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im234agesIt is a wonderful urge to want to help someone or something, but there’s a caveat: everything is in process, and everything has its own timings. So when we seek to prevent someone from having a painful experience, we can’t know what lessons they may need to learn. In fact, in terms of other people, in terms of the planet itself, and in terms of universal purpose the most effective way we can be a help is to continue our development, because a developed life elevates all the lives it touches, which makes more possible for those lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then here’s another kind of one that’s a little shocking.

In this dream a dynamic exists where I find that I go about teasing people who fall for the prank that I tease them under over and over again. This is a trait I always do. I seem to do that. I’m always setting something up. I’m a prankster. I keep hoping and thinking that in doing this it will cause something to get it, and find it odd in that even though I’m play acting the result and the reaction is as if it is real.

So what it’s doing is I keep doing something that shocks this person, and then in their shock there’s the split second of shock where they take it too literally, and I keep trying to get the person to see what it is, and how it is, that they are responding each time, over and over and over again. That there really wasn’t ever anything going on. I make that really plain.

Thinking that if they could see themselves they’ll get it, and the way I try to get them to visualize this is I make the comment that, if a picture were taken of the effect of what I’m doing upon them, in terms of how they react and fall for it, in some fashion each time, if they could just see the picture of that reaction, that shock, eventually they would see through their trance and, as a consequence, quit putting themselves under it. And that means that they would take a step into a greater freedom of themselves, rather than always falling into the same habituations and reaction over and over again.

The meaning is the ability to step back and watch, which is kind of what I’m trying to do when I take and shock and tease a person is to get them to step back and watch, just like I watch, or be a dispassionate watcher, meaning not something that reacts to every little thing, and that is a step in the path in terms of recognizing what is going on. And what is going on really isn’t what you think is going on, because nothing is going on, and they need to just see that the whole thing is a play act.

Okay, there’s that, but there’s also the other aspect, which is the part of me that partakes in doing this sort of thing as a dynamic. I let everybody know it’s an obvious spoof, and that by diffusing it like this I’m hoping to be able to reflect and inflect an insightfulness for others to get. And I do this sort of thing a lot, and I will act real serious about something hoping to flip it a bit to break a stigma, or trance.

This is a dream that is causing me to look at the mannerisms, both mannerisms, that which is attempting to do something, and that which isn’t; because you can get caught. It’s kind of a cynical thing; you can get caught in that, too. By looking at it I am able to better see what works and what doesn’t. In other words, the cynical aspect of approaching it like that, and playing like that, is still separate, and distant, and aloof.

So, at some point when I see that the shock keeps happening over and over and over again, and that there is nothing that’s changing, conceivably, then, I’m supposed to get it in terms of what works, and what doesn’t.

And so what I’m supposed to be able to see is that when something is too much, and I’ll notice it as being too much when over and over and over again something keeps repeating, what that means is that I have to actually, instead of keep the distance, I have to come down into life. I have to relate more directly with how something is in terms of how its at, and where its at, for there to be the participation of an intertwined nature – or otherwise, in a roundabout way, I will be keeping something hypertensive instead of breaking through.

The idea is to build something up, just like with the bum the idea was to offer an atmosphere so that the bum could go somewhere, and can get somewhere, could be somewhere. And in your dream the idea was to recognize that you just needed to hold a space, which is like an atmosphere, as opposed to relate to either part, either the ancient part that echoes in some capacity that can have a fascination, and you can indulge in the fascination, or on the part in which there is still something that you feel that makes life easier that you need, and that these are the levels upon which, in a feminine way of looking at things, in terms of your feminine way of looking at things, that everything rides in terms of its in-betweenness to some degree or another.

And what you find is important is this other part, what you come to glean is this other part, that comes to realize that whatever your placement is in life, to some degree you need to see that it has a certain quality of vibration, that there always is some quality of vibration, and that a true traveler doesn’t indulge whatsoever in any of it. So these are the sleep dreams.


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energy-09As her dream from yesterday continues (see Suffering the Consequences), Jeane is still dealing with multiple levels of things, which for the dream is speaking of inner levels within herself.  As humans we have many levels, from our most physical aspects to our most exalted, spiritual nature. On a development journey, we begin to understand how every level, and everything we do, is having an important effect on our lives and the world around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: As I go out, it’s almost like there are these layers and some of them seem like bleachers, but when you come down to where you go from one layer to the other there are entrance ways that are decorated with cornices and things that have been painted different layers over time.

And somebody is just throwing a whole new layer of paint or something just around on this cornice, and that’s the entrance passageway to go from one level to the other. You and I are there, but when they’ve thrown this on for some reason this causes, throughout the whole building now, all the layers in these passageways on these decorations and they start melting and flowing.

So they’re going to start blocking whether you can get from one level to the other in a way, or else you’ll just slide down from one to the other. So you take off some other direction to see another way of getting down. I don’t know where you go. My tendency is to rush right into that area, even if it means I’m going to slide down to the other area.

But I also have this sense now, I start searching for ways to go from one level to the other because I have this sense that whole things are melting now.

John: All that you added to that scenario is the fact that the parts of you that are slid down, that are denser, can do things that affect the other levels. They don’t mean to. They don’t even realize that they do that; they do it unconsciously.

So as you take and you develop a dexterity with these other levels, you come to recognize that that is happening, and you have to take that into account. In other words, what the second part of the dream is doing is providing you a reason why you have to contend with those other building blocks of yourself, because that part that is at another pace, and another manner, and another set way, and isn’t conscious of its impact and affect on these other levels, is causing a breakdown.

It’s a subtle thing, and so you have to work with that. You have to figure out how to relate to that. You have to relate to the other parts of yourself in order to awaken and speed all of that up, because it’s almost as if the physical world is nothing more than a motion picture screen, and the motion picture screen is also more than a motion picture screen.

It’s also a reality of everything else, and yet this is a motion picture screen that one could sit there and, just like looking at a movie, it can see what the scenario is, what the scene is, described in a very mundane, microcosmic sense. And yet that permeates all the way through to all of the other different levels.

And yet when you’re experiencing your movie picture screen, it seems very, very real, and as you indulge in that, you have no sense of the other. And so what happens is, as you develop a sense of the other, and then start to function in correlation to a greater responsibility, you’re bound to disturb, you’re bound to have an effect, you’re bound to cause a need to try to reconcile by the denser, slower quality characteristics that exist in life.

And that’s just how it has to be. And what happens is this kind of disturbance, this kind of disequilibrium, sets in motion things that take a while to wake up, to catch up, to catch the hint, to pick up speed, all of those kinds of things. And, of course, you know that because that’s what originally happens inside of you. And so you have to now have the compassion to the other younger-brother building blocks of yourself, because all of that is important in terms of the whole schematic.

Because you now have an awareness, or are coming into an awareness, where you can see from that denseness involvement how all of the levels are being affected, and how do you carry on the dialogue to something that is so tight, and so mundane, that it practically doesn’t get a thing?

I mean, no matter how direct you speak to it, it is always in some other kind of disorientation. And yet that’s a building block inside of you, too, that you have to relate to as you continue to redeem a higher and higher consciousness, and take on the responsibilities of all of those levels that wake up inside.

Because those things affect those levels, and that’s the reason why you do it. That’s what the second part did. You do it why? Because it affects the Whole.

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Jeane: My dream last night started out with me wandering through the desert with a group. There are people that are guiding us through – they’re like Bedouins, except that they’re wearing indigo colored robes.

Initially, we just follow them. As we get deeper into the desert, there are areas with rising rock walls that we go between. I move closer to our guides, getting right in behind them. When I do, it suddenly feels like I’m under their protection, or it feels like I’m one of them. I don’t have the sense of being separate.

I can feel that I have a certain protection from them that allows me to stay out where they are, even though I’m not a Bedouin (or whichever tribe this group is from).

As the dream goes on, we come to an area where there are caves, and I think people are flying overhead in helicopters and hunting. It’s almost like there are military exercises going on or something, so it’s important that people know who’s on their side and who’s not.

At this point I realize I can make certain sounds, and even run through the caves, and be recognized by the Bedouins and even by some of the people in the helicopters. I can also find my way back to the group or be separated out if that’s what’s needed.

I have to remember the songs, and also remember the way back and forth. It seems like there has to be this form of signaling because otherwise the people flying above, and just seeing everyone in the desert, wouldn’t really be able to tell who was on their side or not.

John: The Bedouins, a nomadic desert tribe, represent, in this image, something that sits in this huge overall spaciousness – the open desert – and opens up perception and awareness. The Bedouins, as a tribe, also represent something connected into a period of time that stretches back thousands of years, flowing in an overallness in which very little has changed.

In coming to recognize this overallness, through this vibration inside you, you are also becoming aware of things that can cause you to get a little disoriented (feel hunted), in relationship to this greater overallness that has opened up. But you have your guides, and you’ve found, because you have a comfortability in Creation, that you can use songs to move about in order to make yourself known.

In other words, these songs or sounds create a connection, or a linkage, through which you can be just fine in this overall greater spaciousness, i.e., you can be just as at home in the desert as a Bedouin, knowing how to safely come and go.

In other words, you have found the means by which you can better appreciate this expanded space that you have opened up, which has an orientation to the past, and a sense of freedom. You have gained an understanding of your whereabouts within this space and, if in doubt, you have learned to use sound to orient yourself.

In a sense, you have proven that you are not an outsider in this greater space, but an accepted participant who belongs there. That’s an important idea in a spiritual journey: a human being who lets go of personal ego and cultural, planetary attachments, does so in an effort to join with something else, something much greater, which is already in progress.

The idea of joining an already ancient process, which is playing out at a universal level, requires that we humans get to know Its ways – that we learn to fit into It, and to be like It. It is a truth of the human journey that Creation will never exclude us from participating, but we can (and do) exclude ourselves by being out of alignment with its ways and purposes.

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