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What if we were to consider all the different paths, taken by those on spiritual journeys throughout history, as an interconnected network, like our brain? When we do something new, our brain creates a new connection; if we repeat this process, a well-traveled energetic path is formed. And every one of these paths forms the greater network of our brain. So, has a similar process happened by the creation of energetic pathways through history, by this species? And is that greater network available to everyone born here now? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, for me, I had to maintain the recognition and connection in relationship to a void.

To begin with I was wondering if I was going to be able to do that, based upon something of an effect, that had occurred, that had caused a certain kind of overindulgence in the seeing, yet at the same time utilizing, in that overindulgence, an aliveness that can be quickened in a shamanistic side of oneself.

And I was able to do this more easily than I usually do, with a greater ease than I usually do, because, number one, I have a flexibility to something of a stillness space, or void depth, that I don’t necessarily know how I have that, but I have that, and that helps to facilitate a sight. And there’s a certain quality of something that’s denser in a spaciality and that tends to facilitate something that’s grounded. 

So, the theme of the dreaming was can I be, and maintain, something more, in terms of myself, in relationship to the shamanistic zone, which is really located more in the bottom of the breath? And it holds a person, when it’s in the bottom of the breath, into a particular modality because it has a chi about it that can hold one’s attention. 

And that a person is more than the shamanistic side of themself, but can you maintain that something more in the face of the chi that can be louder in its physical, magnetic presence or something? Can you use that chi for atmospheric purposes? Holding something together in terms of the atmosphere? 

Or can you speak through the chi and affect the atmosphere, and, at the same time, do so in a way that keeps something, and recognizes something, more in the void? In other words, go beyond the chi mannerism that can hold things in track. 

I have to look at it this way. You seem to have to look at in terms of what it’s like in terms of holding a quality of a space in relationship to the stuff that is going on. I hold that in terms of an actionability. You hold it in terms of a quality of trying to recognize and see if you’re able to maintain yourself in the space of something where there are things going on. I look at it in terms of an actionability, but it better be an actionability that isn’t infected by an overindulgence of this part of one’s makeup.

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Rivers can carve their way through the landscape for thousands of years, creating a standard for how they flow. Yet we know that, sometimes, the rate of flow changes and the banks of the river are overwhelmed. When that happens we have flooding and collateral damage to anything that doesn’t fare well when it gets wet. But flow is flow, energetically we can experience the same results when we are energetically overwhelmed by events, or emotions. We, too, can have strategies for releasing the excess pressure and letting the flow follow its natural path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream I had last night also had to do with how it is that something is able to unfold. And it has to unfold in a way that is in keeping with what’s able to come through. And what’s able to come through, what’s able to be quickened, what’s able to be recognized varies from situation to situation. 

And every situation is extremely important. It may be in a different modality, but it’s extremely important. And if there is a repudiation, or disregard, or failure to acknowledge another situation simply because maybe it’s more in a state of distress, or whatever, if you don’t let yourself go on through that in an absorptive way, and not a type of absorptive way where you’re mired down by what comes across, because that’s the danger that a teacher has is they can get mired down and then have to retreat in order to catch up to a deeper depth of themselves. You have to get so that you can be quickened, in terms of holding something somewhere else. Because if you aren’t, then you lose the inflection to it. 

And so, in my meditation dream, what happened was I was looking at the way things hit in their extremes, or their degrees, in their intensity, emotional, however it might be, whatever it might be. And that my attention, when I note something like that, is to want to pop it, to try to redirect it, orient it into a timeline of unfoldment that slices through.

However, if you try to do that outside of a proper timing, an unfoldment, in other words, if it’s not put together from inner into outer, so to speak, properly aligned, you end up creating a type of collateral damage confusion that creates a leaning, creates a dependency, and, in that, it creates a veiling of oneself in a subtle way. Because it’s almost as if one’s buying into the karma of something else. 

And, of course, that’s what the teacher does, the teacher takes on the karma of a student and then hands it back in a way that somehow or another they get it. But, to the degree to which they’re experiencing it at the time, they can’t sort through it because it’s too much. Very dangerous work, because it’s playing with Kundalini energy and everything else; that’s very dangerous work. You’re messing with things. If you’re messing with things, then you’re also messing with your guidance and your inner link inside yourself – because everything is twined together – it works hand in hand. 

So, in my meditation dream, all of a sudden I’m meant to come back. And, of course, I’m meant to hold a continuity to something, somewhere, when I come back. But, somehow or another, I’m going into a drift inside of myself. In other words, I’ve taken and I’ve gone and I’ve looked at how something is off on this elongation, or accentuation. Initially, I’ve even forgotten that. And I’m going into a type of forgetfulness, within that, or veiled from having to sit in and break that out in one fell swoop as a kind of popping through it – almost as if as I’ve done this before or something.

And so I’m not going to repeat or something strange like that. Well, whatever it was, I was letting it all fall away, which means that I was not going to remember anything. And then all of a sudden, the phone rings, rings twice, all in the head. Such a jar that it jars me wide awake. 

And so in terms of being jarred wide awake, I’m really alert; I can’t even find the vibration. If I can find the vibration, then the dream will pop back. And so I’m looking for the vibration. And then I realized, I’m not going to catch it. 

So I decide to try the thing that I saw in the Tao, I even have a word for it. I don’t even know if it’s a correct word, just a word that came to me as to what this position was: asana. It’s a yoga term of some sort. And so the idea was, I could try the asana position to try to inflect. And it was through that, laying back in kind of the asana position, which I have done before, and would find the dream get accentuated, or elongated, or switched to help me understand it or something, or even sometimes it would throw it into another depth. 

This time, it caused me to be able to remember that I was throwing away those extremes that were hidden inside and going into a bland kind of asleepness. And so in terms of pulling that out, I recognize that what we were dealing with was an unfoldment process that had to go at a particular pace. 

And that pace is determined and decided by the degree to which you hold a quality of the innerness together. And in terms of trying to grasp a particular pace, only able to go at a particular speed, because of the conditions of things, that you can function, communicate, and relate in the outer that way. Or you can hear the note, inside of yourself, of something that goes with ease, flows with ease. 

And not only does it flow with ease, but in sitting with that flow with ease it holds a state that is able to be aware as a type of witnessing. And that doesn’t have to be verbalized. You don’t shake it through by its clarity, per se, in kind of a wizened sense in the outer as if you’re going to sort through the malaise of things. 

Because what’s going on in the outer is way, way, way too big, and if, all of a sudden, you’re trying to sort something out in the outer you can quickly put yourself into a dilemma of getting weighed down by that which is in front of you. And that can lead to a type of forgetfulness. A forgetfulness to the one.

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Everything is trying to tell us something. Are we good at translating and understanding the signals that we are constantly receiving? One of the most difficult points of clarity is in being able to know if something is an inner signal telling us that we are being resistant – and, therefore, need to let go – or if it is an external signal that is merely a part of our alert notifications so we can be conscious of what is unfolding. This skill of discernment lies in our conscious practices whereby we learn to trust our systems. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It all has to do with, like you say, trying to access or establish something, because in the meditation dream I’m trying to establish an access, within, that carries a connection that completes. 

I’m so serious in terms of trying to make this so that I carry a suspense within that pretty much holds my entire focus. Or to say this another way, it was as if I am projecting a singleness of purpose that is unwavering. 

What’s going on in this dream, it’s like it’s the combination of an inner energy and an outer action; bringing something inner through that is complete and acceptable in an outer capacity way

So what this set off to be taken on as an inner dream is the sinking, palpatory sensation in the outer flow that I am able to empath, as if there’s kind of a psychic anxiety astir. It’s an inner awareness trying to come through, and in the outer motif of things there is something astir, set astir, something jarred in some capacity. 

And whatever that is a little adamant, maybe a little wayward. And so there’s an anxiety, almost a psychic anxiety. So the question has to do with, what’s haywire about it? But is there anything necessarily haywire? Maybe it just needs to find how it is meant to align itself in relationship to an overall, and maybe it hasn’t quite yet broken through. And so there is this palpatory sensation in which there can be things yet that can still act as barriers. 

So I associate, then, the anxiety and such, the palpatory sensation, it’s as if it denotes something that I can’t put my finger on. So I associate this, since it has this anxiety to it and a sinking, palpatory sensation, not knowing what to make out of it I deem it a type of inner woundology, connected to whether I am entitled to a particular evolvement flow, or not, because the palpitations are a bit like heebie-jeebies. 

Something about to happen, or about to come through, but hasn’t yet occurred, and yet I feel that it has to, somehow or another, be dealt with, brought through into the outer, I guess. Kind of a vibratory unfoldment is being denoted, within, in terms of trying to determine how and where it is in terms of the iffy-ness of an intertwinement. It’s an iffy-ness because in the deep, deep inner there’s a stillness, and yet there is this other.

So I offset the flickerings with a confidence of my being, that holds a focus whenever I am pulled to wonder, which means that deep down, in spite of all of this other stuff going on, I have this deep inner sensation that everything is coming across, unfolding, awakening, whatever it’s doing, as if part of a design, or part of a schematic, that’s okay. And that the palpitations about this other stuff, or aspects, or qualities that are a little bit askew. 

So, in the dream, I see the establishing of an uninterrupted connection to be a sort of prime inner directive that is consuming my attention. I find myself bringing my focus to bear upon a situation in which there is an intensity, and suspense, which isn’t subsiding until an adamancy in which there is a circle-of-life connection made, or reached. 

Well, it’s almost like a bifurcation. It’s like pulling something out of thin blue air. So the intensity is an aspect of unconscious guilt, almost as if it’s bookmarked in there. I mean, why would it have the palpitations if it wasn’t a type of trying to get to something that was repressed, like a guilt, and then bring it through back into a type of manifestation – that causes us to often respond in a particular way. It’s like pent up, or something repressed, like a guilt or something you couldn’t take on. 

And this sort of thing, if it’s experienced as a kind of guilt, or as a kind of hiccup within, it’s going to have some sort of undermining effect to our focus. And maybe whatever this is, the intensity of it is the reason I’m able to give in to the intent so as to see a way that brings this all into an intertwined energetic circle – because I’m trying to form this energetic circle.

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