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i2wsesTo carry a tiny person in one’s pocket, in a dream, and protect them as one moves about, is a good illustration that we are all the characters in our dreams. Because we know this is not a real life image – it’s not someone that is known in the outer world. It is a character that represents a still vulnerable aspect of the dreamer, and it is important for the waking self to provide the safety that is needed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next dream, I’m traveling, walking actually, it feels like to get to where I’m going, and there’s a place where I’m going to stay for a few days. And, as I approach this place, and I can look down, I see several structures. There must be like a gateway when you go in.

And it’s like, if you’re traveling, then they’ll assign you to where you stay for the night. And I’m going to be staying, I think, in building D maybe. And I look down, and I see that the main people that live there, that run things, they live in something that used to be a building that belonged to the Hearsts, it’s almost like a Hearst Castle, but they’ve gone a little bit to ruin – but it’s still quite elaborate.

And then beyond it are three more institutional-looking buildings that are a little more identical, and those are buildings B, C, and D. And I’m looking at how rugged this little wooden path is that goes, and how much further it is than I had thought it would be. So I’m kind of taking a breath because this just going to spend a few nights somewhere is turning out to be a bit more challenging than I realized.

But then as I pass through, it must be the building of the family that’s running things, I don’t remember all of the exchanges that happen, but somewhere in there they have a younger sister. And she seems to compress herself into something that’s only about so many inches big. And she’s compressed in the middle of it, and I stick it in the pocket of my dress, and she’s hidden, then, and travels with me as I go to where I’m going.

And I’m kind of weaving in and out among a lot of the people there, including she has a number of brothers and mostly sisters, and her mother. The others seem like normal, except they seem to be running things and they seem to have some magic about them. And so you’re kind of trying to stay hidden in their presence, and I’m definitely hiding her.

As we travel about, it’s like I do have some interactions, but I don’t recall a lot them. And definitely I avoid the mother because the mother has this kind of long black hair and you can be a little scared of her. I even feel like that girl I’ve got in my skirt is hiding from the mother. But after we’ve gone so far out, and then we seem to be coming back because of something that’s going to happen, then I feel like there’s a ceremony we all need to perform in. And for that, I’m going to have to wake her up and feed her. And then it’ll become obvious that I have her.

But I have to wait until the right time to feed her, and wake her up, and bring her out, and she has to want to come out, too, and then she can take part in this dance, or ceremony, but it might even become a battle – you don’t know which – it just has all different kinds of feelings about it.

So then I reveal, first to one of her sisters where she’s at, and I think she comes out. I remember seeing the mother in the line there somewhere, too, whatever was occurring. And I think that was when I woke up.

John: What you’re doing is something that is a positive subrogation of energy. Most people, when they subrogate energy, they get lost in the subrogation.

So what do I mean by that? Well, usually, in life, people are overwhelmed by things that are in front of them, by the appearance of things in front of them. In other words, they’re overwhelmed by how they have to live, and what kind of job they have to have, and all of the little nuances that just go along with basic human existence.

And let’s say that that is a .7. And then from .7 to 1.2, what opens up for you is the recognition that this is something that has a certain wealth effect to it. In other words, it’s a hidden energy. It’s the Hearst family; the Hearst family has a wealth over all kinds of things. And so what that is, is we’re talking a .7 to 1.2, that’s in the out-breath. There’s something coming down into life.

You don’t necessarily bring it down into life, instead, you come to recognize that there’s something deeper in that process of an awareness that is important. In other words, you see all the outer nuances of power and wealth and stuff like that, just like you can see all of the outer factors and features of a lifestyle that people have, and how they can be more or less caught up in that.

But you come to know that there is a greater meaningfulness behind it, which is that the greatest saint could have also become the greatest dictator, or something. Just like Siddhartha, the prophecy of Siddhartha, was he could either become a very great king, or a very great saint. And he left his kingdom when he realized there was more going on than what was being carefully spooned out to him.

So in this .7 to 1.2 side of yourself, you have this hidden essence, some part of you actually knows that there’s something more to all of this, within the family of wealth and such, there are the more grown-up aspects of things. In other words, they’re not small like this one little thing is.

What is most precious, what’s the secret substance to all of this, is maintaining the recognition of this thing that is most, most precious inside, which is this little, little thing that you hide in the folds of the dress that you wear. And you carry that, you hold that, that’s a quality that you maintain inside of yourself in spite of the fact that you’re in the .7 to 1.2 out-breath coming down.

The day arrives, however, when something switches, and you start to go in, go up. And when you start to do the in-breath, it causes then something to become pulled more together, more made known. You’re going into the angelic side of yourself where you experience this part of yourself more out in the open. You can show the other parts of yourself how they can see, and come to know, this little part hidden inside.

So what you’ve done is you have conquered the two components, the two flip-side components that are identical – meaning between the high in the breath in-breath, but you’ve started with the high in the breath, coming down, out-breath.

Somehow, when you put this together with your first dream, there is the recognition that in order for all of this to be understood, in terms of a greater history of your beingness, that has pent-up qualities, is that you have to give something to the masculine in order to be able to bring this thing down into a point where you catch up with these hidden elements of the two flip sides of yourself.

When you’re able to bring a clarity, like from the first dream, to the situation, which is where you give something to the masculine which is the clarity aspect. And when you give that something to the masculine it causes a shift to somewhere else. That shift to somewhere else, that’s revealed in this dream, is that you’re now able to introduce to a greater overallness of your being.

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3gesSometimes we run amok. Or, we could say, a part of us runs amok, because are we ever really in full agreement with ourselves? Usually, one part of us overrides another part, and then we feel the stress of it. Sometimes it gets to the point where we have to send up flares, from ourself, to ourself, so that we can see where we are and where we’re headed. As we’ve said, we are all the characters in our dreams, and sometimes we act against our own wishes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This dream was preceded by two images. One image was that there were bugs everywhere and every time I turned a page the bugs just gobbled that page up, too. I just couldn’t get away from the bugs.

But, in terms of the meaning of this dream, I wrote I am feeling of chaos inside over a waywardness that I feel in the outer, and to know what I need to know in terms of my whereabouts, parts of self, what I am to do, what I need to see, who I need to be, etc. I need to set aside, let go of, a waywardness vibration that is unsettling to a heart that is able to put things out – to extricate itself from its delirium.

When basically I stop. It’s not a matter of being encumbered or unencumbered, although that’s one way of trying to look at it. I just need to settle back because something is coming into vision. There is a knowing, but I will not catch up with it if I’m in an unsettled state.

And then, also with that, there was an image of where this guy could take his head and he could stick it through a hole on the back of a chair. It was about yay big. And so to avoid some issue, or to turn his attention differently, he would take and he’d stick his head through this hole. I was just amazed how he got his head through this little small hole. I was wondering if I could even put my head through that small hole. I don’t think I could, but he certainly could.

And so when you take and you put all of that together, what I’m doing is I’m describing a breakdown, in the outer, that I’m feeling within, and I’m trying to reach beyond. And I am carrying an unsettling sensation, I can’t shake, of an impending chaos, which is something I’m not prepared for – that will overrun everywhere I turn – while I seek to deny and not face it.

That’s the condition that I seem to be encumbered with in the outer. But the meditation dream is much more interesting in that it portrays something more in terms of how something can work. It also portrays how I am that isn’t conscious enough in that process, but does portray

how it can come together and work.

In this dream, I see myself shooting off flare markers into a rectangular field. I have a sense of the field, it’s maybe about 80 acres or so, just to take a guess, and it’s a flat field. I don’t get the memo, but it is said that you shoot these flare markers you can’t go over a certain line. You stay within the center of this field. And from there, you can shoot these markers out to the edges of the field. In other words, this is how you’re able to denote your circumference of your overall beingness of this place, is you shoot these flares out.

But here I am with my flare gun, and you only have so many markers in order to denote this for purposes of being able to come back to it; for recollection purposes or something, because in the depth of where I’m at, in this dream state, I can see everything plainly and clearly. But that isn’t the point. The point is to be able to come back to these markers.

And so I don’t stay where the line’s at and I walk around the peripheral of it and shoot the flares off. And, of course, that leads to a disaster because these marker flares I eventually run out of before I’ve made it all the way around the field.

Now, fortunately, there was a woman that followed the prime directive of realizing that you had to make sure that you had to have things marked, or the ability to look at everything in the circumference of things. So she stayed where the line was at, and shot these flares out.

So when I ran out of flares, I realized, wow, it’s a good thing she’s doing it right, because there will be some flares. It would have been nice if there’d have been more flares, but I blew it.

And then I realize, oh, my goodness, there was some other crazy person that ran out in the area where we were shooting the flares off, and so there’s a whole spot that we didn’t dare shoot any flares into because we might hit him. And so I’m having to pull that into a depth of remembrance that I have to hold on to. In other words, I can’t just have the flares out there that I come back to as kind of a remembrance; I have to seal that image of this area.

The idea of being able to come back to the markers is almost an idea that still incorporates somewhat of a sense of the senses, where you can leave notes to yourself, so to speak. But a deeper depth, which this dream is portraying, is that to really get it you have to somehow or another have access to the knowingness from having freeze-framed it, so to speak, at an inner, inner depth.

So what occurred last night was that was the depth, in terms of the meditation. But in terms of the way that that is approached, the way that is being approached, the way that is unfolding that’s a whole other thing.

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32gesWhat gives rise to us, the masculine and feminine rays of creation, is ancient. It is one of the engines that has powered the interaction of thing to thing. As separate beings, we each have different roles to play, yet we also have both of these ancient aspects within us. This means we also know them, and what they are meant to be used for. We may have lost this understanding, but it is still within us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Perhaps the better way to recognize how this all works naturally is that, to the feminine quality of life, it is actually the obligation of the seed thought of the masculine to give to the feminine. When the feminine insists upon being included, or become made a part of that, it actually is a type of feminine control that tends to cause it to be excluded. Because the true masculine unfoldment process knows that this is its orders to be like this, if you wanted to call it orders, it’s a naturalness for it to need to want to be like this.

The feminine should not go around acting like it’s in a lesser modality of needing to be included because that can lead to it having to do this, that, or the other in order to keep a state of attention.

Well, you see this happening all the time, this quality characteristic happening all the time, as a type of demeaning of the feminine to itself – in the outer. The idea that she should have done something more, or something like that, and doesn’t realize that the principle to which she effuses naturally gives something into life. And it doesn’t mean that life is a candy machine that automatically responds – because the overallness is huge. And the letting-go place that you’re coming from requires a particular quality of purity for it to unfold.

It’s a type of negotiating, or doing this step for that, or however it is. It’s easy to rationalize that. And when you do, you sell yourself short. And that’s kind of an example, too. And so, your dream is if there was like a schematic or a theme, a statement to be made in terms of a general overall way of describing what you’re doing, you’re doing something that involves, underneath all of this, a type of polishing. And you’re not polishing if you sit in a hoping-to-be included kind of way.

And you’re not polishing if what you’re doing is done for the purposes of expectation. You have to do the polishing, or the quality of how it is that you are, for the sake of getting closer to, vibrationally, something more, that is always wanting, and has the need, to naturally be there.

You don’t look at the masculine quality as the seed of things, separate from that which pulls to that. If you do, then some part of you pents up, in some fashion, in an unnatural way. You come to hear the naturalness of both sides – and that’s what pulls both together.

Very complicated dream, actually. But it was in keeping with kind of the theme. The theme had to do with kind of like a process of opening up; an orientational process of opening up, and how you’re supposed to kind of hear that process. And you don’t hear it in terms of a this to that, kind of thing. It’s how you hear the process.

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