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John: In this next dream I see an image where I’m standing on a busy street corner trying to determine in which direction I need to go. There are four directions, so I’m confused. I’m kind of out of it, actually imbalanced, standing there on the street. 

In reality I am actually returning to a place where I was once at ease with everything around me. I have taken a job there, but a lot has changed since I was there last.

It starts off with that image and then I see myself back at the job I had a long, long time ago, trying to simplify. It’s an ancient memory inside of me that I feel I no longer need to do.

As before in this job, I am deemed a utility person, which means that everyone in the company recognizes that I naturally know what needs to be done. If I am shown everything, I can just free-flow in terms of what is important, directing others and doing things that they might not have the naturalness to do. 

The last time I worked there I was left alone to do my work and I was promoted right to the top of the whole department. This time a lot seems the same, but I’m no longer producing something that’s deemed important. There is a different expression of it within the company, although the old supervisor is there and he is also doing the same thing.

The supervisor leaves me alone, even when there is nothing to do, because it’s known that whatever I determine needs to be done, will be done, and I don’t have to fake or pretend to work. Even though I feel like I should try to stay busy, he doesn’t feel that I need do that; from his standpoint, I’m always busy.

However, in this particular state, I have a conversation with him where I ask about the past and the owner of the company. I feel a little sorry for my boss, who’s someone who hasn’t gone anywhere and is still doing the same things. But times have changed and there isn’t all the attention on producing something special. It’s more general in its expression now.

Over the passage of time I describe to him the way it had been in the past. I say, “You know, back when I left I was a bit of an agitator. I reached a point where I couldn’t be like that anymore.”

Then I point out that there was some confusion over what needed to happen, which had to do with a special product that they were putting out. And that created confusion because there was a conflict as to how best to do that.

I had my idea, he had his idea, there was a third person with other ideas, and then there was the owner of the company. He was a really a nice guy who wasn’t overbearing because he trusted that things would come together. I was always supported in my work by the owner.

The owner’s approach was, perhaps, a bit casual, because I think there was more that he had to take into account than he was capable of. So I’ve come back and all of those other aspects have fallen away; the situation has sorted itself out.

In the past it had emerged with confusion, but now it’s just naturally understood. I guess the sense of the dreaming has a lot to do with knowing how to hear something in a space that has just emerged – just like you were doing from the standpoint of a container quality that was in a solidness, that could hear the space emerge from the setness (see Set in Motion).

This dream is showing me that I’m not able to see something directly, based upon feeling ease in the unfolding that guides me along. When I struggle, that’s when I go off on a tangent and get confused. I think I’m using this pattern in my dreams to help sort out this decision about moving to Las Vegas.

I’m being given a glimpse of the peacefulness and ease that is available to me if I’m in the flow of things. It’s when I see everything as a struggle that I get disconnected.

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John: I have a couple little dreams and the first is: I’m in a situation in which the way to make something happen is to press down on a device. Maybe I have to press down three, four, or five times, but if I don’t press down on the device, nothing changes.

It’s like that. When you firmly press down on it you change the flow but, if you don’t, what exists goes on as usual.

I wake up somewhat surprised that nothing has changed and that the current situation continues. But I see that nothing will change unless I take an action to change the way things can unfold. Somehow I’m surprised that it actually works that way. 

This is what I’m being shown in the dream – that things work that way. At first it makes no sense to me – it requires deeper understanding. It’s suggesting that I have an effect upon what unfolds, even though I’m not inclined to believe this as being literally true.

That’s the first dream.

In the second dream I wake up at the end of it when a person makes the following statement to me, “You have a call from all sources of what is going on, and a minute amount of awareness about it.” The person who says this seems to make the statement at a most unusual moment in the dream.

It begins with me sitting around with a number of other guys. I have a Bud Light that I have apparently ordered and I’m drinking it separately, by myself. As I’m drinking it I find myself, out of the blue, ordering a case of Miller Lite to go all around the table.

I take a bottle of Miller Lite and pour it into a glass. As I drink it, I find it’s really good. Another guy asks if the beer can be put into a glass and I kind of nod in the affirmative because that’s what I’ve done: why not put it in a glass?  

But then I go off on a rampage. I had been drinking the Bud out of a bottle and I’m announcing that it’s just absolutely horrible. Who ordered this stuff? I say, never let me order this ever again. It’s nearly undrinkable.

My demonstrative, reactionary behavior causes a scene. I’m so loud it’s obvious to everyone, and they can see that I’m serious. I’m so over-the-top about this beer being bad that everyone just starts laughing and laughing. 

I sell them completely on the idea that it’s bad because I really believe it. They find it funny that I’m drinking something that’s that horrible. Then one guy, who had been laughing with everyone else, looks at me in a strange, somewhat serious way, and makes the statement that jars me awake: “You have a call from all sources of what is going on, and a minute amount of awareness about it. “

What does this show me? These two dreams are a continuation of the ideas expressed in the dream earlier that night (see A Touch of Mink).

Next time we’ll look at how all three play off the same central themes.

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John: Yesterday Jeane described a dream wherein she encountered three different-colored snakes, and ultimately killed one of them while trying to prevent it from devouring another snake (see Devouring Energy). It’s an image that speaks of the taking on, or of the embodying, of certain energy.

Jeane: When I first went into the room, I thought there were only two snakes, so it shocked me that there was a third snake, and it was also shocking when one snake began devouring another snake.

John: Two snakes can mean that you’re trying to do a comparison of things, so you might consider the differences between the ways the snakes look and act and get an insight into what you are comparing. Adding a third snake means that something catalytic is happening in the process – something is creating a fundamental change. And here the more harmless snake, or catalytic trigger, was devouring the more dangerous, more rare (colored) snake.

Jeane: I didn’t let it devour it. It had swallowed about half of the other snake when I stopped it by pulling off its skin. When I separated it from its skin, the black-and-white, more harmless snake died because it was all turned inside out.

John: And then the other snake was okay?

Jeane: Yes, the two others were still okay. I was just sorry that I killed it. I only meant to stop it from devouring the other one.

John: Interesting. As you were telling the dream, I suddenly got the feeling that the more colorful snakes were a more potent Kundalini energy, and that the black-and-white snake was a fairly benign, or dormant, Kundalini energy. And the images showed the more benign aspect trying to devour the more potent aspect. If that happens, you then have access to the more potent aspect – it has been internalized.

In any event, what you’re doing is working with more forces of awareness – of energy. Something is astir, and whenever anything is astir that, to me, is good because it leads to switching or changing or adopting something new. And as you make decisions, typically, you will find what is natural and meant to be. So you made the decision to do something – you stopped the devouring process and inadvertently killed the snake – and then you felt bad about the consequences. Everything has its consequences.

The consequences here are that what is “familiar” is getting skinned alive, and that which is rare, and more unusual, is being rescued, perhaps so you could take a closer look at it? Would you be doing that? Were you interested in looking at the snakes?

Jeane: You know, the snakes seemed to have nothing to do with all the other dreaming I had done. I was just suddenly there with them.

John: I wonder if this is something like your way of having a conversation, only on a symbolic level. In your dreams you don’t hear things spoken to you directly like I do. Maybe this image is like saying something directly to you, and that you somehow know what it means, just like when I hear direct statements.

Not to say that I always know what the words mean, because something else can poke at me as if it’s making fun of me – thinking that I might know what it means. Maybe you have captured that instead through a dream that has to do with how something unfolds in the outer life – the waking life?

In the Bible, Joseph had a dream in which something is devoured, and it had to do with lean years and plentiful years. Perhaps this dream has to do with something attempting to devour and, by stopping it from devouring, you facilitate more possibility with what is normally rare and less knowable. It’s almost a visionary type of dream that tells you something that you may only understand at an unconscious level.

What do you think it’s saying?

Jeane: I’m not sure yet.

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