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401When a fly gets caught in a spider web, the spider doesn’t necessarily know that it has caught a meal, it just registers that something about the “natural state” of the whole of the web has been affected – and so it goes out to investigate and bring its world, its web, back to its best state. It should be the same for us, because we have that kind of sensitivity to energies around us, yet we have, as a general rule, shut ourselves off from registering the subtle changes around us. When we finally do notice, we have a huge issue to deal with rather than a small problem. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: And in the second dream, which seems to me like it repeats a couple times, too, I’ve gone to another planet with some other people, some guys. And on the other planet the guys get into kind of like a battle with the people there, over something that they’re trying to maybe take possession of, or be in charge of, or something like that.

And what I would say is that maybe the battle takes place in a limited area where the guys are kind of going up and down in one area, and the battle seems to happen just in this limited space.

And I finally go in, probably about the second time I’m dreaming this, and I kind of suddenly stop them all, and have this lecture with the guys, because I’ve gone out in a sense, in another energy way, onto the planet – and I’ve looked at the structure there. And I’ve seen that the houses are very nice houses, but they’re identical, and there might be some houses and then there’s vast plains, and there’s little huts or something.

And I realize it’s a very agricultural society, and maybe even a little nomadic, but they don’t even have schools there. And the guys that I’m with have come and they’ve been trying to battle over something there that, in a sense, is part of a hierarchy that doesn’t even exist there.

And so I’m lecturing them about that all of a sudden, or bawling them out about it, because it’s almost like they’ve introduced some concept about something they’re fighting over that’s like almost even a concept that doesn’t even exist on that planet. That planet just flows in a certain way, and it’s different.

So I’m kind of telling them they can’t do that. I’ve made them stop fighting, and they can’t do that there because I realize it’s something that doesn’t even really exist there. So that was that dream.

John: So what’s happened is that the dream that had you being able to go back and forth and this and that and the other, to understand something that you took to be like the Middle East, or in other words, another part of the overallness of life.

In this second dream you tune into that better, and you’re able to realize that what it is that you’re able to see that’s in these places and whatnot is something that it’s part of a flow, it is unfolding as a flow, it lies before you as what is going on – but it doesn’t properly or fully take into account all of the vibrations of life that it needs to take in, before this conflictual thing, whatever it might be, it needs to realize something of a greater balance is possible as an aspect.

In other words, you going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, you have come to understand a kind of cadence about life. And so when there is this conflict and whatnot you know that it is something that’s a disorder in the wholeness, and you’re able to more or less say, you know, this just shouldn’t be because there is this overallness.

Differences need to exist for catalytic purposes, but this other has gotten to a point where there isn’t the catalytic purpose, there’s just the all out pell mell which takes one outside of the hint and the recognition of the consciousness that’s all pervasive.

So you’re trying to cause them to realize, and you’re trying to cause a part of yourself, you’re saying to a part of yourself that everything is just a quiet stillness with some depth therein, that awakens for you so that you can travel about at your leisure. You don’t necessarily have to do anything. It’s just that you can just be fortunate to coexist – meaning that you are taking in an overall dynamic that sees a bigger picture, from having gone back and forth as much as you have, to know that the kind of friction or awkwardness that you see doesn’t belong, doesn’t need to be there, isn’t part of the wholeness that you’ve caught up with, and grasped, and maintained in kind of a concentrated containment way.

So that’s interesting that your dream quality has you taking on a bigger dimension. First of all surprised that you could be thrown into this idea of having to travel like this, that is a bit of a surprise to you, only to find out that the dimension that lies therein, that you take on, has to be pulled together in relationship to a greater whole. You’re seeing these aspects within the whole, in other words, that you now are threading, so to speak, you know pointing out that they can’t be this way, or can’t be that way.

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Paul Klee

Paul Klee

It is often realized, while on a spiritual journey, that the truths one is looking for really are all around us (and within). That means we need the eyes to see. Perhaps it begins with understanding that we are part of something much greater, something we seek to support and be a part of? Nothing blinds us from the truth more than an egocentric view of the world, which separates us from our natural connections.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream is, I reached an inner vibratory connectiveness in which a sum total result—well, it was a connectiveness that dealt with a sum total result of all of the prior performances.

What I’m trying to say here is typically, when you look around you see the effect of things in an individualized way. Each person acts in a particular way, their interests are in a particular way, and therefore, whatever it is that they can be about, and that they have anything to say, it’s individualized, and a wholeness is accumulative. I mean, no one part is anything in and of itself.

What this means is that from each performance, or individualization, you come to recognize and realize that the wholeness is the underlying accumulation and intertwined-ness of it all.

So the question of whether any individual performance blew me away, as if this was a question, of whether there were any individual performances that I observed, you know, in some mannerism or another in the outer, that blew me away in some indistinguishable way, is a lesser and denser way of listening that I’m moving beyond in terms of consciously.

In other words, what I’m recognizing in terms of the performances, is the unfolding aliveness of how all of that fits in the whole. They all reflect the whole and not a singular, separate nature that embraces itself in some sort of indulgent way. No, instead what all of it put together does, is it portrays the underlying awakened nature of the soul, which is the overall.

So, what I’m trying to describe is the effect of taking all singular awareness and compositing it, which is actually already composited into an intertwined aliveness, which is the consciousness that you embrace. You don’t embrace the individualized aliveness because that’s a bifurcation, and an ego, and a functioning off of the usurpation through the senses from the whole.

So, the oneness that I’m talking about is the means of taking on the whole, in which every cell is the whole – and this is embraced, instead of the mind/sense/ego that we see in life in manifestation.

So, in the next dream is the question last night for the soul is, where do you go to get the most complete information and direction as is possible? The first one had to do with showing that my understanding was always conditional, based upon to what degree you looked at individuation, which is separation.

So how do you get the most information? Because something that is a particular way is only good up to a particular point, but it doesn’t take into account the whole. So, in the first dream, I realized that this needs to be the whole, or into a oneness. The individual experiences are what a person utilizes when they are associating with manifestation and its ego/sense orientation.

In this dream, I am trying to find the best place to go, in manifestation, to find guidance. The information you get when you’re individualized is very, very limited. So everywhere I look, though, I see limitations. Experiences that are along the path of outer sense awareness are limited to that stimuli.

So, the image I have is of the time, place, and people that are along the Vegas strip and I notice that, as you walk along it, that information has a bias based upon where and how things are along that route.

And then I notice that it might get a little better where you have the crossroads coming in like Flamingo Crossing, which is bringing in a greater flux of people that aren’t necessarily as caught up in the day-to-day traffickings directly on the strip.

And then I am shown that if I really want to know, I must go to somewhere other than the physical domain. I need to go beyond the outer reflections. The reason is because that which is reflective is second-hand information and, therefore, is indirect. That which is indirect, is subject to misinterpretation.

The most direct process that I know of—that is a little better, though is also still reflective—is from dreams, which are on the inflective zone language of the soul.

This is a journey that is honed more and more by the breath and heart as the wayfarer goes from the within to the within, from the light of the individual to a recognition of this being the light of the whole.

Another way of saying it: you start with the soul confined to the limitation of physical existence and this is all you know and then, suddenly, you’re realizing that it can access itself as a being that is like a wholeness, or a world soul.

And so such an awakening is founded more and more on the breath, not just the in-breath and out-breath, but the intervals with the true home somewhere being at the interval of the in-breath and out-breath.

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John: My dream starts off with me realizing that I have to be shown the areas I’m moving in, as if I’d never seen them before. The truth is that I’m moving in these areas every day, yet somehow I’ve stopped seeing them to the point where I don’t recognize the terrain anymore.  

The problem is that, left to my own devices in terms of this huge overall territory, I have gotten into a pattern of going over and over the same places until what’s there has gotten boring. Through constant repetition, everything has become so mundane that I’ve forgotten any characteristics about it.  

As a consequence, I fail to appreciate the aliveness of the area – I’ve become numb to it. I’ve even lost touch with the fact that there are four distinct cities in this region. That information comes as a surprise to me.

As a result, because I didn’t realize that there were any cities in this area, it doesn’t alarm me when I learn that the fourth city seems to have disappeared. Someone has brought to my attention that there are cities, and I can’t even tell where three of them are, let alone the fourth one that now is somehow gone.

So, I have to be taken out of my usual travel routine and shown again the region. Yet I can only be shown in short glimpses, because it’s like my faculties, or my senses, can only process so much information. Consequently, I don’t have enough information to be able to go to the cities on my own, nor do I know their whereabouts. I only know they exist from a space that I carry. 

One way to describe what’s happened is this: Originally I could come and go in this region and it was no big deal. I was in the natural flow, but I was asleep. I just did it, without having any real consciousness.

I didn’t think about whether there were cities or anything else. I could just freely come and go. It’s just like the free-floating you experienced in your dream (see Into the Mud). Then, over time, I got accustomed to particular repeated patterns and failed to appreciate the degree to which something lies before me – I just let it all go.

Eventually I come to learn (as I begin to awaken to the fact that I’ve gotten anesthetized) that there’s more in this area. That starts to stir me a bit because I realize that something is trying to awaken me out of this trance and I’m being slowly shown various parts of this big picture. But what I’m able to experience is limited because I can’t handle much. I’m too shut down inside.

Slowly then from that I come to realize that at one time I was simply in the overall, and it wasn’t the maze to me that it now is, now that I have to take it into full account, consciously, when before I was just in it. Then I was able to go to and fro with ease.

Now, if I try to reconcile what I think I know, I would realize that I have forgotten what I’m a part of and, as a result, I’m not able to appreciate the immensity. It’s like I’ve gotten lost.

In terms of the imagery, I don’t know the whereabouts of the three cities, and there used to be four cities, which represents a type of completeness that’s now askew. So it’s like I can’t help but say, oh my gosh, the consequences of these patterns are really leading me astray, or closing me down to the possibilities.

Still, the state I’m in is a begrudging one, because no one likes to be shaken from their sleeping state, to be jostled out of their patterns. We tend to fight this because what’s familiar seems important to hold onto – if we don’t know any better.

The patterns, and what they allow you to perceive and face in yourself isn’t much, because they snuff out the rest of the space and the natural knowingness that can be there. You could sum up the significance of this as realizing that what has been lost is an appreciation of the process. And that’s the loss of the appreciation of a human life.

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