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When we speak of energies, we are speaking of cause and effect. Energy at a certain vibration will manifest a certain pattern in physical matter. The more potent the energy, the greater the effect. In this dream, the dreamer runs into parts of himself that he doesn’t connect with often. One aspect has moved on, while the others are more fixed. This causes a contest of wills to arise between them. This scenario shows how the potencies within us need to be in agreement and alignment for us to flow smoothly, as one. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in this dream, I go back to where I grew up and run into a couple chums who, over all these years, as far as I can tell have hardly progressed. And one is kind of behind a counter, and the other is standing right in front of me. 

And this person seems to realize that the way he used to mess with me, before, is going to have to be different this time. In other words, he used to have to do this because this was just his dense mannerism and way of being, but something about that he can’t pull off anymore. So he backs away, and tells the fellow classmate of mine as well, who’s behind a counter, that I made this, that, and the other kind of comment about him. Almost as if I was demeaning this guy; he just makes it all up in order to keep the kind of agitation going. 

And none of this was true. But it was enough to scramble this guy’s nature to act out, like he had as a pattern, as if to have to go beyond the insult. So as he ponders coming out, because I have this certain flow that I can naturally feel, I open my big mouth and, instead of being discreet, humble and considerate, say that if he comes out from behind the counter, I’m going to hit him so hard in the head that this is apt to break his neck. 

Of course, when you act like that, in terms of the misuse of the flow, these are like fighting words and a dare, right? So this person has also changed. I may not have noticed it, but he has changed over the years. And he has accessed the quality of a rootedness in an occult way. He’s like a shapeshifter, where I may look at him behind the counter, and he may look like he has a beak and a gangly neck, but he is a person who can affect objects in the environment as a flow. 

So what comes out first is this long flowing garment; it just floats in the air, as if it has a life of its own – but it’s under the vibrational intertwined directive of what had been part of this large beaked, bird-like man. He shapeshifted. Or he’s affected it because he can touch it, and so it’s part of him. 

And so as this drape comes near me, I tear off a corner. And then out from behind a counter comes a large serpent-like creature with many tentacles. I don’t even see the head anymore. It’s like an octopus on the ground or something. And the tentacles, when I put my attention upon them, are hard, and not something I can strike and do any direct damage to. 

And then I realize that I have a huge problem. The flowing drape is like a weapon. Paying attention to the serpent is going to get me in trouble. The drape can attack from behind, wrap itself around my face and choke me to death. 

So how do I fight both? How do I contend with both? He has a flow, he’s weaponized the flow all around me. And so if you take and you utilize this in a way that creates a reaction, in terms of how a flow goes through you, if you still carry a personal regard in some sense it’s like setting something like that off, or setting it up. And that guy that was glancing around and whatnot still carried that little subtle quality whereby, if you bumped him, he could just, in play, flip you, just for pure fun, and think that it was funny. He could hurt somebody. And he’s meant to show a greater humility.

So the meaning, and warning, is being able to touch a flow from within requires that I carry myself with a deeper abidingness of humility. In other words, if I don’t I am apt to become a little more like a monster. 

So, to be in touch with the flow does not mean I have special rights over anything that is something that I can exude in a prerogative manner. Instead, it means I am able to be a force of change capable of touching the flow that permeates through everything in a way so that that, as an effect, as a mirrored effect is able to feel themselves. In other words, if you just feel the density, then the density predominates and you stay in a certain kind of ego orientation. 

So if an interconnected, empowered, inner flow is used as a force to disturb others intentionally, without recognizing the humility approach in it, so that you hold it back all the time and don’t go leading with it, such an effect we’ll come back and haunt you. The reason why it comes back and haunts you is you’re everything. 

So the lesson is, I am in everything, and there is an intertwined capacity, and to challenge those parts of myself that exist as an unseen force of nature to a contest of wills is a kind of self-demeaning of one’s greater, intertwined self.

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Here we have the imagery of vicious creatures, in a dense jungle, chasing pet dogs. So, what is more upsetting, those images, or remembering that we are all the characters in our dreams? We are a man’s best friend living in a quiet town, and we are vicious creatures that just might win out over the friendly pups. But, from the dream’s perspective, this isn’t a battle of good over evil as much as it is a reminder that what is hidden in us is the most threatening when we leave it in the darkness. Our journey is to help bring the light of our consciousness into the darker spaces – which benefits the whole of us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The Chistis still work within the level of dharma. I’m still working within the level of a type of dying before you die, which is a total letting go. 

And if you’re working within the level of a dharma, you’re going to continue to work with the rhythm of the breath. And if you continue to work with the rhythm of the breath, then you’re going to have to somehow accommodate the unfoldment of others into the equation of things. In other words, you don’t just carry a heartfulness, in, and of, and with yourself exclusively, and ignore, for example, on the out-breath the pragmatic aspect of things that functions as well and has more to offer because it is very, very jinn skills oriented and it hasn’t weakened itself. Or still considers itself very, very viable, when the path towards the angelic is continuously cutting things, and cutting things, and cutting things. 

In the first dream, it’s very, very loud, I go out into the deep woods with my dogs and run into vicious creatures. In other words, this is like a jungle out there, and I run into vicious creatures that I’m able to ward off based upon my presence. I’m able to ward them off because maybe I have a kind of a weapon or something that keeps them at bay. 

But my dogs would not be any protection and it’s a good thing that I’m there. In fact, I’m told that my dogs, if left alone out there, will eventually get pulled down, meaning they can’t outrun these vicious wild creatures.

Well, I don’t want to think about it, but because this thought was brought up, that it could be like this, it grabbed my attention as a concern. And whenever you wonder like that, this gives the opportunity for an instability to eventually come to the forefront and potentially happen. 

Well sure enough, the day arrives when the dogs are in the jungle. In other words, a part of myself that is extended out, that doesn’t have its full presence is what the dogs represent because they’re the friends. And these wild creatures attack. So the dogs run for their lives. 

And I’m sitting there wondering, man, they have to really go through some very thick jungle, you know, that  could slow them down because these wild creatures live in this kind of jungle, they don’t mind this kind of thing. I’m really concerned: can they make it? Can they make it? And they finally burst out of the jungle into town, just as the wolves are catching them and pulling them down. And I can feel the pain of the wolves attack catching up with them, or wild creatures, whatever they are. 

So I wake up feeling the pain of the dogs needing civilization to wake up. So, what’s the meaning? This follows underneath the quality of a greater watching-your-heart theme. Almost the need to be able to watch the heart, in the heart of another. To be able to affect that. In other words, if everything is still asleep, this problem could come right into town, and could happen and everyone stays asleep. No one’s the wiser. 

Or they could wake up and everything could get fixed, you know, you could beat off the darkness. So as a dream it indicates that help is needed before surrendering angelically is sustainable. If you’re in a deep inner place, deep inside of yourself, that can be kind of angelic. You can’t maintain that, you can’t sustain that, especially if you’re working with just the rhythm of the breath and you’re not going out of Dodge, which, I guess, you’re not supposed to do, you’re supposed to maintain yourself in the books of life. You can’t sustain this angelic side of yourself. 

And if you ignore, kind of in a whole other part of yourself that is in the denseness of the outer, it’s like we kind of are perhaps maybe we’re going somewhere in a different kind of way from a top-down approach, but there’s something that enables us to pull out dreams, which is like a quality of a blackboard in our nature, by which, whenever we’re going through something we can catch up with it and pull it out – it just doesn’t circle around unconsciously and remain in an untouchable state. 

With most people that dream, if you really look at it, the dream is usually triggered by something that has created some sort of effect that you’ve spun around, either it could be something profoundly wonderful, it could be something profoundly bizarre. Anyway it’s something to some sort of essence of your being, leaked through, like it hit a spot that came through, that got your attention in some mode, and you have to look at it more succinctly.

Amongst the Chistis they’re affected differently in that they know that they’re dreaming a lot but they don’t remember any of it – and how that comes through is a whole other thing.

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When we see a character in our dreams we usually know all sorts of information about them, even though we’ve only caught a glimpse. And even when they don’t look like a person we know, sometimes we “sense” that they represent that person. In this dream, we have people from a different country, and yet they still are an aspect of the dreamer – a seemingly foreign entity, but one that is ready to move on ahead while the dreamer seems surprised that anyone is moving at all. This is how our inner lives cope differently with the unfolding of outer events. It is up to us to help all these characters get on the same page. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Okay, I’ll try to talk here. In one dream, I’ve been staying in a house in the country with other people. I know my sister’s there, and a little dog that we had as children. There are a couple guys there, I think are from Germany, they’re hanging out together. And then other people.

We go on an excursion one day. While we’re on the excursion, I’ve taken a bag that belongs to the two guys from Germany because it had something in it that I wanted to borrow. Then when we all go back to the house, I realize that everybody’s clearing out the house. The guys haven’t come back with me, and I don’t know if they’ve gone on ahead. 

Now they’re gonna realize they don’t have their bag, plus the dog seems to be looking for some treats that it’s missing. And I hadn’t realized everybody was packing up and leaving that day, so I’m feeling kind of bad that I have their bag because my thought is to just leave it at the house so they’ll come back and get it. But maybe everybody’s leaving. So that was the first dream.

John: That’s kind of a good summation of the state of things as it exists in the outer, right now, that things are going this way, and things are going that way. And yet, at the same time, change is afoot. And so there’s hardly anything that can be rescued, or pulled out, from such conditions. 

The foreign part of yourself, the Germans, so to speak, a mentality of nature that has a certain adamancy to probe out, you’re not going to change that. And when it comes to realize, and recognize, that it’s missing something, because it will have probed out to such a degree in it’s way of trying to find an orientation, when it cycles back it’s going to find that nothing exists. That there isn’t a way to come back to a flow that is meaningful, because everything is subject to a shift, or a change. 

And while it’s out wandering about that change is afoot. So, on a deeper level, what this means is that you are feeling, inside of yourself, that the world you are living in is going through a process in which the appearances, as they exist, are not what is going to be in terms of what is designed, in terms of an orientation, that is waking up. 

But it’s as if you have one part of yourself in one orientation, meaning in the outer I guess you would say, and another part recognizing that something in the outer is going to be shifting and changing radically in some way. And that this leaves you with the concern, or the energetic, of wanting to close this gap, to establish a recognition that pulls this together. 

The deeper subject of this, that you’re not quite zooming in on in terms of looking even deeper, is that there is an expansiveness, and there is an contractiveness, and that there is a quality of the heart can take the expansiveness and demystify that expansiveness that throws one this way or that way. 

And, simultaneously, demystify what it is that you’re attempting to retain in a contractiveness. And, when you do that, you’ll find that there’s nothing going on. In the meantime, you have some echo in the heart that you can’t rectify, that has you denoting these, so to speak, components, this unfoldment, something as a type of, well, I guess you’d just say it’s a type of unfoldment that you’re not familiar with, but sense, somehow, inside.

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