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im51wsOur experiences each day trigger different aspects within us. And, in the internal processing we do because of that, our dreams can give us a status report. Here we have a little fish – too small to keep – that must be thrown back into the water, back into the unconsciousness it arose from. When we see a child in a dream, or anything young and in a state that still needs to grow, or needs protection, we are being shown another inner aspect that needs further nurturing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the other dream I remember it felt like I had taken somebody, I know it’s a guy, and I’m taking him down to this glen and gotten into a rowboat. I know there’s some seaweed in the water, or something that looks like that.

And it feels like I want to catch some fish. But my line goes in the water a little too soon, and the fish I pull up is a little too young and looks too much like a sucker to me. So I want to get it off the hook because I do want to catch fish, but it feels like the timing was off there.

And that wasn’t quite the fish I wanted to catch; it didn’t look that edible. It was more like just an accident. And we’re kind of gliding through the water, which has a little bit of seaweed in it. That’s all I remember of that dream.

John: Well, if you were to take that image as a type of revelation, what you’re basically saying is that you’re capable of feeling parts of yourself that don’t quite feel copacetic to that of the heart.

And so the heart is reaching to something bigger and so much more. And that you have to keep letting go of the little nuances, and the little things that have you abstracted, in some degree or another, which in this case is the little fish. Because you’re dealing with fish, you’re dealing with consciousness. So you throw back that which isn’t a completeness, or wholeness, to your being, or an essence of your being.

Now, this is also an in-between dream, it’s an in-between dream because you’re talking about the subject of consciousness as opposed to stillness. And consciousness still has an action, or a motion, about it. It still has an identification orientation, in that there’s such a thing as the big fish. And there’s such a thing as the little fish.

And so it’s like the type of journeying yet where you’re opening up to more, and more, and more of a depth inside of yourself. So you’re still on an aspect, in this this dream, of the in-breath where you’re still in a process of going, so to speak, to a home or a stillness. And you haven’t reached that, yet, you’re aspiring towards it.

It’s an interesting image, though. It’s used in the Bible and whatnot, and that’s probably why you pulled all of the symbolism out, in terms of the fish. Well, the theme of the dreaming was kind of a nature of a step back, a step back in relationship to having to contend with what’s going on, so to speak, almost as a whereabouts, based upon, you might say, a scenario. And the scenario you could portray to be like the scenario of Lee’s family, and the congregation, you know the event that we did at church.

And so that was the loudness, so to speak, that was in the outer, that when you take to the inner, you spin around to see what is going on in that. Ordinarily, we don’t spin around that sort of thing. But, in this particular case, it was the food, or that which we invibed to take into account, to absorb, so to speak.

Ordinarily, we have a sense of what is outside of the breath, of just the stillness, the emptiness, but the environment that we were in, yesterday, the scenario of what we were in yesterday, is caught in some aspect. The aspect that they’re caught in is all in the in-breath. It’s not an out-breath orientation. It was an in-breath orientation.

And so, in taking a step back to deal, or to be, with that, because you couldn’t sit in a stillness, you can’t sit in an absenteeism, to take a step back to deal with it. And one doesn’t know how to maintain something that’s completely reflective, so in taking a step back with that, your approach was to spin it a little. My approach, rather than use the word spinning, was probably to contend with the vibration of that, in terms of how it had its motion, and knowing that the motion was pointing to a nucleus, or to a center of things, and to try to have a mirroring, revelational inflection that did two things.

That, number one, enabled them to look at where they’re at, because they’ve been through a lot and so you take that in a neutrality. You don’t take and beat up on it by the fact that it is holding them in a trance, in a tone, in a mood and a bewilderment, in kind of a confusion. You don’t beat up on that. What you do is you notice that it is pointing to something, they are traveling towards something, they haven’t yet caught up with that.

And so, the actions that they are in, or the moods and whatnot that they’re in, are like verbs and adverbs that modify towards something that they still see as a principal thing, which is like a noun. Now we know this to be better than this. We know that what it really is about has to do with a stillness that is outside of the breath. And that this is still something, and everything about the congregation was still something, that had to do with trying to accentuate a quality of a traveling in the in-breath to a sense of something, the sense of something being more like a essence, that’s more like a noun, yet, instead of the stillness.

The minister did say, however, something very profound, in that he said that after each song try to notice the stillness.

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Dark-PoolIt is far too easy to be swept along by the fast currents of the world today. So many people, and things, make demand of us that we rarely have time to stop and think. But there is a danger in that, because those currents are taking us where they want us to go, not necessarily where we want to go. But there is a way to rescue ourselves – and no one else can do it for us – and that is through our higher-self urge, which can lead us to higher connections. These connections will put us into a different flow, a flow that will lead us where the universe is heading, and there is no safer place to be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream that I had, which went into this same thing, it starts off in which I can notice that there is this vibratory energetic that one can feel behind the breath. See, you don’t denote it behind the breath. You denote it revelationally with the baby, but I seem to have denoted it behind the breath – but that doesn’t mean I can sustain it.

I go over to visit an acquaintance I know, and I am noticing that this vibratoriness is in the atmosphere. In other words, it’s a schematic of what I’m looking at. In other words, it’s all breath oriented, this action. With this as the motif, a person I know at this place falls over into a pool of water. It’s almost like he has this water that rises up kind of in the center of the house. It’s like a pool of water. You don’t think anything of it.

You actually think that maybe it’s there for him to jump into and enjoy, and, being in the center of the house, you actually think that it’s probably warm and everything else, but this pool of water has undercurrents that are shockingly cold, and there’s a suction action to those undercurrents that pulls you under. It’s as if it connects to the depths of the unknown deep, even though it looks harmless enough by appearance.

So even though there is a connectiveness that is permeating the atmosphere of this place, in other words, a vibratory connectiveness, it’s almost as if it’s also cracked a little bit because the pool of water indicates a new flow, but it’s not contained, it’s not maintained. It is easy to lose one’s bearings and be sucked away, you might say.

So when a person from this place, meaning one of the owners or persons who live in this place, and then there are all these others that are invited over that just accept it for what it is, falls into this seemingly harmless pool it is easy to assume that it’s not a big deal because the pool is there, part of the house, so you would think, or so it appears.

So I could easily assume that the interconnective vibratory force is okay. In other words, it’s a pool, it’s there, it doesn’t have any appearance of anything wrong, and so it’s easy to have this assumption that is both true and untrue, true by appearance, but untrue in terms of it being properly in sync. And this truth and untruth is common in life. In other words, within the breath of every human being there is a sense of something more, and that’s what kind of keeps the nature going.

So you have a truth inside, but your untruth is that you don’t have a close enough connection to the breath to hold onto a revelational vibration. So every human being has this inner echo that is like a guardian angel, but the problem we have is that this effect is not quite conscious. As a consequence, a human being can drown in a small pool of water imagining that everything is okay somewhere.

In other words, you can actually have this sense. That’s why you can go along and bad things can happen, and you can still throw them behind you, because some part of you just knows that that isn’t what it’s really all about, which is that they aren’t quite there for this to be so. In other words, it is okay somewhere, but they aren’t actually there, or present, in that quality of vibration for this to actually be so.

So basically a way of looking at it is: the seemingly okay vibration is not really okay because it’s not quite consciously aligned from an awakened inner quickening to an outer knowingness in the reflective.

So when this person goes splash, in a shocking way, into the small pool, it is easy to look the other way, like most people there are doing, assuming the situation is vibrationally under control. I am aware that this assumption and the typical general appearance of an at easement demeanor are misguided, and reach immediately in the water to grab a hand that is reaching in a backwards way.

I pull and turn the person around who is being sucked under, and doesn’t even really realize he’s being sucked under. I mean he’s in kind of an amnesic nature, or a trance-like way, turned around from the surface orientation of things.

So as I do so, the mask over his head falls off, it’s like he had a mask or even kind of a head even that falls off, and the body parts that are nearly broken into discombobulated pieces, it’s almost like they’re blobular things that are connected together, you know it’s almost not real, and have a crab-like appearance. In other words, what was taking place was going into a type of delirium in which this was no longer a human being. I mean he was going into some real dark zone.

So when I am done not only is the spell broken, but the person rescued, that I know to be a person who was meant to be connected to an inner aliveness, is suddenly reawakened. It’s almost as if this didn’t happen and he’s back to copasetic. The end result is like the falling into the trance was not real. In fact, it happened so quickly that I know what took place on an energetic level, but other people don’t know. In other words, this all happened in front of them, and they don’t realize what just took place, very demonic almost, right in front of them and nobody knows. And even the person that this happened to doesn’t know, and as soon as they’re pulled out of it they forget, too.

But if not for the connective rescuing from this amnesic delirium the person I am also connected with would’ve disappeared, even though in the midst there was a collective consciousness in which everyone which was there could, and should, have known. In other words, nobody saw this, nobody pays any attention. They’re not aware of the energetic.

So the meaning is, I am describing the general condition that permeates the outer environment of manifestation. I am being shown that manifestation at this time is a place where everyone is caught up in an amnesic trance-like spell. To break this trance is to peel away the veil and align the energetic beingness back to itself, and, when this is done, the effect permeates out and, if you weren’t there to witness the shift in consciousness, you would’ve missed the whole moment and the whole thing. You wouldn’t even have seen it.

What I am describing that makes this so is that every human being has an inner higher self awareness that is veiled and lost in the outer reflective, which, if properly realigned, pulls one from the stupor, breaks the amnesic spell straightaway. The spell can be broken so straightaway that it is like it never happened. Such a shift is so transformative that, to a person who isn’t paying attention, it is like the switch was never a problem.

So what I am describing when I say the dilemma is like an amnesia, for those caught up in the collective consciousness, is that the world for an awakened human being is not a taking-for-granted place. For an awakened human being, such assumptions demean, so you don’t do it. You see what’s really going on.

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5bstIf we believe that everything is interconnected, then it is possible to understand how, when we make something possible, by our thoughts, intentions, and actions, that we also make it possible for all. This has both positive and negative aspects, as we see in the world today terrible events have become commonplace that were unthinkable a few decades ago. On the positive side, our efforts toward something better can also become more commonplace as we uphold that possibility in ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now your dream is very, very similar to my very last dream as I woke up. And so maybe I had this last dream, which is a little different than my meditation dream, to kind of set a scenario to kind of get into your scenario.

In this dream, I am still trying to establish in manifestation the existence of an inner life from what is deemed, by the collective, to be a bifurcated existence. In other words, what I’m saying is that the outer is so overwhelming, that the overwhelmingness of the outer is such that it’s almost as if I’m getting flustered, and I would like to establish in manifestation something that portrays the inner.

So by bifurcated I mean that the flow of an innerness into the outer is not where the attention currently exists and, therefore, that leaves me somewhat troubled. In other words, can you take and point to something that indicates an exception?

Well, human perception tends to look at manifestation as being a displacement reality, in that it exists as a reflection that is on its own. I am of the opinion that there are exceptions designed into the outer, that reveal a deeper inner reality, that can be accessed, or tapped into. So I’m looking at this in what turns out to be both first a feminine way, and then a masculine way. In other words, what is the best that the feminine can concur? And then what is it that the masculine can concur, in regards to a question like this?

So in trying to sort out from this reflective frame of reference, in terms of how to discern this in a meaningful way, that is readily acceptable, that I can relate to in the outer to others, I pose this question. I’m probing for something that I can bring close to me that is energetically touching and exciting, and I pose it first of all to a father’s daughter.

And in that I indicate, in terms of how she’s able to see and relate, I indicate that there are islands in the ocean that maybe everything’s been discovered, but not everything has been actualized and that it’s able to support life. You can go live on one of these islands. And I give her an example of one such island in which, it’s only three, four, or five acres or something, and it has trees upon it suggesting that it has its own sustainable ecosystem that isn’t choked off by the ocean waters around it.

The daughter’s father overhears the discussion and intercedes, and his point is that I’m still trying to work within the planes of manifestation. But he doesn’t say it that way. The way he says it is, he says that scientific study has isolated all the islands and what I am seeking to do is caught up yet in such a collective, because these islands are knowable. And he says that he knows of a better example in which there is a flow of inner, in manifestation, that is not usurped yet in some capacity.

Again, all of this is like an attempt to try to figure something out because the question that I went to bed with, and then this sleep dream, seemed to drill down on is, is there something that’s livable? Is there a way of living in a world in which you have all of this other reflective condition establishing what appears to be a motif that everyone buys into, because they have the faculties of the outer?

And what he is seeking to do is provide me an example of an image in creation that reflects the inner into outer principle that has not been affected yet by the presence of man. The example he gives is, he knows of a place in the ocean where there is a freshwater river that is coming up from the depths of the ocean floor, much like a geyser, a constant flowing geyser, just keeps shooting up consistently.

And I say, “Well, that’s…” That then is a deep statement for me, in that it’s a reflective example of an inner quality not currently impacted by mankind, that exists as a force in nature unaffected in terms of contaminated by the outer environment. In other words, which keeps it from flowing, in that regard not affected by an outer environment. It is affected when it goes into the ocean it eventually dissipates and gets swallowed up by the salt of things.

So the meaningfulness is, I am seeking to revelationally experience the inner thread as an imbedded energetic hidden at a depth in manifestation. In this dream I am asking the question: Is it possible to find anything that is not defiled in some capacity? I am willing to settle for examples, and I’m seeking external examples, are there any external examples? In other words, I’m kind of trying to work revelationally, but this is my limits. You know, I tend to perceive with my senses.

So to start off with there’s the pondering about islands in the ocean, and then the father intercedes saying a more direct example is something rising up from the depths that is an unidentified unknown flow. His example of a place in the ocean where a river comes up with a constant force like that of an artesian spring, except much larger, and when you have something like that it enhances the overall and becomes like a type of unknown that grabs one’s attention to being able to tap into it as a response. My idea of an island in the ocean is not as impressive, nor as direct, an impact.

So the deeper meaning is that I am probing from within for that which is hidden yet able to penetrate the veils of the outer. The subject is inner into outer. I mean it’s kind of been the motif going on for days and days. And I carry a deep seated opinion that inner into outer leads to a oneness, or above and below, and inner and outer, and beginning and end, and all of that come together as one – or ideally so – as one.

Yet in this image in manifestation that is not what is readily seeable. In manifestation, in the salty ocean of life, a pure inner stream can emerge, but outside of this flow there is a compromising and usurpation, something has slowed down to make it dense, that predominates. I had this image to offset the idea that man in manifestation can awaken to something more.

This dream is suggesting by this image that the best I can hope for at this time is revelationally portrayed by the river coming up from the depths in an ocean, and indicating that an ocean in manifestation is vast by comparison to a pure flow that is able to make itself felt in a hidden subtle way.

This is an example of inner coming into outer, but the effect is not all pervasive, as the image suggests, in regards to what I’m able to experience at this time, and what I’m able to see in relationship to manifestation. Or the punch line is: where I am at with my connection from within still leaves something to be aspired.

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