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Stuck5We can find ourselves in a flow, but when we come upon others who are fixed in their ways, we can be thrown off balance and out of our flow. And it’s an important challenge because, unless we hide on a mountain top, we will always be around people and situations that can stifle our ability to be in, or stay in, a flow. In fact, if we can learn to maintain our inner location, we might just enable what is stuck, that is around us, to find its flow again. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I don’t remember any of my dreams, except one I had real early this morning. In that dream, there’s some people that have come over to the house where I’m staying. It’s a house that has a yard and a special area behind it that’s outdoors, it’s pretty.

And one of the people that had visited us is a wizard of some kind, and at first it seemed okay, and maybe we even went and saw what his house looked like. But then when I came back home he had sent a little gift over. And we look in the box, myself and whoever’s with me, and we realize that really he’s enchanted this box, that’s different gifts.

And whatever it is I open it up, and it’s like we’re really kind of angry about it. I pick up a couple of things in the box. There’s two tiny water nymphs. They’re only about like an inch high, but they’re water nymphs and I take them and I put them in the water. And there were two other little beings that are almost like little fairies or something, and I let them go.

But anything else in the box, because the wizard had contaminated it, we just stomped and tossed away, even if we were uncertain about it, because whatever his energy was you didn’t want it in your area. We just tossed it all down at little place. So that was all I dreamt.

John: What we had to go through yesterday was something that tends to cover up a flow. In other words, we were dealing with projections, spell projections. I mean that’s the way I would say it in kind of a blunt, attitudinal way.

And so what you dreamt was, you had a box right? And the contents or whatever was in the box… A box is a box right? You don’t want to get into the contents of the box.

In other words, you have your subtle access that normally enables you to break outside of your container, in other words, able to take on the box of things, and the boxiness of things in the outer. And so you’re in process of trying to untangle that.

But the dilemma you have is at this point in time as you look around you don’t want anything that you’re going to find. When you get to a point that’s like that, in terms of how it is that you’re affected by things in the outer, it is kind of a disease oriented mood or tone or something. And so your higher nature has to break through all of that.

And the problem with something like that is it can destroy your ability to dream, because the loudness of the boxiness, of the denseness of something, even though you have your subtle water nymphs and such that are part of your overall nature. In other words, you have developed a degree of conscious dexterity that works under ordinary circumstances. Now you’re suddenly under a set of circumstances in which there is this problem that’s in the way, that undermines.

And when it undermines, I’ll explain to you what this does, what the energy is doing, that causes you to not be able to hold, or catch, or sustain a flow anymore, a flow that just goes and goes and goes to who knows what depth, is that the “no” is being shouted so loudly around you. It’s the denial, the no, the strong attempt to hold on, that’s being shouted so loudly.

it really tears something down when you can’t have a dialogue. And so what you have to do is you have to cause it to shift. Well the effort of doing that over and over and over again tears you down, and you need that Kundalini force energy not to be doing stuff like that, but for traveling inside to depths inside yourself.

What’s interesting is yesterday was a good day to get an example of all of the ways in which a person gets too speeded up, or gets something or another, and the whole thing gets goofy.

And so the whole point is I’m mentioning this only to point out that what this does is it puts a spell, so to speak, a vibrational spell into the ethers of the environment that one lives in, so that the fluidity and the dexterity and the motion of one’s inner being, and the awakening that one is experiencing, and the way that one is rolling and rolling in the energetic of a motion, gets stifled. And when it gets stifled all those attempts to smack, and to smack, and to smack, and to smack – you’re dulling yourself.

And so then when you’re trying to meditate or are asleep, this stuff is still noodling. It’s noodling. It’s noodling. In other words, it’s like standing at a plate and you’ve swung and you’ve missed, and you swung and you missed, like in baseball, and you swung and you missed. You know at some point in time it rubs off on you. It tears you down, and that’s what is the scenario that we’re in.

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