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Everything that we experience becomes a vibration, or combination of vibrations, that we must process through our systems, in the same way that our body processes food for the nutrients that are useful and expels the waste that is not useful. Our dreams are part of this sorting process, where we can connect right to the fundamentals of the vibration and see it in an unbiased format – this helps us process certain energies into further evolution, and lets us let go of the energies we no longer have a use for. In this analogy, we can understand how important our dreams are to our health and well being. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my dreams, by comparison to this, were pointing out that in this total letting go is where everything is able to happen. And that even a dream itself is a flicker that happens, that is a ripple in the total letting-go process.

So what happens is, if you are a person who’s totally caught up in this, that, and the other in the outer, then the reflective conditions of the outer are your boss, they control you, you don’t have any freedom of a letting-go flow.

And so you go from hot to cold, from sad to happy, expansive to contractive, and you just yo-yo. And that even in what is considered deep states of sleep, or meditation, where you have an image of something that you write up as a dream, or an experience, or whatever, where that is coming from is that you start with the principle that you are not meant to hold on to things. And so, in the letting go, you have let go to all of a sudden you have hit a point where there’s still something that needs to be lived out, burned off, a dross yet that still can cause a ripple on the water. And that ripple is what you perceive.

So what’s interesting is that you can follow this concentration, or a type of longing, using the outer as a vehicle means, as the greater teacher. You can follow that as far as you can hold this state of intention of letting go. You can go as far as that can go.

And when it hits something in which something rises up and comes out, if you can keep that from rising up and coming out, you continue to go even deeper, and deeper, and deeper into the letting go, as a depth, as an overallness, as a wholeness, as a universality of beingness.

And so the principle of working with meditation, and truly meditating, and with dreams, to describe what a dream is, to describe what those images are, is to understand that you are pulling, out of a stillness, a ripple. And you’re portraying the ripple.

And so, in an awakening process, an awakening process being a process by which you come to know, and be, everything, in terms of all that is going on – by this letting go. The awakening process can be understood, in terms of where someone is at, based upon how subtle of a ripple it is that they are able to grasp. Because when there is absolutely total stillness, there is everything. There’s just oneness.

But when there are still ripples that arise, the way to think of it is to think of it in terms of conditions that one imposes upon themselves as defense mechanisms. If a person goes through something that’s traumatic, and they don’t want to experience it, or live it out, they repress it. And it gets repressed deep, deep in the synapses of their nature. And then, if circumstances come to where the stillness is enough, the energy that’s used to keep it repressed is dropped.

And, what ends up happening, is this ripple can suddenly come to the surface, and that ripple will come to the surface as an image. And that image can then portray a hint of something behind it yet, where you stopped, where you were at. But, otherwise, you wouldn’t even have the knowability of that. So it becomes like a type of seeing and hearing, in a nothingness, in which everything is.

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