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GRIYThis dream image can give a sense of what it is like to be in the flow of things because, as things unfold, there are surprises and strange events, yet there are also opportunities for new information and knowings. And this is as it should be: we will never control what other things are doing in life, but we can be conscious of ourselves and the way we stay focused to the human purpose to which we are joined. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The next dream, that I kind of just remember scenes in, takes place in a desert city. And there’s one wall as you kind of walk in where there are soldiers that stand guard, like with different kinds of rifles or machine guns. There are three or four of them, kind of lounging against that wall.

There’s also a place where I know people are singing, and there’s one place where I know somebody, I guy I think first, kind of just his car comes to a halt in front of where we are. And then we walk up wanting to go to the place where everyone’s singing, there’s a woman who comes and she kind of runs her car into the wall next to us, or bumps it into it.

And we looked in and she’s kind of passed out in the car. And it almost feels like the car is kind of sealed with some kind of plastic, or a window you can see through, but it’s like a convertible that is covered. There’s something over her that’s kind of covering her, and she looks like she’s passed out in the car.

We’re moving around this village a lot. At one point we’re next to the soldiers at the gate; you and I are making out so that they’ll just ignore us, but we’re also kind of spying a little on what they’re doing. And then I’m taking you into one of the shops, and it felt like we have knowledge of an older woman, almost from another time during the war or something, that people even sing a song about her, but it’s like they thing that, you know, just something happened then everything with her came to an end. But I know the shopkeeper knows the rest of the story.

And we go into the shop, and I think he will sing us the rest of the story. And what I think the rest of the story will be is I think where everybody just thought that she came to a stop, or was captured at some point during the war, I think she was actually one of those who went into the factory that was in the movie Schindler’s List and became one of those people that helped people escape. And I think that’s the song he’ll sing us. Anyway, that’s when I woke up.

John: So, what you did that’s a little different, is what Ellen describes. Well, first of all, he says that in terms of what needs to be done in life, that most of us haven’t made the journey. And it’s the journey through what is called the Ring of Fire.

And what the Ring of Fire is, is that you have to lose all of the personal aspect of yourself in order to actually be able to do something in a knowingness way in life, because otherwise what you will be doing will involve some aspect of ego. In other words, personal identification. And then you have that aspect of ego and personal identification, then you do not honor the energetic that is behind the flow of things, that is from the standpoint of a knowingness. You do not honor it. You instead get caught in some aspect of identity, or self glorification or something.

So you have to have gone through and then annihilated, or burned, in terms of what is called this Ring of Fire. And so what Ellen was pointing out there are only a handful in that room that have done this. None of the others have done it. And so he was also pointing out, why is he even describing something which is about something that no one is able to see, either? And he said, “Well, the reason is because a Sufi is meant to be able to see what isn’t seen. And that there has been a shortcut that has been designed for this period of time, and that is that as long as your focus and attention is correct you can participate in the process.”

See that’s what your dream is like. It has a certain focus and attention to it that ends up being able to be involved and, to your surprise, finding out that you’re always kind of in the right place at the right time in terms of what takes place. What I recall, vibrationally, about what you’re saying is that first there’s kind of a sound, you know, that you hear, right?

Jeane: Um-huh.

John: And that draws your attention. And then there is something that attempts to get there, to pay attention to it, but crashes and gets sealed in a car, right?

Jeane: Right.

John: And then what happens after that?

Jeane: Then it’s like you and I are kissing over near the gates, I think where the soldiers are, kind of spying on them.

John: Yeah, there’s the diversion. There’s the diversion, but at the same time there is the focus and attention. That focus and attention draws you in terms of a holding a capacity so that you then can come closer to what needs to unfold and, in that way, you can intuit, or invoke, or invibe what needs to follow. That’s the principle of the feminine.

The feminine is just plopped into life, actually is able to do the entire process because as long as it pays close attention and adheres to that, then its vibration, and the way that it’s able to touch life, unfolds, extends, reaches, probes out, and moves into what is meant to be as an unfoldment.

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pulled-in-all-directions-megan-bell-honigmanOur dream today echoes much of the reality of daily life, i.e., in it Jeane feels pulled in all directions at a chaotic family gathering. Is this just a reflection of the pressures of holiday time? Not really. The symbolism behind the images points out that, as we develop on our spiritual journey, we have to take on more and more of the natural Wholeness of things. Until we are able to embrace this Wholeness, within, we will feel the tug of aspects of our identity that aren’t quite ready to let go.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: One dream I’m at my dad’s house, and there are a lot of people there. The people in the house, it’s almost like they’re trying to get a meal together. My niece is there, a lot of different people.

I seem to be sleeping out in the yard, near the hillside, and maybe one of my nephews is sleeping out there too, or great nephews, it’s someone younger, in the same area but not in the same bed.

I remember at one point I leave the house. I’m trying to get the food together and I’ve gone out and I’ve gotten some food, but I’m a little worried that I’ve got cookies but they don’t have nuts in them or something. But I’ve taken that food in and then I’ve gone out to check on my bed.

Well, for some reason a bunch of twigs have fallen on my bed, and there’s a little hole in the hillside next to my bed where it’s almost like a little, I don’t know, something about the size of a doghouse, except it’s just dug out of the hillside.

I look at that because I want to make sure there are no snakes in there. Then I push some of the twigs off my bed – that looks a little suspicious, too. There are all these twigs and leaves on my bed, but I don’t seem to knock them off the bed, I just move them around a little to make sure they’re okay, because there are covers under that, so I don’t seem to be bothered by that.

Then I go back in the house because I’m still checking on whether people have food. I mean, it’s just really crowded with people. Then I’m going to go downtown and that’s kind of like a shift in the dream.

John: So the purpose of the dream, the energetic purpose of the dream, is that as you’re watching yourself dream this, you notice that your attention is going this direction and that direction, as you’re having to cook something, or you’re having to do this, and you’re having to relate to a lot of people.

In other words, some part of this dream, with all of the activity of you having to move around in it and deal with all the people that are there, and all of that, some aspect of that rubbed an energetic off on you that left you overwhelmed. An image of your bed was a way of coming back and trying to go back into a consecration of the energy so that it isn’t all over the place.

The purpose of dreaming something like this was to get you to recognize and identify that, as you take on a greater beingness as part of a Whole of yourself in life, you have the challenge of figuring out how to do that without losing boundary control, if you know you’re taking and dealing with a big party and all these people and whatnot.

At some particular point, if you felt the vibration of that, it kind of estranged you from how you would like to feel yourself, and it can create even a type of frustration; you know that you’re not necessarily being true to how you need to be. In that frustration you can go and, in terms of trying to redirect it, it’s like the twigs, and a cave or something on your bed?

You’re trying to find some sort of order. Twigs actually can represent how something is every which way, but the fact that it is on your bed and whatnot, it’s like you’re pulling it back together so that it doesn’t leave you, like in the main part of the dream, having all of these people milling around and you’re having to do this, that, or the other in terms of a responsibility and obligation amongst all these people. If you look at yourself, it rubs off on you.

In other words, something gets taken away from how it is that you’re able to be. You lose a concreteness inside you. And the other image is trying to go back, noticing that things or twigs or everything is destroying and whatnot, and trying to pull it back together into a focus.

Only the difference in a dream like that for you, versus a dream like that for me, is you have to accommodate it in relationship to a greater Whole that you’re able to connect and tie into.

In other words, all of it has to be absorbed as an overall cadence that’s in your world. When you can do that, is when you can actually then start to have a meaningful effect in terms of touching things, because that’s when you will have developed a greater Wholeness to it all.

The dream isn’t going there necessarily showing you that you do that sort of thing. The dream at this particular point is getting you to realize and identify how it is that you’re being affected by your environment, and that you need to exercise a kind of discipline and take yourself out of that in order to be true to yourself.


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Adam-and-Eve-twinsFinding true energetic balance in oneself is a key to being able to access and hold the greater depths, or spaces, within. In this dream, Jeane’s resistance to a full acceptance of her inner masculine sets up a violent confrontation. Yet it’s not really a nightmare, but it does reveal what is preventing Jeane on her journey to Wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my first dream is, it felt like it takes place out on the hillside. It’s almost like people, they’re not really staying in their homes. They’re staying out here.

There’s supposed to be some kind of supervision when there are couples, but it almost feels like in the couples, they’re a danger to each other in a way, or actually within the couple – like the man might be a danger to the woman. And there are people that are supposed to make sure that they keep things safe.

I’m more of an observer in this, I think. It’s almost like you feel like some of the men are trying to kill the women, their wives actually. And so they’ve been somewhat separated. But on the hillside, people have to sometimes come together to help each other, and I’m kind of observing this.

Well, in all of this coming together, suddenly one man stabs the woman to death, but actually says that she fell on the knife, or something like that, like it was an accident; he didn’t mean it to happen, and he kind of gets away with it.

I’m kind of trying to argue the other side, like I don’t trust this, so I’m trying to keep everybody under observation or something, in all of this running around that goes on.

That’s about all I really remember from that dream. I’m upset that anyone even believed him, but they seemed to. It’s like he could get away with it.

John: What you are describing is a very odd way of describing it, but you’re looking at an overall condition, and the overall condition you look at is a setting that is like on a slippery slope, in which the traits that you carry have a crack or a break in them. They’re not held together consistently, and the crack or the break that they have in them creates a problem in terms of holding something together.

In other words, there’s wounding that happens when the masculine energy actually violates the feminine energy of overallness. And it’s hard to keep the overallness together, because it’s on the slippery slope. And you’re just looking at a particular set setting on the slippery slope, and there’s all of this stuff going on that is failing to hold a stableness and that there is kind of an attitude you have in that you feel that what is taking place, the result of it, is not being properly held accountable. It is getting away with it.

What you’re basically describing is a set condition upon which you carry yourself, in which there is this confused gap that isn’t able to sustain itself with a focus.

The way we were dreaming last night, I was looking at how I carry a particular characteristic in terms of how I go about doing things. I carry this particular characteristic or trait in my nature. Left to my own devices I actually shut down to a certain degree with this particular trait. I’m not as open as often times people are when I meet them. I hold a certain rigidity and I often judge myself in terms of this rigidity because I have to then come out of this rigidity in order to relate to them.

This set quality upon which one carries themselves is kind of something that one takes on in terms of being part of, and in, a dense world. It’s the trait that you develop when you learn to chop wood and carry water, so to speak, or get grounded and rooted in life.

So what you’re doing is, you’re seeing where, in the overallness that you’re carrying, in terms of yourself, you have this area in which you leak energy, in which you do not hold that characteristic and that trait and, therefore, you don’t hold your full presence like you could be holding your full presence.

This dream is explaining to you, or showing you, how it is that you dissipate energy, in terms of attitude, or reactivity, or anger, or frustration. It’s interesting, as I hear this dream, what I find interesting about it is you have to carry a real expansive nature because you are meant to be more of a container, and you’re meant to be more subjective in terms of how you’re able to appreciate, feel, and see things. Your seeing being subjective, not objective,

And yet this dream is telling you that your subjective clarity is somewhat biased because there is a component of yourself, the blackboard side of yourself that is rooted in life with the subjective clarity to things, that the degree to which you are able to, in your overallness, take into account what is going on, is biased or affected to a certain degree, by a mannerism that you still carry toward what is going on that isn’t properly and completely linked yet, in terms of your masculine and feminine side.

And that what you’re doing to keep this from coming together, is you’re still holding out some sort of judgment in terms of what is fair or unfair, or appropriate or inappropriate, in terms of how something should be mediated, meaning that what you see, you feel that the standards aren’t right in terms of what the masculine can get away with.

And this bothers you, and because this bothers you, this will then affect your sense of a natural knowingness because it will act as a filter to keep you from getting the information more purely from your subjective side of yourself.

See how that worked? That’s quite a quality catching up with how you carry yourself, so that you can take and know things. And when you carry something that’s a little misaligned, it keeps you from being able to get complete and proper unbiased readout – in your overallness.


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