A Principle of Closeness

being_energyThis dream image continues the theme from yesterday (see A Greater Sense), where Jeane was exploring going beyond the sensory input of the physical world and connecting to the unseen world. Here she is shown that there is a way of hearing that provides this deeper connection, listening to the higher self within. It is said that life is an illusion, and so it is – until we begin to hear, and see, what is not so obvious. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, I feel like there’s been a singing contest that was going on in this dream.

And I don’t remember a lot about it other than sometimes you would enter into a circle of people that were singing, and sometimes you knew your lyrics and what to sing and sometimes you might not, but that might be covered up a bit by the fact that maybe if most of the group were singing, if you didn’t know what to sing right then it might not matter as much because the whole group is singing. 

And then it’s after the singing contest, or whatever it was, and we’re all going over to somebody’s house, and it feels like my father’s house, and there’s maybe a Christmas tree in the house also.

And I’m riding over there with someone that I think was helping evaluate the singers, and I’m realizing he’s having his own dilemma as he looks at somebody else in a car that’s nearby, who is a woman that he likes, because his first priority from what he’s telling me is that he’s being sober because he apparently used to have a problem and now he stays sober.

But his second priority is it feels like there are two women that he loves, one was in this car we just passed and another one is also at the whole singing event, and it’s like he’s making the decision on which relationship to choose kind of based on what helps him most with his sobriety. 

I’m not sure whether he’s entirely following his heart or not, but I don’t know because he seems to care for both of them. And then we get to the house and as I go in and there are a lot of people there, I see that it was almost like there was a bookcase that was also kind of used almost like they would set photographs on the top of it, and maybe with all of the people coming in it got knocked around a bit so that a couple of the photographs fell.

And I see that they’ve almost broken and they were wedding photographs, but they were kind of odd in that they were photographs that were kind of made up of jigsaw puzzles and then framed. So when I go over I’m trying to move the two photographs that are there very carefully, with maybe a cloth underneath them so that the pieces don’t break up, or they mostly just look like they maybe cracked across the middle and they’re holding together so we want them to continue holding together. 

There are just these two photographs. I notice that one maybe was my parents wedding photograph, which I don’t really remember exactly what it looked like, but the other one that I’m very carefully moving I realize that maybe there had been a divorce in the family, so that instead of having the original wedding photograph they had a photograph of my grandfather there that represented what was important to them.

And so I’m just moving that very carefully to kind of move things aside from where maybe people have been jostling around in the room, because the whole crowd had come and I didn’t want it all to break up.

John: Well what you did is you took what was important at one step and you dealt with that in terms of how the energetic variables worked at that particular point, and then you shifted with it to another level in which that which you had worked with could be let go of as you worked with a whole new cadence. It’s as if something at the beginning had to be dealt with in order to get to a point where you could take another shift in terms of a flow. So how did the dream start again?

Jeane: The dream started with a singing contest in a circle and sometimes you knew your words and sometimes you didn’t.

John: The part that continues the theme of the prior dream is the part where on one hand you can know your lines and then you don’t. In other words, the sense of being able to identify or recognize something inside, other than the apparent obvious in terms of how things are, ordinarily or outwardly, that you can look behind the scenes of things and recognize something there that was important.

You’re having some confusion over that because there’s a paradox in there. In the group, the group can sound okay, but then there can be something in terms of an individual singer in the group that isn’t right, and so you also have to have a pristineness of focus, because through the group singing it drowns all of that other out in terms of a particularity.

You have to have a pristineness in your nature whereby you deep down know that, which is also like a way of hearing that which you cannot hear because it’s all drowned out in the group, just like there is a seeing of that which you cannot see and that leads to a shift, or a greater appreciation, and understanding, a bigger room of things like in the first dream.

In the outer it works more in the principle of sound. There are things that you don’t necessarily hear that are left out that you have to be able to read through, in between, in order to move forward.

And so when you do that, you find out that behind all of that is hidden this principle of a closeness, or of a love, or whatever you want to call it, and that until you get to the point where you can appreciate and see the subtlenesses of things – instead of the black-and-white, because the black-and-white has a denseness in which you draw conclusions that always leave you a little askew.

But when you can pick up and understand that which is even a little bit out of reach, that adds an element of dimension to your overall spatiality and how you feel things in the outer world. 

See, the last part then shows you shifting back somehow. I’m not sure just why you’re shifting back, or what you’re shifting back to, because you’re going back to something that has to do with where something got discombobulated in relationship to a vibration, or an energetic, associated with a deeper depth inside of yourself associated with your grandfather.

The dream is actually progressing, but this part is hard to understand because what you’re progressing to I guess is having to sort out something of a deeper inner depth inside yourself that is waking up and coming through. Yeah, I guess that’s how that is.

So it’s almost as if the first two parts provided you with information, and some part of you got information out of what was recognizable and seeable in terms of how you conducted yourself in the first two parts, so that in the third part you could inflect back in terms of how something had been discombobulated or misaligned and could take and then put something together that would associate and inflect back to a much deeper depth that was needing to come out.

You’re starting off in a way where you’re having to acknowledge or recognize that something is important, or is knowable, and that that can happen both in the element of light and in the element of sound. And that, somehow or another, gives you a foundation upon which to build because then that works towards you being able to rectify things that are broken, and go back even further into a depth of knowingness that maybe you haven’t taken on yet as something that you’re capable of doing, so that you can go back into a type of knowingness that can go way, way, way back, and now you’re dealing with something outside of the perspective of your physical existence as you know it.

But to recognize and realize that you have the right and the ability and the need to be able to do something like this, first of all for you to catch up with it you have to be able to have the ability to be at ease and settle back in that which you can’t see, to somehow know that there’s something more there, and also extend that to that which is hearable.

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