Supporting the Change

5997_n2Things happen energetically before they happen physically. Much of what we see in the world today is the manifestation of new energies making changes in the world. And much of the stress and trouble that we see is because of resistance to the coming change. Change is always a bit scary, but it can be less so if we align our lives to the energies of the future, rather than cling (energetically) to the ways of the past. In that way, we can prepare ourselves for, and include ourselves in, the unfolding of these changing times. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the first dream I had was the teacher had gone in and had indicated and had pointed out that things are not as tough and as hard and as painful in life right now. They’re changing; we’ve gone through the very hardest period.

And in this hard period, of course, a lot of it may have appeared to us to have a lot to do with micro stuff that we’re going through, and changes that we’re going through, and things that are awkward in terms of how we’re able to handle it, and how things work out for us. And we’re inclined, in that regard, to look at it in maybe a bit of a personal context.

But some of it was outside of that personal context. Some of it’s of a macro type nature in terms of what is taking place, you know formulating. And the teacher indicated, okay, we’ve gone through this hardest period. And I actually understood that. I knew that this was the hardest period, and I actually knew this somehow because it resonated by something that I looked at about a year ago, or a year and a half ago. I’m not sure just what period of time, but I knew that this was going to be the toughest period of time, and then what was going to unfold after this period of time, from the standpoint of appearances, there’s a lot of change coming yet.

But from a standpoint of the bigger picture and the whole it’s not as crucial, or as critical. In other words, it’s like there’s a bit of a zeroing in that’s able to take place. Maybe that’s the way to say that, which means that there’s a greater focus as to what is real and what is unreal, and knowing how to not try to maintain, support, and channel one’s energy towards that which isn’t meant to be, which is unreal. And to use the energy more focused towards that which needs to be sustained and maintained. A a human being needs to know the difference, because he is that crown that channels this energy through.

So as the teacher explained that we’d gone through this roughest period of time, that created an inflection inside of me. I was very curious, and so I went back into the teacher’s dream, or his understanding of that, to see how that actually was. Because I know that there’s a whole lot more that’s going to break down, and yet I also know on an energetic level that there’s a certain relief that does exist.

In other words, it’s like there’s an acceptance to a certain degree that certain things are going to change and break down that there wasn’t before – and that makes things easier, which means that the human being’s attention then is more upon something else that needs to be sustained and maintained. You’re not going to do the work that’s required if your attention is wayward, and is upon things that are meant to fall away, because the energy has been pulled away from them.

So in the dream, I’m having to look at this. And what I’m doing is I’m perceiving that something is about to happen that cannot be averted. There is the belief that it is not going to be so bad, but there’s still something that’s going to happen. This all depends upon the way you perceive the outer motif. In other words, to really see what is going to take place, you have to know how to let go of that which needs to fall away.

It won’t be as pessimistic as I fear, what is going to take place. See, I’m looking at the energy lines, but is still going to breakdown in terms of the outer aspect of things. Things are still going to breakdown based upon the order of things as it stands, that we’re accustomed to seeing. What I see is there’s going to be a breakdown that is going to be effecting what everyone commonly sees, or recognizes, or takes into account as going on.

In other words, there is no way to avert the breakdown or the collapse of the economic systems around the world. That is deemed to be a given, and the inner and outer forces have come to accept this. In other words, they accept it because it’s an inner destiny, and the outer forces the energy has been pulled back so that there’s a hopelessness in that – and that isn’t what’s important anyway.

And that’s going to create a lot of confusion for people that are attached to that, but it is not the pressure, it’s not the issue, because where the attention needs to be placed, somehow or another, everyone feels in their bones that this is about to change. In other words, if this just had hit all of a sudden out of the blue, you’d have nothing but insanity.

But everyone somehow, in a sense, a lot of people have this sense whether they’re on a spiritual path or not, they have a sense that is resigned to the fact that the way things are needs to change and, in some cases, they even support the change even though it’s going to tear them to pieces in terms of their sensibilities. They still support the change because the way things are right now is too abhorrent for it to continue. There is too much abuse, and misuse, and imbalance in terms of what is meant to be divine and real.

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Greater Darkness, Greater Light

3-lightComfort can be taken, when we look at the chaos in the world around us, from the idea that what is inciting what seems an endless insanity is also an energy that is here to uplift us. If we are too self-involved it will reverberate in us as an inability to cope with things and we’ll lash out at the world. But if we quiet ourselves, and find our safety internally rather that in the outer world, it will lift us up with it. But, as humans, it is always a matter of our choosing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: A huge other evolutionary step has to be made. Now it’s all ready to be one great big composite, you know almost as another kind of big bang effect.

It really makes one wonder. To me it just says that the stimulus of what is reflecting in the outer only portrays the something of a greater depth from within. They’ve got it now so that the era of the internet and the computers and the way everything can be monitored, I mean they’ve got everything being monitored now.

What you see, what you hear, what you think, what you smell. I mean it’s all being documented, recorded, and monitored. You don’t really have a private moment to yourself. Well, I believe that you do. I believe that to keep from being densed-out again by something like that, you have to take this huge shift inside yourself. And this huge shift inside of yourself is going to be outside of that modality.

Another way that portrays that it has to be so is you’ll notice that when you take and you have this epiphany inside of yourself that’s caused by something that’s so wonderful that you’re just swept up in it as a sound, or as an understanding of something, you’re just so swept up in it that again it fills your breath.

Another way that you come to know that it has to be so, is you know that if you are meant to be created in God’s image as complete and part of everything that there is that you should not, after a course of a few more breaths, or break down or after a passage of time, you shouldn’t fall back then into a denseness again. If you do that means that the greater reflective overall, you’re missing things in that greater reflective overall that you can all take in and breathe because everything is meant to be able to be included in the heart.

So I mean that’s where we’re going with this whole thing with the senses, the higher octave, and whatnot as it goes into a liquid light we’ll call it, that is basically in the breath then, assimilated into and carried as an aspect of the heart, not as an aspect of the mind. So the aspect of the mind, the reflective aspect that is, that then is mind oriented and denoted can double and double and double, but the heart in its subtleness is going just as fast.

It’s always the beyond of the beyond in terms that it continues to open and open and open. So when you see something in the outer going on that is looking like it’s so over the top it just means that something on the inner is really going on at a depth behind the scenes as well, because the outer is reflective of that, it’s just that maybe we haven’t caught up with that.

And when we’re talking about this sort of stuff in the higher octave of what is visible or knowable or recognizable or smellable or however all that is in the outer, when we’re talking about something that is so overwhelming we have to realize that a human being is not a machine that is fixated. A human being is constantly, constantly progressing simultaneously so that that other reflects.

In other words, it’s already there inside of the depth of a human being for it to be characterized in some sort of humongous context reflectively in the outer. It’s always the inner into the outer. The outer can be something that can cause you to pause, but when you pause you pause to recognize, if you’re quiet and you’re truthful, and you’re listening or attentive enough to that emptiness inside yourself, you’re going to catch up with the greater beingness from which then all of this outer stuff can be. The outer stuff can’t be if you don’t have this greater innerness awakening somewhere inside.

So no wonder this is getting more complicated because it’s like there’s a big, big shift where everything, yes, as they say everything is speeded up. Boy has it ever speeded up, and it has speeded up on the level of consciousness too.

Yeah, that’s where all of this is going. So when we were putting all of these building blocks of this stuff, what we didn’t get to was that the recognition and catching up of this has to occur as a type of oneness part of the design – or otherwise this other wouldn’t be there. So that means this is happening, too. It’s kind of like Yin and Yang. That’s why they say that when there’s greater darkness in the world, there’s also greater light.

And when everything is blasé and everything is asleep and there’s nothing going on, then it’s kind of like evolution has taken a time out, too. Right now it’s going at high speed.

Pent up within each individual is this need to break through to something more. And they’ve been sitting feeling something not quite there, something amiss or a little awkward or whatever, so when they hear something that breaks through that awkwardness the body sensation that’s sweeping up that happens, the energetic sweeping up, they get it.

Now they fight it a little bit by throwing out their questions and their mental stuff, but I think human beings are getting to the point where they recognize that that’s dumbing things down and they know better than that. And that in and of itself is what’s helping to shift the consciousness to things, is the fact that people really are getting to a point where this stuff isn’t as Greek as it used to be.

It’s somehow or another hearable because they have, based upon the way things are coming in from the inner, and then as a consequence they’re having to also grasp that because it’s now in the reflective outer, and then that reflective outer is causing them to have to go through things to denote the inner that is in that outer in order for them to cope, in order for them to function.

And we all breathe and everything vies for the heart, and we’re used to feeling how the heart can go through the false illusion of elation when it gets its new Tonka truck and things work out like that in the outer. And now the heart has gotten to the point where it knows how that stuff is trite, and it requires something more to be kind of an upliftment from within.

And now I think the heart has gotten to the point where it recognizes that the upliftment within has to become even more inclusive. It can’t just be one of the four senses or something or five senses or however many there are. It can’t just be one of those. It’s got to be all of the higher octaves of all it or the breath will degradate and fall back into a stupor again.

And if things fall back into a stupor again then you become victimized by the greater collective that’s moving forward that will overwhelm you. So you’re compelled to have to shift forward. You’re compelled to have to catch up with a greater oneness. You’re compelled to have to become more conscious or you’re going to be in a misery.

You’re going to be affected by the weather events of the outer – as opposed to the inner events of what is really going on.

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