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bearIt is easy to assume that we, as individuals, have little power. But the energetic worlds see us differently, as shown in these dream images. We all have power, or are connected to the power of things, but we need to unlock it or liberate it from within. As what is unconscious in us (underwater in the image) is made conscious, it comes with great power, and that power is meant to be held and harnessed by us – rather than immediately expended. In that way, we can become a conduit for greater things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream, I seem to be part of a fairly large family. And in the center of the room of our house, it’s like we have some water suspended in there, and underneath the water are these kind of vehicles – but they’re always in the water. I mean like it’s almost like suspended in the sense that it doesn’t drain anywhere, it doesn’t move anywhere, it doesn’t act like water actually does. It’s behaving more like a jelly. Do you know what I mean?

I know that we actually do is these vehicles are usually something we take out to the bottom of the lake, and it’s like when you go to work that’s what you do, you go out there and your vehicle is supposed to operate underwater in the lake. And I’m looking forward to that, but I never seem to get a chance to do it.

Instead it’s like I go with some of the kids to a museum, and we get tickets. We go into this museum. It seems they have a lot of kind of like old icons and stuff in it, and then I get separated from the group, and I go down into a downstairs room that has windows all along where the ground is. I’m there by myself, and this great big grizzly bear breaks one of the windows and comes in.

So in this museum, I’ve left the group and I’ve gone down into a basement room, and this grizzly bear comes in. So I’m kind of backed up on a little couch against the wall, with a great big grizzly bear in my face. And it just seems to hover there and look at me. It doesn’t seem to want to harm me or anything. It just is right there.

And it’s there for awhile and then, when it decides to leave and it goes out the window, the grizzly bear’s wife, who’s much smaller and even dressed in some people clothes or something, comes in for a minute, and kind of growls at me, and then leaves. That was the end of the first dream.

John: The first image indicates that your beingness is not able to breakthrough something; its encompassed in a kind of unconsciousness. The second part of the dream indicates that the breaking out of that unconsciousness results in you catching up with a greater perspective, a larger perspective that is surrounded by power.

Another way of saying it is, that a power is needed, a certain power, a majesty of power, a presence is needed, and when that is there you break out of the dormancy, or a cocoon effect, in terms of your ability to flow and function, to move about.

When it’s there you break out of that, you can do that. Otherwise, you drive in a state that is still a little delirious and unconscious. You sit in a state that’s a little unconscious, you drive around in a state that is still sorting things out with the unconscious. But when you catch up with that inner power, and the fascination of an overall that is at your disposal, too, that comes with all of that, that is there simultaneously, the condition that you’re sitting within is just fine.

It’s kind of like an image where how it is that you are sitting is what it is, and it is a bit unconscious, or veiled, and it moves about in that way, too. And then the image is that you can somehow snap, and shift, and sit in an area where you’re attentive to what is interesting and you sit in a reserved inner power at that time.

So it’s kind of like a slingshot dichotomy. It’s kind of like flip sides of a coin. It’s kind of like being on one side sitting there and sitting there, like in a cocoon, and then suddenly popping out on the other side – except it’s not really the image of a butterfly. It’s more the image of sitting with a certain presence and power, in what is fascinating and interesting, and being. And that’s all you need to do.

Jeane: In my second dream, I don’t remember the details of it. I just remember that it’s like I wanted to try to help fix something and I couldn’t seem to be able to fix it. So it was just like kind of going into something and trying to fix something, and just feeling totally frustrated because I couldn’t.

John: Yeah, it’s kind of like correcting you, you know, to make sure that you understood and followed the main theme, which is just sitting with that power, and what is fascinating in the museum of life is all you need to do.

You can’t really try to fix something. If you try to fix something you would be violating your nature. You might react. In other words, you would lose a certain equanimity. Your higher self sits, or the higher quality of your being that comes out and it knows how, in terms of incorporating who you are, it knows how to contain itself, sitting in the schematic of things as they’re unfolding, with a quality that takes into account. I mean you had both sides, the masculine bear, and the feminine bear. Very interesting.

You should look up the symbolism in the book of a bear because it’s the most powerful symbolism for the Native American. It’s the most powerful. The eagle is one thing, but the bear denotes an awful lot as well. The eagle is different in terms of sight and such. The bear in terms of the order, balance, and wholeness.

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Exploration And DiscoveryThis dream beautifully illustrates the nature of a development journey. John is standing in the midst of an ocean (to start), as we are all born into the wholeness of the universe. And there is abundance that he can access (the fish), but he can’t just grab it. The universe and its higher connections are there, but not for the casual taking. Yet we can access all of it, when we are in the right alignment of space in our selves – energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this dream, I find myself standing in the ocean and then I suddenly think, I wonder if there are fish nearby? I mean there are waves going up and down and whatnot; you don’t see any fish, so it’s just a thought.

I no sooner than have the thought then it’s kind of like the tides coming in so I’m going to have to exercise on this thought pretty quickly to see what I make out of it. And I think I had the thought just before the tide started to come in, and just before the tide started to come in I had taken a kind of a makeshift thing that I somehow found that has a haphazard hook that’s not really capable of catching anything, but you throw it out there, it might be enough if there’s something out there – you could feel the fish hit it if there are any fish.

And when I do that I can feel that there’s something out there because I can feel the effect striking the pretend hook. It’s at that point in time that, just when I find something, now the tide’s coming in. And so I’m going to have to start backtracking in the waters, and does that mean that the fish will get swept in with the tide? I mean who knows?

So I take off what I have on as a bright colored jacket and, holding onto one end of it, I throw it out into the water seeing if this bright object will attract the fish. What I suddenly notice is that the fish seem to gather, and they seem to be hitting the jacket, and the thought even comes to my mind of jerking the jacket real quickly and any fish that are biting, or holding onto the jacket, at that moment can get flipped all the way to shore.

But I no more than ponder the idea, it’s as if the fish sense that there’s danger, too, because they pull back a little. And now, of course, I’m able to see a dark mass which are all of these fish, all kinds of them, so I just leave the jacket there because they’re somewhere within proximity of the jacket, and I cycle around, and I’m thinking that I can get around where this mass of fish are, reach down, there are so many of them, that I could just take my hands and just fling them up, and fling them up, and be knocking the fish to shore.

In other words, this is my idea of fishing because I don’t have a good fishing pole or anything. I’m not covered with the right accoutrements. But this idea doesn’t work out, either. But as I attempt to do this, I suddenly find, as if something shifted to change the image or illusion, that I’m dipping into a container with water in it and there are fish in there that I can touch, that I can reach.

But as I start to follow up on this idea of flipping them to shore, I suddenly realize I have no right to do this because this container with these fish in it, in other words no longer the big ocean, belongs to a woman. And in the matter of a split second I learn from this woman that the fish literally jumped into her container. And after I hear this, I also hear a voice from afar that says, “Let him have it,” which means let them have the fish or something. But when I hear that it could mean something else, too, I suppose. When I hear that it causes me to pause, draw back, and wake up.

So the meaning is I come to realize that the unseen consciousness is all around me. As I come to notice that, I tend to lose a more ambivalent composure and I instead realize – when I may not have realized it before – that I can draw the consciousness to me but, try as I might, I can’t indulge in it as I would like. My idea of doing or catching up with it doesn’t work. Yet in the right space, it literally jumps in to a feminine container of myself – but the masculine side can’t catch up with this. What I do to try and close the gap is overly presumptive and, thus, it doesn’t work that way, and I don’t have the permissive right to make that work like that.

When I suddenly realize what I am doing, I hear a voice that says “Let him have it,” so I stop. I have to stop, I’m almost in shock that something is watching, or seeing, or noticing or whatever, observant. And I didn’t realize that I was clutching at that which I have no right to claim.

The dream is portraying that I am in the midst of it all, you know of a consciousness and such, and that I am able to perceive it, in other words, look at it and notice that it’s there, but I’m unable to claim it. And, as shown in the first dream, when I don’t let go to the proper flow, and act out my own approach or ideas, I create repressed conditions that stifle the unfoldment. Isn’t that interesting?

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Glacier-in-Greenland-udayvirgarg22Reading a book can often translate into a dream image, yet that imagery can take on much greater meaning. Here Jeane finds herself caught in a mystery, like the book she is reading, yet the mystery is to discover something that is hidden in her unconscious – seen as the ocean in the image. To bring the answer to light requires attention to an inner listening center.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreaming last night was confusing because I couldn’t tell whether I was dreaming or I was just remembering the book I read, but there are a few differences.

The book I was reading is a mystery that takes place in Greenland during the winter, so it takes place with a small group that have been sent to investigate why all the people on a certain outpost have disappeared. There’s a small native village nearby, but they won’t really talk to the people that come.

What I remember mostly of the dream is that you’re in this area where everything is covered with snow, and when they go down to the native village, and we walk along a pier at one point, you don’t know where something came from that made people disappear.

So it feels like I’ve taken a very long wooden spear and I’ve tossed it into kind of a little place where I can see some water in the ocean. There’s also like ice in the ocean, like there are not many clear spaces, and then I pull it out to see if I’ve got anything on the end of it because I’m wondering if what made people disappear came from the ocean or not, but I can’t see anything.

Maybe I’m just hoping to keep things away by doing that. It’s more a sense of just not knowing, and a little bit of a sense of dread, and also this area where everything is just covered with snow and you never really understand what’s going on.

That’s the most I remember of the dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night was waking up a listening center, so that one can take and grasp something in a capacity that’s different than how they had been approaching life.

And in your particular dream, you’re working with trying to develop an avenue, or pathway, or thread through some unconscious aspect that has kept something hidden, or removed, from a sense of natural awareness.

So your dream is all centered then upon Greenland, meaning like a place in which something can come alive, is currently like stale or frozen, because of an unconscious condition that exists that you know the setting carries more than just that.

You know that the object is to get beyond the hiddenness of something that’s repressed, or held within, that you do not have readily at your disposal. And so you’re pointing yourself at trying to pull that out.

And so this is like a seeing/listening center to be able to do that, in that you take that which is subjective in your nature, and you bring it more into a conscious focus, and thus you find parts of you that have gotten lost.

And this is a very feminine-oriented kind of dream, in that that is the nature of how the feminine, which has a responsibility in the overall Wholeness of things, is able to catch up with her responsibility, or awareness, in that regard, is that she has to be affected by the environment or something that comes through and causes her to awaken to that depth inside of herself where something has gotten lost, or is hidden, within, which she can come to grips with and make known or bring out.

She carries it already inside. She knows it’s somewhere there, she knows that it just has gotten displaced and that’s the mystery: how do you find that?

So you’re working in your dream with that theme of catching up with a sense of knowingness, which is embodied in your subjective sensation of how you feel yourself. You know that there is a quickening in there, an inflective quickening, that can be awoken and can rise up and you can see, and put your fingers on. And that’s the nature of the feminine to function as a container in that regard.

And the container’s effectiveness is based upon being able to listen and to hear something and correspond that listening – what it listens and hears, with something that’s already within. It’s in this way that a person listening like this becomes like a light – that they can’t be seen, but can somehow be known.

Your dream takes you in that process of pulling something together, developing an acuity with yourself, a linkage, a connection, a means of coming together. In your particular case it is something that’s in the overall, but housed within, in an unconsciousness.

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