Me and My Shadow

shadowWhen we have a greater purpose, in life, it allows us to bring all of our inner aspects together in service and support of that purpose. This is important because, otherwise, every individual voice inside us can grab the microphone from time to time and take charge. And, of course, when there is disagreement and dissension among a group, it makes it very hard to move things forward – or to get where we are trying to go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now this keeps getting more attuned. So, in this dream, I get in a taxi, and, when he gets to the area where I need to go, he gets lost. So I get him to stop, and I point out that we are only two or three blocks away. And I point to where he needs to go.

In other words, I didn’t know how to get into the area, but then when he gets to the area, he can’t bring the last little bit through, which is only two or three blocks away. So I direct him as to where he needs to go; I explain to him. So we take off again, and I’ll be darned: he takes another wrong turn and gets even further away.

So the dream suddenly changes a little bit, and it’s as if he’s following me in a car. I’ve pulled the car over to the side of the road and stopped. And I’m furious. I‘m furious at him because I’ve given him all the information he needs to understand something, and he should be getting this straightaway and he’s just driving me crazy. He’s not paying attention.

So I tear into him with everything I can think of, and nearly cause him to crack up. Others who are there are shocked at what I’m doing. I get it. I start talking in a more balanced way. And the atmosphere changes. When the demeanor has changed, I pay the taxi driver for his time.

Now I want the bags out from the trunk. I know where I’m at and I can take it from here. And he says I can’t have them, he hasn’t completed his mission. I say, you don’t know where I am going. He says I can call the dispatcher. I say you don’t need to, I know where we are at now. I told you how to go, but you still don’t get it. I can take it from here.

Another person who should just be paying attention, speaks up, and asks about where the hospital is located in this area. And I say, I don’t know how to get there. Then I wake up.

Meaning: in this dream, the taxi driver is my shadow that I must follow to where I need to go. I can’t discharge the shadow. I can’t chew him out for not getting it because that goes nowhere. My demeanor is inclined to cause him to crack up if I carry on, to such a degree, instead of absorb and take in how he needs to be. And that will cause me to be even further discombobulated, and disoriented, and lost on that level.

So I need to pull everything together because he carries the luggage I need and is the means I have to reach a greater overall healing of my being; the hospital, now. He has the energy I need to get home; without him, I am incomplete.

That was a clear dream, wasn’t it? The key to a greater overall wholeness is in a redemptive, intertwined connectiveness that is amiss. What I am talking about is very much like the principle of the shadow.

And, in the last one, I have a car that needs to accommodate more passengers. There are passengers I am responsible for in a capacity that cannot be ignored. So I put down the back seat so that there’s an area that now extends into the trunk. I say, more seats can be put in so the vehicle can now hold more passengers.

Meaning: in shamanism you have to be careful where you direct your attention because where your attention goes, so goes your responsibility – in terms of a greater wholeness to life. If you get involved in the affairs of another, or matters, it’s not just affairs of another, it can be matters in the world that require consciousness, you become caught in having to further a letting go process in those areas, in those regards.

I guess this happens because a human being is connected to everything there is, so wherever the human being places their attention, a transformation, and shift, from within themselves is required, gets involved, comes out. This is just how it is; you can call it karma. Okay, you were designed to do something in a particular way, in this outer, and that’s a Dharma, you call it that.

Or you can just refer to this, in all of these mannerisms, if you like, you can refer to it like that, but as long as you do not lose track of the key issue of oneness, which is: wherever you gaze is your face. Be careful where you gaze because wherever you place your attention, you will find, then, a greater beingness that is you, and you cannot ignore this universal fact.

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