Something Shifting

When something unexpected arises in our dream imagery it can indicate that an energetic shift is underway. When we assume we know where things are heading, or how they will unfold, we can be lulled into a semi-conscious state. New energies, new arisings, on the inner plane are signals of a shift ahead and a need to find ways to incorporate what is new and to reach a forward state of equilibrium. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Next one: I let a woman into my house that I have never seen before. Suddenly she goes “surprise, surprise,” and opens her jacket wide open. She has on a skirt and top that is exquisite. It’s an exquisite outfit, but not what I would have expected. 

Meaning: the sensation is I am at the verge of receiving – in an unexpected way. 

Next image: I turn on the TV to observe what I expect. I turn on the TV to observe what I expect, because in other words I think I know what I’m turning onto. The channel broadcast what I hadn’t expected. The commercial that is on, or about a Disney, speaks and talks about a new adventure.

Meaning: another example that suggests that what I perceive is shifting to something anew. See that’s what’s going on with you, too, something is shifting anew, change is coming, and/or what has happened has become tranquilized as a consequence of it again, as opposed to staying afresh with it so that you don’t get weighed down. 

We always dream in conjunction. You’re dreaming kind of suggests that something just isn’t going over an edge. Something that changes all of those images, all of those mannerisms, is happening. In my case it’s indicating that it’s happening in abundance, the problem is you have to be leery of that because that can change, too, with the bringing in of a different or peculiar mood or something.

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