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Our dreams need to communicate to us in images that we can relate to: homes, families, cars, mountains, oceans, animals, and even pets. These are all things we are familiar with from our life experience, so our subconscious uses them as symbolism for our inner relationships, the way certain aspects or psychologies behave in relationship to the part of us that is mostly in control. Once we understand this means of communication, our dreams can tell us so much about who we are, and who we are trying to become. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember my last dream. And, in this last dream, I’m at my parents’ house, they’re not there. It feels like my sister and I and some other people are helping clear out the house.

For some reason, my sister and these other two people, and they have a couple big dogs, we’ve got it to where they’re out sleeping in the driveway right now. And I’m in cleaning up some of the rest of the house. And suddenly I remember that the little dog that belongs to my parents, who’s really kind of old and on its last legs, that I took outside, that I haven’t seen it for several days.

So I go out into the driveway where I took the dog, and as I’m walking out there, as I come to the last room in the house, I notice that there’s some little piles of dirt I have to step around. And then I go outside into the driveway where they’ve all been sleeping. And at first I don’t see the dog. And I think maybe the dog’s died and we don’t even know it. 

And then my sister and I go over and I find a little place where I’d kind of made a little blanket or something where I’d propped up the dog. Well, right before that I remember that I got on the bed they were all on, and one of the German shepherds that the guests had didn’t recognize me at first and grabbed my hand in his mouth. But then the dog seemed to recognize me and let go.

And then my sister and I go over to where we have placed my folk’s dog. My folk’s dog is really old and it’s almost like some of its body parts have fallen off; it can’t walk anymore. I go over though, and I place my hand on its chest and still can feel a little heartbeat. So I feel like it’s heart wants to beat until my mother, or my parents, come back. 

So it’s just waiting for that, even though it doesn’t have most of the rest of its body parts. So I just kind of am listening to his little heartbeat when I wake up. 

John: It’s a peculiar dream in terms of how its energetic motif is that of causing you to recognize your intertwinement with all these different parts of yourself.

You start off in your parents’ house where you’re trying to get yourself redeemed from whatever it is that still is a complex in some fashion that keeps you from being free. It is said that offspring have complexes in regards to their parents, because their parents, in terms of what they did to cause them to grow up, inadvertently created energetic effects – a type of spell, you might say, that affected, couldn’t help but affect, because in a roundabout way to the degree to which the parents are clean, the children become something of a reflection of them. And it can even reflect ill-quality mannerisms. 

Instead, the parents should be and are meant to see themselves and their children so that they leave the children free. But who can do that? And, simultaneously, this is passed on down. In other words, if a person has had an afflicted upbringing, they propound that affliction into the environment that they are in. 

Well, that’s the psychological way that it works. What you’re doing in your dream, that is a cute way of doing it, is you’re just kind of having to notice that you’re in all of these things. You can be in all of these parts in everything that is around you, then you could drop the personal kind of spellbinding me, myself, and I afflictions of things, because you then start pulling for an intertwined whole. 

So instead of sitting in a paradigm in which you’re an octave of your parents, and their wounded conditions that have created something that doesn’t have a life, leaves you not able to have a proper unfoldment. In other words, you’re not fully able to be in an overallness, you’re bifurcated in some fashion. 

What this then does is it takes the condition and it throws the condition into everything that you look at. In other words, if you go outside of the house, or outside from these conditions into a greater overallness, you will find other parts out there of yourself. 

The process of evolvement has a person growing up and then going out into the world on their own. So what they find is their friends, and you’ve done a double octave of friend, you have had the friend who is outside of the house, plus the friend’s dog, what you find as a friend or as a way of life for yourself outside is better than perhaps what it took for you to grow up. 

So that dog has more aliveness, so to speak, than the dog of your parents. However, that’s only because you’re under a type of spell. All of it is you, you took on a spell that was like buying into a misconception of what is actually going on, that you are able to, and are meant to be able to, relate to a greater overallness that is outside of your personal self. The dream indicates that you are recognizing the importance of this by the fact that you are noticing the heartbeat of the dog, the parents’ dog.

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Sometimes even our best friends have to be a little firm with us when we are being too stubborn. This happens in waking life, and in our dream life. Here we have a dog, i.e., man’s best friend, in two dreams, and first he is going off on his own. Then he is biting down on the dreamer. When we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams – even the animals – we can see this as an effort not to give up on the dreamer. The dog is trying to make a point, and no one can help the dreamer but himself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then when I came to bed I had a visualization, before I fell asleep, that I saw myself going past a bunch of wayward looking kind of like maybe ruffians or something. And, as I pass them, I also go by a van that is theirs that’s in the area. 

And then as I continue on to walk across the street, in front of the van and across the street, the way I suddenly recognize that something is misaligned, wayward, even though I may not have noticed it when I went by them, and that the van is part of them, and part of me, is that I have this small white dog that I’ve been either holding on to or somehow has been staying close to me. 

But, as I head halfway across the street, the dog jumps away and runs under the van. That is when I realize that, if it is going to be that way, that there is nothing I can do; I must let it determine its own fate. 

And so the meaning is, the dog is my friend, the van is the epitome of a waywardness carried to an extreme by those parts of myself that remain disconnected in terms of a subtle remembrance. To denote the disconnectedness, and to hang out there, is playing with danger. 

So, in the dream, I come from where I was working, because it’s like I’m on a ranch, then back at the main building there’s kind of like a feast going on. But, in this dream, I’ve come from where I was working in the fields or something back into the farmyard, which is where something is partying, or where I’m staying, or whatever. It’s kind of like a gathering, somehow. 

My mother’s there, others are there. And so I’ve come back, it’s not like I naturally plug into this place; I’m used to being out in the field. And as I’m waiting for something more to happen, a bulldog comes up and grabs onto my collar. And so I use my hand to push against its snout in such a way so that he doesn’t keep increasing his bite, like a bulldog does – it keeps getting a deeper and deeper grip. 

And then I yell out the best I can, because maybe he’s even pulled the thing tight or something, And yet I still have to be careful and maintain a certain still position so he doesn’t grab the throat, or something, the neck. And no one seems to pay any attention to my predicament. I can’t move. And, as far as I can tell, I’m yelling out for my mother, but she seems to be deaf. I can understand why there’s such an amnesia. I mean, this is all so obvious.

And I expect her to be able to get help from the owner, or something, the owner of the dog, but she seems to be spaced out; doesn’t seem to pay attention to my predicament. And when I finally get her attention, she quickly dismisses the situation and I remain in my plight. 

And then, all of a sudden, I get a break: the farmer walks by. So I reach out to get his attention. And, when I do that, the dog gets a grip on my hand – sinks his teeth into my hand; to the other hand. The farmer mumbles something about what it is that I’m doing, to cause this to happen like this, and leaves. 

There’s nothing I can do. If I try to relieve the pain, anything I do just causes the dog to intensify its flesh-breaking grip. 

So I wake up unable to resist. In other words, unable to throw this off, with no one paying any attention. Wondering if the dog will keep intensifying its grip until it takes a chunk out of my hand. And then what?

The dream is pointing out that there is a focus and attention I thought was possible in terms of the collective. But, as for myself, such attention isn’t sufficient to effectuate a change

that is needed. As a result there is a greater and greater separation that is taking place because I’m not in the same wavelength. I’m thrown under the bus, so to speak, as portrayed by the prior dream, because the dog is my friend. And there is no hope when such a criss-crossed waywardness predominates. 

Deeper meaning: what I am noticing cannot be communicated to a situation that lies before me that is defined and designed as if it sees me in a different capacity. And so it’s as if there is some sort of setness that exists. Now is that setness me, or is that setness the situation? Probably both, which creates a distance in terms of how something can unfold. 

And, of course, my setness is that I think it has to unfold in an inner way. The setness of the Chisti’s is they think it has to unfold in an outer way. So there is a different orientation.

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Right from the start, in this dream, a change is set in motion. And whenever we are facing change it can be precarious for a while, so here the dreamer finds herself on a roof and needing to be careful not to fall off. And what’s ultimately important is that the change happens evenly, or in a balanced way. Once that is accomplished, our dreamer can come down from the precarious setting and move back out into the world, which poses issues of its own in terms of being able to fit in with the new changes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a dream that I almost felt like I’d had before. And it’s like I have a boyfriend, and I’m going to be performing something in the place where we both live. 

In order to get ready for the performance, I have to dye my hair. In order to dye my hair, I go up on the roof, it’s almost like in the attic roof. So I have to be really careful as I’m putting stuff in my hair, and combing it through, and trying to get it right to change the color of my hair, that I also watch my balance on the roof so I don’t fall off. 

And his mother, for some reason, is jealous of this whole process and is trying to sabotage it. She either wants me to get my hair color uneven when I change it, or I have to just be careful with my balance because it takes both your hands to put things through your hair.

And she thinks I’m getting it uneven, which makes her kind of cackle a little bit. But I can see what she’s doing. So just about the time she thinks I’m having problems with it, I kind of do something where I can actually pour something over my head and get the hair color on evenly and comb it through it. 

But then when I come back from the area where I’m doing that, and I go up the steep part of the roof, I do get a little vertigo, and I do have a little problem. But I manage to keep my balance and I manage to get the hair color on even, and I know that she’s kind of upset with that. 

So then when I come down from the roof and I have to go somewhere, there seem to be rules about how you get back out in traffic. And I’m trying to kind of read the traffic right so that I can kind of get back into the flow and get to where I’m going. That’s kind of difficult just because of how the rules are about how you get back out into traffic. And that’s all I remember of the dream.

John: So, it’s a very good dream. And to understand it it’s good to put the question that is being answered inside yourself. It’s good to bring that question out. And then the question almost makes the whole dream make sense. 

So the issue, maybe I can’t quite say the question, but the issue is, when circumstances are imposed upon you, or there’s an influence upon you, by other outside conditions that are attempting to direct, or alter, guide, understand, however you want to say it, how you are, the dilemma is that this can throw you off. This sort of thing can throw you off, especially if, somehow or another, it has an effect or an influence upon how you are that is able to go over the top of how it is that you’re unfolding. 

It’s almost as if you’re taking as your scenario, and looking at the principles and practices, so it’s as if you’re taking and you’re giving it a shot. And so you’re attempting to take and make those kinds of changes in the lifestyle that you’re in. And you’re finding it to be unnatural for you when you rely upon some part of a sense of your own. And that sense could be a part of what gets shaken and jarred in terms of effect upon you. But still, you don’t get overwhelmed by that effect. You learn how it is meant to be distributed, in terms of your makeup and your being. 

But still, knowing how it’s meant to be taken in, or how that is to affect you, or impact you, it still requires that the effect be such that you take steps inside of yourself. You take what all of that is about. You take that in a way in which you don’t discombobulate yourself to the point where you could go haywire and fall off the house, or something like that. You learn how it’s meant to be mixed, so that the colorization that occurs is something that you can work with. 

Now, this has to be put into action then. In other words, what we’re talking about is the process of opening up. And so you have to pay attention, and you have to know yourself. And so the effect that has caused you to then take on a particular overall colorization, or changed demeanor, to see how that works – it has to be put into life, it has to come down into life. 

And, in order for that to work, you have to incorporate from what has taken place, it has to be so natural with yourself that some part of yourself has caught up with it, and is caught up with how it is that you are – it’s not based upon some sort of redirected personality or something that is the effect of something from somewhere else, as an overriding influence upon yourself. You have to have caught up with this as yourself. 

The catching up with this, the recognition of this, as yourself, you have to utilize the changes that have occurred upon yourself to be able to read what is right for you, and what is not right for you.

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