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Garrett Lisi

We have to be careful here, because to be a part of the oneness of life does not mean that we do nothing. But, as these images point out, to identify with things, or ideas, or actions, is to take ourselves out of the greater, universal, game. As we have talked about before, we don’t stop doing, we just have to be aligned differently while we do whatever it is that we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So now I start dealing with it in the physical. The next dream explains the process behind what can further evolve when a person takes the conduct, in the prior dream, to an extreme and creates outward projections that confuse the senses of themselves and others.

And you primarily confuse yourself when you confuse others because you tend to see everything through the eyes of others. You don’t see them so much through the eyes of yourself. That’s a little bit, again, of an illusion because your eyes are meant to see the whole. So when you see through the eyes of others, you’re seeing reflections, and then you’re buying into those reflections and keeping yourself tranced out.

So in this dream I seem to have been given raw material to work with, several truck loads of granite block. And there are outside forces trying to get me to take this granite and carve it and do things with it, that I know how to do, that they think that they know that I know how to do. In other words, turn it into something memorable, artistic, or whatever. In other words to shape it into works of art, or incredible handiworks for others to admire.

I’m holding back from doing this because what is the point? The resolve only carries a person into an indulgent trance. But what causes me to go off on the tangent is my mother and father are visiting, and so I have to show my family around. Or maybe I have this idea that I have to impress them, so I change my mind.

I turn the rock into amazing images that I can show them. Now I have something to show them. So as I’m taking them along a road in which on each side I have converted this rock into wonderful things to look at, this roadway goes past these sculptured works of art, I suddenly feel real dirty and slimed. And that’s when I notice at the same time that it’s as if someone hauled in another bunch of truckload after truckload of granite rock blocks, and then these, too, got turned into works of art that blend into everything I have.

But where did this come from? How did this happen? There’s no way to tell the difference, except I know the difference between this and what I have done. My family thinks it is all wonderful, as if I’m getting credit for it. I’m ashamed. I realize the mockery that I am making. It took hearing the image like this to an extreme – and that’s what happens when you indulge in the world, you don’t know how to stop – by carrying this to an extreme for me to get and realize just how shallow this is. I have an opportunity to do something memorable, and this is what I do? How embarrassing. I feel disgusted by this.

So the meaning is, from abstract images and ideas the next natural step is to become enamored with physical representations. Where does it stop? There are, or is, in the final analysis, this becomes in other words, representations of what? When you put it like that, the whole thing that sucks a person up into some carried-away state that from there deceives others, in other words, into thinking and being and whatnot, they then reflect that back at you and it’s pretty hard for you to keep from seeing what they see through their eyes. It’s disgusting and embarrassing.

I mean, it’s obvious to me when I see it that way that the whole thing is real because of the way other people perceive it, and then that reflects back and then you’re ashamed because that isn’t what you really want. What you really want to see with your own inner eye is something so much more – and this is what you end up settling for.

It is because the opportunity for a person to realize what transcends such trivial reflection, I mean in one’s shame, because if you ask the question why is one shamed it is because they have squandered the opportunity to realize that which transcends such trivial outer reflections. And in this dream I am feeling real bad for the role I played in perpetuating the illusion into the outer.

To see others take this in as real, as if meaningful, hurts the heart. Well, the reason it hurts the heart is because a joy that is there able to effuse through the whole world is compromised with each moment that is captured in such a limiting way. It’s captured in the eyes of others and then you take it back in. What stops me in shock is the realization that when I get on such a replicative treadmill, where does it end? Who is there to impress? I am realizing that by doing this it causes me to believe that what they see is real or is meaningful, so I then get taken back in again in those counter reflections and then that side keeps me weak along with them.

I weaken them, they weaken me. Because they are me, I am doing this to myself and not realizing that I am creating the trance that keeps me in a trance, or I’m doing this through the eyes of others. I need to bring others out of this and, in so doing, I extricate myself, in other words, out into the whole. That’s why you don’t project anything. You don’t have to do anything.

This last one you might as well say I just went into a visual trance, I didn’t go to sleep again. And I see myself reacting to someone who is identifying with who I am in a way that leaves me separate. I say to them, “I wish that instead of doing that, that you would simply choose me.” In other words, suddenly I see a whole bunch of various options portrayed in a series of pictures that portray me in a chosen and various ways, chosen ways and various ways, not for me to define. If someone chooses that, then that is what I am. I’m suddenly there wondering what will be that comes into manifestation as a way of being for all to see. In other words, it’s based upon what gets chosen. In other words, that which becomes the essence of yourself, and yourself is the essence of everything.

The meaning is we are all reflections of the outer impressions upon us by the way we see and carry ourselves, and the way others perceive us to be. To have to live like this as a manufactured reality is nauseating. It is nauseating when you come to realize that this is how it is for everyone.

To be real a person needs to be themselves and become an empty vessel for life to ride upon as it flows through. When the person sees themselves in any particular way, what they see is demeaning and nauseating because what they perceive is the result of taking an essence away from creation and, in so doing, there is a giving up of the all that had been.

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3778_nThese two snippets point to a similar understanding: we can’t do a spiritual journey alone. Yes, it is between us and the universe – we are alone in that way – but spirituality implies a connection to the oneness of everything. In that sense, we can only get where we are trying to go by being with everything else; we need to join the journey of creation, already in progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It reminds me of my last dream, in which I park the car at a parking spot that’s readily convenient. Because that’s where my attention was at, is how do I park the car and then go from there?

And when I get out of the car, I still have to walk up a hill to get to where it is that I need to be. Well, I noticed that I parked the car kind of in a spot that seems to make sense that’s available to easily and simply park the car. But then when I get out of the car and have to climb this hill, I play out, I get tired, before I’m able to make it up the hill.

The resolution for this problem is that I need to stay in the car. I don’t get out of the car and then walk up the hill as if I can do something on my own. Instead, my attention needs to be placed upon going up the hill with the car, or getting there in a way that is designed and important.

And until I do that, I’m not able to do anything, because I will always be functioning and reaching out from some conceptualized idea of participation, when there’s nothing I can do. I have to hold and stay in the car, and then through that heartfelt connection and quality that I have, that is the vehicle, that is being within the wholeness, that’s when the sight and the hearing, which leads to things unfolding and recognizing what is occurring in terms of the overall, that’s when that becomes possible and not before.

Otherwise, I’m just playing out some sort of imaginative sense of myself and that is like a spiritual illusion. When I have wee bits of experiences that take and enlighten some weight or burden up in terms of my nature, and then I take liberties with that, which is obscene, actually. The way it started was kind of this repeat theme that I have going on and on in the outer; that, from the perspective of the inner, I can see the oneness that needs to be there.

I did this a couple of nights ago. Instead of dreaming a symbolic dream, I’m instead looking at what it looks like from the perspective from within. In other words, from within an overall vibration.

When I did this before, I dreamed the literal interpretation of the dream, as seen from within. There wasn’t another symbolic dream to tell me something. There was just the direct understanding of how it really is.

Similarly, I dreamt the perspective of what I had been reacting about and, of course, the dynamic scenario is the fact that residential condos are paying for the commercial. This is so absurd that you have, instead of a naturalness and a wholeness, you have bits and pieces and parts, meaning the residential condos, that are carrying the other, and that is supposed to be considered normal in today’s outer society.

So, that is the scenario that gets responded to as an inner reply. The dream—not the dream, but what was responding inside, that I was seeing—took everything as it could only see from within that everything is a oneness that is indistinguishable. And so everything is one and the same; it’s equalized naturally.

From within, I put everything into a whole that is treated even handedly—nothing is better than anything else. Thus, everything is essentially the same, has the same weight and measure. There isn’t some unfathomable separateness, as the outer is projecting the scenario to be. And when it does that, the outer is repudiating the overall understanding that everything in life is intertwined as a single organism.

From the inner plane, this bifurcation doesn’t work because that involves making distinctions to what is a fundamental, all-pervasive reality of oneness. In other words, you can’t do that because it’s all connected.

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lead-5Yes, there is a battle going on inside us, and it’s between our learned behavior and its egocentric world view, and that which is natural to us. Because if we assume that there is a higher purpose for our human life, then we also have to assume that we have all the appropriate tools needed for our purpose built into our design. So, then the struggle becomes one of letting go of all the learned behaviors that prevent us from acting as we were designed to act. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This degree of intertwining and how it works, and where it works, and where it doesn’t work is what we dreamt last night.

Now just to make sure I don’t forget this, what I mean where it doesn’t work is it doesn’t work outside of the interval. In other words, it’s the interval is where the aliveness is at, and where that reaches a state of nothingness. And in the interval is where all of the synaptic reactions and everything occur. That’s where the sparks occur, that’s where the inner and the outer touch each other.

And as long as there is some noodling or going on, or imagining, that’s where spiritual illusions all come from – is all on this inner dimension. To be able to take all of that out is to be able to then be in a oneness. But our whole sense of sight and flow happen in this interval, and we sort this out with the breath.

If you do too good of a job with it, in terms of sorting it out with the breath, whereby you recognize that this doesn’t quite feel right, and that doesn’t quite feel right, you stop yourself from doing things because it’s only in an emptiness that something is real. And your breath can always tell the limitations that you’re imposing upon the situation.

And so one part of yourself can actually go to a wits end and say, to hell with it all, because you see that you’re just doing more and more and more and more of the same kind of cycling around. And yet that’s like a process of getting more conscious is another way of telling yourself – but is it? Or is it you just hit this interval of an emptiness? Or is it just so all intertwined that that’s all there is and you just leave it at that? And then how do you have the sight and the knowingness, when it’s all just intertwined?

Well, I guess I don’t deal with that subject that directly, I just see myself unable to see myself as separate, as I normally do, because in the meditation that I’m trying to do, because in this particular instance instead of what you had that just went plop, dormant, quiet, still. In my case I’m speeded up.

And so when I’m like that I’m not able to be quiet and stop the mind and the sense and all of that correlation from going on in some zone and, therefore, I’m not getting away from the clutches of such a nature and so you remain stuck.

As fortune would have it, I eventually seem to have let go enough to take in a dream image in which I saw myself as relating to a part of a feminine side that I need to touch, in other words, trying to relate, but not relating.

So the dream is highlighting my condition and it’s highlighting a condition in which – what you had was a sense of the wholeness of creation with nothing going on because it didn’t have the interaction of the inner – what I’m seeing is a greater spirit energy speeded up, which is like the masculine, which is like the inner, but not with the connection in creation; it’s not grounded.

So to reach an intended closeness I need to get away from embracing that which leaves me separate or, it leaves me personally instead intertwined with my thoughts and imagination. That’s what the spirit energy leaves you do. In your particular case you took all of that out.

When I started to meditate I had all of that there in the way. So I was unable to set that aside so the dream image made a point of showing to me that I was stifled and unable to connect in a mutual intertwined capacity, in other words, between inner and outer.

What is also interesting is that even though the outer images indicated this to me, when I would inflect back I was able to see that the closeness was distant and, therefore, a relatability was stifled. In other words, I’m fighting in the inner and not able to ground.

Even through all of this I am still able to realize that there is an odor in the air and a sweetness, joyfulness, beckoning. And that’s what it’s like to be able to bring it through into the outer.

So what is going on is the dream is portraying me in a state of struggle because I am not moving away from rebels whose intent is to make sure that I am not able to connect. In other words, if the spirit energy can be so worked up, in other words, you have to hit that emptiness. I couldn’t make any promises as I could see that the separation that existed is shutting off a flow.

It’s kind of out there isn’t it? Well, that’s the trouble I’ve been having in these meditation dreams and then, fortunately, when I go to sleep this kind of sorts itself out. If I comment in my sleep it’s that there is not enough overallness in life for me to divide myself up into multiple pieces.

In other words, I’m already the wholeness but I don’t seem to know that. And so I’m acting like there’s more there than there is so I have to have to have more and more connective parts. And you only need that one. And this is all being done at the interval, at the bridge, at the gap between the two points.

And I’m creating a certain man-made aspect to it instead of a naturalness that I have. So when I act responsibly I cover all that is. To act as if this is not possible is to confuse and divide myself against myself.

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