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stuOne of the fundamental ideas about dream images is that we are all the characters in our dreams: male and female, young and old – even the animals are an aspect of us. They are symbolic representations of energetic threads within, and our unconscious splits them out, and clothes them representatively, so we can witness their interaction – shown to us by flow, or resistance to flow, by a smooth journey, or a huge ordeal. Sometimes issues are resolved (we find a flow), and sometimes our inner resistance makes the situation worse (something or someone needs to chase us). Then they are all returned to our unconscious, in whatever state they get to, and await the next opportunity to communicate with us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the early part of the night it just felt like I dreamt about my nephew and other people that were sorting out things at my dad’s house. And so I don’t remember much about that. I had trouble sleeping.

And then I had a dream where it feels like I’m going between one house and another, and I have a dog with me, a little Dachshund. When I walk the dog and I take the dog back to the first house, it’s like I want to let it go, but then I realize there’s this old man that’s kind of crawled into the space where the dog would be in the house where I would’ve let it go, so I can’t let the dog go.

And so then I’m kind of taking the dog around the yard and into another room, and meanwhile it seems to have gotten itself halfway stuck in a big paper cup of some kind. So I think the dog is just playing with that, but then I realize, you know, I can’t quite seem to get it to go run or play where it wants to, so then I pull the cup off it and I realize that there was still tea in the cup, and the dog had tea all over them, that they had actually been stuck. I thought they were just playing.

And so now I have to go like dry the dog off so I can let it go play. The old man was up at the house, you know. There was a lady there, too, but, you know, it’s like I had gone down to another area with the dog because I was trying to get the dog exercise and let it run.

John: You’re dangling on the outside of how the intertwining works.

First of all you started off with your nephew, at your dad’s house. And you’re just watching that. Now, that watching that is from afar. What if you were to take the afar, and take out the transcending of time and space, and put in its place a you that is also outside of time?

Because actually, in the dream, you are outside of time, but your perception is still limited. You’re still keeping the veil in place of time. If you revealed the veil of time, then you would be your nephew, and you would be your dad, and there would be no watching. There would just be something unfolding as a continuous, never-dying aliveness.

And then this gap, or like level, of time comes up again in the other dream in which you have this older man, okay. So it doesn’t matter whether there’s a relationship or not, other than the fact that this older man is a part of yourself – but you’re caught up in the friend, the dog, and the dog is stuck in an illusion, a paper cup, and the attentions of all of that never comes together.

The old man is somewhere else, and you, in a particular mannerism of the way you are carrying yourself, have to contend with an energetic vibration that has to sort something out. You know, there’s the tea, there’s the cup, there’s all of that sort of stuff reflective of a way of being, a way that you are being. But the old man was nowhere in the equation; he’s somewhere else.

What’s wrong with that picture is that it doesn’t have to be that way. The old man, you, the tea, the cup, the dog, all are vibrationally intertwined, so vibrationally intertwined that there isn’t any separate distinction to be denoted.

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ima09-gesIt would be quite natural to wake up from a dream where someone was murdered and feel disturbed and upset – particularly if the victim appeared in the form of a family member. But only in rare instances are dreams premonitions of future events. Plus, we know that we are all of the characters in our dreams, so who is really being murdered? In this image it’s a parent, which speaks of an older and wiser aspect, or perhaps even ancient aspect, of the dreamer, or even of the collective – because psychic capabilities are part of our human design, but they have been ridiculed and denied, suppressed, and in so doing, we are actually killing off a part of ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I’m introduced to a program on TV. In other words, inside I’m seeing a new program. This program is intended to portray a form of conscious interaction that is in life. A sequel to the show will portray another viewpoint in terms of a different actor.

So the purpose of the first show is to portray that there is a way of carrying on in a matter-of-fact way which is able to demystify an energetic. The way I perceive what I see, is the actor in the show, and the sequel, aren’t conscious in some sort of breakthrough way. In other words, they each think they’re doing the right thing, however. In other words, they are each quite attentive to the way the energy is understood in terms of themselves.

In the first pretend show, because it doesn’t exist, it’s all inside myself, the actor has lost a parent when the parent was befriended, taken on an excursion by a killer, and killed. The father and the killer go away from any witnesses, or anyone who could have ID’ d the murderer, when he was killed.

So, in the dream, because I’m psychic, I am able to know that this person, based upon an inner connection that I have somehow to my father and a natural knowingness, I’m able to read energy, and so I proceed to make charges to the police – who tell me to knock it off because I do not have actual evidence to incriminate.

I act as if I do because to me my ability to just naturally know this stuff is loud and therefore profound for me, and so I attempt to invoke and infer this to the officers, as if that’s possible, the means by which one’s able to channel and therefore catch up with an energetic inflection from within which makes visible and is the connection and conduction to what is knowable.

In other words, there is nothing hidden, even though no one witnessed it or nothing present. To prove that I know what I know as being genuine, I use my connective inner psyche to take them to the body. The officers do not have this inner knowingness available to them, and so thus how can they understand what this means, or how it works? And therefore I’m not able to charge the murderer for killing my father.

So this is a whole program. This is a TV show that’s about this person and his psychic ability and this is like an introduction. This is like the premiere? Whatever they call it, the season premiere. And then because this show is successful, they make a sequel, a kind of sequel to the same TV program that continues in this genre but now from the perspective of the killer.

In other words, the program is portraying what it is like to energetically go through life hiding from something, repressing something, that hurts your flow, in other words, is a lie. The sequel to this new show is to be shown, like I mentioned, through the eyes of the killer who has been able to get away with the crime because there isn’t any direct physical evidence available. However, he knows what he did. The murderer’s guilt will have a long-lasting karmic effect upon his being.

Although there isn’t any direct information available for anyone to see and to denote, nevertheless, because he knows and must carry the price of this energetic karma, the result is a program which will portray what it is like to be a bit guilty and self-conscious when you’re not able to be out in the open in manifestation. And so you could say that even though the collective isn’t able to pick it up because they don’t have the conscious psychic ability, he knows and that knowingness is an issue on a karmic level for him. And the psychic projection in the outer that I’m doing, that is into the collective, that the collective can’t handle is the flip side of the coin for me.

So what is going on? The two shows are, in a matter-of-fact way, portraying what it will be like in the future for those who carry the inner awareness as portrayed in the two TV programs. The energetic in each sequel will be worn on the sleeve of each actor’s personality, and the moviegoer will be able to look at this in a matter-of-fact way as an insightful way to connect energetically in a fashion that puts you in the shoes of this way of being.

The awareness that will be portrayed in terms of what it is like to live with psychic knowingness as the initial dream is, on the flip side coin, offset by a sequel which will portray what it is like carrying a concealed condition. In other words, the psychic thing in the first dream is out in the open. The concealed condition of what could be seen if the whole world was psychic like that is hidden, and yet that which is hidden still subtly affects the demeanor of life and is not something being worked out in an overallness in manifestation.

So in the first TV show the psychic knowingness is obvious and apparent and vibrantly awakened in the main actor, but not in anyone else in the program. What this is going to be like for the psychic is he has to bear this awareness in a world in which no one else gets it, and so the show is what that’s going to be like. And it’s not going to be comfortable, of course, because he’s going to be like an oddball.

And in the second show this TV program is going to show what it is like to carry a guilt in terms of what has been done that is totally unacceptable to society but remains hidden from you. The karmic effect of this energetic will percolate under the surface of the collective. Therefore, when it’s under the surface of something then it is a defense mechanism, and it lowers the vibrational energy, and creates a denseness and makes the energetic of a person very reserved and incapable of free flowing.

And so all of that is going to be shown in terms of what it is like to have to live with this guilt and misuse of energy – not able to live itself out in manifestation and be open for resolution.

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url-22We are all the characters in our dreams, so when we find ourselves traveling with others, or getting separated from others, or even getting lost, it is symbolic of a disconnection within us. In this dream example, the dreamer gets a dramatic wake-up call in the form of an avalanche after becoming separated from an aunt and uncle. And, suddenly, she arrives at her destination. But is she ready for that? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my main dream, I’m traveling with an aunt and uncle, and sometimes you’re there and sometimes you’re not, but we’re driving and we’re taking like a three-day drive to get to my hometown to see my dad.

And the second day of the drive we stop at a hotel and, while we’re stopped at the hotel, I don’t know what delays us, like you’re with me all of a sudden, but my aunt and uncle leave early so you and I are going to either wait for them to come back, or drive to find my hometown on our own, because we’ve just kind of gotten delayed picking up things there. I don’t know what delayed us exactly.

So you and I decide we’re going to catch up with them, or we’re going to get in the car and we’re going to go. Well, we get in the car, and I don’t know which way to go. So I realize that I see some road signs way down at the bottom of a hill, so I drive us down there. When I get down to the bottom of the hill there’s a little bit of snow on the ground. I just park the car so I can get out and look at the road signs and know which way to go.

And I suddenly look up – because I hear this huge crack – and way up on the top of the mountain a big avalanche has broken off. So you and I run into the woods, and we’re a little bit separate, but you hide behind one bank of snow and trees, and I’m hiding behind another. And so when this avalanche and maybe even a second avalanche comes it kind of goes by us, but doesn’t sweep us up.

Well, suddenly I seem to be transported to my hometown. And I look around. I don’t see my dad, but I see the store. I see someone there, but she’s so surprised to see me she steps to the side and falls in an open manhole cover. She’s not really hurt because I see the man… there’s a man down in the manhole cover that looks after her.

And I realize that I need to get back to where we were so I can drive to where I am – and get there the right way – but I’m not sure quite how to do that. I just know this is out of sync. So now I’m trying to get back to where you were, and where we were, so I can drive to where I want to be.

And I see suddenly in a flash another point where I’m at my folk’s home, and my mother even shows up, but my focus is still in getting back and getting there the right way and I don’t know quite how to do that. I find myself in a casino with someone that wants to go into a room and listen to Dolly Parton, or something, and he’s watching a TV screen. I have my back to him. I’m still trying to figure out how to get back so I can get to where I need to be the right way, but I don’t know that I ever do.

John: So the flow of the dream is that you lose a connection to an inner vibratory essence inside yourself, that being your aunt and uncle, and in losing that connection, which was important in terms of a greater dynamic of yourself, you no longer have your bearings, you no longer have kind of an inner connective bearing.

You did have it, though, when you were with your aunt and uncle because when it was like that things were able to just naturally unfold. But, with them gone, you can’t find that level of acuity. And, as a consequence, this leaves you in a transient state. And in a transient state, when you don’t have a connection, shit happens.

The thing is this avalanche and such that happens creates some sort of shock. It’s almost as if the shock works to temporarily dislodge your frame of reference to the outer, because the next thing you know you’re able to let go in such a way that you transcend the time/space continuum and are able to suddenly be at your home where you need to be.

Well, you’re still caught in the outer nuances of things because this is what your senses and your mind tell you is how it works, so you attempt to go back. In other words, you attempt to try to follow the process in a dense way – and you’re having trouble figuring out how to do that.

Now, this dream could be triggered by what we looked at yesterday, in which it was recognized and realized that the quality of a stillness is important to being able to access a kind of letting go of the outer nuances of things, the density of how things are in the outer that we relate to and react to all the time. The quietness is able to give us a peace that lets go of such dramatization and dynamic that keeps us yo-yoing as if the outer is real – and we’re responding just to the outer.

When we can find the stillness, when all else and everything around us is going insane, then opens up a possibility, kind of a translucent potentiality, in that we’re no longer bound by the time and space continuum. Where that is significant is in the instance of being able to relate to the universe, because, as Rumi says, the body is a shadow of a shadow in which the entire universe exists. For the entire universe to exist, we have to get into that aspect or essence that is in all things, so that we are able to free flow in anything and everything all the time.

When you’re able to do that, you go beyond the time/space continuum. It is said that the Khatoob holds court outside of time and space with those in the world that have reached a particular point of responsibility yet also able to hold the emptiness, that they can communicate and relate to him, and connect, and merge, without the outer barriers.

So basically your dream, you had the bodaciousness, the courageousness, whatever it would take, to be able to make the transition across smoothly. Your sense of bearings got stripped away from you. It’s almost like you took a step back from something that had been in motion and awakened inside of you and, as a result of having taken a step back, you got hit with a catastrophe in the environment around you.

Such a shock caused you to fall in a peculiar way to an aspect of what had been glimpsed when you had all of your aspects, you know, your aunt and uncle qualities, the naturalness there, caused you to fall back into it – but in a shock-effect way, so that you are able to take and transmute or transport yourself to where you intended to go. However, you’re not ready to do that, and so you were trying to figure out how to come back and therefore you’re shorting out.

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