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It’s an interesting phrase: collecting oneself. We use it when we feel out-of-sorts with what is going on; perhaps we take some quiet time to settle down. Sometimes, though, when our balances are thrown off, we think that there is an external thing that will solve the issue, so we go on a buying spree, or we call all our friends. In this dream, the dreamer is trying to collect various items to find a certain safety, yet it is only the process of letting go that will bring about the needed sense of settlement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in this dream, I seem to be in something like a hotel room, or motel room, with a man. And we’re going to make love, but it feels like there’s a couple there that’s supervising the whole process, because it isn’t just about making love it’s also about some kind of way you’re working with the breath. 

The problem with this, though, is that there’s something in how they’re directing the whole process that just creates a feeling that is a little estranging. So it’s like we get rid of them, they leave. But then after they’ve left, I realize that I’m not feeling entirely safe in this situation, or connected in some way. I’m not quite sure how to break through that. 

So I get up out of bed, and I go over and I look out the window. It’s snowing out and there’s snow on the ground. And I look over and I see that the mountain is turning into a volcano; the mountain I can see out the window. 

So I leave the room I’m in and go out, there’s a lot of other people staying in this kind of resort area. And it’s like I try to get people mobilized, that we need to get out of there because the mountain is erupting. But some people feel like it’s going to be safer to stay there, even though they see some ash or rocks coming down. 

So I just keep moving away from where I see where the volcano is, and go through different rooms. I find sometimes people have left things, clothing or shoes, and I start looking for certain things to pick up that I need to wear because I don’t have any boots. And I try to look around me and ask if other people need them, or not, and encouraging people to put on certain clothes or to get more prepared, but people still seem kind of disorganized in what they’re doing. 

I move on along to a room where I see some food piled up on a table, so I like grab a bandana. It’s mostly the type of pastry food that you see people put out for breakfast at a resort sometimes, but they have some fruit and nuts there, too. And I try to grab a certain portion that I put in a bandana or something and encouraging other people to do the same. And then I just keep moving. 

I’m trying to find a way out and away from where the volcano’s erupted. And still kind of surprised that some people don’t seem to want to move, even in these circumstances, as though they feel like it’s still gonna be fine where they are. But I realize that as the volcano erupts, it’s not only that it’s throwing out rocks and stuff, but it’s going to melt the snow, too. So you need to keep moving. But some people don’t, some people do. 

And, meanwhile, I seem to have put together a mishmash of clothing I can wear to hike over the mountain. And the next thing I know, I seem to have reached an area that reminds me a little bit of San Francisco, and then there’s people there that are feeding me. But I realize they’re feeding me partly because I’m pregnant and they’re trying to feed me certain foods because they want to shape the pregnancy. I’m not sure I trust how they want to shape things, so I’m looking around for some orange juice, or foods that I feel might even be outside of just the nutrients they’re giving me because I don’t know what it is they’re trying to control for – and that was when I woke up.

John: Well, it’s a dream that starts off with you observing that something is awry in the atmosphere. Initially you notice that you can’t relax or let go in the atmosphere. It’s almost as if there is an over presence that’s affecting the atmosphere. 

But, even when that leaves, there still is something that’s not right. So you get up to try to catch up with what it is that is keeping things stifled, or in an amnesic state, so that nothing is able to unfold on an awareness level in which you are able to participate. And what you see and perceive has you realizing that the environment that you’re in, the circumstances that exist in the atmosphere, are such that you aren’t able to embrace, or take in, appreciate, go to any depth with what is in front of you, with what lies before you. 

Thus, you’re in a type of amnesia. And, in this amnesia, you don’t recognize or realize that something is shifting. In other words, what you see is that the something more that you want isn’t possible for reasons and circumstances that are askew. But you know that you’re in an amnesia because you come to see yourself as in need of something more, because you’re birthing, you’re suddenly realizing, that, in spite of all of the confusion in the atmosphere, you’re still having to birth something. 

And when you let go to accepting a flow that permeates through all of this mayhem, you’re able to catch up with, and relate to, the fact that there is a nurturing of an aliveness that is possible. So, you’re noticing that this is somehow correlated with the breath, and that you only recognize when something isn’t quite right, based upon how it feels, in terms of the breath. You only notice that at the onset, but, as things progress, and you’re compelled to look at the outer effects of things, it can be a bit shocking. 

And, in that shock, you can let go of, and lose track of, the feeling that is important in terms of being able to have a spaciality necessary to break free of the limitations that are impelled upon the way the atmosphere is for you, and how you find yourself to be, and where you find yourself to be. So it’s like a teaching dream, too.

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help-upIf we are on an elevating journey, we build higher connections. Then, in all we do, we want to help bring whatever, or whomever, we are dealing with up to our (energetic) elevation. Why? Because otherwise we are returning to a lower state. So we want to help everything refine by raising it to our level, or radiating out from our level. That’s how the world improves, and the universe evolves. And it is a natural responsibility of the human to take on this role in the unfolding of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember my last dream. And, initially, I’m in a school-type setting where I’m a counselor. It feels like a college. This girl who’s attending the college has come to me for counseling, and initially I think that she wants counseling on changing her diet, but she actually wants counseling on quitting smoking.

And I almost try to steer her towards somebody else that’s kind of more of an expert in that area, because I haven’t counseled people that much on quitting smoking, but she just wants to work with me. So I kind of agree that I’ll work with her, and give her some writing assignment to start, to see where things are.

Then she and I are leaving the building, and it feels like we’re walking on a street that looks like across the street where I’ve parked a car. And, it’s dark out, and I don’t want her to walk back to the college on her own, so I go to get in my car. She’s still kind of standing near the street, and there’s one car very close on the right side of me, and another on the left, and I start to kind of start my car to go forward, and then I stop all of a sudden because I realize the car on the left has his bumper that’s come out that’s in front of my car, so I’m going to hit it if I keep going forward.

So I stop, and then the scene just shifts very suddenly, and it feels like it’s daylight. And she and I are out climbing in some mountains. I’ve gone on ahead of her up the mountainside. It’s quite steep, and there’s lots of rocks, like we’re climbing over an area where there was an old rockslide. And I’ve turned around to talk to her. She’s below me a fair distance, so we holler back and forth, and I see a few rocks slide down in one area, so I’ve turned around like I’m going to come down – but then my shoes, I lose my shoes somehow.

They kind of fall over the edge a little bit down towards where she is, so now I’m going to have to be pretty careful about how I come down. Then I see some more rocks fall, so I’m kind of telling her kind of where to go to be away from the rocks. And she kind of squats down near one rock that’s a big rock, but I’m concerned because she’s left her back exposed to the rocks on the mountain that are coming down, rather than hiding on the other side of the rock where she’d be protected from it.

But then suddenly my whole view gets blocked out because there’s this big slab of rock that’s come down right in front of me, and that’s when I realize that these aren’t just rocks sliding, but that the mountain is a volcano and it’s blowing up – except the rock doesn’t seem to crush me. It goes right on by me, but then I just have this feeling of being lifted in the air and that’s when I wake up.

John: It’s a very interesting dream in that what the dream starts off with is it points out that you have a deeper responsibility in terms of what you have to look at. In other words, there’s quite a bit of difference towards just adjusting one’s diet and stopping an affliction. In other words, one can take and work in kind of a casual way with eating suggestions, but that’s all that that is is suggestions. It leaves everything kind of in a wibbly-wobbly mode.

But when you’re directing something in terms of stopping a process, in other words, dealing with an issue directly… and what issue is it that you’re dealing with, and how is it that you’re dealing with it, and meant to deal with it more directly?

Well, it is shown that when you take someone in, so to speak, into the car, and you’re driving there is an issue with hitting a bumper. It’s difficult to navigate in that fashion. But what’s also interesting is if you take and allow your energy to reach out, to probe out, to extend out, like go up the mountain and something follows you, that you have a way of kind of being able to, from a position of taking natural steps on your own, you have a way of taking and making it possible for something else to unfold. You can even let your shoes go down to help. You can even lose your shoes. In other words, you have a way of sustaining something in kind of a very unusual, connected way.

So, the beginning of the dream is indicating, however, that in order to do something more you have to address the situation with more succinctness. In other words, you can’t just be as casual about it as you were. When you see something that is amiss, you can work towards changing that which is amiss, but you don’t just take and coast along with simplistic mannerisms that leave everything kind of askew – with the idea being that there’s something more that will come to be.

What you’re seeing, at the very beginning, is what needs to come to be, you have to be involved. You have to put your attention on something that you don’t want to do, that isn’t the way you have been conducting yourself, and that is addressing a complexity, and hitting the complexity straight on.

Your dream is kind of suggesting that there still are bumper issues, in terms of trying to approach it in more of an equal mode. Your dream is basically saying that you carry a responsibility, the latter part of your dream, is saying that you carry a responsibility that can take and set a pace, and can help others who may be struggling to maintain the pace. In other words, you can even help them in their walking. You could transmit your shoes across, so to speak, they can suddenly go down the hill.

And the dream is also indicating that there is a plus and minus problem in this approach, as well. The negative problem is that when you take and are causing something just to remain connected, or are helping to pull something along, there is a possibility that something inadvertent can get in between where the connection isn’t proper enough, or strong enough, and you suddenly realize that that is causing a collapse, the fact that something got in between, almost as if maybe there was a kind of pseudo-dependency instead of a proper connection. And that then causes, in order to contend with this thing that causes a barrier to be in place, this causes you to aspire off the ground, to rise up.

In other words, it’s a corresponding response to having had something get in the way, and then a collapse has happened, and so you rise up. Isn’t that a kind of a rising up that’s a type of letting go, which is a type of breaking a linkage? Or, because a linkage has been broken, that there is something that goes to a quality of a deeper innerness inside – but a deeper innerness inside that takes you out of the equation, rather than staying in the equation? Isn’t this interesting? So it’s very, very interesting.

So what you are shown is you have to sustain, and maintain, a linkage and know that there is something about a clarity, of how you are connected, that has a means built into it, that will get lost if a barrier comes in that you accept, or allow.

It’s very interesting, isn’t it? That’s quite a process dream.

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deSaintPhalle-ComingTogetherAs Jeane’s night of dreaming continues (see A Step Inside), the understanding of how we develop in stages becomes more clear. The parts of us that choose to seek are already on board, trying to get the rest of us to come along. The rest of us – our emotional life, our identity, our physical body – still has to be convinced. Yet as we make our choices to let go of our personal baggage, we shed those skins. There may still be traces, but they are just a shadow of what they were. As the dream shows, little by little we learn and let go – embracing the higher parts of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in this next dream I seem to be in the same house, although it has a few changes to it. It has a basement area now where there’s even concrete that maybe goes down to a spa-type area. It goes into some kind of an unusual area.

And some other people have come into the house and they want to go down to this area. They don’t even feel like people I know. They’re kind of a little bit of an unruly bunch, with teenagers and some kids that don’t know how to pay attention.

Well, in the midst of this, I become aware that something’s wrong. I have a furnace man or caretaker of some kind in the building, and I can tell the furnace room is heating up almost to the point where the furnace has suddenly changed shape and is expanding out. And if you opened up the door in there, there could be this fiery stuff that’s coming out.

And I also realize that in this room that the kids are trying to get to, the hallway that goes down to it has some kind of concrete partitions that come up and I realize that lava could even come up underneath there.

And I have stepped outside the house to see what the problem is and I realize the mountainside has become a volcano and I can see lava up at the very top and even some boulders starting to be thrown out – so I know I have to get everybody out of the house safely. And I have gone back in to get them, and I’ve even opened up one door and found a girl, kind of a pretty girl who is wearing again kind of blue, got a lot of light to her, who hadn’t come in the house with them.

And I found her and I found them and now I make them shape up and listen to me and just follow me because there’s a way at the back of the house, or the side of the house somewhere, where there’s an outdoor pool. And before the pool there’s a room that goes out there that has an aquarium in it, and it feels like if I can get to that room I can get through that room to the outdoors and take them out with me.

Well, it’s kind of dark. I run into that room. It seems to me like for some reason I think I have to go across the room and climb up on this thing where the aquarium is and get through there, through a window, to the outdoor area.

I have to even break the glass in the aquarium and I find all of these really huge, creepy, crawly things trying to crawl up where I am that I have to actually reach down and shove off, and then get the water to see if it will sweep them off. Then I think I can get through to break the glass – even though there even seem to be sharks in the aquarium and the water hasn’t flowed out that much.

And then the man who was like the caretaker of the furnace shows up and shows me that there’s this door in the wall that he can just open and we can get out that way. And then I shift to an entirely different dream.

John: So what this dream is doing is it’s taking and putting you through a huge shift in relationship to the impression of the last dream.

The last dream seemed to have the dichotomy between there’s the outer, there’s the collective, and these people can be there, and then there can be this there, and then there’s this idea of how the inner is, and what you want, and what you’re seeking, and how you’re trying to shape yourself, and how you’re trying to progress, and how you’re streamlining this approach and staying very linearly focused.

Well, this dream almost looks at that and goes ha, ha, like it’s a big joke, and points out that the inner is just this raging inferno. And that when you’re looking at it from the other dream’s perspective, you’re acting like there’s still an effect of the outer that can come and touch you, and you have to touch that, and you go back and forth, and you have this dichotomy.

And this dream is indicating it’s a one way street, meaning that the change comes from the inner, that you’re really a house built upon a volcano. I mean, you’re just a raging fire. And that it is this, and this alone, that is everything, and the rest of it is all a type of neurosis – having to figure out how to deal with the creepy crawlies, and the aquarium, and how this has to be rescued, and that has to be rescued – as if it has any meaningfulness whatsoever.

And that there’s a way of going this way, and there is a way of going that way; in reality you’re just this raging fire, you’re just this volcano, you’re just this quality that is this inner sense that is everything.

This dream just shows you how you are, per se, in your highest state. You’re not all of these things that you’re caught up into identifying with. What the dream doesn’t say, doesn’t portray, is the difficulty of that state and the state of manifestation. It doesn’t portray that. It just portrays you as something else. It portrays this whole thing as something else. So all of the struggle, and all of the commotion, and all of the racket that you’re making, in terms of having to deal with this little component and that little component, it’s affecting you this way, and it’s about that – all of that is just noise.

Jeane: In this little sequel, it feels like I’m driving a car. I think you’re in the car, but you’re not real clear, and I suddenly look up and there’s a line of people walking along the side of the roadway. And it almost looks like a roadway that’s more barren, like down around Death Valley where you have big canyons in the distance, and so I suddenly swerve to the right so I miss the people and make sure I don’t get hit when I pull out onto the roadway.

And I’m kind of delighted that there’s hardly any traffic and I start driving, but then it suddenly hits me, Why are all these people walking along the side of the roadway, kind of downtrodden, and carrying some of their possessions? And then I realize that they’re a group of people who had been persecuted where they lived so they’ve, almost like as a protest and as a result of the persecution, they’re walking along the roadway to find a new home.

Suddenly I must have stopped and I’m pondering all of this because you could offer them a ride, but I realize that if you give them a ride it actually kind of undercuts the purpose of the protest. They are kind of demonstrating how they’ve been driven out. On the other hand, my mind thinks that there may be some in there that it’s going to be hard for them to walk, and maybe I could offer those people a ride. And that’s when I woke up.

John: So this dream is now going right in-between the first dream and the second dream.

The second dream you’re just this raging volcano, you’re just this pure energy, and so nothing exists, nothing has any importance whatsoever. It’s all noise. In the first dream, you’re caught in the conundrum of the outer and the collective and then having to take and try to catch up with some depth inside of yourself by pulling off to one side, and trying to simplify your life.

And then finding that however you approach it there’s still something haunting to awaken inside of you, and whatever that is you still need some sort of definition in order to be able to function. So your identification is to me, and that my brother represents another aspect of this lingering thing trying to awaken inside of you as a kind of higher consciousness – it does not quite fit into that blueprint.

And so then in this dream what you’ve done is you’ve taken all of those components, however many there are, there are all kinds of components, and you find them all to be astray in terms of yourself.

In other words, if you’re just the pure burning volcano and your attention is just upon that, these things would not exist. If you were just looking at the outer and trying to reconcile it, you wouldn’t necessarily recognize the plight of something in-between.

And this in-between is kind of like the meandered parts of yourself that haven’t quite got the memo yet, that still are acting like they’re alive – but they’re dead, meandering, and moving about. And you’re thinking that you still have a responsibility to have to contend with them to some degree. See, this is in-between.

They’re like ghosts to your nature, as opposed to the first dream the stuff is literal, you’re more caught in the amnesia, it’s more literal. In the second dream, you have no time for this kind of malarky of this literalness: because of the raging volcano there’s just no room for that.

And then in the in-between dream where you’re neither the raging volcano anymore, nor are you caught in the malaise of the stupidity of the total collective unconsciousness, you are kind of in a bewildered state.

So in the bewildered state, where you’re affected a little this way and a little that way, a little from the inner a little from the outer, not reconciled completely, then what you end up is these dead ghosts, or this energy that’s technically in a lifeless condition – and you can’t help it any.

There’s nothing to help. You just weaken yourself by putting your attention in that because it’s not real. Isn’t that interesting?

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