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Jeane: The best way to describe my dream – because it went on for a long time – is that I was in a kingdom where there had been some sort of coup; someone had taken over from what was there before.

There were a number of forces running wild, still trying to take over certain areas, and some of them used magic. I never knew who was a friend or a foe. I had to keep moving fairly rapidly, trying to identify who might be okay, and trying to decide which energy to reinforce. It was really a rather perverse society. 

The term that kept coming to mind is that this was a society that would eat its own young. So I had to stay sharp and stay on the move all the time, and look for allies but never be quite sure if I could really trust them, or if someone might be watching or even coming down from the sky to cause havoc.

I remember going into a room, somewhere that I’d been before, and I had to retrieve something. There was a workman in the room doing something to the polished oak floor. They had taken the foundation out from under the floor, so I’m not sure if the boards are going to hold when I have to cross from one end of the room to the other.

There’s something I had to get in either the bathroom or the kitchen, so I just do my best to rapidly cross the floor and hope it holds. Then I leave because, again, I’m having to stay on the move and keep my eye out because I’m looking for alliances to build towards creating something that’s better, but I really just don’t know whom I can trust.

John: So what do you think the inspiration for that dream was?

Jeane: Coming to Las Vegas, for sure.

John: Okay, so how is coming to Las Vegas causing you to being on the move? I’m not sure what that’s trying to say. Is it trying to say that you’re going to be able to fix something that way, or are you just aware that everything is affected?

Jeane: I’m not sure myself. It was a strange dream.

John: What was the last part again?

Jeane: I had to retrieve something. And then I’m looking for alliances, and I go into homes and I’m looking but I just don’t trust anything yet.

John: Yes, you’re trying to pull something together out of…

Jeane: There are forces there that are helpful, but they’re hard to find.

John: Yes, it’s interesting in the sense that you realize that there’s something to be appreciated, even with all the chaos that exists. It’s something that’s latent in terms of what’s there below the surface. It’s kind of like…

Jeane: Everything was in chaos, and there was magic being used and misused.

John: Ah, in other words, misuse. So you’re seeing a lot of misuse in terms of the glamorous surface of things. I never thought of it that way. That’s probably what became of Atlantis, where there was this great Mecca, but it degenerated into all kinds of misuse that caused the defiling of something sacred.

Jeane: But underneath that, there were other forces that I felt were trying to work in another direction – so I was trying to find those.

John: And so there are forces that are important about all of that – at the foundation of things. Even the floorboards that you have to run across aren’t held up by much. In other words, you see something that’s the epitome of confusion, chaos, and disturbance, but at the same time it’s the brightest thing on the planet in terms of the light that it gives off (although it’s artificial light). There’s something redeemable in all of that.

It’s interesting that you had that sense. I didn’t automatically have that. You’re already trying to pull what is redeemable, or of value, out from the glitz and chaos that is Las Vegas.

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Jeane: I still don’t remember the middle dream, so this is the third dream of the night (see Getting Smaller and Smaller). It feels completely opposite from the first dream which had a very delicate, pretty, flowing sense to it; it was a feeling I very much wanted to get back to.

I think this dream could have been influenced by the fact that I’m reading a book called The Family. It’s about a right wing political group that thinks they’re anointed to be Christ’s soldiers, but they’re really about being the elite who are running the world  – they want to be the power behind the scenes. 

So in the dream I’m either with you or some other man, and there’s another man with us who feels more like a brother. We’re trying to investigate a factory at the edge of town where we know people are being taken. Surgery is being performed on them, and it seems they are even being genetically altered.

Some group is doing all kinds of things to make these people the way they want them to be. They are kidnapping people, holding them against their will, and then altering them.

I’ve been in the factory once and I’ve seen what they do. We’re trying to expose them and close them down. Some of the people who work their support what is going on, and others just turn a blind eye and ignore what is happening.

We’re trying to break in or get enough information so the factory can be stopped, but we might get captured ourselves. Part of me just wants to get a good pair of binoculars and observe what’s going on, and another part of me feels like I have to try to get in to the factory.

You tell me that if I should get caught, to just act like I’m there to give someone sexual favors as a way to distract them. I’m not too down with that plan. You might even tell me to stay away, but either way I’m suddenly on my own and going into the factory. 

It feels like this time there is a woman who is helping me. I’m almost discovered. There’s a worker who’s suspicious. I see a way to get out, but I’m carrying some bedding and maybe my binoculars, or a camera or other things, and I need something to put them in.

I see some very thick plastic bags that look like they are manufactured there; maybe they even put them over the bodies. I’m opening one of them up, while being watched with suspicion, so I can put my linens and stuff inside.

When I finally get outside the factory and into town, suddenly someone is questioning why am I doing these things. I actually knock them down. I think I’m trying to beat them up. I’m mad because I think they put up with this factory making changes to them because they’re changes that they really couldn’t do on their own.

I’m really mad that they would allow it to continue just for that reason, so it feels like I actually want to beat them up or something. At least I’ve knocked them down. That’s about the time I woke up.

John: So, why do you feel that this was so different from the first dream?

Tomorrow we will look at how both dreams explore similar territory using very different images and evoking very different feelings.

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Jeane: There are parts of this dream that are very vague to me, but here’s the part I remember best:

It’s nighttime, and I have the sense that I’m moving from where I live, so I have a pickup truck. But I’ve stopped at a lake to go swimming.

Now, I know that there are cabins nearby – someone I know lives in the area – so I’m quietly swimming in the dark. I’ve found a strange object that I’ve taken into the water with me. I don’t even know how to describe it, but it reminds me of one of those old globes you see that spins within a metal base. It’s about the size of a globe, with a frame part way around it, and it moves like a gyroscope. The frame is a deep bronze, a brown shade of bronze, and the top of the globe is somewhat flat.

I can look into it and it seems to reflect. It might be reflecting the stars, but I’m not sure. I find that if I take it in the water with me and put it under the surface, I can see different parts of it glow. It seems to show me where things are.

It’s such a fascinating object that after I emerge from the water I’m a little concerned about leaving it just anywhere, so I put it in the trees and bushes near the sand. That way, when I return, I can drag it into the water easily.

Then I am out on land, and it’s daylight. I have to go somewhere, because I’m in the process of moving. I run into two male friends, including my ex. So I have to take them to see the globe.

In order for them to really see it, I have to drag it back into the water so it will get luminous and show the stars and other places in it. The way it glows it’s almost like a companion under water. I didn’t feel alone when I was there with it.

After that the images are fragmented, but I have the sense that I have a dialogue with some women from our group

John: So, the dream begins at night and there are houses around this lake but everyone is asleep. You go out into the lake and swim around with this globe-like object that becomes luminous underwater.

In dreams, water represents the unconscious. In effect you are wading into your unconscious and you are with an object that has a certain light to it, that can show you things as if it is the cradle of it all, the center of it all. There’s aliveness to it. You are by yourself, in the night, yet you don’t feel alone, you are feeling a sense of peace where nothing can bother you.

It’s only when you come ashore again, and daylight returns, that you get back into the activity of life and you start to have to relate again; you have to report. You meet two male friends whom you want to show the luminous globe to. (You even end up talking to a group of ladies in the last fragment.) This is a way for you to report what you have experienced.

In the water you were bringing alive a consciousness, a light, from the depths of an unconsciousness. When you come ashore, it becomes less peaceful and the activity escalates. You are traveling from your unconscious back to your semi-conscious or conscious states. As you proceed, it’s like your senses became activated again and you begin to get caught up in the activities of consciousness. You start thinking about your responsibilities about the move and about relating to other people.

The two men show that your masculine side is able to catch up with what is being brought to light in you. You are freeing something inside. You are having an insight about the spirit energy within, which is normally unconscious. If you were to fully catch up with just a fragment of that energy, it would still be everything. It is the essence, yet you embody that as a feminine principle that seeks a closeness to what’s hidden in you – and all of a sudden you get it.

You recognize that you carry that. You carry that quality, that aliveness, and you can go and you can show others that. The globe showed you a glimpse of the essence of everything that we carry inside as a hiddenness.

So you found something – it’s not a nothingness. You haven’t quite got it to a nothingness yet. If you find “something,” then there still has to be something to report, and so you reported it.

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