Infinite Orientation

Infinity sign black and white textureIn school, the teacher gave us book report assignments, but they were never about the plot, or events, in the story, as much as they were encouragements to dig deeper to find the essence, or meaning behind the story. And this is how it is in our physical world: everything has meaning, and everything can show us something about life. What the physical thing is is only a fraction of the story; and we are looking for the bigger world that can be unlocked through what we see before us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: New information of the dreaming last night is that the props in manifestation aren’t where it’s at. Within the props of manifestation is the embedded essence, or secret substance of all that there is.

And so then the question becomes, what is important? Is there something important in the props of manifestation? There’s nothing important in the props of manifestation, but there’s something important within the essence that is within those props that is in manifestation. To access that you have to distinguish between the props being the props, and the essence therein.

Now, what happens is, just like when you have fire and smoke, the props represent something that is implicative of something deeper within. Now the props aren’t permanent, in other words the props vary, undulate, in relationship to how that essence is expanding or contracting, or alive or quickened, or however you want to say that. And so what happens with the props, which is where people put their attention, is unimportant. So it’s as if the outer shrediments of things, of manifestation, are instrumental, in an inflective way, for a person to let go to their overallness as an energetic atmosphere in all that there is.

And that the props serve as a beacon, you might call it revelational, but actually this is a type of revelation that is of a glimpse-type nature, primarily, because what you see and sense in the outer are mostly just the props, even though you have a sense of so much more.

The problem is that it’s as if the props have an entity nature to them in which we are concerned with how things are around us, as an atmosphere of props of manifestation. And what is real could care less about that. And, therefore, therein lies a dilemma because the changes that occur around us, the degree to which we look at those, and respond to those, in terms of the props of manifestation, is the degree to which we then insist upon a finite orientation.

When there is the infinite orientation, to the all-permeating vibration that goes into all things, and you are in touch with that, then you’re in touch with a flow that effuses out of the heart and has no impingements, in terms of identification to the props. So it’s as if the props can come and go, which means that, in a way, what happens to the body is not where your attention is fully placed either, even though the body is important in terms of the essence it houses. If the indulgence is to that of the body, the physicality of the body, or of the props, then you end up with another delirium, and veil, in the way.

And so, in the sorting out, there is a certain recklessness that exists. And the recklessness is that things can happen to the props, things can happen to manifestation. And if you dwell upon that which happens to manifestation, and that dwelling causes you to shut down the heart, then you are saying that the props have a hold on you. And, if the props have a hold on you, then the props ultimately get destroyed.

If the props have no hold on you, then they are okay in terms of them being a proper inflectiveness that is in a free-flow. So the dilemma that exists is it’s all about, again, the heart and the breath of the wholeness, of the essence, of the all-permeating essence of ourself, both inner and in the outer.

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To Be in Sync

85b28eIt’s an interesting conundrum: we often like the aliveness feeling we get when we are in an extreme state – fear, passion, thrills – but the extreme state is not something that anything else in the universe seeks. Everything seeks equilibrium in their environment, and a state of balance. And, also interesting, is that if we were to truly find a state of balance within us, what that would allow us to connect to, energetically, universally, would be the most thrilling thing imaginable – but without the imbalance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, to start off with, it’s like I couldn’t go very deep in my dreaming, because it was as if I had something dragging at my attention. Something that was bothering me, like yesterday was an awkward day, so it was easy to pick up rubbish that could have and hold an effect upon you.

So, to start off with, I notice that that which draws my attention as being significant, in other words, by buying into it, which leads then to a veil. This is just how one takes and stigmatizes themselves. Or, as a way of putting it is, I’m talking about a connection that I have in my nature that has, you might say, formulated, or found, itself on my breath.

I’m looking at this and noticing that this is limiting my ability to let go, and be more open and still. I have to get beyond such an identification, because the identification, this quality compromises the heart. And everyone, from time to time, has something in their pent-up nature that comes out in an outer way that causes them to get cluttered, or wayward, or identifying with some part of the breath.

When the heart is discombobulated, that’s the key to being able to denote that you’re lost in some aspect of the breath, because generally when you’re lost in the aspect of the breath, the mirroring process, by which something is right or not right, is what the heart does. The heart reveals, or portrays, the veils – if it is feeling heavy, or something.

So, last night, I wasn’t able to travel within like I usually do because I was overwhelmed and my heart was caught up, veiled, in a habituation. So the significance is, whenever something like this happens it is because I am affected by the sensitive, and reactive, side of the breath that is irrationally oriented when the spaciality isn’t in a stillness.

The part of the breath I am talking about, that readily goes off into a tangent, is the in-breath. Of course, you can have it start with the deviation in terms of the timing, which is the out-breath thought, which isn’t embraced because it isn’t still and it has a momentum, and then you get the reaction on the in-breath. But technically, that is if you’re in touch with the in-breath that way, otherwise you just beat yourself around with the out-breath.

So, when like this, it means I haven’t intertwined the spatial in-breath with the time-oriented out-breath, and have lost touch with the emptiness and stillness deeper within. I’m shown this because time and space are an area of consciousness that has to be taken into account in my overall beingness – if I am to be in sync with the stillness.

To access the inner levels of my beingness, this being an aspect of the in-breath spaciousness, is what I’m looking at, along with the out-breath timing, as the dilemma I didn’t resolve, or haven’t resolved, as needed.

And then there’s the awkwardness that I am denoting in the environment, that is implying a breakdown between the inner and outer, as expressed by the principles of time and space upon the breath being out of sync. Likewise you could say that this is also the state of a being out of balance, in terms of timing, with the spaciousness.

When I am out of balance with the timing and spaciousness, the alignment needed for a pristine focus and attention is lacking. And then you got to be careful with this idea of pristine focus and attention because that generally leads you again into reflections because that becomes like a tool – and you don’t have any tools but the emptiness.

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Seeing Through

lxtptcIt’s virtually impossible to truly understand something without experiencing it. And in religions, and on spiritual paths, we constantly hear about the oneness of life, and are told that the world around us is an illusion. This cannot be grasped intellectually. It must be experienced – and that is done through higher connections. Because what we do experience every day, automatically, are our lower connections to whatever energies are “in our neighborhood,” or generated by our thoughts and intentions. It is higher connections that let us see what is real, because they have the intelligence and flow we are seeking. And higher connections come when we begin to live our lives for something greater than our selves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I didn’t meditate as long as I usually do. I came out of it after about an hour, but it took a couple of hours to write this up, and I didn’t write up much because I kept going in and out of it going somewhere and coming back after half an hour, going somewhere, all in the process of trying to write this up.

So we live in an outer world in which the essence is hidden. Philosophers and other pundits speak of an inner essence behind outer manifestation. To be able to see through the projections is the challenge everyone is presented with in physical existence.

To not do so is the condition of being veiled from our inner beingness. I feel a huge weight of relief lifted as I notice that I am able to see, and denote, the hidden inner reality within the outer projections. And I can do that from within myself.

I may think that what I am able to do is easy but, over the years, I have come to know that this isn’t so. I may not be able to say much to the parts of myself still in the clutches of the veils. The reason is, seeing is believing. In other words, if you don’t see it, then how can you believe it? In other words, you can’t describe something that isn’t experiential or something, or relatable from a sense like that – even on an inner sense.

Until you see through the projections, the philosophy of the pundits, with regards to a oneness, is just another projection. So a person remains lost in veils of outer projections until they are destined to awaken within. To not be free of the clutches of the senses, and therefore unable to see through personal projections to what is real, is what physical manifestation is about for the lower self. For those who make the breakthrough, there is an actual awareness of the soul of life within all of manifestation. That’s kind of the dream.

Now what caused the dream to go around and around, was inside of myself it’s like the breath just gets really full, and the in-breath races into a home somewhere as I suddenly, from within the dream, have an aspect of an outer – and I see right through the outer to what it’s about. And the outer has a shadowy aspect, or it has a shimmer aspect, that is a murk within the outer.

That’s what I saw. Now you don’t open your eyes and see that in the physical, but when you see that within then you know that the outer is a projection, and within that outer is something coming from inner – and that’s what is meaningful. And to be able to be in a condition of your being so that that can happen, well, you just don’t do that in the outer, you do that on the inner when you totally let go, when you don’t have the senses or something creating the personal moving around.

So, this is an unusual dream that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to understand. So in the dream I’m going into an area of light from dark. I mean you can almost create the image, a visual, that would be something like this.

Let’s say you’re walking by kind of a place that you’re unfamiliar with, and you decide to turn and go over to it. And the place has a lot of light to it, and when you turn to go over to it you are kind of darkish in your demeanor. And as you go over to it, what you see is it’s a wheel, and instead of prongs that stick out in the front, the prongs stick out going down and it’s like a grinder, it grinds in.

And so then there are a couple people, a woman, there and you have to pay her to go and do whatever this is about. And so I hand her a bill. She takes the bill and immediately shows the bill to the guy; it’s like there’s something unusual about the bill.

And so I knew that they came out with new bills, and so I ask her what she’s looking at, and suddenly I see on this bill a number that has been embossed that’s really dark. It stands out. I hadn’t noticed it. I mean at first glance it jumps right out at you, and it’s smudged. And so as I see this I’m thinking oh, well she’s taking it because the printer smudged this in some fashion, but I notice that what it is is it’s a number and the lower numbers on the bills are worth a lot.

And it’s not a lower number, it’s a six digit number. You know, in order for it to be worth something it would have to be like a number from like say 1 to 100, and then it would be worth 1,000s of dollars as a $1 bill or whatever it was. And so I don’t get it, and then I wake up.

And then I realize that there was something else about this bill. I saw it at the time, but didn’t know what to make out of it. There was just the number, and I think I kind of commented, isn’t there supposed to be another image on this bill? There was no other image, and usually the image that you have on a bill is an image of a president or something. There was no president embossed, nor was there a scene of the Statue of Liberty or anything like that that you might have on a bill. It was just money print with a stamp there, without the image.

So the comment was, is I was not going to wake up and write up the dream, but I heard a sound within that brought me back. So I took this as a sign to write up what was happening, thinking that it would have to pop through then.

And so the energetic feel is that, in this dream, it seems I am transitioning into a new place within – and I am doing it in a nonchalant, indifferent way. However, what is happening is drawing an attention that has a meaningfulness in that the process is an atypical transitioning.

So then to try to understand the atypical transitioning, I try to describe the scenario that could’ve influenced this because one’s influenced by the inflections of things in the outer. That’s why it’s very important in terms of how you carry yourself in the outer, because you leave yourself receptive to things that then can inflect, and not be veiled out, if you’re all oppressed or something estranged in the outer. Sometimes then that creates a denseness that keeps something from flickering through.

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