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John: This interesting dream (see The Fairy Tale) is portraying how I have been tossed out of the “normal” flow – which I’d gotten used to – because conditions in the world have changed. I have been affected by this explosive transition (volcano) in life, which has caused me to embark on a new journey to discover where, and how, I’m now meant to be.

All I have to go on is this sense that I have been shaped for what lies ahead. I can feel in my bones an exhilaration that is related to what I must find. It’s like a treasure that will be entrusted to me, while I’m in an area that’s isolated, rain drenched, and dark.

However, I know that somehow, this is where I’m meant find what it is that I need. It feels like I’m going to reunite with it, even though the man I’m seeking is not a person I’ve ever met.

None of this makes any sense to me in the dream, except that I’m meant to go on an isolated journey, through which I’ll find a person I’m meant to find. All I really have to go on is that it feels okay.

Deep within I know this person’s name, even though we’re total strangers. I also know that he’s much older and he’s meant to entrust to me something that he has carried in a very solitary way for a long time.

Your dream about the houses was actually very similar in intent (see The Shift). My dream has the details of things because the masculine reaches an awakening as if it gets impulses from somewhere. The feminine reaches an awakening when she takes on an overall presence in a space, as a container, that she’s charged with. The masculine can feel that too, but the feminine is more inclined to notice it in a container way.

This dream is similar to one of my very early dreams in which I also pass through an isolated town (in other words, I had a bravado that others didn’t have). In that dream, I went as far as I could possibly go, following along power lines, until I reached the most remote point. From there I had to proceed out into the desert through my sense of feel. I didn’t know where I was going other than knowing that something would turn me around when it needed to turn me around.

I proceeded away from all civilization, into the desert, with nothing tangible on which to make a decision or to know how to get myself out of there. It seemed, for all intents and purposes, as though I was purposely getting lost. Still, I felt okay with it because I knew that there was something more.

At some point I could sense it was time to return. I turned around, not even knowing to what I was returning. Slowly the dream ends as I see in the distance the first sign of civilization (a house or something) as I work my way back.

That was how that early dream was a long, long time ago. I never forgot it. It was based on a conviction and sense of inner trust. Now it’s evolved into something different, yet it still has the same quality to it.

So here we find ourselves, in our waking life, making a significant move to Las Vegas – to the desert. And our dreams are showing us making these dramatic shifts, in a way that is preparing us for the next thing, even though the next thing is fundamentally unknown to us. The best part is, we can feel okay with the unknown because we both have a sense that this is right and everything will work out.

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John: I think it’s worth getting a little deeper into this discussion of flow from inner into outer from the last dream (see The Divine Plan). In that dream the imagery was showing me that a flow from right to left was okay, but that from left to right was not.

Part of me thought, “You’ve got to be kidding. What kind of bizarreness is that?” Then I realized that this is my symbolism for the process of the inner emerging into the outer. Well, then the question becomes: “What is an inner, and what is an outer?”

I mean, it might be easy to get as a concept, but how do we really understand it? What I came to sense is that there’s a quality of closeness that comes with the inner that isn’t there with the outer. It’s the feeling of being merged with something rather than being separate from it.

So even though we find ourselves in a physical body that appears to be separate from everything else, everything is really merged and intertwined. When we are connected to the flow of inner into outer, there is an integrity that holds it all together. It’s the experience of the Will of God, compared to the loneliness of our personal identification and definition of reality.

As humans, we are designed to catch up with the inner flowing into the outer, in a way that creates a linkage and merging and depth. We are designed to overcome our feelings of separateness and rejoin the wholeness, while we are in these bodies.

It’s a deep subject because we’re meant to hear this (through our listening center) – but not necessarily define it – and to just honor the flow. We really have no choice. We live in a world in which we can go outer towards inner, where we think the only things that are important are what we can see in front of us (everyday life). Or we can recognize that something universal is touching us and trying to come into life through us, and we need to honor and respect that urge.

When we don’t properly honor and respect it, we can feel our hearts close off. It’s really hard, because sometimes we can’t tell the difference until after the fact. That means we have to sometimes make decisions just to see the effect, in terms of how it comes back to us as a reflection. Does it leaves us feeling more free and open in our hearts, or does it seem to cause a disconnect? Our free choice is how we train ourselves to recognize how the inner into the outer actually works.

Here’s a little bit of what I put on paper after I woke up:

“I believe that the flow I’m meant to acknowledge is that which comes from inner into outer. Even though I may not understand where this is taking me, if I follow this kind of flow I’ll be okay. I may be tossed around a bit, but this effect leaves me karmically free because it’s not coming from my personal perspective.

“There is a plan and meaning behind this that may or may not reveal itself to me in the fullness of time. I just have to accept such flow as being connected to the Will of God and know that whatever that involvement is, it’s okay.

“The flow that others identify with is the result of responding to outer conditions (in a personal way). I can let go of that identity because I know that the inner-into-the-outer is all that’s meant to be. Everything else is some state of confusion.

“The distinction between the two flows requires a lot of discernment. The flow I’m meant to honor requires my undivided attention and unwavering trust. I could get confused and go off on some tangent (personal psychology). However, I must stay with the need of the flow and let go of my personal, outer desires. In time I will learn the distinction as this listening center quality matures.

“I’m acknowledging an inner flow that sweeps through life and touches everything. I am a facilitator of this process.

In the dream I felt this as a unique joy, in an otherworldly sense. I glimpsed other levels of being at play, which I could experience when I let go of my culturally- and personality-based conditioning.

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John: Last night, because of my fever, I didn’t think I was going to have any dreams. All my attention was on the fact that no matter how I bundled up I was cold and, as a consequence, I consumed myself with trying every sleeping position so I wouldn’t create any additional aches and pains.

It wasn’t until 1:00am that I had this image. I was trying to figure out how to carry the image back to what was going on before, but I was blocked by the fact that my attention was also on my fever, aches and pains.

So, in this glimpse, or image, I see a woman who shows up from time to time at the dream group. She is accepted as part of the group; it’s as if she lives in the area.

Somehow I come to know (no one else seems to know, they just accept her), that she doesn’t really live any place in particular. She just flows freely and with ease. 

If I didn’t know that information, nothing about her demeanor would cause me to think she didn’t live locally. The image of this woman, the quality that she carried, had a great freedom and elegance to it. She would just show up.

There was no way I could draw any conclusions, or quite put my finger on what it was about her. All I knew is that she seemed to be around at important meetings or events from time to time.

So this image is creating an energetic space, and freedom, to move about at will. It’s an expression of composure and elegance that feels natural wherever it is. It’s an image that shows that there is more meaning and freedom available to us when we are not limited by a need for definition. This woman defied definition.

We see this in waking life, and it has been a theme in our dreams since we went to Las Vegas, that when we find ourselves in situations that are completely out of the ordinary, completely different from what we are accustomed to, it stirs things up inside us. From an inner (dream) world perspective we are shown, and can experience, that if we’re able to just flow freely and with ease, we’re much more alive.

Flowing freely allows for more amazing images and states to open up, which also gives us a greater understanding of all that’s going on. Whether waking or dreaming, this free-flow state is almost impossible when we see ourselves in terms of how others might see us, whether friend or stranger. That ego-perspective isn’t good because it defines us – it limits us – and therefore shuts down the magic.

A dream like this causes me to wonder, how does one do this in relationship to the home community? In going to Las Vegas, we were far from our usual dream group (meetings) and unlikely to find similar ones there. Maybe this is a dream with a hint to show a state, or a value, that exists when we’re not in any place in particular?

The dreaming has been showing that there’s a much greater dimensionality to things when we’re able to be at peace with, and accepting of, all situations. Whenever we (humans) find ourselves in an uncomfortable predicament, we quickly begin to put limits on our senses and we adopt old patterns – we focus on the particulars and details, and lose the bigger picture.

When we do that – begin to limit things by defining them – it causes hurt to the heart, because it’s a disconnection from what really is. If we can keep things outside of the specific, or not view them so personally, we can actually have a greater perspective of what’s transpiring.

We’ve been dreaming that, and noticing that. It’s might seem like human nature to want to define everything, but that narrows our experience into the predictable, when our real safety, and joy, is in the spontaneous, or in the aliveness and uncomfortability of the unknown.

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