A Certain State

42sswTo put things in a stark contrast, either everything matters, or nothing matters. If we believe that everything is energetically interconnected, then our intentions matter as much as our acts. Even to sit in silent judgment of another is to energetically alter the situation. That has important implications, for those on a journey, because it comes with a sense of responsibility for what we add to the wholeness, while also letting us know that how it unfolds isn’t really up to us. What we must decide is, whether or not we want to be a part of what It is doing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: First of all, in the meditation dream, I’m seeking to determine if conditions in the outer are on the verge of shifting. In other words, there’s a part of me that believes that something that exists at present cannot continue – and that it has to shift.

So whether that’s a correct belief, or not a correct belief, who’s to say, in terms of the sequentialization of time? I could be correct in terms of the fullness of time, but, in terms of what is going on now, that’s not necessarily the case because I can see the Will of God, for example, but I don’t necessarily have access to how it is directed – unless one gets really, really purified inside so that the one and the two become one and the same.

So, where I’m at, it is my opinion that, from an inner way of looking at the conditions, I’m trying to tell myself that there is a shift, and it’s in the making. In other words, I’m sitting on the cusp of it, or on the verge of it, you know, which may or may not be true. I mean it’s pretty much a guess, because I’m not connected to the pure light, so to speak; when one is indulged in the outer, or finds themselves in an outer, one can only sense this sort of stuff in terms of a degree of connection that they have with the heart, in an intertwined way, that has at their disposal a flow.

So I’m looking to see if this inner is touching the outer to effectuate the shift. I mean I spent most of the dream going back and forth trying to see if I could impose my whim, and way, and belief, and I was unable to see it to be so. In other words, at least in my sleep I’m able to be a realistic as to whether it is; in the outer I can get to the point where I just believe that how it is that I perceive something has to be so because the other may make no sense at all. But in the fullness of time I could be correct, but not necessarily in the unfoldment as it exists.

So I notice this bias that I have that a change is coming, so that leaves me wanting to break the conditions that prevent the change from coming into place. But from what I am able to see, there is no way I can say, at this time, or conclude, that a change in the outer is imminent. In other words, I could see it in the inner, but I can’t see how it touches the outer. And so if I can’t see how it’s touching the outer, and the outer seems to be doing another kind of dance, then I can’t just go around automatically saying that such and such, and so and so, is going to take place.

When one is in sync with it, you don’t say, you just stand back, and watch, and observe. When one is in a state of frustration, wanting something to be so that isn’t necessarily so, then you’re kind of a crusader, or a martyr, even.

So this is pointing out how a human being can access something, but they have to really take a look at what they are accessing, in relationship to inner and outer, and how that, as the Crown of Creation, works.

So I can see a hope, but I can’t see where that hope isn’t being dashed in the near future. In spite of how I might like it to be, I can’t say where it won’t be dashed in the near future. And you can actually become a bit sacrificial and say, okay, I’ll let it be dashed in the near future because, ultimately, it’s going to be shifting shortly. Gosh, that’s pretty reckless, too.

So to arrive at this inner into outer opinion, in other words, to try to sort this out, I was reverbing back and forth over and over in terms of what was being suggested, as if I’m able to take the suggestion and play with the time of it. And I was doing my best to give it a positive spin to denote change is afoot. I couldn’t make this next step, which is the coming into the outer, a vibrational unfoldment – or a viable unfoldment.

In other words, there’s a way you can feel about something that, when you catch up with that feel, it will work, things will change, things will happen, but until you catch up with that, if you still have some part of yourself that has a waywardness about it, that waywardness will keep it from happening. It will prevail, because you do measure, inside your heart, your ability to take into account a greater overall wholeness and, if the collective is such that dictates more than what you’re able to, with heart energy, effuse and infuse and swallow, and take in, then the tone, or the mood, or the mannerism you have sits there, in a bifurcated way, and complains. You’re actually complaining when you’re in a mood, or a mannerism, or an attitude, and you’re suffering in that mood, or mannerism, or attitude. You don’t hit the elation of something that breaks through.

You can hit that vibration that breaks through. There is a certain kind of sweeping through that has taken place, that is taking into account the bigger picture, when before it was just enforcing what it could enforce. And so, how do you catch up with what is possible? I guess this is the theme, and you can catch up with it when you hit a certain state inside.

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