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grkriImagine, for a moment, the feeling of losing one’s balance, and then the back-and-forth gyrations we make to save ourselves from falling over. In our journey, to bring higher energies into the grounding of our everyday life is a similar, though not so automatic, process. And to ground something means to make it a part of how we think about, and how we react to, the world around us. Or, said another way, we need to override our old patterns and put new patterns in their place – so that they do, in time, become automatic to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m experiencing the inner. The sense that I got of all of my dreams last night was that I just have to be more patient, but it’s not that far away. Something has shifted, and something has changed.

I’m not quite right, in terms of accessing it, but it’s something that I am able to zero in on, or have a sense of, at least a sense of what is still kind of missing or something, in terms of an equanimity or of balance, of nature, so that one flows naturally.

In other words, there’s something still askew, or overly dynamic or something, because one side is denser and the other side is more expansive, and so somehow you’ve got to create a cohesion there. There has to be a natural cohesion where they come together without being too impatient, or over-the-top, in terms of the other.

And so my sense of the dream last night, was I was seeing that it wasn’t that far apart, or that far away, that something was able to reach in a more noticed way.

And so, it starts off with the meditation dream, where I’m experiencing the inner, and it has a sense to me that it’s ungrounded, which means that it’s so much over-the-top, an expansive or something in its mannerism that I can’t quite hone it down, or, as I say what I mean by that, is this isn’t experientially in a grounded way in the outer, which means that the way I’m going to be experiencing the unfoldment is with an over-the-top overwhelming, unassimilated capacity to it.

The reason it feels unassimilatable is because I am not in sync with the inner coming into the outer. In other words, it still isn’t in sync. One seems smaller, and the other seems too ebullient or something, and as a consequence the process throws me around a bit. And when the sensation is like that, this indicates that I have not yet found a way of being natural, in the outer, with what is unfolding in the inner, which means I suffer for not being able to let go and ground the inner-into-outer flow.

I notice this as a reoccurring vibration. In other words, when I see this I realize that I’ve been dreaming this condition. Even though I might not be writing it up or something, or forgetting it, it has this whole sense it’s continually reoccurring, that I’m not quite able to put the two together in the same cadence. In other words, constantly seeing that I’m looking at all of this as if it’s too much to take in, and, as a consequence, there is a bit of a demoralizing, or almost a sense of failure, or giving up almost.

Although the initial effect is as a discombobulation for me, because I am not able to stabilize the effect, meaning I am struggling to contend with the unfoldment into the outer with an accepting and non-distressable demeanor, as this is repeated, and repeated, and repeated, suddenly there is a change, almost an excitement or something, or a shift to a sense of amazement and wonder, in other words almost as if you’re gleaning. You suddenly are on the threshold, or something.

The shift hadn’t occurred before. I had been always in an overwhelm, unable to accept and ground the process in a copacetic capacity. To not be able to catch up, and to be always in a struggling after-the-fact capacity, is a heavy strain on the heart, the heart’s need for there to be a natural flow. The shift to re-recognize that the ultimate effect is a result I can handle is something new for me. I’m not used to being in a state that is constant. Instead I’m used to being in a state in which there is the overwhelm with no end in sight.

So the meaning is, the inner coming into the outer is an energetic process I am unable yet to assimilate. By that I mean I am constantly feeling this to be a process that I can’t handle, and that the sensation effect tears away at my seeking to be in a comfortable and accepting balance.

The discombobulation has been like this as a repeat sensation for a long, long time, but a shift has occurred, and I’m able to take in a sort of acceptance, or a light of acceptance, or a quality that’s able to have a type of relief to an acceptance and flow that is like a rising up from what had been a never ending, pressurized, over-the-top overwhelm.

So what am I recognizing? I am recognizing a seed, so to speak, in which when the inner energetic is transmitted into the outer there is an effect that seeks stability. When the inner into outer is sustainable, that is when a shift anew is there. The shift anew shapes the outer. Even though it can shape something, doesn’t mean it shapes it forever, because eventually it too is subject to change and falls away.

In other words, some things can be shaped where the effect can be for a day or two, which seems to be kind of where one’s at. You have a moment of relief, and then everything goes to hell again.

Some other things can be shaped where it can be a year or two, or five years, or ten years, from the idea of the inner into the outer, and the design effect of ordering principle in life, is to be able to do something that can for a long, long, long time before it can decay, maybe hundreds of years, or a thousand years, or something.

In other words, what I’m talking about is the process of shaping the future. I’m coming into a cohesion with the inner unfoldment, and the outer ungroundedness, and I say the outer ungrounded in the sense that the outer is something that is condensed and whatnot, and yet is a physical aspect, instead of a light aspect, so it is subject to the atmosphere of things, so it means it always is in kind of a condition of exposure to a decay. And I am finding a temporal, acceptable, meeting ground, meaning some degree of relief.

But, of course, then the attention shifts to making it more long-lasting, and more long-lasting, and more long-lasting. Or, another way of saying it, is from what is copable for now will come an insightful outer unfoldment with greater and greater viable longevity.

In my meditation dream, where I am at now, is the place of being able to let go for a moment or so. I seem to be always in an overwhelm and discombobulation. What I experience is that the outer keeps tossing me curve balls, so to speak, so I have a never-ending pressure of not letting go to an inner okayness.

As I grow into a more and more aware nature, the dilemma of shaping seems to be more and more of a challenge. Again, that happens, too, because the nuances of outer discombobulation become more and more apparent, which means those parts have to be lived out. So it’s like you have to have that inner and the outer coming together as much as possible, or otherwise there is going to be disorder right around the corner all the time. So the relief I seek is of a vibrational nature in which I am suddenly able to be at ease in the intended flow, with the knowingness, vibratorally, that all is well.

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Jet James

When we ponder the meaning of dream images, we can look for what is universal in them; sometimes we can even learn about the universal through them. In other words, as below, so above. When a dream shows us the common circumstance of needing to keep our computer updated, our unconscious can use that scenario to speak about keeping updated and in sync with the universal. In the material world, we can understand how not having our computer updated and synced prevents us from being able to do what we are trying to do. And in the universal, we struggle to stay in the energetic flow of things; our systems know that and work with us to improve, always looking for our optimum performance toward our purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m frustrated because I was jarred a little and I lost some detail of the dream. I mean I can remember what I was doing the last part of it.

It was like I was working with several people and, in order to coordinate with them, I was using my iPad, and iPhone sometimes, but I needed to make sure that it was kind of updated. I needed to make sure I didn’t lose the material, or that I could coordinate or sync the material.

But, what I can’t remember was the theme of what it was that we were trying to do. I mean I know that we used dreams, I know that we used the iPad, I lost that detail. There was some kind of complex detail there, so unless it pops back in I don’t know. I just remember my concern was kind of keeping it coordinated and updated.

John: What you were trying to do in the dream was that you were exploring, and probing, a depth inside of yourself in order to look at something that you have a sense, or an awareness, of as being important in terms of an aspect of your overall beingness.

It’s as if you’re on a journey. In other words, the dreaming process often involves going into a state deep within in which the usual outer conditions and senses of one’s nature get turned inward, as opposed to turned outward. And you come to looking at the greater aspect of an overall beingness, or being, that is one.

And in probing inside, and in looking inside, you come to notice the other features and attributes. The reason why most people don’t do that, and the reason why it’s hard to remember what it is that you were probing out and coming close to trying to see, is because there is kind of a prevailing concept that if you get too close to something like that you will have to contend with something that you don’t want to necessarily have to contend with. You’ll see what you’re not prepared, or ready, to integrate as part of your overall beingness.

So it can be better to move on, to not sustain an aspect of concentration too greatly in this degree because it will throw you around too much. It is apt to throw you around too much, or cause you to become too self-indulgent.

So, what is the scenario that would be triggering something like this, in terms of what you’re doing? In the outer, the outer being a reflection of what a person is inclined to do on the inner, in the outer you’re taking and you’re looking at what’s involved in terms of sorting things out in terms of your system, your computer system and such, that has to do with tapes and things like that that you are keeping track of, and you’re running into conundrums that you have to step aside from, or ponder, because there’s not a lot that you can directly do anything about given current conditions.

In other words, you’re finding that there are parts in this realm that are outside of your present means of sorting out and control.  And so you try to throw that behind you a bit, and move on. And so what you’re doing that way, reflectively, you’re getting the counter inner feedback within, as a kind of energetic dream mannerism, that then goes from a scenario that tripped it, so to speak, as a vibrational reflection in the outer. You’re taking that reflection in the outer back into the inner.

Now what’s interesting is, this time, what you’re doing is instead of… because this is the theme of the flow of the energy last night, which is something that I hadn’t been paying a lot of attention to because I’ve been inclined to look at it one way, and the way that I’ve been inclined to look at it is inner always flows into outer. And I always apply the word “always.” And the idea being that light comes down to touch light, inner comes down to touch outer, something in the outer, created in the image of what is really real, gets touched.

But I don’t take, I haven’t been taking, and acting as if I need to also put an emphasis on the half, or the part, of where the in-breath is at. It’s easier to just contend with the out-breath light coming down to touch light. But what about the in-breath of light rising up to touch light? Or the outer having an effect that triggers to the inner?

What about that? What goes on there? So you’re doing it in your way. In other words, you have an outer effect in terms of sorting things out in terms of a computer system and such, and then that outer effect as an intensity of focus is taken to bed and triggered into a probing that gets turned to the traveling within or, again, the light rising up to touch light kind of quality. That’s how you dreamt it.

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02222We know that there is a physical world, and we know that behind, and throughout, everything physical that there is a world of energies. And we have thousands of years of stories describing different ways these two sides have communicated, whether in the tales of elves and fairies and angels,  in miraculous visions, or ghosts, or the feel of an unseen hand in our affairs.  Yet one of the best, and most consistent, forms of this communication is our dream world, because we are connected to our unconscious which can reach much further than our conscious mind. In accessing our dreams, we gain access to a world we are usually cut off from. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What you tend to do is, each dream in some subtle way builds. The next dream after that will build, and then the next dream after that will build.

So with three dreams, if this works, one should be able to see how they connect. Now all dreams in a given night connect, but I’m of the opinion that the states that you’re going to be going through are going to be very closely correlated. At least for a period of time they’ll be very, very closely correlated. We tend to theme inside of ourselves for a long time until we make breakthroughs.

And so the odds of us doing something like that is greater than huge differentiations, you know huge shifted differentiations. So I’m inclined to believe that your first dream is going to be correlated to your second dream, which will advance something further, to which your third dream will advance something even further. And within that is a central theme.

Here’s the dilemma for me. Somehow I have to hear, in order for this to have any value, I have to hear the vibration behind your dream. And sometimes I have to fumble about, but I will know and you will know when I hit it.

And then, as I hit it, that brings something straight through. That creates the honing. Now some deep, deep part of yourself, your higher self, already knows. It’s just that you haven’t brought it through to this side of things. But because some part of you deep, deep down knows, that if that chord is hit you will know it.

And so you start with the farthest one and in that farthest one the way this kind of works as a process is it will introduce the schematic, okay, and you haven’t processed or worked the schematic out yet. It’s just kind of a state inside of you, and it’s a leakage that was able to occur. But some part at a deep, deep, deep level is ready, then, after you’ve had this dream, that understands it to some degree, is ready now to take another step.

And so then the next night you will dream something that will add to that, in some tiny way, on the same schematic. And then the third night you will dream something that will add to that again, and eventually you create what becomes a completeness. A completeness on a degree inside of yourself, in some evolving fashion.

And then, often times, a lot of people are given a reprieve, you know like are able to kind of dance with that a bit, you know feel good with that a bit, and then comes the next shot in the jaw, so to speak, where again you have to contend with it – and it just never stops. And each thing keeps bringing you closer and closer and closer to subtler and subtler energies, which really then is more and more intertwined alignment of a beingness, of a greater and greater wholeness.

So you have all of that going on, too, and the fact that one dreams is a very, very, very big step. In the Masters of Wisdom they talk in terms of dreams about three big steps. The first step is to remember your dream. Just to remember your dream is considered a big step because, like I say, somewhere inside of you, you already deep, deep, deep down know what it means. You just can’t quite access it.

Actually, that’s the second step is remembering your dreams. The first step, of course, is breaking out of the fact that we live in a reflective world and that the reflective world is not what is real. And that even the dreamworld is reflective, but it clears the way, it speeds up the access. It’s like working with the speed of light instead of the speed of sound. It gives you a quicker access to process through things.

And then the third step is then the pulling out of the meaning behind the dreams. That takes a bit, that comes later. When it came to the Khwajagan, who used to look out for the affairs of the world way back hundreds of years ago, before they went hidden and underground because the world doesn’t accept them in that capacity, before they did that, they came to be seen almost in a fearful mode, in other words, as something that had a connection with something that nobody else regularly understood – which caused them to have to withdraw, in terms of their presence, because they can’t be disturbing things and creating some sort of fear or something.

So, as you dream, and as you connect to your dreams, and as you come to understand your dreams, and that all stems from something that is screaming to come alive, and yet the way it processes across can be, in terms of the eyes of ordinariness, to be a bit bizarre, or be taken in a bizarre way.

And I say that in relationship to the fact that behind the dreams, catching up with that, is the stuff that wants to come out and, for coping purposes, one takes and adopts personalities, and mannerisms, that act as defense mechanisms, and veils, from it being too literal – because in a physical existence we’re just not accustomed to having to cope this way. And yet now’s the time when we have to.

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