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Monarch Butterfly Perched on Pink Flower

In one way or another, every form of life is compelled toward certain things during its existence. Bees are compelled to build hives, salmon are compelled to swim upstream, and butterflies are compelled to migrate 1000s of miles. These urges are built into their design. So what about humans? Yes, we have the standard physical urges that guarantee continuance of the species, but we also have urges to seek, and grow, and connect, and evolve; to explore and discover new possibilities. And who, or what, is the greatest beneficiary of these compulsions? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And in this other [dream], I wish I’d written it up straightaway because, again, I have this at such a deep inner level, when I hear it from this place it makes so much sense, and is so simple, to me that I don’t bring it through and write it up in manifestation, so to speak, because it seems trite. But when I do, it’s meaningful.

So I just remembered the one thing, and that was I am told that it is a crime to be merely swept away. And there was another line that preceded this, and it was like a type of poem, and what I realized that we were talking about, and what it meant, was that in creation you’re there for a reason.

You don’t just then complain and try to get out of it and go to the expanse of things, to seek that, without taking on what you’re here for, which is to be able to bring all of that into play. To go to where you’re swept away into the expanse is a crime.

And so I’m just sitting here and pondering various statements that have been made that kind of portray that. And I remember that it has been said that the angels quest for a human body so they can come closer to God. So I guess if you get in a human body and blow it, then that’s like a crime because you went to all of this effort and then when you got here you were too dumb to know better.

It has also been said that we want union, God wants separation, so we accept what God wants trusting that there is a promise of both. And that’s the noodling inside that happens where you have the quality of a union when you let go of the limitations that you take on, that holds you back, that happens in a dense world where you’re always contending with things and are contending with them with the senses. You can get caught thinking that that’s how it works.

And then there’s that union state, or that state where there’s an interconnectivity where the soul expands, and from that is the access of everything that you need.

It is also said that God holds a soul between two fingers. One minute he turns us away, and the next minute he turns us back to him, which again is like going to the inner on the in-breath in, back to a home, and then the out-breath back out into creation where it can be confusing and bewildering again – and the yearning and longing start up.

There is also the statement that to be able to be in God when he is not present is the deepest state a human being can reach. In other words, how can you be in God, when he’s not present and reach such a deep state, if you refuse to accept that and only want it your way as a union, and therefore reject the creation of things?

So to sum up, we are in a human body and while in this condition need to accept the greater purpose of such a state. To throw it away is like a crime in that this blows a golden opportunity to be in a oneness, and the opportunity to bring the eyes and ears of the creator into his creation.

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mr_nAt the core of what it means to be a human being is the ability to allow energies, specifically higher energies, to process through us and into life. Those higher energies will not find an outlet into the world through anything else, like a cow, or a snake, or a cat. So that is a service we humans can provide for the high essences that want access into this planetary realm. In this process we will leave our print, because no two of us will process it in the same way. But, with development, we can put less and less of our print on it – letting it through in its purest form. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I just remember a rather odd dream. It’s like I’m living in a world where I’m observing, and I’m observing my father and whether he has enough to eat.

And it feels like there’s these people that are almost like aliens, even though they look like people, that they have space ships, so they’re in a little bit of a different dimension than where he is. And they can deliver food to where he’s at.

And it feels like I meet with them to see how this is going to work, in terms of looking at what he wants and what they can deliver, and it feels like they’ll deliver, and they wont deliver too much or too little, and they’ll deliver the food. So I look at that. I look at how it works.

When it’s needed they’ll deliver what’s needed. So I leave. You know, I know how we’ve set it up, but then I come back to see how it works. Well, how we designed it, and how it’s worked, is just not going the same way. It feels like now there’s only a certain time they can deliver, and they can only deliver brown bread and certain things, or part of something, and they have to hope it just coordinates with what he needs on that day.

As I look at it, I see that it feels like it’ll be okay, but it’s just not quite how we designed it. It’s working differently than it was designed. It’s all brown and it’s not what we had set up. But it will probably work okay anyway. It’s just not working like one programmed it, essentially. That’s all I really remember of the dreams last night.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming has to do with the distinction, as if there is kind of a distinction, between the essence which is everything that permeates all that there is, that is kind of like a common oneness, and what arises up, therein, as a signature quality.

And so, in this dream, you hold a certain focus and attention that is important in regards to sustaining or maintaining an overall motif. And, in doing so, you are providing an energetic space for that which can come through as a design, or signature, event of a beingness that is able to have an effect that is important to the whole; it’s part of the whole.

I mean underneath all of that is still the overallness, but this is a distinction and differentiation in terms of the design. In other words, it is a quality that has included something in terms of an effect on the physical level or, you might say, it includes a human nature that is added to the essence that is everything. And that this is memorable. And it is what you have referred to in your dream as part of the unfoldment design.

So what you’re looking at, is you are looking at the signature event, which is slightly different than how you know it is supposed to or is meant to be, and you’re looking at it to see if it is going to be memorable because it plays with something in a slightly different way than how you feel in terms of the overallness that you support as a quality, or function, of who you are.

You’re looking to see: is this going to be okay? Is this going to work out, is this going to be fine as an unfoldment? So, in other words, you’re providing the spatiality of your beingness for this to come through and, what you’re concluding is that, it seems to be okay. It may be slightly different than what you had thought was possible, or needed, but that nevertheless it is an okay memorable unfoldment of consciousness. Isn’t that interesting?

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As-Above-So-Below-Sectio-AureaToday, John continues his analysis of Jeane’s dream from yesterday (see As Good As It Gets). To a great extent, the human race has become disconnected from its natural relationship with the purposes of creation, mostly because we are to caught up in the day-to-day business of life. We need to reconnect to what is natural in us, rooting into physical life the energetic principles of creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I go through the specifics of just looking at a way of being grounded and rooted, and I use a couple of different scenarios in life, in my images, in which I see something rooted and grounded. I do not sing the praises, or the qualities, of a speeded up expansive state, other than the fact that it is there, too. It has to be rooted. In other words, it’s like taking the different flow or direction.

The average person tries to go from their basic human nature, to more of a divine recognition and realization of things. My dream does something like what yours does. Your dream does it from the standpoint that it recognizes something more than the moving trucks, but your dream also has an overdrive to it that from being able to appreciate the house that is small, but has the quality in it, the nostalgia, the memories, you know that at some particular point that gets honed as a connection that you have that is solid, that is heartfully established, and then you can move again.

You could take another step forward, and you could move more to the north, and the north is the direction of going deeper and deeper into a spiritual developed side of yourself. All of it, of course, is developed, is acknowledged, is recognized, as a memory and a quality in creation.

At no point in time do you abandon creation. You abandon creation and try to take and go into just this other space then… well, you can’t do that unless you take into account all of creation. You have to take into account all of creation. You may have to start with just something in a compact, nurtured, creative way and then you expand to something more, but you’re always taking into account all of creation.

Creation is going through its transitions, and one of the transitions that it’s going through now, is that the spiritual quality of an ascendency ,or something more than what exists in life per se, in creation per se, is exemplified by the disrespect and repudiation qualities that we have in life.

The tendency to try to make something out of nothing, to aspire to something beyond just the practical and the basic, and in doing so, that’s a betrayal, and that leads to a hurt heart, and that leads to friction, sadness, anger, and all kinds of qualities – because one is not staying rooted to creation, not staying rooted to life itself.

The most important thing is to stay rooted to life itself, not to spiral out of control. So, what is the most rooted thing in life? That is the thing that a person has to always nurture, and hold true to, and not betray, and not over aspire and reach beyond, simply because that is the characteristic and the tendency that you see around you.

Nobody likes to just sit and be basic and to be accepting; everyone is aspiring to this other technology that has to do with traveling, and speed, and probing out, and that exists right now in the outer, and it has, in its own way, led to something that is very similar to the Tower of Babel, where everything got busted, and everything got scattered again.

And it’s as if we are approaching a moment in time that is like that again, because everything is trying to reach outside of its norm – as if it has a right to do so – and it doesn’t work that way, it only woks through something that is basic and grounded.

The problem with trying to establish something that’s rooted in a basic, solid, grounded energetic, is that it doesn’t feel good initially. It’s kind of dense, it’s kind of stodgy. But the beauty of something like that is there’s a camaraderie of a connection that can develop, which can touch, like you have in your dream with the house and the memories that makes no sense in the stodginess of the scenario.

It’s easy to repudiate this as being a small house in the country, away from things, as being stifling, and yet in that is something that touches, and memories, and you start there and then you expand more and more all the time, holding on to creation and the qualities of creation. You have to always be touched by something that can be perceivable as a memory, as a heartfulness from the standpoint of creation.

Every step you take in creation has to carry that touch. You don’t race out. You don’t find yourself suddenly in a glorified position in some fashion or another, because whatever that might be automatically then moves away from this importance that you hold in creation. You never lose that.

It is that, on a “below” level, that actually makes for the home within, on the innermost level, but you cannot reverse the flow. You cannot go to the home within first and abandon creation. It will not open up that way, and never has opened up that way.

You have to come down, and you have to use the faculties that are given to you, to touch the heart in creation, as creation was manifested with all of the traits and attributes that are beyond your ability to grasp in the expanse, but that you can appreciate in the quality of being very basic and set in creation.

Now, our dreams are singing the attributes of this. We’re not talking about the other side of the energy. It’s important, too. You have to have both, because if you’re too anal retentive, then you miss every cue. So you have to have a little of both, you have to have both, but you can’t catch any of the cues if you don’t have a viable heart, and a heart that then touches, and relates, and rejoices, in the qualities of something about creation itself.

If you don’t have a heart that’s doing that, then you can’t appreciate, and link up with, something beyond, which comes from somewhere else. That somewhere else, as above, so below, the below quality of that, is that nostalgia, is that memory, is that closeness that touches, that makes somehow an aliveness. It makes something as a basicness, as a microcosm, that gives it an aliveness that is so much more.

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