to keep progressing, but that doesn’t mean that another part of him won’t resist or get in his way. Why would that be the case? Because different parts of us have different jobs. The aspects in us that resist change are merely staying in support of something else we have taught them at an earlier point. That’s why we need to be consistent in our desire to change. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream starts right off with the image, and then I have to understand the image. It’s a cute little story.

I am part of a raid that sneaks onto the property of a person with political values and beliefs that I oppose. I am trying to remain undetected as I go about my reconnaissance. I suddenly realize that I’m about to be exposed, so I slip off to try to hide in a chicken coop.

And then I realize that this person is apt to come walking in here – not purposely looking for me, just going about his rounds – so I have to disguise myself, or hide. So I attempt to try to make myself unnoticeable by throwing straw in the chicken coop over the top of me as I sit in a corner. And the hope is that this first step will hide me from detection.

The person I am spying upon, sure enough, comes into the chicken coop to gather up eggs and, of course, spots something awkward or off in the corner, which is me sitting there in this woeful condition trying to hide by having this straw piled up and around and about me.

Of course this straw has got chicken poop on it and everything else, so it makes me a horrendous sight. And so because this horrendous condition tends to disguise who I am, this person sees me to be some sort of street person who is coming to his place. So he comes over and tells me about the relief program he is going to implement if he is elected president.

In other words, he’s a political person. The person leaves to go to get others who can help the situation in a more general overall way. In other words, to give me a helping hand in some capacity. But I don’t dare let that happen. If I get cleaned up, or something, I’m apt to be recognized. So to escape detection, I crawl out the runway hole for the chickens.

Well, I crawl out that. I don’t go out the door because that’s where others could see me, so I crawl out the runway hole and, when I am outside, I scurry real quickly to get out of the area. I go through a fence and I’m now back on the property that I own.

I have pulled this off without being detected. If I am seen making inroads and trails upon my own property, that will not matter, that doesn’t affect anything. In other words, I haven’t intruded where I don’t belong, that’s okay. We each are entitled to our own perspective.

The point is, is I was not detected like I was a spy. The result of doing something like this is that upon getting up close and personal, the methodologies that obstruct my growth, up close and personal so I can see the methodologies, the mannerisms, the attitudes, the perspectives, the conduct that obstruct my growth, I’m able to counteract these actions with a more reasonable plan.

In other words, that part that is running counter and creating friction has no idea that I have come to know the playbook, and that I am able to adjust as needed to make a difference.

The meaning is, is I am a person willing to do what it takes to overcome barriers I have that get in the way of my inner development. The problem that exists with my approach is that I’m playing amnesic games with myself and my life.

This too is a veil that keeps me from letting go of all nuances. As long as I think I’m getting away with these antics, I keep this self-deception alive. What I learn from carrying on like this doesn’t really change anything. I am simply reorienting my conduct to do a better job of deceiving myself. As a result this doesn’t go anywhere and, even worse, I remain separate from realizing my true self and a reality that doesn’t have to be anything at all to be accepted by life.

If I am able to accept that I am okay as I am, then I can let go of a lot of poise and nuances that keep me from waking up to what is really going on. Such antics make a fool out of me because I believe that I am getting away with this conduct.

And so the deeper meaning is I am shown an energetic mannerism, reflectively, in order to reconcile what I am inadvertently doing to alienate myself from myself – just like dreams are messages from self to self.

When I came to bed I had this really short image that turns out to be kind of deep, and it’s an image of a person sitting in front of me, and a little to the right, and they’re facing forward as if they’re watching TV or doing something. And I’m behind there and there is a bureau of drawers on the side of the couch even, as they’re sitting on the couch even, or something like that.

So as I am talking I have opened a lower drawer – and I have done this unbeknownst to the other person to see what I might secretively find there. Whatever I find my intention is to keep this to myself in a constructive way. In other words, I’m not doing something malicious. I’m not really doing something behind the person’s back to do them any harm.

In other words, the meaning is this is another example of utilizing a consciousness that in its discreetness is playing games with itself, in other words, that’s the first gut view that you can take of this. But because the intention is constructive, which means that it is also meaningful, good intent, what I need to see therefore then will have the opportunity to make itself known non-reactively. In other words if I did this and disrupted the person who was watching the TV or whatever and broke the lilt and the tone and the flow, then things could get all skewered.

So in this way I am not having to justify my lower self because, to do so, would get in the way of the well meaning, secretive unfoldment. Isn’t that a cute little dream?

And then this one was kind of hard to write up because it’s like a dictation now. I am dictated protocol to follow in regard to how I conduct myself in the outer. The protocol, often called adab, using a Sufi term, is set forth by way of the following dream.

I’m about to go out into the world and go through county records in search of property. This is the dream. I am being loaned the resources, which means the inner energetic, for this to occur. To keep from hurting life, and thus myself, in the process, before I am allowed to establish any kind of position in the outer I must do more than just take my best guess, or follow one’s concepts. I must adhere to a higher standard than is ordinarily dictated.

In the dream I must back up each purchase with an agreement that everyone understands. I must have a deed that confirms the protocol, and I must acquire a title to every transaction so there is no question as to the authenticity and everyone is on the same page.

The purpose for such a dream: what is important in life is that the energetic flow conducts itself with a heartfelt protocol so the results that take place do not veil any part of the overall by stepping upon some part of myself. If it’s done this way, everything is taken into account right from the beginning.

So when you put it together now in relationship to the earlier dreams, the dreams last night pointed out that there are veils that exist both above and below, both as light and darkness. In other words, how can it be light? Well, it can be light because it can burn you, it can be too much and then you don’t know how to integrate it into the outer.

And of course the darkness is the dense and the slowness that keeps you going only at a particular rate or pace that you have to break through in order to catch up with the light. And, of course, the light will burn you if you’re too dark. It’s a strange conundrum.

So what I’ve done is I’ve conducted my past seeking the energetic that transcends the barriers between where I’m at and where I’m going. In other words, I’ve been looking to the light, but there is a problem with just this approach. I must also place my attention upon the protocol, mannerisms, and design that are revealed through inner reflections to the below.

In the second dream, this is seen as the pulling open of a drawer just off the ground. For most people who have not developed an association that seeks to be as whole as possible in the outer, a correspondence that reaches the lower drawers of outer life must also be attentive, or must also follow the unfoldment of the upper drawers of the inner – from which permission is given – and then the protocols, mannerisms, and designs intertwine.

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