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m222ultThe ways of this world tend to make us lose our natural connections, because we are born with everything we need already in us. So to reunite with a long lost cousin, in a dream image, is to reconnect with a part of ourselves that had been set aside and forgotten – a higher part of ourselves. In our development journey, we reawaken the connections that we’ve always had in us – that’s why it’s called “awakening,” rather than “finding” or “creating.” So we awaken what we have left behind in our early life processes, and we bring those aspects of ourselves back together – because we need all of our higher parts to be able to make the journey that lies ahead. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of the first dream is, it feels like I’m at home where I live with relatives. And it’s like I become aware that a cousin, a male cousin, that I was really close to when I was younger and I thought had died, that actually the family had just separated us because they felt we were too close – and he’s still alive, has been living in Canada or somewhere.

So, he’s going to come and visit. And he comes, and it’s like I just feel in this kind of odd space with him because he was important to me, but I had thought he was gone, and so now it’s like trying to get acquainted, or let someone know where your life is at. And, at the same time, you have an idea of who they were, but you don’t know quite who they are now, or what they think of who you are now.

So there was a certain awkwardness that had been caused by the separation, and trying to kind of find: how do we relate now, compared to how we related then? That’s what I remember of the first dream.

John: What you’re doing is you’re portraying something that has shifted, or changed. And the way your portraying it, is you’re portraying it as if it is something new, that was part of yourself, that you kind of held in an out of sight and out of mind capacity, while you were being and going through life in a particular way.

And now that you have shifted, this is now present as a way of being that you’re now able to relate to, or factor in to, how it is that you see life – which you had stopped doing before. Now it has opened up to you again.

And the thing about the image is that it is still an image of a beingness. In other words, it may be another level of yourself, but it still represents an existence. In other words, it’s not yet a state of non-beingness in which you have totally died before you die. You are, instead, taking on another level, or quality, in an unfolding and an awakening emergence of yourself as a wholeness.

And this part, that had been veiled out, as if it was foreign to you, is now able to be taken in. And what that effect will mean has to be taken into account in some manner, or another. And if what this means is taken into account in some manner or another, that some manner or another will be the new burden upon a heart that is striving to be free of everything, and in nothing but a soul essence of the whole.

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Uri Dushy

Sometimes a dream provides the perfect metaphor for our spiritual journey. Here we have a father searching for lost children – parts of himself, because we are all the characters in our dreams – who are so estranged they may not even recognize him. To find these parts, and bring them back into safety, requires following a river, with water representing the unconscious life within, through a difficult landscape. Yes, in development we sometimes have to face some of our personal issues as a way to regain aspects of our lives that have been shut off from us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, which is extremely hard to pull out, I feel like I’m a man and I’ve been separated from my family, particularly my children. I think there’s three of them, who are traveling some distance away, and I’m trying to get back to them, or find them and bring them back. So I have to travel a lot of distance over rather difficult landscape.

And then I’m concerned that when I find my children they won’t remember me so they won’t know to come with me. But I do find the children, you know, but then I have to get back, and it’s almost like trying to get back following the Mississippi River or something. It’s a very difficult landscape, in a way, with some concerns about bringing the children back along that landscape.

I can’t have a lot more details than that because it just was one of those dreams that was extremely hard to pull out. It kept fading away on me.

John: Well, it’s one of the qualities and aspects of the soul is that it has to be able to take in everything that exists all around us, all parts of ourself. And it’s unable to do that if the heart’s afflicted in some fashion and, whatever that fashion is, always then is a fashion that has a renunciating quality towards something that is us.

In this case, you have a dream where you can’t catch up, or find, who you are in the wholeness of things; in other words, your children and such. And the Mississippi River is like a thread that goes through existence, through manifestation, as if it’s the means upon which you can resurrect yourself.

Well it is kind of true – on a symbolic level. You do have to be open and receptive to all parts of yourself and, if you have some reaction, or some huge woundology, about some part of yourself you’re going to shut it off. And, if you shut it off, then you’re not going to remember where it’s at. You’re not going to be able to find it, and then you find yourself having to follow the Mississippi, follow the thread back.

And that’s the nature of being in a human body: we come in with this dilemma, having shut off our connections to parts of our self, and that we have to realign and acquaint ourselves with those parts of our self – back in to the wholeness again, or otherwise we sit and we juggle things that are reflective, and we just juggle, and juggle, and juggle, and juggle and go around and around and around and around.

And the theme, and the key element, to the dreaming is the vibrational thread behind all of this that has to do with how it is that the heart is resonating. The heart can resonate with a certain joy. What’s interesting is that the feminine note of the soul is to try to have a comfortability in terms of the environment, and the thing is that’s like a materialistic thing in that you can never get it balanced, and it goes on, and on, and on, and on and on, and it can get to the point where you throw yourself into a whole other neuroses and another spasm about the whole thing.

But because it is pointing and aimed at something in terms of a wholeness to the huge overall, to all there is, so the feminine nature is always trying to find that cadence, that recognition in manifestation. And, as that is going on, is realizing that there are relatives, or parts of one’s self, that are missing, that you can’t find, can’t tell where they’re at anymore.

The key to understanding or recognizing that you get to a point where you can’t tell where something is at anymore is correlated to the fact that one takes and puts into their heart a reflective condition. And when that is in the heart, and in the way, then you can’t see the big picture. You only deal with the here and now in a physical sense, reflective way, of the reflection and so when it’s like that what you can perceive is very, very little, and thus you haven’t a chance at finding the missing parts of yourself when you are responding to the reflection – and answers for the reflection – as opposed to going back to the depth inside of yourself to see how it is that you generated that event.

It is also a barrier because you can take whatever is a little uneasy and try to just throw it in the hopper of that greater family-like balance and not confront certain conditioning, and certain mannerisms, that you have in your nature. And if you’re successful enough at that, then something really big can hit you and knock you for a loop that is a real blindside. So I think our themeing of our dreaming and the actions and mannerisms have to do with going back and contending with these sort of things almost as a biofeedback mechanism.

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im000esThese two dream images give us an interesting view on the dreaming process because they are discussing different facets of the same issue. First, an image shows people in a frozen state, which points to arrested aspects within the dreamer. In the next image, an old ghost town is being revitalized and there is a celebration. So this is one of the processes of our dreaming, where our system is showing us the struggle (frozen parts), and then showing us what is regained when we put our consciousness on the issues frozen inside us. That’s how our dreams help us in our development journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I and my cronies are in a place that is at a greater depth down. So, I seem to be able to move around. My friends are immobilized in the setting and atmosphere.

What’s going on is, it’s like I’ve gone down to something in which it’s a bit overwhelming in terms of a depth. You know, when you plunge into yourself you can go down to a point where it can be a little much to handle. And my friends, being parts of myself, parts of myself that still have a personal mannerism, cannot move under conditions like that. They freeze up when it becomes too heavy like that.

But, if you are able to handle this kind of plunging into the depths of something, the denseness of something, if you’re able to handle that, and you’re able to move around, that is interesting because that’s atypical to how it is.

In other words, if you have some trauma that happens in your life, you shut down, you go into a denseness, you freeze up, you can’t move, you can’t think, you know, you’re just kind of temporarily, I guess they would say, insane, or out of it. And so this is how this is, where something has happened and I, however, am able to reach out without such problems and touch these different places.

So, in other words, in working with the other parts of myself, I seek the space within where the movement is unrestricted. In other words, whatever it is that’s created the trauma I know that that trauma I guess is illusory, and so I look to find outside of myself where that trauma is not illusory, where it’s natural.

In other words, talking about the dream body, where people bring things on themselves, just like when I was building the office: to what degree did the fact that the wood got slaughtered by these guys, to what degree did I bring that on myself? In other words, you could blame them, but no, no, no, that happened to me – and what was my responsibility over what happened there? It was brought on by a mannerism, and how do you catch up with that?

So, I am aware of a way of shifting the energetic vibe that prevails, so that motion is restored, and a greater access to something within can exist. The greater access of my beingness enables me to come out of, you know, the density of something, and reach to that which is real.

Others can’t do this straightaway. You know, we’re all victims of the environment and to the degree to which we are caught in the illusion of the environment, when something happens, we freeze up, we cannot move, we go into a kind of rigor mortis. And because this is what goes on collectively and goes on in the environment, you can be affected by the limitations in the environment. And so when I’m talking about friends and stuff like this, I could just as easily be applying it to the environment, you know, and the conditions around me.

And I have to be at a point where I can see something behind all of that, which is meaningful. In other words, the condition can affect my atmosphere because I am them in an intertwined level, so I need to go deeper in that. The difference is I still have an inner knowledge that opens up for me from time to time. I have to access that, or otherwise you’re just caught in the minutia. You’re caught in the lowest common denominator. That’s the first meditation dream.

So, in the next dream, I go through horrible weather conditions to reach a place I know will be worth all of the effort. I go from below zero temperatures into a valley where there is a place that was once a very productive operation. In other words, whatever it was that was viable there is no longer viable there. It’s in ruins.

As I look at the ancient heritage of the place, just me looking at it causes it to kind of appear somehow or another to kind of come back to life a bit. And the way I tend to see it is that there’s this neighbor, who has bought the place, and he’s come over and he’s opening up what had been sealed or ignored for a long, long time. I ask him how he was able to take on such an opportunity, and he mentions how his wife got an unlimited contract to market everything that this place once produced – so he couldn’t go wrong giving it a go, he could sell all that there was. Just looking at it, it looked like it had no value or use, but all of a sudden something opened up where what was here, that fell by the way boards, can now be reawakened.

So he then holds a large feed for everyone to celebrate, and at this big feed there is a special dip sauce that is prepared. He goes out of the way to make sure you, one of the guests who is there with me, he makes sure that you have no trouble appreciating what is offered, how to eat it and dig into it. If you spill a little bit he’s even helping you, which you’d think he’d have better things to do. He’s just putting on the feed as a celebration for what he’s doing, but he’s now really concentrating on how it’s taken in.

This occurs after certain aspects are set forth so that this can unfold. In other words, as this is presented there are certain things that supersede just this sauce mix. Those things are preselected to establish the overall tone, and then out of that you partake. And then he makes sure that you partake in relationship to how you should be partaking.

So what’s the meaning of all of this? The general overall theme of the meditation dreams is that I am accessing a greater inner freedom with more and more parts of myself. I’m coming out of whatever it is that has kept me shut down. I’m returning to what is pent up and dormant; I am finding that what I need to do that is opening up or, in other words, is already provided. I am drawn into the hidden recesses of myself to a past that wakes up anew. I am accepted, supported, at each step of the way.

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