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1211Our dreams offer us an opportunity to communicate with all the different aspects of ourselves: the masculine and the feminine, the fearful and the adventurous, the extrovert and the introvert. And those communications are designed for one reason: to help bring those aspects into alignment so that we can have the most important inner communication, which is between our higher self and our lower self. This is the path that leads us to the true meaning of “know thyself.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the earliest dream I remember, it was like I was a fairly small person in this bed, like just a foot or so high, and then there was this taller person, that’s maybe four feet or so tall, that’s sitting up on that side of the bed.

And I feel like there’s a mirror of him on this side of the bed, and the thing about him is that he has like a swath of almost looks like stardust or something, that kind of goes through one eye, and comes up, and swirls over the other eye. It has like this wave pattern.

So my sense is I can take, with the person on the left here, it’s almost like I can be down here like he’s sitting up in the bed, and I can be right below him, and do something, kind of climb up a bit, and do something that changes that stardust wave in his eyes from a gold to like a silver color.

But when I go over to that side of the bed, and try to work with that kind of wave of stardust, I can’t seem to shift the color. So it’s like I think that’s why I wake up, because there’s this frustration of something that I’m trying to shift there, that I can’t quite shift.

John: That’s another way of portraying the dilemma in life, in which, in manifestation, things have developed a certain quality by which they function. In other words, a set of values, which is represented by the person on your left, and then you having a relationship with those set of values – to whatever degree you have that relationship – is you in a smaller capacity in the outer.

But in order for something more profound to open up, there has to be the acknowledgement, the recognition, of the other levels of yourself that aren’t just this little kind of balancing act collage, between the left and then yourself. They also have to include that quality on the right; and the quality on the right is connected to an aspect of light – and they don’t come together.

What does come together is some semblance that seems palpable, in terms of the quality on the left, and yourself, but the other part that is sitting in kind of a stardust capacity, or in other realms, that need is not being brought through. And that is a need, even though you could describe that need as a catching up with qualities of a greater wholeness of yourself. And you could call that something that exists on the vibratory level of your beingness, that’s where your need is at, and you can even depict it as other levels, or other beingnesses, of yourself. That’s what that stardust quality is.

But you have caught up with what you are able to cope with, between that aspect that’s kind of a shadow part of it, and yourself. You’ve caught up with enough of it in order to cope, but then there still is this so much more. And the dilemma is the so much more, just like it has to come into your being, it also has to come into the being of the world. And it’s not coming into the being of the world.

And when you take and you agitate this quality, to try to see if you can simulate it into the being of the world, you’re apt to cause collateral damage. The dilemma that Lewin has created off of the first day is he actually shook things to a depth, even though he said that it would be nice to go into the light and all this, that, and the other, beings of light, which is the way we would be you know in another loci, he simulated something fairly close. And, just like he indicated, that if he was to do something like that now it would drive everybody crazy.

It can’t be done yet. He did to a certain degree, and whenever you take and you affect the outer by something that is a little more than what it’s willing to take in, or ready to take in, you set off a reverb in the opposite direction. You set off a type of defense mechanism. And after his talk he set off a defense mechanism, and now he’s going to have to solve it. It doesn’t appear to be that way. Everybody relates to this as a very, very high thing that happened, and they were really blown away and whatnot, but he set in motion something that’s a recoil. Can you feel the recoil?

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wIRVvDV-2Fighting, asking to borrow money, acting out of the ordinary, and being saved at the end; it sounds like the plot of a movie, but it is just the language and imagery of our dreams – when we are struggling with ourselves. And what the images in these dreams point to becomes much more clear when we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams: we are fighting ourselves, borrowing from ourselves, and, hopefully, saving ourselves. If we can see this in our dreams, then we can be much quicker in finding a resolution, in ourselves, that satisfies all parties. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I had like three dreams. In the first one, you are saying something to me with regard to a person who is crossing a street, or who’s about to cross a street, or something like that, and they need to come over and borrow money. And I can’t figure out why there has to be such borrowing, why it’s necessary, and, as a result, I’m kind of acting up, and yelling at you, as if I’m blaming something else as the interfering factor.

In other words, the situation is making me mad. And the next thing I know, even though I’m trying to jar the answer out of you, the net effect is that some wild guess inside of myself has me jumping in the face of a person I hardly know – as if he has something to do with the issue.

And, deep down, I should know that he and the issue aren’t even correlated. And so when I realize how ridiculous I am being, I say to you, “How is it that Mr.,” meaning the guy across the street, “How is it that this guy’s involved? How is it that he has something to do with this person needing to borrow money? What’s the connection?”

The meaning is, the dream is saying there is no connection between the two, because I can’t see the connection. For some reason there’s the sense that it has to be, and for some reason I’ve extended that sense for an insightfulness, I’ve put the burden upon you yelling at you to explain this sort of thing. And the closest I could come to it is it has to do with this character across the street, or this other character, to make this happen, borrow the money, that is, has to do with someone else.

And, before you’re able to explain it, I’m suddenly there shifted yelling at this guy to the point where he’s about ready to take a swing at me. And then I start to realize there’s something ridiculous. I have to stop, and I still need to get the answer from you.

Do tell me, in other words, what is this connection? How does this person and that person have something in common here, the fact that there has to be the borrowing of money? Which means that they’re different people who have nothing to do with anything that’s figure-outable.

And so in the next dream something has happened and my dad’s voice has changed. He actually looks a little puffier or different, too, fleshy or something, and his voice has changed. His voice isn’t his low bravado. It’s kind of a high-pitched woundedness or something.

And I’m like a kid in the family and, as a kid, I’m not too quick at picking things up as to what’s going on. It’s just I adapt to whatever it is, and my dad’s voice is high pitched, higher pitched now. So I don’t know what to make of it, and at first I just kind of deal with it, and then I suddenly realize that there is a problem because my mom really isn’t accepting him anymore, isn’t accepting my father.

And then that’s when I realize that I need to go to a next door neighbor to solicit some help. I don’t know how to get him to talk in the voice he had, but maybe I can get someone that can help me.

So it took me a while to realize the problem and, when I finally do, I realize that my dilemma is that my dad has lost the ability to be himself, and that is why isn’t able to be accepted as my father anymore by my mother. And also then I suddenly realize that really isn’t my dad either. He’s not who I know him to be able to be, but it took me awhile to catch up with that; but first it was a confusion. So there’s that dream.

And then in another dream I’m having to fight a person because he is bothering me. For some reason, whatever he is doing has some sort of effect or control where he’s trying to get something situated into me or something. So I don’t know what to think of this, other than the fact that I hit him as hard as I can hit him and I can’t seem to hurt him. But he can’t seem to do what he’s trying to do to me, either.

And then suddenly it shifts a little bit, and here comes this other person, a very weakish looking person, real thick glasses, and he doesn’t move very fast or anything. And, somehow or another, I can’t break his glasses, that was what I try to do with him, but his glasses are so thick that as I thump on the glasses I can’t break the glasses, or I can’t break the illusion, in other words.

And somehow or another this guy is able to put a screw into my body that I can’t pull out. And it’s as if I remember, this sort of thing has happened before. You’ve got to get this screw out, and you’ve got to get it out right away. And so as I work to get it out, the next thing you know is I expose a whole bunch of wires, and these wires extend to a generator that they’re trying to start. If they get the generator started, I won’t be myself anymore.

So I am trying to break the wires with my hands, but I can’t break them. And if I don’t break them and the generator starts, I’m helpless. And so somehow or another I fumble about, and I am a little confused as to why nobody’s there to help me. I mean certainly they should realize that this isn’t right, but no one’s there to help me. I feel wounded by that.

And suddenly kind of from around the corner, is a desk, and there’s this person, and I say, “Can you get something that can cut this?” And it’s like an office desk. There’s no reason why they should have any tools or anything in there that could cut it.

And she said, “I’ll be right back.” And she goes over and she brings the snips out, and I’ve got the snips in my hand, and that’s when I wake up. Obviously I’m going to cut this just before the generator starts, which means I’m going to break the trance, I’m going to break the spell.

So what is going on is keeping everyone from being themselves. That’s the dream that has my dad in there, and my mother in there, and then even me. I don’t recognize the family unit, but I’m the last one to figure out what’s haywire where I don’t have my usual parents. So this is the meaning of the first dream. Something’s going on that’s keeping everyone from acting and being their normal self.

And the meaning of the second dream is, no matter what I do, I can’t break through what is a prior excuse for an illusion, i.e. a weak guy with the glasses. I can’t seem to break through that. I couldn’t hurt him, and that guy couldn’t quite do what he was trying to do to me. It just went on and on and on and on. There was no headway there.

And he some is able to reach out and attach a screw into my body, reach into my body and screw a screw in, like right into the bone or torso or something, and I can’t pull it out. When this happens I’m in a bit of a shock that no one is paying any attention, or there to help me. I would’ve thought everyone would’ve recognized that something is peculiar here.

And it is from an unusual quirk of events, or, you might say, under ordinary circumstances that would be dire, because then the generator starts up because the fix was in, right? And I would be in bad shape, you know, because that would take me outside of any electrical balance in my nature, because I would be operated in a trance.

And yet somehow or another, even though it doesn’t make any sense, there’s a person who is able to access some snips, or whatever I need, that can break the spell. And in the dream involving you, in that dream I am acting up because I can’t figure out a reason in the situation that makes any sense.

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25262976 - yin yang humanWe are all the characters in our dreams, males, females, the young and the old. Or, in this case, the naked and the clothed. And these interactions speak of the relationships between different aspects of our inner life, always with the goal in mind to find a connection and a flow. Yet here, what is expressed in an unvarnished way by the masculine, proves too much for the feminine to handle. So there is work to be done on both sides to bring them together in a workable way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It starts off, in the meditation dream, where I have a lot of frustration and struggle to contend with. That’s my way of saying that I reverbed, and I reverbed, and I reverbed in terms of trying to cause something very simple to be obviously known.

Because, in the dream, I have the assignment of revealing an inner invisible substance to an outer that requires proof in a tangible way; in other words with the ordinary senses. And there is a lot of frustration because there is nothing I can do to make this as visible, to those in the outer, as it is to me as an inner vibrational presence.

So what is going on is, I have caught up with a subtle vibration that I am able to tell affects the outer in a profound way. I notice this so much, vibrationally, that for me this is like a seeing. For others, that I am trying to make this known to, because they aren’t experiencing the vibration resonating within themselves, like I do, their visibility is kind of in a dense, or black-and-white way, and, as a result, this leaves me at a loss in revealing to them this ever-present way. In other words, it’s a flow, its ever-present way.

So then, when I come to bed, I come out of where I am staying. In my dream now, it’s like there’s a place next to something that’s like a quaint café. And in this quaint café there’s a proprietor, a woman proprietor. And when I come out of the house I just walk 40, 50 feet or something, along the sidewalk, and then there’s something in the middle of the fence area, along the sidewalk, before I walk up. And there’s actually a little outer area there where, you know, you have tables where you can eat outside on a deck, and stuff like cafés have, and she’s out there doing something with the tables to get them ready, and she hasn’t yet opened for the day.

So I come up along the side near the bottom, about the middle area of the fence area, and suddenly I realize I’m naked, which is the case that happens when I’m carrying an energy that is out of place in the ordinary sense of reality. The naked condition is over and over again. I see it as okay, and I act as if it’s okay, but once in a while I realize, you know, I’ve got to quit acting like everybody has to accept this.

So, as I come around the corner to where she’s at, kind of crept right up on her, and then I shield myself against a wall there because, all of sudden, I realize I’m naked and I’ve got to be careful how I come across, I ask if it is too early. She is mumbling to herself, and the inference has to do with something somewhere else bothering her.

As she sees me, she says, “I am so upset.” I say, “Did I do something to make you upset?” Deep down I know it is something else, but that’s just being polite. And then there is a sudden jump up energetic pulsation through my body, because I actually know that this has to do with her not being able to take in a certain flow that’s meant to come through, in an inner way. But I can’t tell her that. And, in this particular case, it has to do with somewhere, or something else, or however. And all the time know that her upsetness has to do with something she’s identifying somewhere else, yet I find it to be a curiosity, in a revealing sort of way, which requires me to be a support.

She says, “I will be right back,” as she has to contend with something bothering her inside, and has to go somewhere else to deal with it, because she was actually kind of going a little catatonic mumbling away to herself as she was cleaning the tables up.

So what is going on is, in this dream, although I am acting nonchalant, even though this doesn’t make sense to others, I am moving about in sync with an energetic, that is afoot in life, affecting others who are not able to sort it out. To me it is more visible. To them it is a frustration and discombobulation.

Until it is processed through, I just need to hold an empty space as this is the only way I know to support those who are going through things in the outer – unaware of a vibrational effect that is an inner unfoldment process affecting them from within.

Until there is a stop to let go; in other words, you have to quit the doingness. You have to kind of find that you have nothing that you absolutely have to do, because we fill every second in the outer with things that we have to do, and that prevents us from catching up with this flow, which comes from an emptiness. So until there is a stop, to let a flush-through to a shift in beingness occur, I and others who act this way are running from an inner awakening.

In other words, you’re acting on your frustration as a blockage, as a denial, as a veil that keeps you too busy to notice within. The answer is to let it flow, and accept the effect. And, when you do that, that’s when something intangible can happen. That’s when it’s a type of stillness in which there is a light substance now, that works, or help from wherever at a depth with wherever.

That’s just how it is until there is a full stop to face the energetic. Or, in other words, are you really facing the energetic? To a large degree, we face energetics by trying to understand that; that’s what psychology’s all about, to try to go back to where maybe it came from. But a higher octave of that is you just let the inner come into the outer, and the transitional shift is no longer kept at bay then.

So, what I’m describing is the way the inner higher-self vibratoriness makes its secret substance noticeable to our outerness of self. We must stop our doing in order to accept the vibrational impact; in order for the vibrational effect to make itself known from the greater emptiness space of our overall beingness. Only when we are still can our overall vibrational aliveness and beingness settle, as an insightfulness from within, into the manifestedness of a self in the outer.

So, as an observation, whenever you come across someone who’s acting really, really busy and all of that stuff, and doesn’t have time to pause for a split second, is constantly a go, go, go, go, that is a type of person who is keeping the inner from touching the outer.

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